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No. 16-09-19,SO4% (D.A. Recommends Bond of $5,000.00) NAME: Vicente Flores CHARGE: Official Oppression P.C. §39.03, Class A Misdemeanor PUNISHMENT RANGE: 180 days - 2 years County Ji COMPLAINANT: State of Texas DATE: June 6, 2016 WITNESSES: Bradley Freeman & $4K fine TRUE BILL OF INDICTMENT IN THE NAME AND BY AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS: THE GRAND JURORS for DeWitt County, Texas, duly selected, organized, impaneled and sworn as such at the July 2016 Term of the District Court of the 24th Judicial District, in and for said County, a quorum thereof being present, upon their oaths present in and to said Court that VICENTE FLORES on or about June 6, 2016, and anterior to the presentment of this Indictment, in DeWitt County, Texas, did then and there as a public servant, to-wit: a peace officer acting under the color of his office and employment intentionally subjected (NS «&:©)s sexual harassment; against the peace and dignity of the State. He hb Grand Jury Foreman THE FOLLOWING FOR DISTRICT CLERK'S USE ONLY OFFENSE: OFFICIAL OPPRESSION OFFENSE CODE: 56990008 FILED Sy ABBE scat SEP 16 2016 TABETH GARDNER, Clerk DEW aunty, Texas By — Deputy