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.A Paper 'Devoted to Philosophy, SClence and 1\.eligion



-1282- -3000
Volume 3, No.9 Los Angeles, Calif.. \iVednesday, January 19th, 1926


\Vhat is it that about one-third of the
human population believes in, in some In Two Parts-Part One.
form or another, while' the balance either
By Manly P. Hall

never heard of it, or repudiate it utterly,
even though their own scriptures clearly
In taking up the study of the drama by
indicates it-what does it mean? There
Goethe and the opera by Gounod, it is well
are' Quite a large number of people in the
for us to consider the historical character
\Vestern world who, within the last 35
of Faust. Very few people realize that
years, have accepted the word and mean
this strange individual ever lived and yet
ing in its literal interpretation. i, e., it has
investigation there is very little
become Quite common to hear anothe'r
a person did exist

Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, etc. , and if one

will take noticG the statement is always
Faust. a short thesis in which he explains
connected with some historical characte'r
his invocation of spirits and his pact with
-it is not possible to connect oneself with the Evil One. Many strange stories are
some unknown man or woman of the past told concerning him which, however, are
ages, which is quite significant when we unanimolls in their conclusion, that in the
stop to think about it. end he was destroyed lJy the entity to
Faust, as played in the U F A Produc which he had bound himself. The story
It was recently stated in the public pre'S5, tion, now playing at Figueroa Theatre. It received little attention until Goethe, a
and in all seriousness too, that Lord Kit is worth while-see it. master of alchemy, built arOUlld it the im
chener was a reincarnation of King Arther mortal drama which is now familiar to the
and that in England the belief finds con pUblic.
siderable credence', much dependence being
placed upon Sage Merlin's prophecy, who
There are fe'\-" operas that contain more
food for spiritual and intellectual thought
than Faust. The present form o'f the
swore "King Arthur should not die, but By MANLY P. HALL legend is undoubtedly an outpouring of
pass, to come again". But King Arthur (Reported by Harry S. Gerhart.) the Mystery Schools with which many of
did die of course-therefore it is obvious
Every problem of a civilization concerns the great authors and poets and have be'e n
,that King Arthur could not come again
connected. It is the symbolical and mystic
. any more than the dead leaf of a tree every member of that civilization. Re
rather than the literal interpretation in
could come again. King Arthur did die, ligion has its answers to problems, science which we are interested, which brings
did pass, but did he come again? Indeed, clearly before the mind of the student one
has its answers, and philosophy has its
that is the Question! ' of ' the greatest principles which the mod
answers. Philosophy combines the best of
Nearly all of the world's population who ern alchemist and student of occult arts
have been brought through the ages to the others and we should expect a rea
mu st face. First, the student must realize
believe in what is called reincarnation soned, balanced solution of a problem that the whole drama takes place within
a very misleading term and a wrong one' from that source. And we have' the right his own be'ing, which he overlooks because
too we believe-have long since lost the to expect a practical working soltJ tion, one he cannot see it. The eternal struggles,
wonderful spiritual be'a uty and fragrance the eternal combinations of elements, prin
that will really work if applied.
of what really lies behind this subject. ciples, and expressions of unfoldment con
It is therefore now but a materialistic So let us consider the great Question of
stitute the' most wonderful of all dramas ;
and altogether false conception of that prohibition, bootlegging, and its latest as and this has been given to the world un
glorious, v,.:onderful and long-forgotten pect,-poison liquor,-poisoned by a gov der the symbol of Faust and his pact with
(Continued on Page 7, Col. 1) (Continued on Page 6, Col. 1) :M ephistopheles.
Page 2 THE ALL-SEEING EYE January 19, 1927

