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EDP Cycle Task Cards

What is the problem? Who needs the problem solved? Why does the problem need to be solved?
WHO needs WHAT and WHY?
What criteria/constraints must we follow?

Brainstorm ideas and multiple solutions to the problem.
Work with your team to imagine many ideas. All ideas are welcome and criticism is not allowed.
Put all of your ideas together to create the best solution!

Choose the best brainstormed solution.
Create a DETAILED diagram of your solution. All team members should contribute to the diagram.
Label all materials and write down why you chose each material.
Make sure to have your plan approved by your supervisor (teacher).

Build a model (another word for model is prototype).
Your model should be based on your approved plan.
You may make minor adjustments to ensure the design works.

What changes can I make to make my model more successful?


Test the model.
Collect and record data from the tests.
Did your design meet the criteria/constraints?

How will you improve the design?

Brainstorm ways to improve your design with your team.
How can you make the design better?
Update your plan to reflect your improvements.

Communicate your results and share your model with an audience.
This could be a presentation, science fair exhibit, a written report, a video, etc.
What procedure (steps) did you take to make sure your model worked?
What would you change if you had more time?
What is the best feature of your design?
What challenges did you encounter? How did you solve these challenges?