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The Program Sequence ..

Daisy at 60 August 8, 2017

1. Entrance Pretty Woman .ladies and gentlemen, good evening lets welcome the
celebrant Ms. Daisy Eulatriz-Garin .
2. Reaching front stage, face crowd, family, relatives and friends, our birthday girl , Inday
Daisy ..clap clap clap
3. And to open our celebration of the gift of life for Inday, may we call on Sandy to lead us
to an opening prayer of thanksgiving ;
4. Thank you Sandy.and to welcome each of us to this very special moment of her life,
Inday ;
5. Welcome address, power point yes everyone of us has a journey which was ours and
ours alone, we may have trodden different paths, we may have undergone struggles and
trials exclusive to us , alone.but may we always remember that those pains, struggles,
trials, have its corresponding joys, successes and triumphs may each of us realize that
in every pain, we always have someone, somebody to lean on ..yes somebody to lean
onour families, our friends, our relatives even strangers
6. After the power point .and now, the birthday song blowing of candle .then clap clap that the candles are blown and wishes have been asked and granted .let us
all enjoy the most awaited part of this occasion..the dinner.
7. Song songsong (the band)
8. And as we enjoy our desserts , there are people closest to Inday, her friends, cousins,
nephews, nieces who would want to express their thoughts of Inday Lets call on Nona
GraceButch and let us listen to what the nephews nieces has to say .(at random)
9. Id like the nephews nieces to supply or play the game with me /this is called the
(________________) game .
10. For me Tita Daisy is coolsexy .hot.alluring .amazingattractivepretty .
11. Tita Daisy has lots of money, beautiful clothes, earrings, bags, eye bugs ayyy
12. Tita Daisy is .funny, fun to be with , young looking, young, rich , happy,
13. In one line describe the most of her to you :
14. Then Jimmy goes out thenand I love you so..bringing the 24 red roses, hugs and
dance in place..
15. Jimmy after this says .daw indi man ko gusto mag mal am sawa ko but for me age is but
a number, Inday, for me you will always be young, dainty, wise and beautiful..
16. Song .what a wonderful world
17. By the way salamat, but this is not the end of the bday yet.we all can sit and relax
and enjoy the music and each other. Inday, I love you, happy birthday thank you for
being my wife and my friend.