The Character. in the Drama .as Faust cried out, but they are in an in who do not understand them .but this is
Faust. In Faust, the ancient philoso tellectual rut which will inevitably bring not in truth nature's conspiracy; it is
pher, sitting in his gloomy laboratory sur about the same result. Men cannot reach rather the price which man regardless of
rounded by dusty bones and we'ird and heaven by thought alone, although it is his ignorance must pay for the violation
curious books of ancient history, we find true that thought binds God to man, but of a law which is no respecter of per
one angle of human consciousness. In him to this thought must be added other sons.
we see the human mind, the analytical things. The hermit and the recluse and The heart of man and his finer senti
mind, the intellectual occultist, the power those buried in the'ir studies are losing the ments are worthy and be'autiful, but these
of science', the mystery of thought, all of great battle, as they have gone awa,y fr0111 sentiments often destroy the thing they
these we see symbolized in Faust, He is the world, they have left practical life for love the most, and until the path of the
an .analyzer of effects, seeking to find theoretical things, and it was not for this heart is strengthened by the mind en
causes by the power of concrete' reason, end that man came into being. He came' riched with the experiences of action and
seeking ,,,,ith the eyes of form to view the to labor as well as learn, he came to evolve the fruits of labor, it is not in a ,position
worlds of spirit. not only intellectual faculties by the mystic to fulfill its part in the Great Plan. For,
There are many today who stand as and spiritual; he must learn compassion, thousands of yea'rs ignorance has been
Faust stood, "with all his lore a fool no love, and faith and blend them if he would considered innocence and those who are
wiser than before." He is the mind in know the mystery of creation. sheltered from the world have be'en called
carnate', There are many students today The one who knows the most is not al virtuous, but nothing can be further from
\"ho have studied books" listened and ways the wisest. If he were the story 9f the true meaning of the word than this
learned, experimented and wound them Faust could never have taken place'. But application. In knowledge, balance, and
selves up in intellectuality, and yet forever so surely as the pendulum swings in one years of conscientious experience and
they fail. They can quote figures, they direction to produce a mental genius. as in mastered emotions rests the basis of true
know the ages c;>f worlds, and still the
great secret of the alchemist eludes them '
Faust, it will swing back again and pro
duce a degenerate. This is an age old
virtue. It is only those who have passed
through life and cleansed themse'lves who
and in the darkness of ever deeper per truth which the' student must learn, and as are virtuous. Those who have been
plexity they labor surrounded by problems we read Faust in this light we shall see sheltered as Marguerite was, are merely '
they cannot solve and mysteries with the playing out of human emotions' which the ignorant preys of cunning and
which they cannot cope, How long will finally are blended in mutual understand worldly wisdom, not onty to their own
science' stand as Faust stood , an admitted ing, but the path is often long and weary, detriment but to the detriment of others.
failure in its attempts to solve anything it especially for those who like Faust are Marguerite symbolizes the hopelessly
cannot analyze? Faust failed to find the crystallized in ruts. impractical phase of life which we find
true meaning of alchemy as he labored When man becomes' a slave to his in often among those who claim spirituality.
eternally with things outside of himself: tellect he becomes unoa-Ianced , and we find Many students know little of the first
~?;::;=..:::::;::.;.::::::!tin~e~uilf hi tIl:Gf . "b a ~ ~ ('tHurLS ail d th 6 ~e cvIm , :0 "Oy ,..", ~fn-;"""'~!''''''''''i''I'\'!C~~r-'''''''l''i~
l''Hl '\"';C"";
, ~--

his bunsen b~~ ers only led him into analyzing the thing they kill. They will in for being- and yet in their ignorance they
deeper quandaries and greater despair, truth sell their souls to the .Devil for the pride themselves upon the' fact that they
In Faust the true spiritual man was im thing they want, and there are thousands do not need to know. This mistaken idea
prisoned, crucified beneath the' power of who stand today as Faust stood, intel- is responsible for an eternal ' tragedy as
intellectuality. The mind is man's greatest lectual giants but in life failures, who old as life itself, and so long as man re-
blessing, but when it masters the thing it must stand apart from a'll the' world listen- mains in his present state' of ignorance he
should obey and serve, it surrounds and ing in the depth of their o,..,n darkened will be forced to bow before that which
imprisons the life until as Faust the' being to the laughing songs of those from knows, and instead of rising up in wrath
yearning breaks out in its eternal cry: whom they have separated themselves by against his over-lord he must transmute
allowing the truly human to starve and his ignorance into knowledge, Therefore,
"Woe is me, still prisoned in the gloom dying give its being to feed an unbal- the trials of Marguerite' were as necessary
Of this abhorred and musty room, anced mind. to her salvation as were the repentartce
Where heaven'.s dear light itself doth Marguerite. As Faust symbolizes the and agony of Faust necessary to him that
pass human mind with its deep. mysterious he might learn to balance his intellectuality
But dimly through the painted glass! workings, so Marguerite symbolizes the with the spiritual and mystic nature ,of
Hemmed in by volumes thick with dust, heart, the impulsive system, as balanced Margue'rite. This eternal battle is as old
A prey to worms and mouldering rust, against the' sombre, reflective analytical as time itself, and it will continue until
And to the high vault's topmost bound system. The great human tragedy of life knowledge with all its glory realizes the
With smoky paper compassed round; is eternally played out between these two sweet simplicity of the mystic path of faith
With boxes round thee piled and glass, and it is usually the heart that pays the as walked by Marguerite, and, having '
And many a useless instrument greatest price' for its unfoldment and learned the lessons of life', unites itself in
With old ancestral lumber ble'nt- growth. Raised among the cloisters of an eternal union with the elements which
This is my world, a world alas, faith, Marguerite without experience, it mu&t always fight until it understands.
And dost thou ask why heaves thy hea'rt , without practical knowledge of life or Ii v- Again in this drama we see the eternal
With tightening pressure in thy breast? ing problems, becomes the e'asy prey of battl!= of scie'nce and religion. Faust, the
Why the dull ache will not depart, Faust and his scheming companion. philosopher buried in his concrete knowl-
By which thy life pulse is oppressed? The beautiful, mystic path of faith as it edge, unable to appreciate the true ele
Instead of nature's living sphe're is personified in the character of Mar- ments of spiritual faith, typifying science,
Created for mankind of old, guerite is one that each aspiring soul must while Margue'rite standing upon the
Brute skeletons surrounded thee here walk, but it is filled with suffering- and Ull- church steps represents the eternal cry of
And dead men's bones in smoke and certainty until reason and knowledge are the mystic- to believe without knowing,
mold." added, and the simple innocence of child- to adore without questioning, and to ac
hood gives place to the broader virtue of cept all nature as the manifestation of an
Many students have not reached the understanding. Nature and its laws ap- Unknown whose laws it is heresy to ex
place where they cry out in their. misery parentIy conspire eternall,l,)r against those (Continued on Page 7., Col. 1)
January 19, 192i. THE ALL...SBEING BYE PageJ


