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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

June 3-4, 2017

Day 1 (June 3)
Location Time and How to get Remarks
Kuala Lumpur International ETA: 12:30AM Look for a place to sleep at
Standby at the airport until

Ride KLIA Express ETD (KLIA 2): 5:15AM Fare: RM 100 (return
ETA (KL Sentral): 5:48AM ticket)

Zobran Airbnb Check in: 7AM From KL Sentral, take LRT

to Damai Station (7 stops)
Address: Jalan Gurney 2, and walk to Jalan Gurney
5th floor, The Palladium 2
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah
Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Muzium Negara 10AM Address: Jalan
Damansara, 50566, Kuala
KL Bird Park is just a 5- Lumpur, Malaysia
minute walk from the
National Museum.
KL Bird Park 12:30 PM Don't forget to take
photographs with the
By KTM Commuter Train, different species of birds,
disembark at the KTM Old and catch the feeding
Railway Kuala Lumpur programme and daily bird
Station located near the shows taking place at the
National Mosque. semi-open air
amphitheater at 12.30pm
and 3.30pm daily.


Masjid Negara
Lake Gardens

Jalan Alor

Day 2 (June 4)
Location Time and How to get Remarks
Batu Caves 7:00AM 7:30 AM Plan to spend about 30
minutes to an hour at the
Take the KTM Komuter caves if you arent doing
train from KL Sentral all the any of the optional
way to Batu Caves attractions.
Komuter station which is
located a few steps from No short skirts or short
the entrance to the shorts (hot pants).
attractions. The fare was
only RM2 each way.
National Textile Museum 8:00AM 8:30 AM The National Textile
Museum is free

Just a short walk from

Kuala Lumpur Station (take
the train there from the
Batu Caves).