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Why You Will Be the Best Loan Officer

Once the employer has established that you are qualified, they will next want to know
why they should hire you above other qualified candidates. Think back on your
successes, how you fostered new business and how you navigated difficult situations.
Have an example to speak to each of the following questions.

How do you source new business?

Tell me about your referral network?
Describe how you build relationships with your network.
Tell me how you have explained to clients the different types of loans and credit
options with terms of service.
Describe a situation with an unsatisfied client and how you fixed the problem.
Have you ever had a client get angry with you? How did you resolve the issue?
How can someone be successful in an environment with rising interest rates?
What methods do you use when deciding to grant an applicant a loan?
Provide an example when your ethics were tested.
What are the challenges in baking credit officer job?
Why we should hire you as credit officer?