The A r k of the Covenant-that great spir~
itual principle-surrounded by its loving
means, and everywhere from the sacred
books, of the East to the legends of the
workers, is calling all to follow it. American Indians we find one great con
When through materiality or degeneracy nected truth told to many different peoples
a great people are destroyed or a continent ' in ways best suited for their development.
In the brain of man between

sinks bene'ath the ocean , then those who Such a truth is the legend of the Round
the wings of the kneeling
are true are called around the Ark and Table, given to King Arthur as a we'dding
cherubim is the' mercy-seat, and
as its faithful servers are led out of the gift. All true students know what that
there man speaks with his God
land of darkness into the new world and wedding was: Not of earth but the wed
as the Holy Priest of the Tab
a promised paradise. All great teachings ding of the Spiritual to the Intellectual
ernacle spoke to the Spirit of
set forth the same idea. The student will within the Initiate himself when the spirit
th e Lord hoverin~ between the
find that it is true, and 'vvhen he allies him and th e body are' unit erl eternaUy, each
wings of the che'rubim. Thus,
self '''l ith the, powers of light and becomes swearing to honor and protect the other.
man represents the Ark and
a channel for its expression, when he radi Such a marriage was the union of Arthur
within him are the three prin
ates it from himself to all who need it, and Guinevere in the legend of the King.
ciples-the Father, the Son, and
the'n indeed will the Light protect him and Let us, first of all, consider the coming
the Holy 'Spirit-the Tablets or
he will become a Sun of God. of Arthur the King. We' read in the legend
the Law, the Pot of Manna, and the Rod
that budded. But, as in the cas e of the CHAPTER VI regarding Merlin the Magician, the wise
.ancient ISraelites whe'n they become crys KNIGHTS OF THE HOLY GRAIL man, who it is said had charge of the com
tallized, the Pot of Manna and the Rod Before taking up the study of the Grail ing King during his youth. Merlin repre
that budded we're removed from the Ark legends it would be well for all who are sents the hand of the Elder Brothers who,
and all that was left were the Tablets, or ,interested to read those tales now liste'd realizing that a ': great ego had c0111e~ into
, the Letters of the Law. So, when the in under the heading of children's fairy the world, had consecrat ed themselves to
dividual crystallizes and closes his mind stories. For example, the story of good the task of preparing him for his mission.
to differing viewpoints, he exclude's the King Arthur and his Round Table is a It was under the direction of
, life force which was flowing into him. In cosmic myth and, while there is little' doubt Merlin, the master-mind, that
shutting out strangers , he pauperizes his that he as a man actually lived, the real the anvil and stone' with the
own life, leaving only the Tablets of the mystery (as in the story of the Christ) is sword thrust into it w ere raised
Law-the material reasons from which the not the literal tale but the great mystic in the city square when it be
spiirtual life has departed. or occult truth concealed under allegory came necessary for a new king
and parable. The same is true with the to be selected. It was he also
Solomon's Temple-the perfected temple _ who call~d all the' brave knights
story of Parsifal, which can never be
, of the human body, the ' perfecte'd temple really understood ancLappreciated until the :p-.""';-"'-4. of the land together and told
or-the soul anu the ~rfeet"e"d"'fel:npl - o"'r -the s Tu ent see's in t li'eKnigltt an later l ng lte - h"al one- W l- 0 com .....dni\~~)
universe-finally forms the perfect shrine of the Sacred Cup) his own spiritual de the sword would be king. And of all the
for the' living Ar~. There at the head of velopment and the temptations he must knights assembled, Arthur: the half-grown
a great cross it is placed and there in also master if he would become a King of boy, was the only one who could release
man it becomes permanently fixed. The the Grail. the sword.
staves of polarity upon which it has been In Lohengrin the same truth is again There is a very wonderful mystery of
shown to the' world. It is the path of ini the soul contained within that divine alle
carried are then removed and it be'comes a
tiation along which each must pass on his gory. Let us rea.cI the letters that were
living thing, a permanent place where man
road to self-mastery. To every nation and Continued on Page 5, Col. 1)
converses with his God. There man, the
purified priest, arrayed in the' robes of his in every tongue sacred legends have been
order-the garments of his soul-holds given to teach man the path he must fol G. RAYMOND BROWN
communion with the Spirit hovering over low. The' blind Homer of the Greeks who PRINTING CO. .
the Mercy-Seat. Though this Ark within told of the wanderings of Ulysses gave the Commercial Printing and
is ever present, yet man can only reach same great truths to the world. The Publications
it afte-r he has passed through the outer , Scalds of ancient Norway and Sweden and 443 S. San Pedro Street
V Andike 7213
court of the Tabernacle, through all the the Prophets of the Jews used the same
degrees of initiation, after he has taken
the Third Degree and becomes a Grand
Master. Then, and the'n only, can he enter
into the presence of his Lord and there in
the darkened chamber, lighted by the
Ube<tburcb of tbe IPeople

