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22:17:19 From Chris Breakspear : heya John i notice from your discord status

the other day you play elder scrolls - cool game .. though in ot got very far in it
22:17:36 From Lemon Panda : Hihi
22:17:46 From Chris Breakspear : hiya Dani :)
22:17:51 From Tracy Dinwiddie-Barclay : Hello!
22:19:23 From John Anderson : Yeah, Chris, very cool game... I've beaten it
several times and my character "Toots" is level 200 and the toughest thing on the
22:19:42 From Chris Breakspear : ahh sweet
22:20:11 From Chris Breakspear : think my char is like lvl 25 lol
22:21:11 From Deb Matz : Sounds like I am at a concert ;D
22:22:30 From Jayling : I dont hear the fan
22:22:37 From Deb Matz : Me neither
22:22:47 From Deb Matz : using headphones, too
22:23:00 From Chris Breakspear : john coming to us live from the moon lol
22:23:05 From Jayling : Why do you have hotdogs on the floor? Where are the
22:23:33 From mama : either that or it is the voice of our overlord
22:23:38 From Jayling : kinda like a reverb
22:23:45 From Deb Matz : laughing.... Jayling
22:23:45 From Jayling : LOL
22:23:47 From Chris Breakspear : oh yeah ihave that cab make my voice like a
smurf n stuff
22:23:55 From Chris Breakspear : can*
22:24:40 From Deb Matz : Is thefires in Canada making life murky for you too
22:24:53 From mama : lol
22:24:54 From Deb Matz : laughing...
22:24:55 From Jayling : LOL!!
22:24:56 From Chris Breakspear : yep lololololol
22:25:45 From mama : so bad here too
22:25:52 From Jayling : Sorry to hear, Deb
22:25:56 From Chris Deveau : yeah victoria here.. it's gross still
22:26:35 From Chris Breakspear : my sisters on holiday in canada hope she's ok
even though she's not my favourite person
22:27:04 From Chris Deveau : iit's like this weird haze
22:27:12 From mama : the island has been covered in smoke for weeks
22:27:31 From mama : yup crazy
22:27:40 From Chris Deveau : it doesn't smell like smoke
22:27:43 From Chris Breakspear : depends on the winds i guess
22:27:57 From mama : there's always smoke on the island lol
22:27:58 From Chris Deveau : beige..with darker beige
22:28:03 From Deb Matz : No it is not the right color, even when not smoky
22:28:11 From Chris Deveau : Mama lol
22:29:04 From Deb Matz : I do type "hard", my keyboard is not real sensitive
22:29:44 From Chris Deveau : the traffic noise in my apartment is real bad, so
i don't dare unmute..but hello!
22:30:02 From Stacey : Ello!
22:30:09 From Deb Matz : My laptop folds in half and becomes a tablet is
probably why it needs harder typing? ;D
22:30:45 From Chris Deveau : could be
22:30:55 From Deb Matz : Hello! My husband is rolling cigs while watching
cartoons. Fans loud, so the TV is loud. I am doomed to noise for a little longer
22:31:13 From Lemon : Well i'm stayin muted cuz I got sneezy, sniffly, coughy
and prolly a few other dwarves that my head cold is channeling right now.
22:31:16 From Chris Deveau : aahh the clack of the roller..and tap tap tap
22:31:34 From Chris Deveau : sound track to childhood... lol
22:31:48 From Tracy Dinwiddie-Barclay : me too Lemon...
22:32:05 From Deb Matz : Ours has a lever thingie, which is a little different
than a roller
22:32:20 From Deb Matz : Sorry about the snifflies. Not fun
22:32:23 From Tracy Dinwiddie-Barclay : trying to cough up my soul I
22:32:33 From Lemon : tea with honey and lemon (the citrus friut) is helping a
22:32:56 From Deb Matz : I usually use a neti pot when sniffly. It helps with
the mucus in nose and throat quite a bit for me
22:34:33 From Deb Matz : laughing...
22:34:35 From Tracy Dinwiddie-Barclay : I tried the neti pot...ended up
waterboarding joking
22:34:36 From Stacey : HAH
22:34:50 From Lemon : LOL
22:34:54 From Chris Breakspear : fresh thyme's good too with the honey & lemon
22:35:03 From Deb Matz : I had mine for 5 years before I found my spine to use
22:35:04 From Chris Breakspear : & ginger
22:35:35 From Lemon : ooooooooo ginger does sound nice right now
22:35:35 From Chris Breakspear : lmoa just saw that tracey
22:35:47 From Deb Matz : I have a recipe for The Pink Stuff for colds and
flus. Tastes like salad dressing, but really wipes out a cold fast
22:35:56 From Chris Deveau : Hi dani!
22:36:08 From Megan : MUTE ANTS
22:36:48 From mama : you have aglow today Dani
22:36:49 From Chris Breakspear : i have red wine my neighbours driven me to
22:36:59 From Deb Matz : Agree. Cigs are at the top of the pyramid here with
coffee and chocolate
22:37:04 From mama : lol
22:37:15 From Deb Matz : Yea!
22:37:17 From Rozzanna S : hi all
22:37:28 From Stacey : Weec, koolaid and cottage cheese!!! LMAO
22:37:53 From Deb Matz : Ooooo! Found a recipe for homemade chocolate sauce
that is easy and tastes fantastic. Will post to recipes on RTS
22:37:57 From Jayling : coffee, smokes, smarties, and camera - ready here!
22:38:13 From Chris Breakspear : melt choclate simple lol ?
22:38:29 From Stacey : LOL... Chris
22:38:50 From Deb Matz : laughing... IT is syrup-like, great on ice cream or
in milk
22:39:47 From Deb Matz : on RTS UU group page?
22:39:54 From Merc Gar : hello all
22:40:04 From Chris Breakspear : some sadist's wet dream
22:40:22 From Chris Deveau : hi Merce Gar
22:40:25 From Star Walker : Hey peeps :) !
22:40:55 From Lemon : and once again fb isn't letting me see all the comments
22:41:16 From Deb Matz : message is in Fartbook UU then?
22:41:16 From Merc Gar : still???
22:41:34 From mama : the devils balls here too
22:41:34 From Jayling : 39 is 102F - wow!
22:41:37 From Rozzanna S : thats tooo hot
22:41:44 From Merc Gar : It cooled down here a bit! and I am sooo glad!!!
22:41:45 From Stacey : I swear it is the first week of October here!
22:41:50 From Chris Breakspear : were geting a month of rain whoohoo
22:41:53 From Chris Breakspear : not
22:41:57 From Rozzanna S : i couldnt deal
22:42:12 From Ann Callaghan : Yep
22:42:14 From Jayling : Its only 28c here in Ohio, 82F
22:42:19 From mama : we haven't had rain in 52 days
22:42:20 From Lemon : its cold and rainy here
22:42:30 From Deb Matz : Too hot. Been getting 50s F overnight, yet 90s F
during the day. ugh
22:42:32 From Stacey : You definitely look like you've gotten some sun
22:42:34 From Toni S. : 17C here
22:42:38 From mama : vancouver island ca
22:42:44 From Chris Breakspear : maybe i need to start building an ark lol
22:42:45 From Lemon : wow
22:42:46 From Chris Deveau : yeah
22:42:46 From mama : yup
22:42:47 From Stacey : WOW!
22:42:48 From Merc Gar : hi Ann
22:42:53 From mama : so dry we are scared to fart
22:42:55 From Rozzanna S : we are 23 here
22:42:58 From Stacey : Unheard of!
22:42:59 From Ann Callaghan : Hi Merc <3
22:43:01 From mama : so many fires
22:43:02 From Chris Deveau : hahaha Mama right?
22:43:06 From Mary Rogers : Hi everyone
22:43:06 From mama : on the mainland
22:43:09 From Brianna C : Yoooooo :)
22:43:10 From Chris Breakspear : lol mama
22:43:10 From CatMomPeg : it's been getting to upper 70s or 80 F during day
here and down in 50s at night...could see my breath early yesterday morning
22:43:16 From mama : yes Chris!
22:43:27 From Rozzanna S : we keep getting strorms.... had flooding in
saskatoon yesterday
22:43:27 From Lemon : but the pacific northwest ..... it is spose to rain
22:43:31 From Merc Gar : it just rained againe here
22:43:32 From Chris Deveau : Where on the island are you Mama?
22:43:35 From Lemon : like almost everydayy
22:43:39 From Stacey : It got down to 52* overnight a few nights ago. Very odd
22:43:39 From mama : mid isalnd
22:43:51 From Stacey : Huh?
22:43:53 From Chris Deveau : you ever come to Vic say hi
22:44:06 From mama : that would be awesome Chris
22:44:14 From Stacey : Haha, thank you John
22:44:18 From Merc Gar : wow, I would freeze :/
22:44:19 From Deb Matz : Same here Stacey
22:44:26 From Stacey : W. Kentucky
22:44:33 From Mary Rogers : were having a mild summer here as well, Texas is
having a mild summer as well
22:44:38 From Deb Matz : Cold is -15 degrees F
22:44:39 From Stacey : Hi Karl!
22:44:52 From Merc Gar : hi, Carl
22:44:52 From Brianna C : Hello Karl :)
22:45:03 From Lemon : to hot for em
22:45:38 From Mary Rogers : peaches are awesome here this year
22:45:41 From Deb Matz : Agree Lemon. Kills the natural sugars in the peaches
22:45:44 From Karl from Canada : Hello everyone..
22:45:45 From Stacey : We have so many peaches this year, they are going bad
before we can get them up
22:45:53 From Mary Rogers : my sister made me a peach pie for my bday
22:46:15 From Mary Rogers : where are you stacey?
22:46:31 From Chris Deveau : awww
22:47:00 From Merc Gar : hey doppy ;)
22:47:00 From CatMomPeg : I got to love my sisters' mini weiner dogs this
past weekend <3
22:47:10 From Deb Matz : stewed tomato
22:47:19 From Deb Matz : whoa!
22:47:25 From Deb Matz : Nice crystal
22:47:26 From Rozzanna S : wow
22:47:30 From CatMomPeg : wow
22:47:32 From Chris Deveau : oh that's beautiful
22:47:33 From mama : oh wow!
22:47:33 From Jayling : WOW!!! Dawn, thats incredible!!
22:47:34 From Chris Breakspear : wow
22:47:35 From Mary Rogers : thats huge
22:47:48 From Chris Breakspear : crystal envy
22:48:12 From Chris Deveau : just see nails..
22:48:21 From Chris Deveau : both are great
22:48:24 From Andrea G : lol
22:49:00 From Mary Rogers : they are heavy
22:49:01 From Deb Matz : I have boxes of crystals and stones
22:49:46 From Andrea G : Me too, Deb
22:49:49 From Mary Rogers : i set mine out durning the full moon
22:49:52 From Merc Gar : couldn't you go and get them back now you're in
Malta, Marocco isn't that far away?!?
22:50:04 From ViTki : How can i add my profile picture?
22:50:15 From Stacey : Cool.... That's what I was thinking
22:50:15 From Andrea G : go to your profile on the website
22:50:23 From Brianna C : stick it with duct tape, ViTki
22:50:28 From ViTki : hahahah
22:50:33 From ViTki : ill chekc it out
22:50:33 From Brianna C : :)))))))))))))))))))
22:50:35 From Rozzanna S : pretty
22:50:43 From mama : the dark crystal!
22:50:43 From Mary Rogers : god i love that one dawn
22:50:51 From Chris Breakspear : wowzers
22:50:57 From Stacey : Very cool doppy!
22:51:53 From Megan : Grandfather was in the paving business and owned a rock
quarry, brother is a geologist and everyone on that side of my family is a rock
hound. I swear the stones talk to me sometimes.
22:52:03 From Stacey : That's my Amethyst and I have a Rlg rose quartz. Many
other smaller ones
22:52:04 From Deb Matz : Mine looks like a tallywhacker
22:52:52 From Stacey : I'm constantly walking aorund with stones in my
pockets. Pick up rocks and crystals all the time
22:53:29 From Ann Callaghan : Wow .
22:53:42 From Sony : Sounds awesome, Dani
22:53:53 From Merc Gar : Megan, I can imagine that, not only stones spek to
me and with your family history?!?!
22:54:00 From Deb Matz : sounds cool Dani
22:54:04 From Blair Bierman : hey all
22:54:13 From Stephanie : hey everyone!
22:54:16 From Andrea G : heya sweets! Missed you Blair :)
22:54:17 From Jayne Judkins : hello all
22:54:24 From Sony : Meganused to be a rock houndhad to stopwas getting
out of handlol
22:54:28 From Stacey : Hey Blair!
22:54:41 From Mary Rogers : hi Jayne
22:54:54 From Andrea G : sorry, was eating
22:55:06 From suzanna cat : helloooooo lovelies
22:55:32 From Rozzanna S : I used to live on a farm,,, i found so many cool
rocks, but mom didnt like the dirty rocks in the house
22:55:39 From Merc Gar : bon appetite ;)
22:55:44 From Stacey : In this area, we can go out into any field after they
till for the upcoming crop and find loads of arrowheads and small ceramics. <3
22:55:51 From Blair Bierman : hey just fyi reason there is 2 of me is so i can
keep up with chat on my phone.
