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Out Standing Items

Package Out Standing

Item Position Status Hazard
1'-Lead to manual operation 2-lead to errosion and passing of manual valves
SLUG CATCHER LCV-5012 water outlet from slug catcher - needs to be replaced with another sand resistance type . 3- affeect on daily condensate and water production rate evaluation and
V-5001 monitroring

LTS LIC5032A /B 1- lead to manual operation 2-affect on retention time and seperation efficiency
V-5003A/B LI5031 A /B MEG level Transmitters - no actual reading for the MEG level lead to operating in manual mode . 3-increase glycol losses 4- lead to condensate escaping with MEG
5-over load at charcol filter

N-5601A/B MEG filters - no filter element inside the filter (N-5601A ) and there is only two 1-affect on filtration efficiency to remove all particles 2-Erosion of pumps
elements at filter (N-5601B) due to shortage of spare parts . 3-Deposit on still packing 4-Valves plugging

MEG 1- Lead to manual dipping to measure tank level

REGENRATION 2- may lead to glycol oxidation as Oxygen can enter the glycol system via the
UNIT LI5610 MEG tank level transimeter - not working and need to be replaced as IMS recommendation
vapour space of an un-blanketed storage tank and form corrosive organic acids
3- diffuclty to monitor glycol losses

CTP FQI5610A/B/C MEG pump flow rate - not work propably from day one and needs to be replaced 1- diffuclty to define MEG injection rate

P-4401A 2nd stage condensate stablizer - there is a crack in the metallic disc element between the spacer and
the hub . Waitting coupling spare parts supply 1- lead to over load at stand by pump (P-4401B)

P-4002 condensate recycling pump - no oil level inside the pump tank . 1- lead to offespc condensate samples 2- more load on open drain vessel
CONDENSATE 3- drain water level from tank manually by externl pump and connections
Tanks & pumps
P-4001A Condensate loading pump - waitting seal oil supply 1- more load on other two pumps
2-more time during loading if there is problem of two other pumps
PSV 4001B/C Condensate loading pumps PSV - there is leak of PSV and need to be recalibrated. 1- unsafe operation 2- more condensate leakage

Gas Metering Gas Chromatograph Sales gas metering skid - waiting for inert gas bottel material supplay . 1- there is no gas analysis data 2- depend on gasco BTU value which always less
than GC value and reduce sales gas price .

- driving motor is not compatable with pump impelers and problem 1- unsafe operation 3- drain vessel manually to open drain system
Flare K.O.D P-5101A/B Liquid pumps to closed drain still under investigation . 2- very hazard incase of ESD as all BDV open at flare and incase of pigging with
more liquid recovery as it will lead liquid carry over

Inlet Seperator D water and condensate inlet seperator water and - all controllers and level control valves have malufunction and need to 1- lead to manual opertaion 2- vessel operate as two phase flow not three phase
-101 level control loops condensate outlets be calibrated , also all manual valves is passing and need to be replaced 3- more load on cond stablizer unit and cond PD tanks 4- poor seperation

Filter Sep filter internal element Inside the filter - need to check filter internal element but there is no spare parts 1- liquid escaping with gas to glycol contactor tower
F-101 avilable with sigma and filter package is now by passed from along time 2- this rental package is by passes and must disconted from sigma contract

GLYCOL 1- unsafe operation 2- diffuclty to control reboiler temp within optimum range
Burner mangment
system (BMS) Glycol reboiler
- there is no BMS and sigma control reboiler temp by manual needle
valve 3- some times reach to glycol degrdation temp and some times operate at low
temp and decrease lean TEG concentration

1- manual operation 2- diffuclty to adjust inlet seperator prerssure

Joule Thomson valve Inlet to LTS vessel - valve operated manually with very bad response and there is no any 3- may lead to back pressure at NWK flow lines and HIPPS S/D
LTS PACKAGE (JT) spare parts or stand by valve. 4- offspec sales gas with a high HC dew point
condensate level LTS vessel cond outlet line - level controller and level control valve has a malufunctioun and need 1- unaccepted manual operation 2- passing of manual valves
control loop to be calibrated and checked

Flare System Automatic ignation Fare header - flare ignation system is operated manually with high unsafe conditions 1- unsafe operation 2- if flare pilot is off it require more time to be intiated
system again
-there is amalufunction at WHCP also, all sigma WHCP with one output
NWK 1-2 Well head Well site signal to both actuator wing valve and SCSSV , also no spare parts for 1- unsafe operation as actuator wing valve is isolated
control panel panel components 2- lead to actuator damage 3- manual mode operation
Sigma chemical Well sites - there is no any spare parts for pumps and also , there is no stand by 1- if there is malufunction of any pump it will be stop without repairing by sigma
corrosion pumps ones which may increase corrosion rate at flow lines
FIT 2003 Wells flow line flow rate transmiters - flow transmiter give error readings and need to be corrected and 1- cannot monitor and evaluate wells flow rates from DCS diplay
SSG wells fiber optics pipe route - there is cutting at well fiber optics cables
cables 1- cannot monitor wells data from DCS diplay and control room