Trinity Auditorium-Ninth at Grand

jewels of his own breastplate, convene MANLY P. HALL. Pastor; MAUD F. GALIGHER. Associate Pastor.

with .the Most High, the true spiritual es Sundays, 10:30 A. M.

sence within himself. C C D

We are all working toward this end and
the time will come when e'ach person will SERMON SUBJECTS:
know for himself the mystery of the Ark, January 23rd-Mrs. Max 'Heindel win speak on,
when the student through purification will
"Why Children Die Young".
be led through the door of the Holy of
'Holies and there be' enveloped by the Lig ht January 30th-"A Morning with the Great Minds of Greece."
of Truth. This was his birthright which Amado Fernandez, Soloist; Agnes Buiaaeret. Pianist;
he sold for a mess of pottage. "To this Emma C. Heatherington. Organist.
Preludes: Every Sunday morning, Mr. Hall will give consideration in a prelude to his
end came He into the world that He sermon, to some item of human interest or problem in our daily , life '
might bear witness to this truth, that Come and bring your friends- Silver offering.
through this light all men might be saved,"
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Jam",ary 19, 1927 THE .ALL-SEEING EYE

(Continued from Page 3, Col. 3) and spear back to the East, where they
engraved upon the sword: "WHOSO are now preserved.
PULLETH OUT THIS SWORD OF It is around this cup and spear that the
THIS STONE AND ANVIL IS RIGHT legends of Parsifal and King Arthur have
"VISE KING BORN OF ENGLAND." been written, and it is through a study of
The cube stone is the body; it has been this fact that we are able to better under
so symbolized for centuries, and today stand the mystery of the Great White
among the Masons the Ashle'r is the sym Lodge of which the' Round Table of King
bol of Man. Experience is the anvil and .:' \rthur and the circular temple of the
it is upon this an'vil that the sword is Knights of the Grail is a symbol.
tempered. The s",.rord is spirit, and he who Although we no longer have the cup as
,vould be King in the true spiritual sense a physical symbol, it is not gone from
of the word must first show his divine among us; as in the days of old the brave
power by freeing the sword of spirit from Knights of the Round' Table we'nt out to
the casings of the lower man and the fight for right, so those knights who be
world. long to the Great \Vhite Brotherhood go
out into the world today in the name of
It is the same symbol as that later used
Truth, laboring with mankind and seeking
by Sir Galahad, the guileless knight, the
to right the wrongs of the world It is
personification of the purified man, who
said that the Knights of King Arthur's
comes without a sword but who later arms
court always fought on the' side of virtue
himself with the sword of spirit that he
and purity, and so did those who rode out
draws from the cube block floating down
of Mount Salvart.
the river (of life) past Camelot. Sir Gala
The Grail Cup is
had had the strength of ten because his
the symbol of the The Count De St. Germaine.
heart ,'v as pure, and the Knight of today
creative force of
must follow in his footsteps.
, nature; it is also the
If you have read the story of King symbol of the hu
Arthur you will remember how he was One of the full page color prints
-========~"IE:~ man race which is
given Excalibur, the enchanted sword, and slowly learning the in the Enclyclopedic Outline of N[a
how it came up out of the water held by a mysteries of creation. \Vithin the cup is sonic, Hermetic, and Rosicrucian
hand draped in white. Excalibur represents the blood of Christ, that force which is Symbolical Philosophy; to which is
Light and Truth, which are the weapons slowly or rapidly transmuting the body in-
c .L tJ1.e.--tl: u~ J.t:-ij t ia t-c added a Treatise on the abbalah :.:, f
;~----+'-'--so-ul-crrcurding \\ e - g1~e -1 gteare
In England there or lesser opportunity. the Jews. Being an Interpretation
still hangs on a court In the sacred spear we flnd symbolized of the Secret Teachings Concealed
house wall the Round again the creative' force which in the within the Rituals, Allegories. and
Table of King Arthur. hands of Klingsor, the Evil One, wounds l\1ysteries of All Ages. The Entire
In the very center of and causes suffering but which when held \Nork Amplified \vith Numerous
the Table' is a beauti by the pure Parsifal heals the very wound
ful rose painted in nat that it caused.
Quotations from Ancient, Medieval,
ural colors. This sym (To Be Continued) and l\1odern Authorities, many from
bol is that of the Rosicrucians, the an Unpublished l\1anuscripts and Books
cient alchemists, and there is a direct con Long out of Print, Gathered by the
nection between the legend of the British "No Place Like Holmes" Author,-l\1anly P. Hall.
King and the ancient philosophers of fire.
N ow let us turn our attention for a The Holmes Book Company, with large "The King Solomon Edition"
moment to the history of the Holy Grail, stores at five locations in downtown Los limited to 550 copies.
or the Cup from which Christ drank at Angeles, can supply everything from the
A :Masterpiece of the Bookman's
the Last Supper, and which was said to latest novel or volume on Science, Philos
have caught his blood when he hung dying ophy, or religion to some of the most in Art.
upon the cross. Ancient legends tells us teresting of the rare old editions. Stores Three hundred and fifty pages, 50
that' this cup was made from a sacred at 128 and 620 S. Spring, 333 and 742 S. full page illustrations in four colors,
stone which had been the crO\vn jewel of Main. and 814 W. 6th St.-Adv.
Lucifer, the dynamic energy of the uni
m ore than 200 engravings ' in black
verse. It was said that the green stone and 'white, 46 chapters, antique
had been struck from the cro\vn of Luci cover and slip case, \veighs 14.%
fer by the Archangel Michael duril,1g the Especially considerate of those
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famous battle' in heaven. newer customs established by stu
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After the death of Christ it is said that publication, $75 on terms ' of $15
-Refrigeration of the Body-
Joseph of Arimathea took the sacred cup
and the spear of the Passion and carried
down and $15 a month .
them into a distant land. "\lith his sacred THE REED BROTHERS
relics he wandere'd through Europe and
is said to have finally died. Those who fol COMPANY, Inc. Apply for your copy now
lowed him, after many centuries of tribu Funeral Directors
lation, carried the sacred relics to Mount 721 Weat Waahington Blvd., The Hall Publishing Co.
Salvart in northern Spain, where they re WE.tmore 5151 301 Trinity Auditorium Building,
mained until Parsifal finally took the Grail Los Angeles, california.

