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Chandkheda, Ahmedabad


Project Report

Under subject of
B. E. III, Semester V
(Electronics & Communication Branch)

Submitted by Group:
1. SHAH MEHAL 130470111034
2. DAVE ASHELESHA 130470111011
3. NIDHI KOTHARI 130470111022
4. SHANISCHARA PRATIK 130470111035

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Electronics & Communication Engineering Department Semester V has satisfactory completed

course in the subject of Design Engineering-2(a) with in the four wall of the V.V.P. ENGINEERING

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The project has been carry forwarded from the previous semester and the
progress had been mainly made on the hardware prototype of the billboards

The previous semester works were mainly observation made for the
development of the billboards sample looking forward to the problems faced
by the existing system in the field right now.
Literature Review:
Online Digital Advertising on Public Display

1 Shilpa G. Lathkar 2Nilima A. Kavitke 3Abhay N. Adapanawar

1, 2, 3
Department of Information Technology,
Sinhgad Academy of Engineering, Kondhwa (Bk).
University Of Pune-48, India
administrator/central server act as server .This
proposed system provide web portal where client can
ABSTRACT request for his/her advertisement. And public display
The focus of this paper is to implementation of online can sends the request to the central server for data to
digital advertisement for public display, which be display.
Overcomes drawbacks with old traditional hoarding
advertisement system. This system mainly is used to The issues with old system are mostly recovering in this
deliver marketing messages & attract customers. For system. Problems with old system are required more
vendor, the proposed systems provide low cost and time, money, space indeed wastage of flex. These
effective way to implement digital advertisement drawbacks are overcomes in new system. [1] [4]
publishing mechanism. This system based on client- The rest of the paper is organized as follow-section to
server architecture. This proposed work is beneficial for review some of the exiting online advertising system
all the parties involved in it. We are presenting section 3 highlights on implementation of the system
proposed system overview in this paper along with and section 6 conclusion and future works on the
Architecture overview. implication of the system.

Keywords Digital advertisement, publishing system. 2. OVERVIEW OF EXISTING ONLINE

This Architecture Describe the Systems
Digital advertising is a new way to promote your implementation. There
brands. And is becoming very popular among are Three Users. [2],[3],[6]
advertisers and owners of companies, It offer a huge
potential due to its ability to send unique personalized 1. Admin- He has The Authority of Monitoring,
and customized advertisement and also engaging Approving the Advertisement. And Manage Both Client
i.e. User & Kiosk.
customer to negotiate with the advertisers. It is
important class of e-commerce application 2. User-Online Web Application is provided to User
.advertisement can for Registration and Booking.
reach the message. [1],[2],[3],[5]

It is clientserver architecture in which end user and

public display both are acting as client where 3. Display Screen-It act as Client, it send the request
to Admin, for data to be Display on the Screen.
Fig 2: client server Architecture

The client-server model distinguishes between

applications as well as devices. Network clients make
requests to a server by sending messages, and servers
respond to their clients by acting on each request and
returning results. One server generally supports
numerous clients, and multiple servers can be
networked together in a pool to handle the increasd
processing load as the number of clients grows.


The system requirements needed to implement this
system are:
Fig 1:Block diagram of System

3. IMPLEMENTATION 1. For Client:

a. Any Java Base Application.
This system describes the structure and the flow of
the system. This system uses this several coding 2. For Server (minimum requirement):
technique to implement. Basically, this is a whole a. Platform: Microsoft Server -2003
system which is divided into two parts which are b. Pentium IV, 1.0 GHz or better
server and client site. The most important is this c. 1 GB of RAM or better
system must be easy to manage and organize.[1],[2] d. At least 2GB of disk space


Two main types of user are concerned for the proposed

system, which are the system administrator, Client and

1. System Administrator
a. Must have the acquired knowledge in
Configuring Java Wireless Toolkit

2. Client
a. Advertiser
i. Any advertisers who need to Server site of the Digital Advertising system has
publish Their advertisement ii. little functionality compared to Client site. The
Advertiser has connection with server Server job is to provide a service so that it can be
discovered by Clients. In addition, the Server also
b. Client
responsible to handle requests which come from
i. Any public who visit the
Client and process them. This includes sending out
website that has internet browser on
their machine or mobile phone. advertisement and contact detail requested by
ii. Have registered as member of Client.
the Website and already configure
Before the service and connection can be
Java wireless Toolkit in their system or
established, each of the devices must have a
mobile. iii. Have the internet connection to
unique ID. After setting up the ID, Internet device
the system.
and service need to be configured. All records
4. SYSTEM IMPLMENTATION: regarding advertisement and contact number are
stored into record to make it easy to publish to
The system is implemented using JAVA 2 Micro Edition another device.
(J2ME). The server site of Digital advertising system has
a few and

functionality compared to Client site.[1],[4]

Server Flow Chart:- Figure 3 below refers to
server flow chart indication overall process of
Internet connection. First, server launches the
system and will open connection for internet
devices. Internet connection are connected
when server open its connection

After server open the connection, server can

continue to next process, which is accept client
request or stop the service and then close the
Internet connection. At the client request
process, server will find the match result based
on request by client and the reply the result to
client. The same process continues for next
request by client.