22:55:53 From Lemon : John, why don't you just edit in the intro in post?
22:56:03 From Trina : is it my internet that is being stupid? everyone keeps
glitching out!
22:56:23 From Jayling : Might be your net Trina, not sure, all is fine here
22:56:24 From Deb Matz : I used to have my husband haul up 5 gallon buckets of
river rocks I handpicked when we were playing in the rivers on days off
22:56:34 From Chris Breakspear : wow Doppy that sux
22:56:43 From Andrea G : I have so many amazing rocks from the mines here
22:56:50 From Stephanie : doppy <3
22:57:16 From Sony : Hi, Blairthats a good ideawill try sometime
22:57:27 From Pamela C : Doppy, you crack me up!
22:57:35 From mama : the be afraid narrative happened overnight
22:57:35 From Ann Callaghan : Doppy :)
22:57:36 From Chris Deveau : me to!
22:57:39 From Merc Gar : hi Blair :)
22:57:44 From mama : I woke up and we were in the cold war again
22:57:45 From Deb Matz : Agree Doppy. It is pure fear porn
22:57:56 From Ann Callaghan : Wow Karl
22:57:58 From Sony : Wow, Karlbeaut!
22:57:59 From Merc Gar : wow! awesome
22:58:02 From Deb Matz : beautiful Karl!
22:58:05 From Rozzanna S : love Karl
22:58:05 From Stephanie : beautiful karl :)
22:58:12 From Mary Rogers : wow Karl, beautiful
22:58:21 From Chris Breakspear : dam you lot put my collection to shame
22:58:34 From Karl from Canada : guys
22:58:34 From Mary Rogers : lol too
22:58:41 From Karl from Canada : thanks
22:58:57 From Blair Bierman : it is helpful, Sony :) and hiya Stacey, Andrea &
Merce :)
22:58:58 From Jayling : Megan, that is gorgeous
22:59:02 From ViTki : me too xD
22:59:09 From Blair Bierman : im just stoned lol
22:59:10 From Lemon : Lapidarians
22:59:13 From Rozzanna S : my collection is tiny. but i just started up again
22:59:16 From Chris Breakspear : lol blair
22:59:21 From Mary Rogers : hum good question..always have been drawn to
22:59:22 From Ann Callaghan : Yes .funny . I have a few hundred
22:59:22 From Sony : Lol, Earl
22:59:24 From Merc Gar : me too got some malachites
22:59:24 From Megan : LOL Blair and Earl
22:59:29 From Pamela C : Yeah, isn't that interesting
22:59:33 From ViTki : crystals attract sensitive people
22:59:40 From suzanna cat : l have loads of beautiful crystals. . including a
large quartz crystal ball
22:59:48 From Mary Rogers : good point Vitka
22:59:49 From Andrea G : crystals are catalysts for energy transmutation
22:59:56 From suzanna cat : about 6 ins diameter
23:00:03 From Stacey : I think it's in Mexico
23:00:07 From Deb Matz : Agree Andrea
23:00:10 From Merc Gar : me too
23:00:10 From Chris Breakspear : oh well size isnt evrything lol
23:00:12 From Blair Bierman : i want a time crystal :(
23:00:12 From Rozzanna S : shhhhh
23:00:14 From Sony : Im getting withdrawal pangslike Dani, for same reason,
had to let goits soooo hard to let go! Wink, wink...
23:00:15 From Tracy Dinwiddie-Barclay : I go and dig for crystals a few times
a year...we have crystal mines here... $10 day. you keep what you dig.
23:00:28 From Sony : Meaningmy rock collection...
23:00:34 From Rozzanna S : where are you tracy
23:00:37 From Blair Bierman : lma9
23:00:44 From Blair Bierman : lmao**
23:01:09 From CatMomPeg : mine are tiny...but I have some
23:01:20 From ViTki : any1 who has Spirit Quartz? it clear quart whit the tint
of amthyst
23:01:23 From Gypsy Lee : rock hound here
23:01:34 From ViTki : i got one its really grat for clearing energy
23:01:37 From Sony : Nice, Charwhat is it?
23:01:38 From suzanna cat : I have spirit quartz
23:01:39 From ViTki : great*
23:01:43 From ViTki : nice
23:01:47 From ViTki : large one? :D
23:01:49 From Deb Matz : Spirit quartz is what my tallywhacker rock is called
23:02:00 From Maurice Demers : Pull that one you got in Sedona Dawn. the big
one you found that had been laying around for months that was behind the others.
23:02:01 From suzanna cat : celestite
23:02:11 From suzanna cat : apopphyllite
23:02:20 From Jayne Judkins : I have basic crystals and carry one in my pocket
23:02:22 From Stacey : I have loads more. Spread all over the house
23:02:34 From Sony : Me too and sea shells...
23:02:38 From Megan : I have to touch them
23:02:38 From Rozzanna S : yep i was bringing dirty rock in the house
23:02:39 From Brianna C : Still have rocks picked up when I was 15 :))))))))
23:02:40 From Stacey : Yes shells too
23:02:41 From Deb Matz : I have rocks all over the place too
23:02:51 From Andrea G : yes! and there are always stones that just seem to
"pop" out
23:02:52 From Tracy Dinwiddie-Barclay : I'm in Arkansas...2nd largest quartz
crystal vein in the world.
23:02:56 From Stacey : I have loads of hag stones too
23:03:00 From Rozzanna S : yes love shells too
23:03:01 From Stacey : Holey stones
23:03:04 From Deb Matz : Ones my grandson found are set into my woodstove
23:03:05 From Merc Gar : no, don't have big ones somehow I prefere the
portable ones ;)
23:03:07 From Linda Bee : to keep us grounded?
23:03:07 From Chris Breakspear : they hold memories ?
23:03:08 From mama : we feel the energy of them
23:03:09 From Megan : started before that
23:03:09 From Sony : Nah
23:03:11 From Rick : Nice rock Jayline
23:03:14 From ViTki : theres a risk of that haha xD
23:03:14 From Gypsy Lee : crystals and stalagmites
23:03:20 From Blair Bierman : portals..
23:03:23 From Sony : Karlwas just thinking that!
23:03:34 From Brianna C : Memory of sorts, stored in crystals, but also
certain sotnes (rocks)
23:03:37 From Megan : what if we were the giants and were collecting bits of
23:03:38 From Andrea G : I remember my time there
23:03:39 From Sony : True, Blairgood
23:03:42 From Ann Callaghan : Yep Karl :)
23:03:53 From ViTki : i had past life in atlantis , found crystals as living
beeings from when i was a child. i also had the lemurian lazer wand
23:03:57 From Pamela C : They are just fascinating to me. I have them all
over my house too
23:04:10 From Mary Rogers : cool Vitki
23:04:22 From Deb Matz : I have 7 crystal balls.One is only 3/4"
23:04:24 From Sony : Yes, yes, yes, BriannaIll go with thathave read that
and it resonateswith the portal thing too
23:04:25 From Megan : We ROCK!
23:04:27 From Tara Malouf : hello all
23:04:27 From Chris Breakspear : i bet afew ahve orgone too ?
23:04:31 From Dawn : Yes we do!!!
23:04:32 From mama : they hold the memories of millions of years , you can
feel the resonance
23:04:36 From ViTki : haha
23:04:50 From Sony : Nice, Merce!
23:04:51 From Stacey : Haha... Megan!
23:04:56 From Andrea G : rocks are like water, very much alive
23:05:04 From Merc Gar : bye Groot and quenlin
23:05:06 From Rozzanna S : fuck if i know
23:05:09 From Stacey : Yes Andres
23:05:10 From Hufnagels : love my rocks, my mum brought me back rocks from
23:05:11 From Gypsy Lee : bizzaro world
23:05:16 From Stacey : Andrea! <3
23:05:18 From Nancy Lalonde : I have no idea, at all, anymore.
23:05:20 From Mary Rogers : lol Rozanna
23:05:30 From Brianna C : if its continuously AND all the time, it's
severe ! :))))))
23:05:36 From ViTki : u guys know, quartz crystals have a density whit the
frequency higher than that of light
23:06:34 From mama : we are memory
23:06:40 From Anastasia's 3rd Fire : it's a temporary home, a training
ground...I think we are here by choice
23:06:43 From Merc Gar : a simulation ?
23:06:46 From ViTki : if time is memory then memory is time
23:07:21 From Gypsy Lee : we all live inside our minds
23:07:27 From Star Walker : That's a definite possibility.............
23:07:49 From Mary Rogers : it makes my head hurt thinking about this
23:08:05 From Star Walker : Col Mary
23:08:09 From ViTki : i think everything that we percept as time and space is
actually just sound
23:08:10 From Blair Bierman : that is a scary place to live, D
23:08:18 From ViTki : in all creation myth god sang the unvierse into beeing
23:08:22 From Mary Rogers : Hi ya starwalker
23:08:22 From Lemon : i think my cat is fluffy cuz she looks and feels that
way.... but maybe shes a turtle.
23:08:39 From Brianna C : Lemon :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
23:08:42 From Star Walker : Hey yaa Mary :)
23:08:44 From Mary Rogers : is that how we can mainfest?
23:08:44 From Stacey : Beauty in the eye of the beholder
23:08:51 From Chris Breakspear : lollemon
23:08:57 From Maurice Demers : Maybe your cat is lion like in your cats
reality Lemon?
23:08:59 From Jayling : Lemon has a furry turtle!
23:09:06 From Chris Breakspear : lmao
23:09:06 From Sony : I just read this in The Holographic Universe: We
are, as the aborigines say, just learning how to survive in infinity
23:09:09 From Stacey : Haha.... Jayling
23:09:15 From Mary Rogers : good one Stacey
23:09:27 From Andrea G : but each of our "realities" are completely different
from each others. There are parts that overlap, but it's really different looking
from within ourselves
23:09:32 From ViTki : the aboriginals also has creation myths of life started
as a dream/thought
23:09:36 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hello Dani & Everyone!
23:09:37 From ViTki : then it solodifyed
23:09:44 From Andrea G : Yes VitKi!!
23:09:45 From Maurice Demers : paralax view, Andrea.
23:09:54 From Stacey : Yes VitKi!
23:09:54 From ViTki : solidified*
23:10:12 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hi Maury!
23:10:19 From Maurice Demers : Hi Joe.
23:10:20 From Andrea G : Maury <3
23:10:24 From Andrea G : :)
23:10:33 From ViTki : i think it infinitly goes beyond
23:10:38 From Hufnagels : there are worlds we have no idea exist
23:10:40 From Blair Bierman : if we really had TRUE free will to the extent
where we could do what we desired, none of us would be in here.
23:10:42 From Gypsy Lee : pnipoint focus compared to relaxed focus
23:10:43 From ViTki : there might be infinite layers upon layer
23:10:46 From ViTki : og logos
23:10:50 From Deb Matz : So that is why fear-porn is broadcast so widely? So
others channel it back on us who ignore, or try to ignore, it?
23:10:52 From ViTki : or*
23:11:14 From Sony : And another excerpt: For our purpose appears to be as
simple as it is endless.
23:11:24 From Mary Rogers : im an optimist and even when things are bad, i
always know it will work out in a good way and it always does.
23:11:27 From ViTki : Free will is god, if there was one and we as a
collective are it
23:11:35 From Blair Bierman : my point: we are blocked by something
23:11:45 From Stacey : Pretty much the same here Mary
23:11:49 From Maurice Demers : It all depends upon from what position or
vantage point one is locating themselves in as to what the answer to Dani's
question resides. Different answers from different level/perceptions.
23:12:17 From Gypsy Lee : and selling the eclipse with popcorn
23:12:22 From Maurice Demers : Fukkin North Korea/Trump over here big time.
23:12:24 From Stacey : The energies are coming in fast and furious on ALL
levels. Everyone is falling to shit
23:12:34 From Andrea G : popcorn...seriously lol (I'm agreeing)
23:12:37 From Moksha James : yup Gypsy
23:12:38 From Merc Gar : no tv here it was too hot to turn it on!!!
23:12:39 From ViTki : Axe time! - SkeggldSword time! - SklmldShields are
splintered! - Skildir ro Klofnir
23:12:40 From Star Walker : Yeah and i Don't like feeling blocked, exactly
23:12:45 From Deb Matz : Agree Stacey
23:12:49 From Rozzanna S : ya it doesnt exist for me
23:12:50 From Mary Rogers : mine either, Dani
23:13:02 From Maurice Demers : Actually eating fresh made pop corn right now.

23:13:11 From ViTki : envy

23:13:11 From Andrea G : lol nomnomnom
23:13:12 From Gypsy Lee : yum Maurice
23:13:14 From ViTki : maurice
23:13:17 From Blair Bierman : me either, starwalker
23:13:17 From Sony : I remember,
23:13:26 From Trina : this is how i explained my husband not being my husband
for awhile. he was in a different reality than me... and it had everything to do
with his focus being so different from mine.
23:13:26 From ViTki : hehe
23:13:27 From Lemon : Enough people stop watching the fear show it will get
canncelled like any other show.
23:13:30 From Stacey : I haven't turned the TV on in over a month
23:13:39 From Merc Gar : and I'm not interested in those news at all !!