, (<<onti;nued framPage 1~ Col 2) is a long stow.progress, and na real effort 1 ,.some: of the millions spent in use~
ernment to prevent its use. . has been made to educate the individual. less "enforceme'nt" were spent in flooding
The removal of alcoholics \-vill un
This whole prohibition question has the United States with facts, much more
doubtedly be of immense value to poster grown until no one seems to know just good would be done. In time the' world
ity. How can it most effectively be done? what to do with it. The government can be educated, but it must be shown
The great mass of humanity do not ap doesn't seem to know, nor do they seem WHY, in language it can understand.
preciate' the efforts made in its behalf. to care very much. Someone' suggest s Those worth while' will listen, the rest will
Play is that which we want to do, and more poison. It is an interesting thing destroy themselves anyway. Knowledge
work ~s that which we have to do. Hu when a government as' strong and , pm;ver alone will destroy bootlegging and that
manity rebels against that which it must ful as that of the United States of Amer other great evil the dope traffic. This is
do as the small boy rebels against medi ; ica, (or as it should be) should find it the only true and natural solution.
cine, he just knows it is awful on princi necessary to put poison in anything as th e Closely parallel to the drink question is
ple. Thus the forcing of anything upon only solution to a .gre'at problem. the dope question. Both are supported by
humanity is distasteful to humanity, and We are working with millions of people , the law of human selfishness. Human
it immediatdy wants that which is denied who according to government statistic s . selfishness will sell anything, do anything,
t~ it. Humanity is gradually growing to a promote anything, advertise anything if
have minds of 12 to 13 year old children ,
truer and nobler state, but a poor way to 25 per cent of them can barely read and there is money e'nough it it. It is respon
help it is to force something upon it. write . Nearly NINETY PER CENT have sible for our bill-boards, 50 percent of
: The user of alcohol is slowly commit a warped moral value'. Ten per cent only which advertising is for articles which will
ting 'suicide. The old sot said, "It is such are sufficiently developed to preserve self, harm you, and 90 per cent of which won't
a pleasing way to die." Thus it may se'em -are able to say no to the cravings of th e do you any good. Millions are spent to
in the early stages, but the latter are any ~ lower nature. If these millions we're self sell you something you don't \,,'ant. The
thing but pleasant. controlled the government could poison advertiser thus distributes individual invi
The law has said that intoxicants shall liquor and every man would keep himself . tations to injure' yourself in the nicest,
not be distributed. But behold a new in . from drinking. But these millions are not easiest, most dignified and most expensive
dustry has been established, a national in self controlled, they want liquor and want manner.
stitution, refined, creditable, whose only ing it will drink it and never count the This same se'lfishness applies in the sale
unfortunate' angle is in getting caught. cost. of narcotics to minors, It starts at the
This elite industry of bottlegging is sanc It is necessary to educate ' i-itimanity to schoolhouse and ends at the madhouse,
tioned by the community and is patronized certain point before you can direct him to the prison and the grave.-but "Business
by the elect, and is thus probably the larg a certain end. Humanity needs help and is Business."
est single institution in America, an un remedies of many kinds, but the govern The one cure for anything is to get the
e;tganized organism. It would require sev ment is rrIaking very l.ittle ro ress in this right knowledge to the individual con
~--~~~ W oo wort DuiIaings 0 ouse' i s problem confronting it. ce . ' 'fiaffiC 'O' ail kit on i t Il
offices, if such were possible. real knowledge of the facts in the casC'o
The government has not yet given an
This gigantic industry is the strongest The strength of knowledge is greater than
intelligent presentation of advantages of
advocate of prohibition and without ex the goodness of ignorance. Fight these
the prohibition law. Instead of teaching
ception will vote DRY. They are the problems in the school and the' home.
the'se advantages, it has sought to enforce
largest group of fundamental drys; their Present the truth to the mind of youth
it against the individual's disbelief in that
business depends upon it. This institution and the mind of youth will solve these
law. Propaganda has done many things,
is preying upon humanity, using all the problems for all time.
and is being used constantly to do many
improved methods of rapid poisoning and
more things, a~d if s~me of it were di What is the difference between the di
the government is asked to help them.
reCted towara'~'dt1"tating the individual in vine will and the human will?
The law is now established and must be
the exact facts of the matter. those' minds Answer. The Divine \Vill wills to do
enforced or be re'-legislated.
which are really worth would disentange and the human will wills to avoid doing
Vast numbers of people do not feel that
themselves. anything that is not pleasant.
it is a crime to break a law of which they
do not approve. The result is that law
breaking has been carried into every chan Books by MANLY P. HALL
nel of endeavor. A general disregard for
all law is the result of prohibition. There
An Essay on the Fundamental Principles of
fore we have a gene'ral increase of crime
Operative Occultism
of all kinds. A New Book with Three Color Plates.
Now, is it advisable to poison alcohol t9 A SYNTHETIC EMBLEMATIC CROSS
prevent its being used? Is the crime of
indulgence in bootleg liquor worthy of the Complete ....................................................................$4.00
death pe'nalty? For that is what it Plates separately mounted, each ........................ 1.00
amounts to,-the bootlegger will use it LO'st Keys of Masonry ............................... ................ ,......................... .. ...............................$2.00
just the same,-and the drinker will drink The 'Ways of the Lonely Ones............................... .. ......................................................... 2.00 '
Shadow F()rms (Occult Stories) ........................................................................................ 2.00
it just the same. Death will result and Thirty-eight Thousand Miles of Impressions.............................................................. 1.00
the government has sentenced him to Talks to Students ................................................................................................... ~.......... .. .. .. .50
death. The Noble Eight....:..Fold Path.............................................................................................. .50
Now why will the individual disregard Evolution ... ,............ ;.......~ .......... . . . ............................ . ... .... ....... . .......... . .. ..................................... .so
Death and After ...................................................................................................................... .50
these drastic measures and risk his ow n The Hermetic M~rriage (Just Reprinted)................................................ ~ ..................... .50
life? The individual does not realize the Unseen Forces , (just reprinted).......................................................................................... .so
ne'cessity of self-preservation. He has Occult Anatomy (just reprinted)...................................................................................... .50