4.2 Client Operation:

Client Flow Chart. Figure 4 below refers to client

flow chart diagram. The client site of Digital
Advertising System must be launched before it
can be used. Once the service is started, the
user will be asked whether to start the search
function or not. The search function is to locate
the server using Internet. If server is found,
then the connection will be established.[1],[4]

Once the connection is established, the user

will be redirected into Graphical User Interface
(GUI) at client site application. This GUI will
guide users within the application. Client will
then select the category and subcategory of

This type of category contain for Hospital,

restaurant and other products. Client can select
between promotion and contact detail to
request from server. Client will receive
feedback from server which contain available
promotion and contact detail. Client who is
advertiser also can edit or add promotion and publish
it. After that, client will make other request and
continue the same process.

The idea of this project comes out by discussing the hoarding advertisement system. This
proposed System replace that system with our project idea. It has lot of features like wide coverage,
Targeted audience, speed, informative, flexible payment, easy audience engagement. these are the
features, which are more beneficial in all the areas.
The digital space is changing marketing with more of that sort of non advertising-based magnetic content .As
the world has gotten more digital, all parts of media have gotten more digital, and clients have gotten a
lot more familiar with it. At the same time, traditional agencies are beefing up their digital capabilities to
capture more of the fast-growing online advertising business. The Internet has become as important as
television to advertisers. This is where people spend a large share of their time. Some traditional modes
of advertisements are also getting an update in the digital age. For example, television is about to get a
whole lot more personal[1],[3],[4].


In this paper we presented online digital advertising system. The advantage of this proposed system is
that all advertisements are received by users requests. We are not only overcome the drawbacks of old
system but we are making the system more beneficial. Future enhancement of project should also take
in considerations. Although detailed architecture of transaction is not mentioned in this project ,major
part of system development are resolved. Advertisers now can easily publish their brands in front of
users ,at right time and right place, in right way. This system is based on client-server architecture, so
system has all the benefits of that architecture. Advertising means promoting your brands in front of

In this paper we are not only discuss advantage but also future scope is also discussed. this proposed
system is beneficial to third party also, as it saves time, money.

This paper gives the overview of the proposed the system.


The authors are Thankful to our Principal Sir Dr. A. G. Kharat. Our H. O. D. Sir Prof. Abhay A. Adapanawar
and guide Prof. Sunil L. Bangare for their valuable comments and suggestions to improve the paper. We
thankful to our project guide, for giving their valuable support.

[1] Azni H. Halim , Ahmad H. Fauzi , Selviawati Tarmizi
Bluetooth Mobile Advertising System Using Pull-Based Approach,2008 IEEE.
[2] Chyi-Ren Dow,Yu-Hong Lee, Jeremy Liao, Hao-Wei
Yang, and Wei-Luen Koo, A Location-based Mobile Advertisement Publishing System for
Vendors,2011 Eighth International Conference on Information Technology :New Conference .
[3] Anubha Verma, Harsh Dhand, Abhijit Shaha, Healthcare Kiosk Next Generation Accessible
Solution,2008 IEEE.
[4] Arvind K. Tripathi and Suresh K. Nair Mobile Advertising in Capacitated Wireless Networks,IEEE
transaction on knowledge and data engineering ,volume 18, No. 9,semptember 2006 .
[5] Jung woo Lee , Choong sik Lee and Yong suk Park ,Research on the Advertisement Effect of Push
Type Mobile Advertisement,fourth International Conference on corporation and promotion of
information resources in science and technology.
[6] Sahar Idwan , Suad Alramouni , Mosleh Al-Adhaileh ,
Enhancing mobile advertising via Bluetooth technology, Communications ,volume 6

Design consideration aspects:

1. Performance, Safety, Reliability


Performance factor for the billboard is very efficient because of

which the trend for its installation has started to increase.
The power factor for the working of the billboard is very less
because of which it enhance the working hours and rate of
The controlling factor for the new design discussed will have a vast
amount of reliability for the operator as well as user to approach the
The performance have been boosted up using different methods to
classify the efficient and need of the area according to which the
billboards timing will be set.

Billboard can be considered very safe as they are mounted on a
particular height with all sorts of precaution taken in to
The billboard are mainly mounted on a high tensile frame of
aluminium because of which the risk of the damage to the public
and to the product is minimum.
A major drawback of the billboard is the distraction caused to the
common public who are driving. In recent event the cases have been
filled against the billboard to remove the board form the location.
Some have a drawback factor of the high intensity immunisation
which caused a major damage to the eyes. The remedy for that was
found to be use of filter papers.
They are very efficient and cannot be a reason for the pollution
caused, it can be said to be very friendly with the Mother Nature.
The reliability factor for the billboard are not very well performing.
They are mainly dependent on the power supply and the server to
receive the data on the screen.
If due to any reason there is the power failure caused or due to
weather condition they are not able to receive the data when needed
there can be a malfunction caused in the system.
Taking the three factor or the subdivision for the ergonomics in to
consideration as:
1. Physical
2. Cognitive
3. Organizational

The physical interaction of the bill boards taking in to concerns is very
attractive and easy as the consumers are being informed from a particular
attractive way
The physical distance between the board and the consumer is particularly very
far from each other because consumer can see the very easily
The billboard are been mounted at a particular height because of which it
would be easy for the consumers to observe the boards.

