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ti-ro, 0s-ser-va-te: per bao-co,non mi sbaglio. Die-tro la ge-lo-si- a sta la ra- moment,now lookyonder;byBacchus,I can seeher. There,hid be-hindthecurtains,stands your a - S gaz - za; pre-sto, prestoall as - sal - to,niun ci ve-de. In u~- na canzo-netta cosial-la dor'd one;now at once to the chargesir,no one'slooking Now singsomelittle ballad, of your in- Count. Figaro. mom buo-na il tut-to spie- ga-te - le, si-gnor. iting, and tell her all _you would have her know. -nacan- zo-ne? —Cer- to. I sing a__bal-iad? Yes, sir. Count, Bago: Count. Ko-co lachitar-ra, prestoan-diamo. Mai-o- Ohche pazienza! Ebben,pro-via-mo. Here,take myguitarthen,quick,be -ginsir. Howcan I? I loseall patience. I will convinceher! oe os NO 5. Canzone. megzza voce Sejl mio no-me sa-pervoi bra - ma - ™ te, dal mio Guitar a Strings pice Who for eer neath thy window is sigh - ~ ing,Dost thou Pp = labbrjJmio no-messcol- ta - te. To son Lin - do-fo,che fi - dova - ask?dearoneharkmy re_- ply - ing. 4 _I_amLin - do-ro,whofond -ly a - > > a fo - Fo,che spo-sa Vi bra-mo,cheano-me vi chia-mo,chea no- mevi chia - mo, di voi dores hee Whohambly implores thee, With pray-ers adjures thee,with pray-ersad - jures thee’That his range sem-pre par-lando co - si dal - fan- roraaltranon- fo del di, heartthou for ey-er wilt bless, That_ an_ answering flame thoultcon - fess, Say eee ina ae ral tra- mon-to del di. Se-guip ca-ro, deh se-gui co - si. - swer- ing flamethoritcon-fess. Ah, my feelings thou sure-ly canst guess. cot canto Recit. Figaro. Count. Figaro. nO jen-ti- tel Ahtche vi pao? Oh mefe-li-ee! Da bra-vo, a vo-i, se-gui-te. She answers! Whatcouldbe better? Oh blissful moment! Go on,sir,go on, sir, it’s splendid! Andante. Count. L’a-mo-ro-sgg sin-ce-ro. Lin- do - = ro non pud dar-vi, mia ca-rajun te - ‘ThyLin-do-ro can of-fer no trea __—_ sure,But_a__ heartfull of love without Ric-co non _so-no,mayneo-re vi do- no, un’ a- ni - mag- Riches I have not, andhonors I cravenot,andhonors I mane che fi- dae co-stante, che fi-dae co-stante per voi s0-la so-spi-ra co- cravenot,My soul’ first _e - motion, My constant de - votion, are all I can at thy ~~ + si dal- Iau- roraaltramonto del di, dal-Yan-ro = ragl tra=monto del feet; Fair - est, tetme not vainly entreat, —_— fairest, let__ me _not_vainly en- Tt 2 cant (disappears from the bal Rosina. oo di! a-mo.- ro-sa sin-ce- ra Ro- si-na del su-0 — co-¥e Lin-do— treat. If so’ -dear to thyheart is Ro - si-na, Whydoesthe ten-der Lin-do— P,