been told many times but doesn't believe Melchezidek and the Mystery of Fire (just reprinted)............. ................ .............. .50

it. \Ve can not learn from the actions of HALL PUBLISHING COMPANY

(jthers,~and education while it is certain 301 Trinity Auditorium Bldg. Los Angeles, California
January 19) 1927 THE ALL-SEEING EYE Page 7

(Continued from Page 2, Col. 3) wauld he' accomp'lished, sa that - aU the while all thase human beings who are naw
amine. Today the battle is still being warld wauld _be richer in everything held slaughtering one anather in Europecer
fought out, and while science walks for dear to the human hearts, tainly had plenty of religion; but did it
ward with ever quickening strides it still Hawever we digress: Geology divides develop the beautiful soul ? We do not
combats religious ideals, and religion seems the periods of the ea rth's history into five mean to speak disparagingly, what we do
unable to broaden out to a realization of ge'o logical . epochs, which covers an im mean is to try to bring home to the minds
the place of science in the plan of being. mense number of years, and according to of our readers, that man must attain ta
The great tragedy of Faust as played Praf. Winchell is 131,600,000 years; and his idea of perfection at least, before it
out in man, his intuition posited against his this is being gradually extended sa that is possible for him to attain ta any con
intellect, must continue its unbalanced there is no knawing where it will finally ception of the immortal Kingdom. Of
career until heart and mind are blended in lead to and thus the number of years, course nature is "awfully slow" in bringing
the alchemical marriage of the philoso which have dapsed sihce the earth came about all these perfections of the soul to
pher, when instead of imposing each upon into being, will perhaps be known to the the surface, that is universally, so that
the other .they unite for the betterment of world in general. Further discoveries in humanity can attain to even its concep
each, the' heart to believe and hope and geolagy will sooner ar later lead to find tion of perfection.
the mind to make possible the realization ing the fassil remains af man of a much All will grant, for the sake of argument,
of that hope-one to build its aircastle of earlier age than that of the' Quaternary that if one cannot attain to and live con
rainbow tints and the other in a practical Age, which in itself cavers a period of sciously in the never ending perfections of
way tQ make possible the perpetuation of about 1,600,000 years and ta which scienc( say the MASTER JESUS, or approximate
the dream. This is the' final destiny af the assigns the three divisions called the Age these perfections understandingly and ap
eternal battle, when, fire and water being af the Paleolithic man, the Age of the ply them practically for periods lang
harmanized, each realizing th e value of the Nealithic man and the historical periad af enough ta impress them indellibly upon
other, man will unify bath phases af his man. Thus even granting science these the physical vehicle of the soul, sa that
being into one' great truth which will en 1,600,000 years since men appeared upan they may appear sometime in the world
riure ta the end 'of time , the earth, it seems remarkably dear that of form, how can humanity reap the re
(N ext vVee'k-Part II.) nature is awfully slaw in bringing about ward for these age's of struggles?
the perfections which even human beings For where else can these perfectians be

