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GRADE 5 Yearly Overview 2017-2018

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Unit of Where we are in place and How the world works How we organize ourselves
Inquiry time Energy is stored and used in different Understanding supply and
The story of humanity is a ways. demand is essential for a
story of migration. business to succeed.

Literacy Daily 5 Routines Daily 5 Daily 5

Reading- finding key words Reading- finding key words in 6 Traits Writing
in non-fiction texts, non-fiction texts, summarise text Text Type - Poetry
reading responses 6 Traits Writing Words Their Way
6 Traits Writing Text type - Scientific reports,
Text Type - Recount information report
Words Their Way Words Their Way

Mathematics Number: Number : Shape & Measurement: Data Number:

Place Addition Space: Area Handling: Multiplication
Value Subtraction Lines, Angles, Perimeter Surveys,
Direction and Volume Graphs Problem Solving
Pattern & Problem Mapping Skills strategy:
Function: Solving -Make a table or list
Patterns Strategy: Problem Solving
& rules -Act it out Strategy:
-Draw -Guess & Check

Mandarin Communication Communities

Phase 1: Introduction Phase 1: Basic school life
Phase 2: Family introduction Phase 2: School life with details
Phase 3: Biography Phase 3: School routine with details

Visual The Arrival A graphic novel Expressionists Sculpture

Arts by Shaun Tan. Munch Transforming 2D images to 3D shapes in space.
Artwork on migration. VanGogh Giacometti and Guernica by Picasso

Performing Music Connects Us Dance From (cont) Learning and Instrument - focus
Arts Different on ukulele

PE Intro to PE Athletics Striking & Fielding (cont) Movement Composition


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Unit of How we express ourselves Exhibition Who We Are

Inquiry Media influences the way we Central idea TBA There are changes that
think and act. affect us during puberty.

Literacy Daily 5 Daily 5 Daily 5

6 Traits Writing 6 Traits Writing 6 Traits Writing
Words Their Way Words Their Way Words Their Way
Text type - exposition/ Text type - Information Text type - explanation
persuasion, writing to reports, Speaking - debate on puberty
inquire (questionnaire, Writing to socialise
surveys) (emails), Writing to inquire
Speaking - debate on (surveys, questionnaires,
social media interviews)
Mathematics Number - Division Shape and Space: Number: Data Handling: Measurement:
2D & 3D shapes Fractions Probability Mass
Symmetry Decimals Chance Capacity
Transformations Percents Time

Number: Fractions Decimals Percents

Mandarin Cultures Connections:

Phase 1 Basic food Phase 1 Basic holidays
Phase 2 Food at restaurant Phase 2 Holidays
Phase 3 Recipes from different cultures Phase 3 Making travel plans

Visual Elements of art Portraits

Arts value

Performin Speaking, presence and Staging your exhibition Staging your Original Composition
g persuasion exhibition

PE Net/Wall Games Invasion Games FMS Swimming