23:13:47 From Mary Rogers : the only news i see is on FB
23:13:48 From Rozzanna S : i look whats happenin in my city or province. but
passed that no
23:13:57 From Maurice Demers : I thought the chat was going to start a t 5:00
p.m. local. Dawn gave me the heads up a few minutes after it actually started so I
had just finished making it.
23:14:01 From Gypsy Lee : Kabuki Theater
23:14:05 From Brianna C : Ohooo, the Norse is on the warpath tonight, ei ViTki
? :)))))
23:14:23 From doppy : thor n thunder
23:14:24 From Moksha James : I feel like the show is almost over
23:14:25 From Stephanie : hahaha Brianna :)
23:14:28 From Lemon : its the fear show
23:14:29 From Deb Matz : IT does not feel real, yes.
23:14:35 From Rozzanna S : yep
23:14:38 From ViTki : I'm always on a warpath, for freewill & love
23:14:40 From Gypsy Lee : they are soliciting energy for it
23:14:40 From Star Walker : Hey Doppy :) ..........and all , again :) !
23:14:43 From Stacey : No true heart!
23:14:57 From Merc Gar : had today almost a total FB free day ;) it was so
23:15:00 From Karl from Canada : We lost the fear....!!!!! the program does
not work without the fear
23:15:01 From doppy : tsup swalker u ok
23:15:07 From Lemon : want fear porn.... welp i got news.... life causes death
23:15:12 From Mary Rogers : perhaps we have gotten to a higher level,
therefore we dont resonate anymore with it
23:15:21 From Brianna C : Not only feels unreal or surream, but also quite
repetitive already !
23:15:25 From Hufnagels : do we choose reality or is it thrust upon us like a
war or money crash
23:15:34 From Jayling : Ive never seen the Truman show. lo
23:15:40 From Rozzanna S : yep the truman show
23:15:48 From Maurice Demers : There is simply not just one reality Dani, much
to the cargrin of the scientific minds among us and the pop0ulation.
23:15:51 From Mary Rogers : oh Jayling, you have to see it.
23:16:05 From Blair Bierman : I can tell you with having clairaudience, there
is a "4th wall"
23:16:05 From ViTki : Even though the show is called Truman doesn't mean theyr
are true ^^)
23:16:08 From Star Walker : Yeah , exactly Dani..............
23:16:08 From Jayling : Is it a British show?
23:16:12 From doppy : xcactly hufnagel either financial crash or fkin war
23:16:13 From Dawn : I agree Maury
23:16:13 From Gypsy Lee : yep..let's see what she does with this
23:16:29 From Gypsy Lee : the watchers mantra
23:16:51 From ViTki : the gatekeeper = the watcher = the El's = Fallen Angels
23:16:58 From Jayne Judkins : spirit Dani
23:16:59 From Mary Rogers : no Jayling, american film
23:17:11 From Lemon : lol i've always thought someone should be watching me
because me left alone unsupervised might not be the best idea BUT on the other hand
I think i'm just to boring to watch for long.
23:17:19 From Stacey : I still say, I am the watcher! <3
23:17:21 From Mary Rogers : is it our higher self watching us???
23:17:23 From ViTki : 90's
23:17:29 From Stacey : Yes Mary!!
23:17:37 From Merc Gar : late 90ties?
23:17:49 From Deb Matz : I am boring- garden, bead, read, do qigong, sleep
23:17:57 From Rozzanna S :
23:18:08 From Gypsy Lee : yes Stacey, while you are watching who is observing
the watcher
23:18:10 From cuba perkovic : 1998 truman show
23:18:16 From Lemon : right! @Deb.... me too boring as watching paint dry.
23:18:17 From Star Walker :
23:18:26 From Moksha James : It's on Netflix
23:18:30 From Stacey : Still me
23:18:30 From Merc Gar : yeap 98
23:18:31 From Deb Matz : ;D Lemon
23:18:36 From Sony : So the observer is making this realityif we correlate it
with the particle wave theoryonce observed, object appears
23:18:37 From cuba perkovic : True man show
23:18:39 From Chris Breakspear : best clip
23:18:44 From Blair Bierman : lmao
23:18:48 From ViTki : the peepers
23:18:50 From ViTki : haha
23:18:56 From Karl from Canada : It was Sirius
23:19:03 From Blair Bierman : yes
23:19:11 From Rozzanna S : Foresure since that movie i have been wondering if
we are just a tv show for other life forms
23:19:11 From Stacey : Yes Karl, That light was Sirius
23:19:15 From Lemon : worse a reality show
23:19:17 From Deb Matz : that is fucking creepy Dani
23:19:18 From Stacey : All a big test?
23:19:20 From cuba perkovic : experiment ?!
23:19:26 From Star Walker : A Big Con for sure
23:19:40 From Karl from Canada : big light..... or at least brigt
23:19:51 From Linda Bee : I AM always with you - who is I ?
23:19:51 From Tara Sunshine : Watched by us? Us watching ourselves?
23:19:54 From Deb Matz : everyone pick their nose at "them" at once!
23:19:55 From Maurice Demers : You are asking, Dani, what is the true
cosmology? Is there even such a thing? What is the answer to that question if
there is one?
23:19:56 From penny dietz : guess you are gonna have to shoot something else
23:19:57 From Merc Gar : sirius is also called the Dog Star ;)
23:20:05 From Anastasia's 3rd Fire : we are.observing ourselves.
23:20:06 From Jayling : Tara, possibly
23:20:06 From Mary Rogers : i agree Tara
23:20:07 From ViTki : spirit binoculars
23:20:11 From Zee : I thought it was santa clause watching me all the time
23:20:14 From Sony : Ah, Tarainteresting
23:20:14 From Andrea G : yes, like in religion "god is everywhere"
23:20:18 From Mary Rogers : Vitki yes
23:20:30 From Mary Rogers : lol Zee
23:20:34 From Stacey : Well, I'm ready to stop.... Stop the ride
23:20:35 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : WTF just happened? IOI dropped off, was
asked by Zoom if I wanted to join the other meeting (?), & got righgt5 back into
this room. Weird!
23:20:39 From Deb Matz : Human TV... ugh
23:20:57 From Blair Bierman : bank of america.. lol
23:21:02 From Deb Matz : We can change the channel, then?
23:21:21 From ViTki : we might be
23:21:25 From Sony : Sowhen something is not observedit is just an energy
23:21:29 From ViTki : the starseeds might be
23:21:36 From Maurice Demers : There is a phrase, Deb, goes like this; change
yourswelf change your world.
23:21:41 From Rozzanna S : hmm
23:21:49 From Stacey : "recording" us to copy
23:21:51 From Jayne Judkins : that could be true too
23:22:11 From Lemon : but they already have... and we are all represented
23:22:11 From Deb Matz : I like myself, just do not like the crap beamed at
me, so I ignore it. My channel changer knob is broken
23:22:32 From Deb Matz : I read something about that Stacey.
23:22:33 From Hufnagels : my batteries must be dead
23:22:33 From Lemon : thats what last weeks show was all about.... they have
done it
23:22:36 From Karl from Canada : Jayne get on camera
23:22:45 From doppy : get used to augmented
23:22:45 From Tracy Dinwiddie-Barclay : It's like the escape rooms...putting
clues together to leave the room.
23:22:51 From Tara Sunshine : right Elon Musk heebie jeebies lol
23:22:58 From Maurice Demers : The more do that Deb the more what they are
selling is not being bought especially by you.
23:23:06 From Moksha James : he had nothing to show Elon Musk
23:23:08 From Stacey : I struggle with this all the time!
23:23:10 From Dawn : Maury did you see the calendar behind me says Travel is
the only thing you can buy that makes you richer!!! Awesome synchronicity.
23:23:12 From Blair Bierman : the brain/heart is like a radio.. change your
"frequency", change your reality.
23:23:23 From Star Walker : Being complacent
23:23:26 From doppy : infinite augmented systems of control
23:23:34 From Mary Rogers : Yes-Blair
23:23:35 From Maurice Demers : Too small for me to read but I agree with that
23:23:36 From doppy : scary shit indeed
23:24:02 From Sony : Yes, perceptionprecisely
23:24:13 From Merc Gar : our senses
23:24:13 From Lemon : Fluffy turtles.
23:24:14 From Gypsy Lee : perception of sound made visible
23:24:19 From Andrea G : a contract agreement saying that it's real..."I
accept what I see to be real"
23:24:20 From ViTki : The Holographic model
23:24:23 From Pamela C : right John
23:24:33 From Blair Bierman : beliefs change your perception of reality
23:24:56 From Gypsy Lee : beliefs come and go like the wind
23:25:12 From Maurice Demers : Absolutely Blair but it is more than that we
find, well, some have found at least.
23:25:14 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : "I" not "IOI" & "right" not righgt5."
New auxiliary keyboard is a bit sensitive. A light touch on the keys results in
less typos... LOL!
23:25:16 From Mary Rogers : so how are we all seeing the same thing??
23:25:17 From ViTki : what if its the real deal only a distorted version
because of the moon as satelite scrambling our light perception signal
23:25:40 From Gypsy Lee : more space than not
23:25:50 From Blair Bierman : collective agreements, Mary
23:25:50 From Karl from Canada : yes gypsy
23:26:03 From Sony : Something like collective consciousness, Mary
23:26:08 From Pamela C : collective consciouness mutual consent
23:26:09 From Mary Rogers : thanks Balir, makes sense
23:26:10 From doppy : believe in urself hart freq
23:26:11 From Stacey : Crystals are the perfect example of a solid and liquid
in suspended form
23:26:16 From Nancy Lalonde : Hey guys, I just got my new webcam, I have it
sort of set up, how do I turn it on here in zoom. I notice some people have their
cameras on, can I join?
23:26:18 From ViTki : what if its the real deal only a distorted version
because of the moon as satelite scrambling our light perception signal
23:26:31 From mama : what if its our perception that is limited. Like the bird
wings flapping and the camera only capturing what it could see. What if there is a
whole massive world right on top of us and we cant see it.
23:26:32 From Mary Rogers : yes stacey
23:26:39 From Blair Bierman : i think the ME is to get us to collectively
agree more precisely on things, because realities are merging
23:26:45 From ViTki : that could also explain why our planets and moons are
ancient gods
23:26:54 From ViTki : or beeing named after the gods
23:26:57 From Deb Matz : so I really have a lot of space between my ears?
23:27:00 From Andrea G : i agree that the mon and sun play into it as well,
23:27:04 From Jim McCutcheon : Just got here hope I've not missed too much.
23:27:05 From Mary Rogers : oh mama, that is interesting!
23:27:33 From Stacey : Like me feeling I could just fly away while driving
down the road the other day
23:27:35 From Gypsy Lee : like the flapping of the birds wings at a higher
frame rate
23:27:39 From Lemon : ok I love this conversation but I'm gonna have to catch
the rest on video cuz this cold is kicking my butt... love you guys!
23:27:41 From ViTki : what if gravity is density
23:27:45 From ViTki : or solodity
23:27:52 From Dawn : Get well lemon
23:27:52 From Star Walker : We get hints of this even in our dreams, i know
about this..........yep Dani
23:27:53 From Jayling : Take care, Lemon
23:27:56 From Karl from Canada : What stops us just passing through
23:28:03 From Gypsy Lee : or internal stimuli aqppearing external
23:28:03 From Deb Matz : Take care LEmon!
23:28:03 From Sony : How are we being perceived?
23:28:08 From Mary Rogers : I do that to Stacey
23:28:12 From Stacey : Being told we can't
23:28:13 From ViTki : because it hurts xD
23:28:18 From ViTki : running into them
23:28:20 From Hufnagels : pain?
23:28:22 From Stephanie : LOL
23:28:24 From Megan : not vibrating at the same speeds
23:28:25 From ViTki : haha
23:28:29 From Karl from Canada : or is that electomagnetic or electrical...
23:28:50 From Sony : Nice, Dani...
23:28:51 From Maurice Demers : They talk of the 'cloud' as a to me somewhat
mysterious storage facility of cumputer information somewhere but sort of nowhere.
Probabgly John or someone can answer that but if I am even marginally on track with
that then i ask how much space or how solid is that so called 'cloud'?
23:28:54 From Stacey : I can fly!
23:29:00 From Gypsy Lee : hynotherapy for anasthesia proves this
23:29:11 From Stacey : Yes Gypsy!
23:29:13 From Dawn : Good question Maury
23:29:17 From Rozzanna S : yep
23:29:20 From Dawn : that whole cloud thing is right in your face
23:29:20 From Mary Rogers : yes
23:29:20 From Gypsy Lee : programs you to not feel
23:29:20 From cuba perkovic : me
23:29:21 From Blair Bierman : me
23:29:21 From Zee : yep
23:29:21 From Andrea G : YES!!! between my eyes lol
23:29:22 From Sony : Hand up...
23:29:22 From Gypsy Lee : me
23:29:27 From Linda Bee : yup
23:29:30 From Trina : yep
23:29:31 From Zee : the hayloft!
23:29:34 From Stacey : Out of a tree!