(Continued fram Page 1, Cal. 1)

expect . Far do vve not read in the daily
press and in literature in general, of uni
attained to? Everyone must grant that if
one sows evil, it would not be just or right
venal peace, af lave and amity between that another human being should re'ap
truth, which is gradually permeating the nations , of the uniting af science and re this evil-it is still in the world of form
\Veste'I'n warld with materialistic defini ligion and ather seeming impossible -yet apparently this is just what happens.
tians. If it was rightly understood and things? Nature is slow, therefore, maybe this ap-
univeraally au-g-ht -jointly--oby -true-l'eligion
If humal1Tr:y----t:cn -tt1;1Th tll.. . . ""~==================i'lr-
and science it would go far toward chang this, they must have been born of the
ing the world into the "Golden Age period same "awfully slow" grawth, else it would
when the Gods could walk and talk with have been braught about lang aga. Is the
men" once again.
Let us pause a mament and consider
how far science has gone toward bringing
heart of man sa much different than is
his head? Is his will and desire so out THE CITIZEN

this great truth home to thinking men and

wamen, when the time comes far the
of tune with nature as to retard his own
advancement? It must be so; for , surely
humanity has not yet attained ta even its

fa'l"ging of that link between science' and INCORPORATED

own conceptian of pe'rfectian. If man
religion. If religion had gane as far as cannot attain to his own "conception of
sci'e nce in this respect, how much greater perfection," is it possible to graduate in 540 So. San Pedro St.
and .grander would be our humanity ta stantly and by a special bounty, into God's
day? Instead af killing and slaughtering
BRoadway 3913 BRoadway 3914
perfection after his sevent/y years of life
by the hundreds of thousands, using an ea'r th, mastly spent in killing each
brains and e'nergy in inventing murderaus other, ar inventing and getting ready to
weapons to cantinue the slaughter, until kill each ather in same future time, for
whole nations became' so depleted as ta either financial, political or ecclesiastical
almost pass away; if thase same brains reasons whichsoaner or later envelape na
and energy were used in inventing meth tion after nation into its awful clutches?
ods for evolving and teaching great
spiritual truths, greater and more univer
Seventy years of life and then what?
Where are thase millions of human beings
Printing and Engraving
sal educational methods based upan the
inexhaustible stare af spiritual-scientific
who have lived and died in the past 1,
600,000 years? Are they like the leaves in
of all kinds
facts of life; were the abject of living and the forest, which die' in the iall and return
dying and the preservation of that which in the spring, or have they gone where
seems to determine that one man or one King Arthur went, ar like Hypatia who
woman standing out so prominently and has been claimed by many persons since
powerfully in what we call historical char-. -ladies especially-as being a re'incarna
acters and why they are sa much mare tion of that beautiful soul?
powerful than ather human beings, etc., The soul-that's it-but who ever saw a Satisfactory Prices and

we think the billions af maney wasted in soul? Science cannot find it. Religion Good Service Guaranteed

slaughter put to such a use would soon has not found it-and that is no misstate
accomplish that which is now so errone ment-for if religian had found it (the
ously strived for by the present methods, saul), it certainly is not the kind we refer Phone for Representative
and more, very much more in additian to, because that is of God's perfections..
Page 8 THE ALL-SEEING EYE January 19, 1927

