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FAG Housing Unit with

Relubrication Facility for Traction Motors

Modern drive concepts involve consultation with customers to develop FAG housing units offer numerous 0001961F

increasing requirements for high and and manufacture complete housing advantages in the design, production,
rapid levels of availability. units with relubrication facility that mounting and maintenance of rotor
are individually designed in accordance bearing arrangements.
To this end, Schaeffler offers integrated
with the application and can also be Due to the significantly simplified
rolling bearing solutions for all manu-
equipped with measurement design of the end shields, the work
facturers of electric drive concepts.
technology. involved in the development of new
Innovative products that are developed
drive concepts is also reduced.
in-house in accordance with customer- Due to their compact, customer-specific
Thanks to their highly developed design,
specific perspectives and which offer construction, FAG housing units can be
these bearing solutions are extremely
cost-effective solutions. used not only in rail-based vehicles but
easy to maintain.
also in traction drives for hybrid
For rotor bearing arrangements
streetcar vehicles.
in electric drives, Schaeffler works in
Figure 1 Individual components of the FAG housing unit
Cover, Labyrinth ring, Bearing, Housing, Labyrinth ring

Since the housing units are designed Due to the customer-specific concept,
as a modular concept, all the sub- the housing units can be matched to
assemblies are matched to each other, the specific geometry of the adjacent
Figure 1. They form a closed unit that is construction without significant
normally mounted externally on the end additional work. They can be produced
shield. The rolling bearings are mounted individually for different standard

directly on the shaft with a tight fit. bearing types and series.
A tight fit in the housing prevents
As a result, there are no problems in
rotation of the outer ring and reduces Figure 2 Cylindrical roller bearing
using either standard bearings or current
the formation of fretting corrosion.
insulated bearings in order to prevent
The housing unit comprises four damage caused by the passage of
subassemblies, the rolling bearings current, Figure 2 to Figure 4.
must be ordered separately.
For special bearings, special solutions
The rotor bearing arrangement must be are also available that allow continued
matched to the particular operating use of existing products.

and ambient conditions of an electric
The housing units developed for
drive concept. Depending on the drive
grease lubrication have an appropriate Figure 3 Current insulated bearing
concept, widely differing bearing loads
relubrication facility, thus reducing
must be taken into consideration in
the costs and work associated
order to achieve electric drives that are
with maintenance. Special designs with
MATNR 036943363-0000 / RFB 21 / 01 / GB-D / 2012081 / Printed in Germany by die druckerei

efficient, operationally reliable and

a container for collecting used grease
cost-effective. The lubrication and
are also possible and can be adapted to
sealing must be configured such that
the appropriate customer requirements.
the bearings are neither undersupplied
nor oversupplied with lubricant in any Further customer-specific modifications,

operating status. such as sensors or measurement

technology, can also be realised without
Maintenance costs should be kept low. Figure 4 Ceramic bearing
major outlay. (hybrid cylindrical roller bearing)
These requirements are fulfilled by the
FAG housing units for traction motors.

Depending on the size, the housing units

are manufactured as follows: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG
spheroidal graphite cast
Sector Management Rail
iron EN-GJS-400-15 or
Georg-Schfer-Strae 30
steel with a minimum tensile 97421 Schweinfurt (Germany)
strength Rm of 400 N/mm2. Phone +49 9721 91-0
Fax +49 9721 91-3788