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1)u(cie I}(o((and and 'Friends

Review by Rita Crews

In this release as a tribute to the late Dulcie Holland, a number of the composer's friends have been brought together: Ann Carr-Boyd, Eric Gross, Ian Shanahan, Lawrence Bartlett, Colin Brumby, Derek Strahan as well as the disc's producer, Robert Allworth, in a collection of Australian music that would find a home anywhere in the world.

The haunting beauty of the elegaic Farewell my Friend, played by Sally Mays, is an apt commencement to the disc which principally focusses on piano works. This first-named work by Dulcie Holland is followed by her lIlting 1995 Autumn Pastorale and the dignified 1947 work, Nocturne both performed by the composer and demonstrating her intimate knowledge of piano timbre and range.

Dedicat~d to Dulcie Holland, Sally Mays performs Allworth s Revene 2000, a tone poem depicting the beauty of Sydney Harbour and written especially for the performer. A visual image of rippling water and sunlight permeates the music within Allworth's gentle compositional style.

Three of Ann Carr-Boyd's works from her 'Look at the

and Pluto -

are performe~ by the composer, whilst Sally Mays perform'> the plano version of Carr-Boyd's Millenium Rag wntten m 2000 as a commission for Cranbrook School's Guitar Orchestra. The illting rhythms of the first three works contrast with the Joplin-like jazz feel of the Rag.

Stars Suite' - Sombrero Nebula, Spiral. Galaxy

} :elf mternally contrasted in style.

One of Australia's most "adaptable" composers, Eric CroSS, is represented on this disc by the Sydney ld.1ndolins performing Tanghello and Polka the last two movements of his Suite No. 2 for Plectrum Orchestra. Contrasted in style, these two dances come alive in a rollicking performance by the Mandolins. Gross's Kinuierstiick V d,;dicated to Dulcie Holland and played by Sally Mays , IS an apt example of the independent co mpositional style of this prolific composer.

I<lJ1 Shana ha n, that ma ster by th e short alto-recorder

written in 1990, here re-released and dedicated lo Dulcie


of the recorder is represented

work, Dysfun ctional Haban era

Written especially for a wedding, Leanne Sullivan, accompanied by the composer on piano, performs Lawrence Bartlett's hauntingly beautiful trumpet work,

Sl'renade for Tomormw.

.!lIlZl/as - Fanfare written by Colin Brurnby for the Anzaas Conference held in Brisbane in 1980, is here performed by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Evoking a "call to arms" the work is written in a full- bodied stirring fanfare style.

The disc concludes with Derek Strahan's Suite No.5,

entitled The Australian Ark, the background music to the


television documentary series



I3lues, jazz and classical styles sit neatly next to each other through the seven sections of the work whilst various instrumental combinations superbly depict the

scenes of rainforest, desert and country depicted in the music.

As we have come to expect with Jade CDs, the sound is of high. quality and the liner notes adequate. This superb d iSC WIth a wonderful photograph of Dulcie Holland on the cover - accompanied at dinner by Derek Strahan and Robert Allworth - will stand as a lasting tribute to a great Australian composer.





at dinner by Derek Strahan and Robert Allworth - will stand as a lasting tribute to