23:29:36 From Rozzanna S : between 5 and 9 i jumped off everything
23:29:37 From Chris Breakspear : out a tree & broke my arm lol
23:29:44 From Jayling : off the roof
23:29:46 From ViTki : i can levitate object as natural as breathing when i
23:29:48 From Gypsy Lee : out of a tree for me too
23:29:52 From Karl from Canada : watched a the "original" avengers
23:29:53 From Dawn : LOL Chris
23:29:55 From CatMomPeg : friends' daughter flung herself into the
stairwell...didn't work well
23:29:56 From Mary Rogers : i see the hawks flying and know how it feels and
23:29:59 From cuba perkovic : I fly from a roof with ambrella hahahah
23:30:01 From Star Walker : Until their ignorant "parents " discount the
childs experience
23:30:03 From Tara : its all a dream.
23:30:07 From Sony : Oh, DaniI believed sooooooo many things! Lol
23:30:18 From Hufnagels : best dreams are flying dreams
23:30:37 From Stacey : Haha.... Cuba, I tried using a lagre trash bag... lol
23:30:45 From Andrea G : I love my flying dreams too :)
23:30:49 From Stacey : Like a parachute
23:30:54 From cuba perkovic : hahaah Stacy greaaat
23:30:56 From CatMomPeg : agree Hufnagels, I love to fly in dreams...varying
23:31:07 From Star Walker : Flying dreams Rock
23:31:07 From Deb Matz : Never into flying or jumping. I hid myself deep into
23:31:12 From CatMomPeg : Oh, I've walked on air in a dream! very solid!
23:31:26 From Zee : bugs bunny
23:31:38 From Amber Price : Hello everybody!!
23:31:39 From Chris Breakspear : i flew when i left my body when i got hit by
a car ... flew up above 7 wacthed the whole scene play out in slow motion
23:31:40 From Sony : Happens in Minecraft
23:31:41 From Megan : nothing more annoying than getting a stuck in a wall
23:31:49 From CatMomPeg : Hi Amber
23:31:51 From Andrea G : respawn fail
23:31:53 From Mary Rogers : Hi Amber, glad you made it.
23:31:53 From Zee : lol
23:31:55 From Hufnagels : why does everyone want to fly and love birds but no
one wants to be like a fish?
23:31:58 From Gypsy Lee : For years I would make myself invisible and show up
at events and watch people run into me
23:32:03 From Amber Price : me too Mary
23:32:07 From Zee : happes in sims reguarly
23:32:08 From Stacey : In a dream, I was riding a bike somewhere and decided I
would get there quicker if I flew and off I went. Same feeling while driving lately
and especially bad the other dya
23:32:14 From Andrea G : Amber!! yay :)
23:32:27 From Amber Price : hey Andrea!!!!
23:32:42 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Are we all seeing the same thing? I read
in an old 1970s issue of "Spirit of Change" magazine that it was hypothesized that
everyone's view in the world (perception) is different. i.e. one sees bue sky;
another sees a pink sky, etc.
23:32:58 From Andrea G : exactly joseph
23:33:00 From Maurice Demers : Probably because they are inclined or fhave dna
or something from the 'mer folk', not those 'avian folk' Hufnagels. (that was a
23:33:14 From Megan : lol Maurice
23:33:23 From Amber Price : bwhahhaa Maury
23:33:24 From cuba perkovic : yes Joseph
23:33:28 From Stacey : Dark City
23:33:33 From Blair Bierman : rengineer your ideas of how a creator would file
the multiverse
23:33:41 From Star Walker : I watched thta one
23:33:46 From Hufnagels : maurice funny
23:33:53 From Gypsy Lee : hmm gotta see that one
23:33:54 From ViTki : What if we are the universe collectivly trying to teach
and learn more about it self through interaction of energy and conciousness
23:34:01 From Andrea G : right Blair! Become the "super user"
23:34:02 From Sony : Yes, Josephthe blue I seewill never be the same blue
you seewe can agree on something we call bluebut we will NEVER see it the same
23:34:02 From ViTki : and this is only the construct
23:34:13 From Star Walker : I should rewatch it, Dark city ..........
23:34:26 From Stacey : And I have laughed at IT all along
23:34:35 From Hufnagels : oh education helps us all see reality the same
23:34:41 From Stephanie : oh that movie freaked me a little LOL but i liked
23:34:49 From Stacey : Right Hufnagles
23:34:51 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you, Sony...
23:34:57 From Sony : That too, Huf!
23:35:41 From Amber Price : So different the sky is since I was a kid
23:35:45 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Dani!
23:35:45 From Mary Rogers : but the glitches have only been happening the last
7 or so years
23:35:54 From Stacey : Like where the Pasific and Atlantic oceans meet, but
never mix??
23:35:57 From cuba perkovic : Dark city ,free on line :
23:36:03 From Jules Salonen : check this patent released 8/8 "Low frequency
magnetic pulse variable resonator for actively influencing the interaction and
intercommunication at the cellular level for biological organisms and molecular
level of matter"
23:36:04 From Hufnagels : exactly why?
23:36:04 From Jayne Judkins : Yes, and I have seen ghost chemtrails IN FRONT
of the chemtrail plane... lol
23:36:20 From Jules Salonen :
23:36:22 From Amber Price : or what is it becoming
23:36:23 From Tara : great question
23:36:39 From Star Walker : Dark
City..... the same year as the Truman Show, '98
23:36:48 From ViTki : I have soooooo many
23:36:57 From Stephanie : wow Star!
23:36:58 From Maurice Demers : No I have not a total answer but I have come up
with a way to deal with it all.
23:37:05 From Maurice Demers : For myself anyways that is.
23:37:07 From cuba perkovic : yesss 1998
23:37:09 From Blair Bierman : mirrors constantly moving.. when the patterns of
said mirrors change, reality splits and or changes
23:37:10 From mama : we can only percieve what we believe to be real. The
more we open up about what reality could be the more our minds are able to handle
little peices of what reality really is.
23:37:12 From Amber Price : and the Matix came out when?
23:37:16 From Anastasia's 3rd Fire : mass hysteria? Not that I believe it..
23:37:16 From cuba perkovic : bravo
23:37:20 From Tara : we need to look atvthat whole year
23:37:28 From Matrix : now you will expirience through your life
exp/preception again your the creator
23:37:37 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : 1999
23:37:39 From Tara : 98
23:37:47 From Tara : filmed in 98
23:37:47 From cuba perkovic : 1999
23:37:49 From Merc Gar : one year later
23:37:55 From Amber Price : thx
23:38:01 From Star Walker : 99 the matrix
23:38:01 From Tara : filmed before tho
23:38:09 From Amber Price : right Tara
23:38:11 From mama : I wrote mine up above
23:38:13 From Deb Matz : I used to think we were an experiment that went wonky
and "they" let it play out
23:38:36 From Anastasia's 3rd Fire : mass hysteria..?
23:38:41 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : hello my lovelies
23:38:41 From Karl from Canada : they let it go too long....
23:38:44 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : im late but im here lol
23:38:45 From Blair Bierman : we are experiments, each of us is a completely
different experiment
23:38:50 From Deb Matz : generic engineering towhat if
23:38:53 From Trina : this is real, but we are in an experiment. just observed
through various means??
23:38:54 From Rusty Shackleford : i like the petrie dish theory
23:39:06 From cuba perkovic : I agree Blair for experiment
23:39:38 From Megan : What if it was organic and real but at some point was
taken over by whatever and contaminated
23:39:44 From Gypsy Lee : testing the survival instinct?
23:39:48 From Deb Matz : We all live on (the cat) Orion's belt... on his
collar. laughing...
23:40:02 From Amber Price : bwhahhahaha Deb
23:40:05 From petermeteor : hey my fellow UFO MFers
23:40:06 From Stacey : Haha Deb
23:40:15 From Mary Rogers : lol Deb
23:40:16 From petermeteor : I am ur father!!!!!
23:40:16 From Blair Bierman : perception becomes paradoxical
23:40:18 From Hufnagels : we are fleas on the cat
23:40:19 From Amber Price : petermeteo!!!!!
23:40:20 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : by the native teachings that i have
been learning with the medicine men etc.. we dont live in doom and gloom and its a
beautiful wonderful thing
23:40:35 From Gypsy Lee : 42..we are the mice
23:40:40 From petermeteor : hi dani
23:40:53 From Deb Matz : I like that Marlena
23:40:55 From petermeteor : amber!!!!!
23:41:05 From Amber Price :
23:41:05 From petermeteor : hi my girl feeling good
23:41:15 From Sony : Yes, agree, there is no one answer
23:41:19 From Trina : why cant we be the script writers?
23:41:21 From Ann Callaghan : Yes
23:41:21 From Zee : agree
23:41:22 From Rozzanna S : yep playing a role
23:41:22 From petermeteor : hahahahaha star
23:41:26 From mama : Our minds can only handle so much. If we tried to
describe a telephone to a caveman he would have a breakdown. As we evolve our
minds begin to comprehend mor and more. as we open up to the possiblilites of our
reality we start to see peices of it in our everyday lfe.
23:41:27 From Stacey : This is not ME
23:41:30 From petermeteor : i am ur father!!!
23:41:30 From Hufnagels : yes marlene
23:41:30 From Stephanie : Peter!!!!
23:41:30 From Amber Price : Peachy keen Petermeteor
23:41:35 From petermeteor : cooool
23:41:38 From John Anderson : ad lib your ass off
23:41:41 From Rick : So Long, Thanks for all the fish
23:41:43 From Karl from Canada : I feel like i'm rising above it all now
23:41:45 From petermeteor : steph!!!!
23:41:45 From Moksha James : It's almost curtain call
23:41:46 From Matrix : we are and if we screw up the part they let us know
23:41:51 From petermeteor : i girl friend
23:41:52 From Stacey : YES JOHN!!! <3 <3
23:41:53 From Rozzanna S : i need to change my script
23:41:53 From Dawn : The key is to become the producer of your own show
23:41:54 From Star Walker : Yeah could be.........actors us all, on a GIANT
23:41:59 From petermeteor : i mean hi lol
23:42:00 From Blair Bierman : we can write.. but I'd rather do something else
than script wtiting
23:42:09 From Stephanie : hahaha ;)
23:42:10 From Sony : John
23:42:11 From Amber Price : me too Blair
23:42:18 From Karl from Canada : Hey Peter.
23:42:34 From Rozzanna S : massive drugs in the water?
23:42:35 From Amber Price : end of their script
23:42:36 From Jayne Judkins : mixed reality
23:42:38 From Stacey : I am truly disturbed
23:42:39 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : we are here to learn limits .... we are
here to write our own stories, we are here to learn how to open our own universes ,
we are here to love and learn from eachother... the fucked up stuff made by the
government or whoever knows that we can manifest so they steer us by feeding us
bullshit so we make this stuff real that they want to be real... if that makes
23:42:39 From Karl from Canada : too many inconsistencies
23:42:45 From Blair Bierman : I feel like we are "designed" to just script
write :/
23:42:50 From Hufnagels : we have been lied to is the only answer
23:43:02 From Stacey : Oh yes.
23:43:03 From Gypsy Lee : make stupendious moves and change the reality in the
23:43:03 From Sony : Robert Morningsky and the goldfish conundrum...
23:43:05 From Rick : Yes Houston, we DO have a problem
23:43:11 From Star Walker : But what exactly is thta ,
consciousness ?.........
23:43:12 From Chris Breakspear : big problem
23:43:19 From Moksha James : Oh no. It's all like they say haha
23:43:44 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : if they tell us something is real..
BOOM WE MAKE IT REAL.. I personally thing we live in an idea
23:43:49 From Amber Price : good question star....could be the warehouse of
our memories ?
23:43:50 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : think*
23:43:54 From Matrix : SCAM
23:44:15 From Deb Matz : That makes sense Marlena
23:44:15 From Chris Breakspear : con-struct
23:44:19 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : yes they sure are Dani
23:44:19 From Matrix : Ditto
23:44:20 From Megan : YES!
23:44:22 From Mary Rogers : Yes
23:44:23 From Gypsy Lee : exactly, the only difference between a King and you
it that he knows he is
23:44:26 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : yes
23:44:30 From Matrix : for sure
23:44:35 From Rick : Yes, they are, and for the first time it is not working
23:44:36 From Amber Price : love that Gypsy
23:44:37 From Nancy Lalonde : So that would be using our collective
consciousness against us.
23:44:40 From Rusty Shackleford : yes. we feed their pursuite
23:44:47 From Stacey : We are so much more powerful than we even know
23:44:48 From Amber Price : do what we are told
23:45:01 From Blair Bierman : we can create the opposite what they want under
the label of the infamous ww3 idea.
23:45:02 From Jayne Judkins : they also announced multiple planets that are
"earth like"
23:45:09 From Mary Rogers : if its a simulation, cant they make things happen
without our help?
23:45:24 From Amber Price : the stage
23:45:29 From Deb Matz : "they" cannot create?
23:45:39 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : They had to create something more
believable so we stop believing in ourselves
23:45:45 From Rick : the record has a skip on it .....
23:45:49 From Star Walker : Which is highly possible , of course....... which
i'm not giving them my power to create their psychotic vision
23:45:50 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : we live in an IDEA im telling ya
23:45:51 From Sony : Marynow, how fun would that be
23:46:19 From Deb Matz : ;D MArlena
23:46:23 From Rozzanna S : we need to be the producers
23:46:23 From Amber Price : that Marlena
23:46:24 From Moksha James : We need to get Maury a new mic
23:46:25 From Karl from Canada : What is the reason we are even here....