The cognitive effect of the billboards designed in the new version as per the
project will have two factor taken in to consideration per the consumers and
the operator side
Both the side will face a ample amount of easiness to observe and to operate
from the command room at a time.
As the system will work on one to many link the operator will be able to check
all the progress and info of the product at the same time.
The attractive look of the boards and to advertise on them would be very easy
and stress-free which would make a positive impact on their mind.
The consumer will be at ease as they can advertise very easily though the
website itself by following some simple steps to follow.
Taking organizational factor in to consideration the company can work very
efficiently occupying very less space as all needed would be a operating room
from which each and every thing can be operated or could be worked on.

The organization could operate all the billboards at the same time through the
server at the same time.
This Note is a cultural and judicial history of billboard regulation in any country,
with particular emphasis on how the public and the courts have judged billboards'
aesthetic qualities. It has been found that the public and our courts have generally
agreed that billboards are unattractive and deserve to be regulated. In the earliest
billboard-related opinions, in the first decade of the twentieth century, courts
sometimes struck down billboard ordinances as unconstitutional takings of
advertisers' private property. However, as municipalities' police power broadened
and public opposition to billboards mounted, courts became more receptive to
increasingly expansive billboard regulation, first premised on safety and health
rationales and ultimately based on aesthetic reasons alone. After a half-century
of judicial deference during which billboard laws were generally upheld, such
laws have again come under fire in recent decades for violating advertisers' free-
speech rights. The Note concludes with a description of current law related to
billboard regulation and current advocacy for and against such restrictions.

In fact, it appears that courts were responding to public opinion about billboards
by facilitating regulation of these conspicuous eyesores. The courts'
responsiveness reminds us that our judicial system is subsumed within, and thus
reflects, the broader culture. The courts' sensitivity to social values is both
understandable and beneficial, showing that the courts are indeed majoritarian
and that our common law - in this case, the police power in particular - gives
courts flexibility to respond to evolving social needs.
Manufacturability & Assembly:

Manufacturability of the billboard depends on the size and design of the board.
In the project design the connection are been made in a parallel connection of
the cathodes are connected in series which will have a digital output

The further output can be controlled by analog because of which there is

possibility of controlling of contrast
Cost and environment:

Cost: the cost of the system cannot be determined as it is purely dependent on

the size of the billboard. Normally costing will be of around 3000/- for the
development of one matrix and website.

Environment factor taken in to consideration are the controllers used and the led
The data sheet of the components are being provided as below:

1. Aurdino UNO:

Microcontroller ATmega32
Operating Voltage 5V
Input Voltage (recommended) 7-12V
Input Voltage (limit) 6-20V
Digital I/O Pins 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output)
PWM Digital I/O Pins 6
Analog Input Pins 6
DC Current per I/O Pin 20 mA
DC Current for 3.3V Pin 50 mA
32 KB (ATmega328P)
Flash Memory
of which 0.5 KB used by bootloader
SRAM 2 KB (ATmega328P)
EEPROM 1 KB (ATmega328P)
Clock Speed 16 MHz
Length 68.6 mm
Width 53.4 mm
Weight 25
2. Led 4-terminal:

Pararmeter Symbol Red Green Blue Unit

Forward current IF 20 20 20 mA

Peak forward current(Duty Cycle= ,10KHz)

IPF 30 30 30 mA

Reverse current (VR=5V) IR 10 10 10 A

Operating temp TOPR -25~ 85 -25~ 85 -25~

Storage temp TSTG -30~85 -30~85 -
625 520 467.5 Nm
Peak Emission Wavelength PH

ITEMS Color Symbol Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit

Forward Voltage Red VF IF=20mA 1.8 2.0 2.2 V

Green 3.0 3.2 3.4
Blue 3.0 3.2 3.4
Red 800
Luminous Intensity Green IF=20mA 4000 Mcd
Blue IV 900
Wavelenength Red 620 623 625
Green IF=20mA 515 517.5 520
Blue 465 466 467.5

Light Degradation Red -4.68% ~ -8.27 %

after 1000 hours Green -11.37% ~ -15.30 %
Blue -8.23% ~ -16.81 %
Physical design of the led :


Design calculation:

The dimension of the frame in which the board can be mounted is shown below:

Note: the frame shown has been designed using autocad and the blue illumination specifies the
rubber coating.
Technical specification:
The frame has been designed taking a single board to be mounted on the surface
of it the box can be made weather proof by a layer of rubber mounted around
the surface because of which there will be a very less effect of weather on it.

The design consideration will be taken in to two parts one for the display and
other for the component, the component are to be fixed on a higher frame as
they are to be mounted on the higher level for the operation.

Note: the main work in this semester on designing of the led board circuit and
interfacing it with the aurdino board. In future we will develop a software
and a website to further lead the program or project as per the time