parent retalitory action constitutes the themselves, as imperfect instruments of

ground upon which the' modern reincar the soul, shaped their own environment
nation theory is based, and with more jus "The AU-Seelnl Eye" in the working out of the destiny of a na
tice too. Ho\.vever it does not work out All subscriptions start with the De tion, a city, a locality in that city and of
in just that way, for bear in mind it is. the cember lst number and continue their own family life in that ciuy and na
personalitfy 999 times in 999 that thmks for twenty weeks for One Dollar. tion.
the evil and doe s the evil, it cannot be the Every e'!1vironment thus comes under
soul because' the soul is of a different na the head of time combinations, which is
ture and on a different plane, though over nate on the soul plane and that which is number, for number applies to cycles of
shadowing the' body and endeavoring to evil and contrary to the soul's perfection time-cycles of culminating effects in the
influence the thinking personality; the must culminate on the earth plane, or destines of the individual, of the family,
soul in itself is impersonal. Vve mean by plane of matter, and find expression the city and of the nation of which the'
the soul, the spiritual soul and not ~he thereon and therein upon those living in individual lives and dies. Cycles of time
animal soul of the earth-born personahty, those culminating periods and epochs. in a man's life runs in seven and multiples
the former never dies, but the latter does. Those living in these periods must have of seven. The child in th e first seven
If the soul never dies, as we all believe, done something in some age' or time years. Adolesence at fourteen. Manhood
what did it ever come into earthly life for wherein they generated these forces in at twenty-one and so on. Thus these pe
and abide \'Vith the personality? Does which no immediate reaction could occur. riods are clearly marked throughout his
doing this once, for a few years, consti For instance, in the present age mankind life, with the three invariable epochs of
tute any argument for its coming at all? is living under three great systems-the youth, middle age and old age, each divid
\iVherein does the vehicle of the soul re financial, the political and the ecclesiastical ed into cycles of ev ents and happenings
ceive any benefit-it dies. Wherein does -these are so closely allied as to be' prac which all go towards an object and an end
the per sonality, working so contrary to tically inseparable in regCl!rd to framin g -what is it?
' even its own perception of perfection, de , the de.stinies of those living in this age; Is it that the personality alone may be
rive any benefit ? It is not reasonable that in some measure immediate reaction re'
l>enefitted; is it that the soul alone may
the soul comes many times for the pur suits, but the great culminating period of
be benefitted; is it that the spirit may be
pose of attaining power enou,g h over mat both good and evil extends into the ages
benefitted? No! It must be that all three
ter to eventually characterize the matter to come and the impress upon the char
may receive some good and gloriousful
of its vehicle on the physical plane with acter of those supporting and living under
fillment and ultimate unification-not as
its perfections, or what appears to us as these systems find themse'l:ves storing up
defined though-for bear this in mind:
perfections, because there must be some certain qualities and attributes correspond
Spirit and matter, as we know matter, can
reason for human being s striving to attain ingly. They are force s in times and time never meet, but the latter may change.
to even their own conception of perfection. brings about the retum of that ,,"v'hich is Now all we have said up to the' present
al1y then , the soul as certain per ec espo nsible .
point 1S- a very exc e lent argument for
tions in which the personality must par There are minor culminating periods of the modern idea of reincarnation, to-wit:
ticipate before its immortality is attained both good and evil occuring all the' time , that Lord Kitchener was a reincarnation
to and thus release'd from the necessity of finally it results in one great cateclysmic of King Arthur. It is not so and yet the
further Return and Rebirth of its unre upheaval in which nations pay dearly for paradox. How can King Arthur, who ap
deemed qualities and attributes in this the evil done each otheL \iVho pays? peared in an environment and left certaiIl
world where matter is so "awfully slow" to Certainly none escape. The whole human epochs of good and evil receive either
respond to the higher vibrations of the family and all nature pays in the general m erit or demerit in another and future en
soul-the real man. suffering. The waves of vibratory action vironment, as per above argume'nt, unless
going out in evil inevitably returns and King Arthur incarnated again, say as Lord
Time as marked by human progress can
all are afflicted; likewise good does the Kitchener? The fact of the matter is.
not and is not comparable to time as
same. Were it not for the good that men, we have argued forward as do all reincar
marked by the Kingdom of the soul, either
do, the vibratory reaction of evil would nationists. Suppose we now argue back
in the above a spect or in its immortal a s
destroy every living cre'ature on earth , ward and if we argue backward what is
pect. Eternity has no bounderies, no
even as the hot blast of a fiery furnace the use' of starting with King Arthur or
limitations and cannot be me'a sured, there
would destroy a nest of ants placed in any individual for the matter of fact.
fore it must correspond to pure Spirit. If
front of it. Therefor e it seems necessary
so, ~he soul must be an aspect of pure Why not as well take a young leaf on a
that scie'nce should come to its sense and tree in the early sp~ing and mark it with
spirit and its immortality, an aspect of
realize these facts and lead humanity into King Arthur's name. It will die and fall
eternity. Then the physical body and its
the consideration of ways and means of off and are we to expect the leaf which
personali.y must be but a temporary as
striking larger and more profitable bal , appears again in the spring and on the
pect of the soul and time, as we reckon
ances in th e coming ages of this co-part ve~y same spot, or in any other spot on
time here on earth, but an aspect of a tem
nership of the firm-humanity-it is a the tree, or any other tree in the forest
porary aspect of immortality, this latter
good business proposition. Churchianity to be the same leaf again ?
being that aspect of the soul which is
can neve'r do it, for it is linked too closely The idea is that we are' dealing with
bound by the decrees of the SPIRIT to to the political and financial aspects of the
the' cycle of necessity and the evolution of material things when we deal with a per
earthly trinity, VI'hose name is greed and sonality, we should consider the Spirit
matter. corruption; science as such is happily free some call it the soul-which is the unseen
There are 1440 minut es in 24 hours or from these. and unknown being of any personality that
one day; seven days in a week and 36S The point to be brought out is to the was o'r is, and the best expression in mat
days in a year, etc. Figures or time, which effect that environment shapes the des ter that the Spirit, thru its intermediary
ever way you call it, playa very important tinies of human life and that human life called soul-could make in the cycles of
part in its relation to the soul and must has, during the ages and epochs passed, time and which are the expressions in
necessarily culminate in periods and shaped the environment for those to matter corresponding to every cycle of
epochs of what we call good and evil. come; and those to come fit into the en time', or culminating periods.
That which is good and true must culmi vironment thus created because they (To Be Continued)