23:46:29 From Blair Bierman : but labels are just different forms of things
23:46:31 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : Stanislavsky Theatre :) the
method :)
23:46:37 From Megan : the person who writes the play is called a playwright.
Wright means work. So much for English
23:46:44 From Matrix : Science says we each have one gauss of magnatism the
more we direct this energy the more we can control
23:46:44 From Amber Price : no shit Maury
23:46:46 From Hufnagels : but there are commonalities the birth, aging death
23:46:46 From Rusty Shackleford : bingo
23:46:49 From Gypsy Lee : yep you are playing scientist #1 and you act that
out for example
23:46:59 From Jim McCutcheon : Deb, we don't even know who they are so how can
we be so sure they can't create.
23:47:03 From Tara Sunshine : Let's manifest Maury a new mic
23:47:10 From Star Walker : Yeah Ihor , method acting
23:47:10 From petermeteor : hahahaha
23:47:13 From Sony : Right, Jim
23:47:18 From Megan : agreed, Maury
23:47:26 From Amber Price : know this from expirience Maury
23:47:30 From Mary Rogers : good question Jim
23:47:35 From Zee : bingo
23:47:37 From Tara Sunshine : Scriptwriters
23:47:42 From Deb Matz : theyonly seem to make fear, terror and other dark
stuff. That is not creative, it is destructive
23:47:43 From Stacey : Yes Maury!
23:48:01 From Star Walker : Woow Maury
23:48:09 From petermeteor : doooooooooooooooooooopy
23:48:12 From Gypsy Lee : yep me too Maury getting old
23:48:18 From Dawn : Maury is so very special
23:48:23 From Megan : Script means writing, so its writewriter. LOL
23:48:27 From Stacey : To ask any question outside of the norm made one a
nasty target
23:48:28 From Elena : Yup
23:48:29 From Sony : Ty, Maury
23:48:31 From Ann Callaghan : :) Maury :)
23:48:41 From Jim McCutcheon : Maybe Deb but it's still exists in this so
called reality, so it's been created by someone/thing.
23:48:46 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : WE need to really pull our shit
together and do more of our manifesting etc.. the more awake people the more they
are losing control! Can you imagine if everyone finally realized what we know?
People are waking up in break neck speeds and they cant control it anymore... so
they come up with stuff to try to manipulate so they can gain back control
23:48:49 From Zee : it's all improv
23:48:51 From Stephanie : Maury, you are amazing! <3
23:49:02 From Sony : Jimor by us?
23:49:06 From Star Walker : My awareness just didn't seem to be there, , even
in the '80's
23:49:10 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : we are all saying what we already all
23:49:18 From Deb Matz : Agree Marlena
23:49:19 From Stacey : Oh, my manifesting has been off the charts. But, so far
just small things
23:49:19 From Jim McCutcheon : Yes maybe.
23:49:24 From Brianna C : Yes marlena !
23:49:34 From Sony : Marlenaor intuit
23:49:35 From Amber Price : Marlena agreed...and stay sovern selves....
23:49:36 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : My first awakening was in 82 man.. i
know a lil bit of what ive witnessed
23:49:40 From Megan : Strength in numbers...the more who gather, the greater
the energy
23:49:48 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : indeed Megan
23:49:49 From Gypsy Lee : ad lib at it's best
23:50:01 From Deb Matz : We created this. We have been manipulated, guided, to
create what they want, not what we want, using various fear tactics
23:50:13 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : THe bishop came here and personally
asked me how AP and Lucid dreams work.. imagine?
23:50:17 From Sony : Gypsyfake it till you make
23:50:26 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : lol Sony
23:50:28 From Deb Matz : laughing... Marlena
23:50:29 From Megan : wow, Marlena...thats amazing
23:50:39 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : this was just last week
23:50:40 From Gypsy Lee : exactly Sony
23:51:14 From maddtom . : Tattered ball of twine
23:51:17 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : he even asked if i would classified it
as a miracle lol
23:51:23 From Hufnagels : i'min this play
23:51:39 From Deb Matz : eyebrow up with a smile
23:51:40 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : D , that sounds like The Truman Show
23:51:54 From Amber Price : Marlena can you expand on the lucid dreaming? I
have been working on using some thought tools during dreamstate...
23:52:02 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I sure can Amber
23:52:03 From Gypsy Lee : yep like the Ants movie
23:52:19 From Matrix : Palantir Technologies
23:52:23 From Amber Price : Marlena
23:52:27 From maddtom . :
23:52:28 From Deb Matz : I am impatiently awaiting when you can teach again,
Marlena. ;D
23:52:42 From Amber Price : hahha sweet voice
23:52:42 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : awe.. soon hun i just got back
23:52:54 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i was away for a month
23:52:59 From juhl : Hi, sorry to be late. I got caught watching alien
channelers lol freaking funny
23:53:10 From Deb Matz : You have more important things to take care of.
Hopefully healing well on top of it all
23:53:15 From Jayling : Juhl! lol
23:53:15 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I had some of my own teachings with
medicine men etc.. and the world conference
23:53:17 From Amber Price : juhl!!!!!
23:53:28 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : and we talked about exactly what we are
talking about today
23:53:28 From Star Walker : And so much in rock music is telling us , the
grand illusion right to Billy Thorpe, Children of the Sun..............
23:53:33 From Amber Price : hahhaa adawn
23:53:39 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : lol Dawn
23:53:51 From Amber Price : come on Texas hahaha
23:53:53 From Stacey : Love that Star <3
23:53:55 From Deb Matz : Cool Marlena
23:54:17 From Star Walker : Yeah Stacey :) <3
23:54:27 From Sony : Thanks for the link, Tom
23:54:42 From Stacey : Going to have to listen to it now. Thanks for the ear
wig! lo
23:54:53 From maddtom . : Do you remember....
23:55:16 From maddtom . : Monday, 25 February 2013
23:55:25 From Zee : love this
23:55:39 From d :
23:55:50 From Star Walker : Keyword: Delusion
23:55:55 From Gypsy Lee : well let's call curtains, house lights and QUIT
23:56:05 From Sony : Yes, Star
23:56:07 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : can you imagine if the masses realized
that being happy and casting positive thoughts can change the world... dun dun dun
23:56:12 From Amber Price : Must take a lot of work to run the whole show
23:56:23 From Star Walker : Sony :)
23:56:31 From Deb Matz : Things would be interesting, in a good way
23:56:44 From Rick : I do
23:56:51 From Megan : the folks in Continuity are fucking up
23:56:55 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Earl said he wants to talk to the
lighting guy because he isnt getting the sun right LMAO!! fricken earl
23:57:05 From Gypsy Lee : total frustration with the idiocy of it all
23:57:06 From Stacey : It is all so surreal
23:57:07 From Amber Price : hahahha Earl
23:57:12 From juhl : lol Earl
23:57:14 From Deb Matz : The Continuity editor quit a while ago
23:57:20 From Megan : lol
23:57:21 From Stacey : I just looked at it
23:57:26 From Stacey : Very interesting
23:57:30 From maddtom . : You don't need me anymore
23:57:32 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : just like Shakespeare said.. all the
worlds a stage.. blah blah blah
23:57:34 From Gypsy Lee : something not real
23:57:39 From Deb Matz : Agree with Earl. The sun is fucked up
23:57:45 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : We live in an IDEA , Im tellin ya...
sorry for repeating myself
23:57:49 From Megan : it sure is
23:57:56 From Moksha James : inverted reality
23:58:00 From Stacey : No Tom, I thank you very much. I used your link just
now to take a look
23:58:05 From Maurice Demers : I actually think that what you suggest Marlena
is actually going on. It is welling up from the bottom, from the so called
uninformed and un powerful masses rather than from the so called powerful, the
super educated and the sjuper powerful.
23:58:07 From juhl : We will write you a new play to produce madtom
23:58:12 From Elena : yes... I remember an old ad that reminded me of that
23:58:14 From Amber Price : This conversation reminds me of the movie
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galexy
23:58:16 From Gypsy Lee : trying to understand and abstract thought?
23:58:18 From Jules Salonen : are we all authors to the game / simulation?
23:58:26 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : indeed Maurice
23:58:29 From Chris Breakspear : it was a good idea excpt for wasps mosquitos
& politicians
23:58:31 From Moksha James : Marlene I agree
23:58:31 From Merc Gar : very deep!!
23:58:32 From Hufnagels : marelena shakesphere never said blah, blah, blah
youre gonna start a ME
23:58:37 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : hahaha
23:58:41 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : smart asss
23:58:41 From Megan : if you program them well, the idea remains static, but
we are resisting the programming
23:58:49 From Deb Matz : Agree MArlena and Maury
23:58:59 From Matrix : in order to be/lie/ve we need some truth
23:59:00 From juhl : Personally I have had a lot of fuckery in my life that I
wouldnt make up or choose
23:59:02 From Star Walker : The sky fuckery ..........special
effects ..........i'm just throwing out shit.........
23:59:03 From Amber Price : yep Chris all those nasties need to get the hook
23:59:10 From Rozzanna S : not for a while
23:59:15 From Maurice Demers : No
23:59:18 From maddtom . : yeah at every intake of breath
23:59:19 From Stacey : No, not really
23:59:20 From Zee : no
23:59:28 From Sony : AmberI think this conversation has been written about
and talked about by many from all angles and points of view
23:59:31 From mama : I think its real but its not all of it
23:59:37 From Stacey : Can't take their word for shit!
23:59:38 From Gypsy Lee : the band wagon is drumming up it's a construct..that
must be suspect
23:59:39 From juhl : Yup throw it out
23:59:48 From Hufnagels : either it is falling apart or i am just noticing the
23:59:52 From Colin Watson : something changed about 4 years ago
23:59:52 From Matrix : I did genealogy and the history was diffrent
23:59:54 From juhl : begin again
23:59:55 From Deb Matz : I have thiswant to fix it... stupid?
23:59:57 From Megan : Its all pretty much crap at this point
23:59:58 From Jayling : Start from scratch, observe ourselves, make our own
00:00:02 From Gypsy Lee : it's really loud now
00:00:09 From Jules Salonen : does a rock know its a rock?
00:00:11 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : WE made the ME ourselves to wake
ourselves up!! so something that is personal to you, YOU changed it so YOU would
say to yourself WAKE THE FUCK UP.. ya know?
00:00:12 From Megan : right, Maury
00:00:14 From juhl : inner knowing
00:00:16 From Trina : its real, but we have to understand that it is full of
lies and find the truth.
00:00:18 From Stacey : Trying very hard not to completely throw my hands up to
it all... A personal every day fight
00:00:22 From Amber Price : yep Sony and that is VERY important
00:00:22 From Nancy Lalonde : good point Maury
00:00:27 From juhl : Cheers Maury
00:00:40 From Stacey : <3 Maury
00:00:41 From Hufnagels : It is like the new elite took over and they don't
know how to run the program
00:00:44 From cuba perkovic : bravo maury
00:00:49 From Deb Matz : yes Marlena. That makes sense. A kick in the butt
00:00:51 From Megan : First memory at three was an OBE
00:00:52 From Stacey : I'm not seeing it
00:01:05 From juhl : You love me but you are sexualy abusing me?
00:01:13 From Deb Matz : OBE at age 4. Was dying.
00:01:13 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : huh
00:01:14 From Sony : Ambermay beidknot completely convinced...
00:01:35 From Dawn : huh
00:01:39 From Gypsy Lee : 3 was my first obe too
00:02:01 From juhl : 3 was mine also, I left my body to escape
00:02:02 From Jules Salonen : okay gotta go to take my kid to school. mwa xo
00:02:05 From Deb Matz : They made the ME movie to try to take back the
narrative, so to speak?
00:02:17 From Stacey : I've never had an OBE. But, my mother has as a child
and wants to again
00:02:30 From Gypsy Lee : yep me too over by a truck
00:02:30 From Megan : to talk with you guys about that in Discord,
00:02:33 From Deb Matz : Never did it since, that I know of
00:02:54 From Star Walker : And i kinda sucked at role playing games , when i
played them decades ago, on game consoles
00:02:54 From Stacey : It has sped up the process
00:02:57 From Sony : Yikesyou poor little onesglad youre here!
00:03:06 From Moksha James : We need a what is reality voice chat
00:03:08 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I know Dani, I was just giving an
00:03:11 From juhl : Mine was my grandfather...I feel for you Gypsy, pain must
of been immense
00:03:14 From Chris Breakspear : most people probly obe evrynight while asleep
but dont remember
00:03:23 From Megan : that is good too, Moksha
00:03:26 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : the bigger picture is that we are
suppressed as a race
00:03:26 From Mary Rogers : 100 th momkey?
00:03:32 From Stacey : I have from day one!
00:03:33 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : we are special and i totally know we
00:03:55 From Star Walker : Jayne :) <3
00:03:56 From Megan : : )
00:04:01 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i think we can do things that only we
can do .. oh i wish i can jusst say what i need to say without this english limit..

00:04:03 From Mary Rogers : are the engergies waking people up?
00:04:05 From Gypsy Lee : don't remember feeling a thing..saw myself being
taken away by ambulance
00:04:16 From Chris Breakspear : what bothers me with obe is while your "out"
what can come visit
00:04:18 From Rozzanna S : its put a lot to sleep
00:04:22 From Gypsy Lee : although took me along time to recover
00:04:26 From Deb Matz : I think I comprehend MArlena
00:04:27 From Sony : Were somethings magnificent half show
00:04:34 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : thank you Deb
00:04:34 From Andrea G : the borg plugged into the hive mind
00:04:39 From Megan : Farmville buried a whole lot of them
00:04:41 From Dawn : They do the updates aeound us when we sleep too
00:04:50 From Stacey : Megan!! lol
00:04:54 From juhl : I think a lot of people know but so few solutions are
offered they disapear inside to survive
00:04:57 From Megan : hehe
00:05:06 From Star Walker : Exactly Andrea G, the Borg
00:05:08 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Our consciousness is pure energy and we
are doing things daily
00:05:14 From Gypsy Lee : yep really pay attention to my field when I go out
00:05:15 From Star Walker : hive mind
00:05:18 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : every minute we create another universe
00:05:25 From Sony : Yes, Juhl
00:05:31 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I wish i didnt miss that show
00:05:43 From Gypsy Lee : yep our mind receives information
00:05:46 From Stacey : Mushrooms exponentially
00:05:58 From Rozzanna S : wonder if the tv we watch is based on real like in
another timeline
00:05:58 From Amber Price : Marlena...I have often wondered where my thought
energy goes
00:06:02 From Gypsy Lee : whether we do anything with it is our coice
00:06:02 From Maurice Demers : Something else needs to be factored into this.
Has to do with SELF EMPOWERMENT. Notice? We are all one way or anaother for that
wheras the system so to speak is not that at all.
00:06:03 From Mary Rogers : in the ethers
00:06:04 From Pamela C : right
00:06:24 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Ok well , using our 6th and 7th senses
is very important.. this is one of the teachings that we talk about and have talked
about since i was little
00:06:36 From Andrea G : neural network
00:06:36 From Blair Bierman : what if all of us have different forms or
theories of reality that we are each independently in, and we have all met and
changed the form?
00:06:47 From Sony : We each have our very own universe...
00:06:49 From Dawn : yes Marlena
00:06:54 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : indeed Sony
00:07:13 From doppy : not only in the physical
00:07:15 From Gypsy Lee : perhaps the deal is to unite of universes
00:07:21 From Gypsy Lee : our
00:07:22 From maddtom . : I created my world and you all are in it
00:07:22 From juhl : I think I can prove it, I went back on my timeline and my
energy lessons are going out via others that I put out in 2013/14 and i only had
like 30 friends
00:07:24 From Stacey : 7 degrees of seperation
00:07:25 From wildlily : It seems you just answered your question Dani
00:07:26 From Maurice Demers : SELF EMPOWERNMENT is growth and expansive.
Disempowerment is nihilistic, it is a death program.
00:07:28 From Amber Price : love that d
00:07:34 From Karl from Canada : we feel that now even in the chat and the FB
00:07:39 From Stacey : I think that's 6... lol
00:07:41 From Amber Price : hahahaa
00:07:41 From Karl from Canada : 6 degrees..!!!
00:07:54 From doppy : energetic unconciousfocussed doings
00:08:21 From Stacey : Haha... Yes doppy!
00:08:24 From doppy : then later u talk
00:08:34 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I thinkill stop typing, I cant get it
all out lol
00:08:35 From doppy : n had the same
00:08:40 From Andrea G : wouldn't that makes 1000s of copies of us in each of
each other's universe?
00:08:41 From Sony : Entanglement...
00:08:49 From doppy : energetics going on
00:08:54 From d : oh good one andrea
00:08:57 From maddtom . : It is an inside job....
00:09:22 From doppy : on a pandemic scale hehehe
00:09:24 From Gypsy Lee : like notes on a piano some go together some do not
00:09:26 From juhl : hearing you wildlily
00:09:29 From Trina : absolutely!
00:09:29 From Sony : Maybe not copies, but aspects, fractals...
00:09:38 From Stacey : Yes Gypsy!
00:09:40 From Star Walker : Oxymoron yep
00:09:50 From doppy : like do ers n talk 4 evers
00:09:55 From Rozzanna S : its like when your speaking in a group and nobody
understans you
00:10:01 From Tara Sunshine : right this makes a lot of sense
00:10:07 From Amber Price : we are all stars
00:10:08 From juhl : My husband has thaat
00:10:11 From maddtom . : It all depends on how center you are in your heart
space....stay outta the head
00:10:24 From Gypsy Lee : we are trying to make beautiful music
00:10:25 From Stacey : Agreed Tom.
00:10:26 From doppy : and the diff is action def speaklouder then words
00:10:34 From Deb Matz : We are not used to being connected to our essence
(spirit) and all that? So we are relearning to connect?
00:10:39 From Matrix : time to pick up the kid , later ,thanks
00:10:40 From juhl : I thought it was selective hearing
00:10:46 From Amber Price : electric universe
00:10:48 From Gypsy Lee : the pause in music is what defines it
00:10:52 From maddtom . : and sound holds it together
00:10:52 From Stacey : Be safe Matrix!
00:10:58 From Karl from Canada : Are we all "peoplle" or are there "bots" in
there too... are there more bots and because we all "follow" do we follow the bots
instead of the people...????
00:11:05 From juhl : Bye Matrix
00:11:07 From doppy : frequential soul connections
00:11:10 From Maurice Demers : Yes Deb. In a one word answer----YES---
00:11:11 From wildlily : yes
00:11:12 From Sony : Yes, the sound is a keyfor me
00:11:12 From doppy : aka hart
00:11:14 From Amber Price : yep by
00:11:23 From Chris Breakspear : oxymorons abit harsh how about
00:11:36 From juhl : Karl good question, how can a person have four souls in
one body?
00:11:42 From Tara Sunshine : bots is not a nice description lol
00:11:46 From maddtom . : The bots don't have a working heart....that's how ya
can tell....(look in their eyes)
00:11:50 From Deb Matz : My head talks too much, in my heart, that is a lovely
silent place to get into for me
00:11:52 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : oh man
00:11:54 From Star Walker : Frequency was brought up much in our Discord voice
chat , the other evening and night
00:11:57 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : dont get me started lol
00:11:59 From Stacey : Infinity
00:12:02 From Megan : like what happens when we get together here
00:12:05 From Rozzanna S : yep love that
00:12:05 From Deb Matz : Agree Tom. The eyes tell all
00:12:07 From Earl Thibert : I HAVE MY HAND UO
00:12:21 From Karl from Canada : bots is apt because they don't exist, they
are not real
00:12:30 From Stacey : Agreed Megan. We gather a lot of enrgy here
00:12:33 From Gypsy Lee : just paid extras on the set
00:12:42 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I need to put my hand up soon too!!!
00:12:45 From doppy : dem dun dig humor 4 example ,banter
00:12:47 From Tara Sunshine : yeah but they still have right to be here in
this construct
00:12:48 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i just cant type fast enough
00:12:50 From maddtom . : bots exist.....their hearts just don't work....
00:12:51 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : lol
00:12:54 From Karl from Canada : they are programs.... the woman in the red
00:12:54 From Deb Matz : Mom is like that, sister even worse
00:12:56 From Chris Breakspear : lol
00:12:56 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : awe tom
00:12:59 From Sony : Yes, when we come together is when the energies go off
the charts
00:13:01 From Megan : broken they my father
00:13:12 From Gypsy Lee : absolutly Tara
00:13:19 From Andrea G : absolutely! more than the sum of our parts, we are!!
00:13:31 From doppy : human s talkin shit n do a focussed doing at the same
00:13:33 From maddtom . : see lots valdemort faces around my town
00:13:34 From juhl : Does it matter if they are happy in their programming
00:13:37 From Tara Sunshine : we still love the bots
00:13:49 From Amber Price : hi doppy!!!
00:14:00 From Gypsy Lee : just cause you don't feel your toenail, it really
needs to be there
00:14:02 From Sony : Ah, good pondering, Juhl
00:14:04 From Rozzanna S : bot locked into programing ... blind and binded
00:14:04 From doppy : like a controlled madness positive
00:14:05 From Deb Matz : my husband is seeing a lot of those too, Tom. I am
shut off when in town
00:14:19 From Star Walker : They feel more comfortable with the lies , since
they've never questioned anything............
00:14:26 From Karl from Canada : That's who we are.... Love we give love
00:14:30 From Megan : my family bots are afflicted with Narcissism, so cant
be around them. Have to love them from afar.
00:14:32 From Amber Price : bingo Starwalker
00:14:33 From Merc Gar : yeap still love them too!
00:14:36 From juhl : yes Karl
00:14:42 From Maurice Demers : wE ARE LEARNING TO LET THEM GO AND THAT IS
00:14:46 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : Some people are just from this realm
Dani, i had to accept that also
00:14:53 From Star Walker : Yeah Amber
00:14:53 From Maurice Demers : Sorry, caps lock was on.
00:14:54 From Gypsy Lee : maybe they are the space
00:15:11 From Karl from Canada : that was what i was referring to Dani....
they are program fillers, they do not have spirit behind them
00:15:18 From maddtom . : NOthing will trigger them till their hearts start
00:15:20 From Elena : I dont think they're bots, just brainwashed in/at
different stages
00:15:22 From Deb Matz : That is my sister Megan. My mom is wonderful, but at
age 75, not about to wake up. She is finally happily in love. It is fine
00:15:22 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : I KEEP HOPING SOME WILL BE TRIGGERED
but i do believe some are just from this place if that makes sense
00:15:23 From Amber Price : hahha Maury...I know your passion haha
00:15:26 From doppy : the socalled drakes go...eeeeehhhhhh
00:15:29 From doppy : huh
00:15:33 From Sony : But through traumathere are many broken people
00:15:35 From Star Walker : And shocking it is for the clueless
00:15:36 From doppy : wtf
00:15:44 From juhl : yes Sony
00:15:48 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i call those people BLANKS Dani
00:15:53 From Gypsy Lee : 1 vs 0's it is always and not or
00:15:55 From doppy : no emphaty
00:16:02 From Amber Price : not at all d...we are observing behaviour
00:16:04 From Tara Sunshine : it's irrelevant whether people are bots or not
00:16:04 From Shane Marie's iPhone : there are definitely smelly people out
there i cant figure out?
00:16:06 From Jayling : Same here, Elena, indoctrinated doesnt make them bots
or backdrops
00:16:08 From Deb Matz : I call them"empty"
00:16:13 From maddtom . : bots blank backdrop others call whatcha want
00:16:20 From Stacey : There has to be a line drawn somewhere
00:16:25 From Rozzanna S : empty turned off
00:16:28 From Linda Bee : if we're going to consider reincarnation what you
consider bots maybe the equivalent of souls still in grade school as opposed to a
masters program.
00:16:30 From maddtom . : lines....
00:16:42 From Trina : my mom and sisters as well....
00:16:44 From Stacey : Sorry, I do have boundries
00:16:47 From Elena : Same with mine
00:16:48 From Linda Bee : If this is a school for spiritual evolution.
00:16:53 From doppy : lights burning but nobody home look in their eyes
00:16:57 From Amber Price : just observation
00:17:12 From Gypsy Lee : there are wave makers and those that are not. We
need both
00:17:15 From Megan : old souls vs young souls?
00:17:16 From maddtom . : linda incarnation is a trap and huge
program...the rinse repeat cycle was destroyed in 2011
00:17:17 From juhl : I think if you were somewhere beautifu and reincarnated
here shock would be the least of it lol
00:17:25 From Star Walker : Empty describes my biofamily...........and it's
not insulting, it's a fact
00:17:35 From Karl from Canada : yes exactly..!!!! what i meant
00:17:35 From wildlily : shucks I had to step away...
00:17:37 From Deb Matz : karma is part of the same reincarnation program, to
00:17:39 From Amber Price : Megan yes maybe young souls
00:17:39 From Linda Bee : I agree Tom, if you believe it and many still do.
00:17:46 From doppy : taste of their own medicine
00:18:06 From Stacey : HI TRINA!! <3
00:18:14 From juhl : yes Deb, hearing you
00:18:16 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Hi Trina!
00:18:17 From Sony : Soif we have millions of universeswe each have a
different part in each others universesmaybe, we are backdrops in theirsidk
00:18:18 From doppy : use humor,
00:18:19 From mello : Lauda & George Leon says that Ontario is the MK Ultra
Capitol of Canada
00:18:28 From doppy : laughter
00:18:29 From Karl from Canada : Trina.... is it possible a bots was just
taken over by a spirit...????
00:18:33 From Deb Matz : love humor Doppy
00:18:33 From juhl : Nice Sony
00:18:40 From maddtom . : Pre 2011 "reincarnation" was just a program try this one out....take it right off the shelf and see what happens
00:18:46 From Hufnagels : some mothers can' hear their daughers maybe
something or somene else will reach her
00:18:47 From Chris Breakspear : oh my mum used to do that very infrequently
00:18:55 From juhl : in one you are a direcor the other an extra
00:18:55 From Stacey : Oh, I get pulled in ever so often. But, I get "burned"
every time
00:19:06 From Amber Price : mello I tend to agree with LA is our MK
ultra central
00:19:07 From Star Walker : my so-called d a d may not even be alive
now.........i was told back in early March he was in BAD shape
00:19:13 From Gypsy Lee : yep that's my fsmily, no desire to see me
00:19:16 From Hufnagels : burned everyime
00:19:17 From Joy : same here Stacey
00:19:26 From maddtom . : My "family" is dead to me...because I am dead to
00:19:28 From doppy : joyeus banter
00:19:37 From Karl from Canada : Mandela or spirit walk in....?????
00:19:57 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Progress, Trina... Yes!
00:19:58 From Sony : Yes, Juhl
00:20:02 From Star Walker : and i haven't seen him in ten years...... he's a
closed up MESS
00:20:03 From Gypsy Lee : hea ya bTrina
00:20:06 From doppy : dem kiaan feed on that freqentie
00:20:10 From Deb Matz : You have a better here, yes, Tom?
00:20:11 From juhl : Yes I wonder on those of us who are burned by family
00:20:23 From maddtom . : Walkin's bring their own memory....the "host" is
dead and gone
00:20:41 From Star Walker : Yeah Maddtom
00:20:46 From Rozzanna S : my Aunt is a bot, and cold
00:20:57 From Linda Bee : I think we're all heavily programmed , the programs
are different. haha
00:21:01 From Sony : Am in same boat, Daniits as if youre talking about me
right now...
00:21:04 From Stacey : Yes Juhl. Some tend to be the family scape goat for all
the BS
00:21:05 From Andrea G : is there such thing as "bot" DNA passed down
00:21:10 From Deb Matz : Starwalker, did not see my father for over 10 years,
not even when he was dying. He died on my birthday, trying to get me to come to
him. ugh and nope
00:21:15 From juhl : yes Stacey
00:21:30 From Star Walker : Yeah Deb
00:21:32 From Rozzanna S : I have a few cousins, that are very awake. but not
from the same family
00:21:32 From juhl : lol Andrea good call
00:21:33 From Tara Sunshine : my mum gets it sometimes, but she's very
attached to the storyline here.
00:21:54 From Hufnagels : got to forgive and then again...... just realize
the burn is coming
00:22:22 From Sony : Yes, Taramore like that for my mother, also
00:22:25 From maddtom . : hufnagels.....forgiveness is a trap and huge program
00:22:30 From Karl from Canada : That's worth considering Andrea.... are bots
self replicating
00:22:44 From Amber Price : same with my brother Trina...he became a corporate
00:23:00 From maddtom . : bots don't got the smarts to "selfreplicate"
00:23:05 From Deb Matz : I asked for my mom to take my sister back for a
turtle instead.
00:23:11 From juhl : what makes one a scapegoat and not another. Its usualy
empathic and beautiful kids who could be amazing and do great things if
supported...and thats a clue
00:23:14 From Gypsy Lee : lol Deb
00:23:17 From doppy : 4 real
00:23:19 From Shane Marie's iPhone : i think the attatched to this realm
people keep the construct in place. if they could break free, i think we could
change the program
00:23:21 From Tara Sunshine : As is my partner, but we're on the verge of
00:23:22 From Star Walker : Makes me think of a so-called Walkin...........but
something else going on thre
00:23:22 From maddtom . : Deb ... did you get the turtle?
00:23:23 From Karl from Canada : i love you Amber.... you have no filters...
00:23:23 From Amber Price : love you Trina
00:23:24 From juhl : lol Deb love turtles
00:23:30 From Deb Matz : Got the turtle, but they ket the sister
00:23:31 From Sony : Agree, Juhl
00:23:37 From maddtom . : Yep....
00:23:38 From Amber Price : filters lie Karl
00:23:41 From Rozzanna S : yep definattly
00:23:43 From wildlily : yes
00:23:47 From Tracy Dinwiddie-Barclay : yep
00:23:51 From Stacey : Almost everyone I have known for the last 20yrs
00:23:55 From maddtom . : loved the turtle more....
00:23:56 From Joy : yep
00:24:04 From Karl from Canada : Yes they do Amber... !!!!! hugs
00:24:05 From Andrea G : why does that happen though? Is that intentional? or
do we call it into existence somehow?
00:24:08 From Gypsy Lee : yep my kids for sure! Once they left home they were
00:24:17 From Deb Matz : my sister in in LA, always trying to get onto TV,
hangs around with "famous" people/musicians, etc. She is not human
00:24:18 From Stacey : So it begs the question. Is it all them, or is it me?
00:24:26 From Hufnagels : I don't want to waste time having emotions of anger
or whatever I want to be free of them
00:24:32 From Sarah henning : that's how I feel about myself to I'm a totally
different person. better but totally different
00:24:35 From Gypsy Lee : good question Stacey
00:24:52 From Amber Price : Karl
00:25:02 From maddtom . : Hufnagels....identify the it...the
send it on.
00:25:06 From Gypsy Lee : I wonder too. Am I lost in space?
00:25:14 From Sony : Staceyall of the above, depending...
00:25:18 From Deb Matz : Yes, loved the turtle(s)... until my father left them
outside too long when I had to go to an event. He fucking fried them. Bastard. My
turtles were not as important as his TV
00:25:21 From Hufnagels : Trina are you addicted to facebook?
00:25:26 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : of course we can
00:25:30 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : we are the writers
00:25:30 From Chris Breakspear : yeah i've wondered about that
00:25:34 From Shane Marie's iPhone : i think we are aupposed to
00:25:35 From Stacey : Agreed Sony
00:25:37 From Rozzanna S : we need to write the script
00:25:39 From Star Walker : Trina :) <3
00:25:40 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : yes thats exactly what we have been
00:25:41 From Shane Marie's iPhone : totally agree
00:25:48 From maddtom . : FB addiction is always almost fatal
00:25:55 From Deb Matz : I need to learn to write much better
00:26:05 From Shane Marie's iPhone : we are amazing. and we have power. and
we need to take control
00:26:08 From Shane Marie's iPhone : yea
00:26:11 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : BUT!! what about people like me , that
hear about our own deaths?
00:26:12 From Shane Marie's iPhone : totally agree
00:26:13 From maddtom . : DEB...yer doing just fine'
00:26:15 From Stacey : Exactly!
00:26:26 From Hufnagels : what do you think of facebook rage like roadrage?
00:26:27 From Deb Matz : ;D
00:26:27 From Gypsy Lee : star you are so animated!! :-)
00:26:29 From Shane Marie's iPhone : i like to look at it in a positive
00:26:32 From Tara Sunshine : discord addiction is the new thing lol
00:26:33 From maddtom . : Marlena....death ain't that important....
00:26:36 From Karl from Canada : No Fear.... your rules don't apply to me
00:26:54 From juhl : 3d is real to me
00:26:55 From Karl from Canada : lol @ Tara
00:27:00 From Amber Price : Tara I know ...I cant wait to get back on it and
00:27:00 From Star Walker : Gypsy :) <3
00:27:03 From maddtom . : Don't use "discord" cause it reminds me why I left
00:27:03 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : well it is when it comes to my friends
grieving Tom
00:27:08 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : sorry if you dont care but i do
00:27:09 From Stacey : Death is not to fear. You are endless energy and energy
can not be destroyed, only reformed. <3
00:27:11 From Pamela C : for me ,that's what waking up is. Taking back the
reins my reality
00:27:12 From Gypsy Lee : <3 Star
00:27:15 From Karl from Canada : Be responsible... be an adult
00:27:16 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : IT IS REAL ) I KNOW )
00:27:28 From Deb Matz : A friend's mom was close to me. She knew when people
would die and could hear us in her head. She was a wonderful woman. She woke me to
inner stuff at age 14
00:27:31 From Amber Price : hi Ihor!!
00:27:32 From Andrea G : hi Ihor :)
00:27:33 From Gypsy Lee : No takes practice
00:27:40 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : hi Amber :)
00:27:42 From maddtom . : Marlena...why do you care what your "friends" do
after you are gone?
00:27:45 From Star Walker : TABOO
00:27:47 From Gypsy Lee : it was drummed out of us
00:27:52 From Karl from Canada : be a 4 yr old..... ask WHY...!!!!!??????
00:27:55 From Rozzanna S : yep
00:27:56 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : There is no such thing as real
"death".. thats why they want people to be afraid of it
00:27:57 From Deb Matz : agree Trina
00:27:57 From Stacey : I do all the time and everyone gets pissed at me for
daring to disagree
00:27:59 From juhl : yes Trina
00:28:00 From Linda Bee : Yup
00:28:03 From juhl : wohoo
00:28:03 From Chris Breakspear : yup
00:28:04 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : why did you quote friends? that was
rude tom
00:28:06 From Rozzanna S : if you question anything you are wrong
00:28:08 From Deb Matz : agree MArlena
00:28:10 From Gypsy Lee : yes Karl
00:28:14 From Jayling : Trina, dont delete that video, please share!!
00:28:16 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : you dont know what im talking about tom
00:28:20 From Dawn : same concept as givinga ll the kids trophies for
00:28:24 From maddtom . : Your rights end right where my feewing begins..
00:28:26 From Megan : awesome Trina!
00:28:32 From Gypsy Lee : yay Trina
00:28:33 From doppy : no shit
00:28:37 From maddtom . : Marlena....obviously
00:28:38 From Megan : Totally get what youre saying
00:28:39 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : im talking about my death certificate
and my friends knowing i died.. gosh ..
00:28:45 From juhl : When you are a child you dont have cotrol
00:28:53 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : yeah obviously
00:28:55 From Amber Price : i love you Trina you are amazing and I love
you ...and Aimee is awesome
00:29:00 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : i just rolled my eyes
00:29:01 From Star Walker : Right on Trina :)
00:29:02 From Chris Breakspear : thanks trina awesome
00:29:03 From maddtom . : I grok your backstory of being "officially" dead
00:29:10 From Andrea G : another contractual agreement under duress
00:29:10 From Gypsy Lee : as a child you react instinctively
00:29:12 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : ttyl, i have to walk away now
00:29:13 From juhl : You have the most beautiful energy and can still get shit
00:29:18 From Stacey : Emotionally divest
00:29:21 From Karl from Canada : Trina.... you are greater than you know
00:29:21 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : that was too much TOM
00:29:23 From Hufnagels : my friend died last mondy, she was 54
00:29:29 From Marlena AmazingWhisper : ignorance flat out
00:29:39 From Gypsy Lee : you laugh you move on. You cry you move on'
00:30:00 From Moksha James : what Marlena?
00:30:07 From juhl : Gypsy and then the conditioning goes on
00:30:12 From Gypsy Lee : as a child you do not try to control anything
00:30:26 From Ihor Plastun-Syrovatchenko : The inner space ship is always here
:) at any moment :)
00:30:35 From Chris Breakspear : now im even more confused than i was already
00:30:42 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : My blood father left my mother when I was
6 months old, I was raised by my mother and step-father who raised me as his own
son, & illusion was shattered at age 12 triggering a rebellion within me because it
was a lie! My hybrid name (1st, 3 middle, & hyphenated surname) I created in 1983
(at age 33) as a bridge to personal sanity after my identity crisis triggered by my
divorce from first wife, after I financially went down the drain in 1974!
00:30:43 From juhl : Am awaiting the Arcturians lol
00:30:54 From Star Walker : Yeah how fucked up is that
00:31:08 From Dawn : wow Joseph
00:31:27 From Gypsy Lee : why would we stand in line to get here just to try
and figure out how to leave??
00:31:27 From Sony : Understand, Joseph
00:31:33 From petermeteor : how fucked up is it???
00:31:33 From Tara Sunshine : not the blue avians Juhl?
00:31:34 From Amber Price : I am biting my fucking toung when it comes to
00:31:35 From Sony : Too funny, Juhl
00:31:36 From Maurice Demers : Interesting, what is actually happening is that
both things are occurring that Dani just proposed. Many are doing exxactly what
'they' want and following along in neqar lockstep. Othere on the other hand, are
becoming more and more dis enchanted by it all and in the process are becoming more
and more self reliant from an internal standpoint. That is I will offer, growth of
the core Essence. In bibilical terminology kind of like seperating the wheat from
the chaf.
00:31:36 From juhl : hearing Joseph
00:31:42 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : It was Hell for me, Dawn...
00:31:47 From Stacey : It is honestly the only question. Stay and fight or
fight to leave
00:32:06 From petermeteor : Karl. first time seeing you
00:32:14 From juhl : Nice Maurice
00:32:18 From Chris Breakspear : hmm curious i got told i was adopted when i
was 12
00:32:18 From Amber Price : perfect example of going into another belief
00:32:35 From Sony : Josephthat happened to my mother and I, also
00:32:35 From Amber Price : hahha Trina
00:32:45 From Star Walker : Go for it , Trina
00:32:48 From Chris Breakspear : shatterd my world so i feel ya joseph
00:32:57 From Gypsy Lee : I do not know is the best answer
00:32:58 From petermeteor : nevaaaaaaaa
00:32:59 From Karl from Canada : hey Peter... you know who to meet at the meet
up then
00:33:00 From petermeteor : hahaha
00:33:11 From petermeteor : ya
00:33:18 From petermeteor : old cop dude :)
00:33:25 From Gypsy Lee : trying to know is the control system
00:33:30 From petermeteor : hahaha
00:33:38 From petermeteor : nice smile brother
00:33:54 From Star Walker : Basically , don't doubt ourselves
00:34:08 From maddtom . : If we are is the "universe" we can
manipulate all around us just by being there
00:34:12 From Karl from Canada : i posted a place in Wasaga beach too 14
places available but other places nearby too in we get lots more people interested
in the meetup
00:34:17 From doppy : no we dont
00:34:20 From petermeteor : ok
00:34:21 From Amber Price : thank you Trina...
00:34:28 From Sony : Good points, Trina
00:34:29 From petermeteor : hokey meet doppy
00:34:35 From petermeteor : haha
00:34:37 From doppy : loose our spirit
00:34:42 From Shane Marie's iPhone : omg... i say this all the time.
00:34:46 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I feel you, Trina!
00:34:54 From Deb Matz : notice in the English language the negative "no"
sounds like the empowering positive "know"?
00:34:56 From Shane Marie's iPhone : we are the ones who should be creating
00:35:06 From doppy : ?????
00:35:10 From Gypsy Lee : we are re-membering ourselves
00:35:18 From Moksha James : lol doppy
00:35:20 From doppy : bit dramatic
00:35:21 From petermeteor : we are becoming fuck you we dont care about ur BS
00:35:23 From Andrea G : yes, gypsy
00:35:23 From Amber Price : yes Gypsy
00:35:26 From Shane Marie's iPhone : the madela is us waking us up that we can
change shit. that we create the world we even see
00:35:36 From Gypsy Lee : bringing all our pieces together
00:35:45 From Sony : Yes, Gypsy...
00:35:48 From juhl : Sahne I certainly had my personal Mandela
00:35:56 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yes, Gypsy...
00:35:59 From petermeteor : yep
00:36:02 From Karl from Canada : Trina I feel you are about to blow.... you're
evolving iinto what you really are.... grasp hold girl...!!!!
00:36:10 From Amber Price : yep
00:36:14 From maddtom . : no
00:36:18 From maddtom . : no
00:36:19 From Shane Marie's iPhone : no
00:36:20 From Ann Callaghan : No
00:36:21 From petermeteor : its all perfect if you think it is
00:36:21 From Andrea G : no
00:36:23 From Star Walker : Fluctuating day by day
00:36:25 From Shane Marie's iPhone : just that we can
00:36:26 From Gypsy Lee : just do it
00:36:27 From maddtom . : exactly...we CAN do it
00:36:28 From Maurice Demers : karl 'gets it' too.
00:36:29 From Sony : Yes, Dani
00:36:34 From Stacey : Yes Star!
00:36:38 From Rozzanna S : we just can
00:36:42 From petermeteor : I AM UR FATHER STAR WALKER!!!!!!
00:36:44 From Gypsy Lee : and yes it fluctuates
00:36:54 From Andrea G : hahah! Petter!
00:36:55 From Sony : Yes, Star
00:36:56 From Andrea G : Peter
00:37:02 From Gypsy Lee : depending on how slammed I get
00:37:09 From maddtom . : NO
00:37:10 From Deb Matz : like petter better... laughing...
00:37:11 From Amber Price : the flying tomato..hahah
00:37:12 From maddtom . : just so it gets donw
00:37:17 From maddtom . : donew
00:37:18 From Karl from Canada : You have no idea what just got revealed
Mourice.... i really know what shit is happening
00:37:19 From maddtom . : done
00:37:22 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : "I am you father, Luke."
00:37:22 From petermeteor : i dont alway watch zoom, but when i do i watch
Dani :))))))))))
00:37:23 From Stacey : I'd like to know how, but it is not needed
00:37:32 From juhl : what if your tomato appears and a poor african lady
looses her only food
00:37:40 From Star Walker : HAha Peter
00:37:42 From Maurice Demers : Feel free to share that Karl. Please do.
00:37:44 From Amber Price : petermeteor....said in the Don Juan voice
00:37:45 From Gypsy Lee : when you know nothing stops you
00:37:50 From petermeteor : yep
00:37:51 From petermeteor : hahaha
00:38:06 From petermeteor : and laugh
00:38:15 From Rozzanna S : but why?
00:38:18 From maddtom . : Exactly...Some of us can...ask like a child
00:38:18 From Karl from Canada : have to do that elsewhere too much for here
00:38:23 From Sony : Me too!
00:38:25 From Amber Price : me too d....stay childlike always
00:38:27 From Pamela C : But juhl, she can manifest a tomato too
00:38:32 From Jayling : Trina, thank you so much for sharing! Love hearing
from you.
00:38:34 From Sarah henning : Me too
00:38:43 From Andrea G : have to be open to the answers as well tho
00:38:47 From juhl : Only if she knows she can
00:38:49 From wildlily : actually belief has nothing to do with what we are
00:38:51 From petermeteor : serious echo dani
00:38:53 From Maurice Demers : Speak up Karl, injecdft yourself into the
conversation when Dani takes a breath. Watch for it, she will at some point.
00:38:59 From Gypsy Lee : beliefs are not real..they are the masks
00:39:02 From juhl : yeah wildlily
00:39:06 From Star Walker : a comedic schtick
00:39:10 From Stacey : Haha Maurice....
00:39:15 From Deb Matz : know, not believe
00:39:17 From maddtom . : belief structure...program...trap
00:39:18 From Sony : Yes, Wild Lily
00:39:20 From Trina : exactly!
00:39:21 From Jayne Judkins : lol
00:39:23 From Amber Price : maybe we can shed those stutures once we realize
we dont need them?
00:39:32 From petermeteor : doppy mute ur discord mic dude
00:39:33 From Stacey : Little bits here and there to expand on
00:39:39 From Karl from Canada : There is some personal info involving others
so i am being respectful of that
00:39:41 From petermeteor : doppy
00:39:53 From Chris Breakspear : im going to try & manifest some turtle fluff
00:40:09 From juhl : I have tried and tried and allowed and allowed my million
dollars to come forth. I cna do a few hundred but where is my one of
you taking it!
00:40:28 From petermeteor : we got some serious echo stuff
00:40:34 From Jayling : Not me, Juhl!
00:40:36 From petermeteor : :)lol
00:40:46 From Amber Price : love you doppy
00:40:50 From petermeteor : doppy u da man lol
00:40:53 From Andrea G : the Doppster!!
00:40:56 From petermeteor : love ya dude
00:41:11 From Star Walker : Doppy :)
00:41:12 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : wildlily has the ttalking stick....
00:41:12 From Earl Thibert to d(Privately) : my hand is up
00:41:25 From maddtom . : Gotta go walkabout and see the universe for what it
is...I change it as I go....later dudes
00:41:25 From Jayne Judkins : too funny
00:41:31 From Amber Price : when you wish on a star
00:41:33 From Linda Bee : peter pan
00:41:38 From Sony : OkayJuhlsince synchronicity brought us together here on
these callsI confess, I took itdidnt mean tolol
00:41:38 From Andrea G : see ya Tom :)
00:41:43 From Joy : yes, peter pan!
00:41:45 From Jayne Judkins : see ya Tom
00:41:51 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : "talking stick,"
00:41:53 From Zee : Cher! belive song comes to mind
00:42:05 From juhl : lol Sony! Im calling the universal poloice!
00:42:20 From Chris Breakspear : father christmas comes to mind
00:42:23 From Sony : Please dontIll send it right over
00:42:31 From Deb Matz : Twilight Zone had an episode about believing into
something to happen. IT was about an old boxer winning his last fight
00:42:34 From juhl : Its ok Iwill see you giving it back
00:42:44 From Sony : Juhldonedid you get it?
00:42:49 From petermeteor : it what condition my condition is in!!!
00:42:49 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Internet lag is causing doppy to run into
00:43:05 From juhl : Alowing allowing...
00:43:09 From Trina : and that is exactly gow the new age movement messed with
people. love love love when it needed to be HEART!
00:43:14 From Sony : Juhl
00:43:15 From juhl : lol love you Sony
00:43:18 From Jayne Judkins : lol peter
00:43:26 From Sony : Back at ya!
00:43:27 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Yeah, yeah, o-o-oh yeah-h-h!
00:43:42 From juhl : Trina what do you mean
00:43:50 From Gypsy Lee : I am is the only real thing I know to be truth
00:44:09 From Star Walker : Belief could even be con-sidered the
false ........part of the CON .........i want to know- ledge ...including the heart

00:44:11 From Karl from Canada : oh i think Wildlily is going to be another

best. freind..!!!!!!
00:44:11 From Mary Rogers : knowing
00:44:16 From Sony : Or transmutes...
00:44:36 From juhl : yes Mary sistinguish that knowing from belief
00:44:41 From Trina : i mean sometimes love gets misconstrued with heart.
00:44:45 From Stacey : My GGpa's last words were, "It's all about love" <3
00:44:46 From Ann Callaghan : Yes Wildly <3
00:44:46 From juhl : distinguish
00:44:47 From Andrea G : the energies that defy logic or rationalization
00:44:47 From Amber Price : yes Gypsy...and then the I am's become united into
what we are
00:44:53 From Megan : makes sense....those without hearts fear death the most,
because its really the end for them
00:44:54 From Star Walker : beLIEf..............
00:45:00 From juhl : Ty wildlily
00:45:06 From Andrea G : ya mon
00:45:12 From Rozzanna S : ya
00:45:17 From Chris Breakspear : lmao
00:45:22 From Sony : Ty, Wild Lily
00:45:31 From Tara Sunshine : that was amazing wild lily
00:45:35 From Gypsy Lee : puff puff pass Dopey
00:45:35 From juhl : you hassling my dysexic fingers Star
00:45:42 From Karl from Canada : TY Wildlily that was on the ball
00:45:42 From Deb Matz : that was nice Wild Lily
00:45:44 From wildlily : hilarious
00:45:45 From Amber Price : i want to have some scotch drinks with doppy
00:45:47 From juhl : oops dyslexic
00:45:54 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Go Doppy!
00:46:01 From Star Walker : COL
00:46:02 From wildlily : thanks everyone!
00:46:02 From petermeteor : thats me!!!!
00:46:03 From Jayne Judkins : lol Amber!
00:46:04 From Andrea G : lights falling from the sky
00:46:05 From Sony : Mos def!
00:46:06 From Star Walker : COL
00:46:09 From Rozzanna S : and the rain
00:46:14 From Tara Sunshine : Earl!! xxxxx
00:46:16 From Gypsy Lee : yep and get your gels right
00:46:17 From petermeteor : UFO invasion
00:46:26 From petermeteor : it doesnt matter earl
00:46:31 From Jayne Judkins : that's right Earl!
00:46:40 From petermeteor : just love and laugh right now
00:46:42 From Sony : Yes, Earl!
00:46:57 From Tara Sunshine : lol lol
00:47:02 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Who's that nut on the dimmer board in the
light booth!
00:47:10 From petermeteor : chuggga chugggaa
00:47:22 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Robo, Earl...
00:47:32 From petermeteor : it doesnt if shes alive
00:47:34 From petermeteor : :)
00:47:52 From Gypsy Lee : finding your death crtificate would be a hoot
00:47:56 From petermeteor : the certificate is now null and void
00:48:04 From petermeteor : isnt it
00:48:15 From Andrea G : fuckin newb
00:48:16 From Sony : Lol!
00:48:20 From Chris Breakspear : lool
00:48:20 From juhl : lol
00:48:20 From petermeteor : and hanging the moon
00:48:21 From Rozzanna S : yep he is a drunk
00:48:28 From Matrix : ditto
00:48:29 From Star Walker : Kicked off the stage, Fired .........
00:48:30 From Gypsy Lee : stage manager was one of my favorite jobs
00:48:34 From petermeteor : it matter about how she felt
00:48:37 From Stacey : That would blow my damn mind..... Not surprise me much,
but definitely bring up a lot of questions
00:48:41 From mello : are you alive or dead///do you need a certificate to
tell yo so?
00:48:41 From petermeteor : not the certificate
00:48:44 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : The stage manager must go... You're
00:49:00 From petermeteor : its fun as fuck too
00:49:14 From Hufnagels : to find your death certificat e would be disquieting
00:49:17 From petermeteor : lol
00:49:25 From Chris Breakspear : but are we really ? we prolly done it before
just dont remember
00:49:26 From Star Walker : Kinda like the USS ENTERPRISE........seeking out
00:49:26 From Gypsy Lee : I read!
00:49:28 From petermeteor : or other people :)
00:49:39 From petermeteor : lol
00:49:43 From Chris Breakspear : lmao dawn
00:49:52 From Stacey : I go to the library rather often, but I haven't checked
out a book since high school
00:50:06 From petermeteor : dancing between them more like it
00:50:15 From Gypsy Lee : mine time now is day or night
00:50:15 From Rozzanna S : i cant read books anymore, stuff changes too
much... books feel too slow
00:50:32 From Hufnagels : if you can't dance then what's the point
00:50:51 From petermeteor : UFO ATTACK!!! the Un Fucked Ones!!!!
00:51:05 From Andrea G : bahaha!
00:51:06 From Stacey : NICE Peter!
00:51:07 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I have been a technical director & set
designer, but never a stage mannager.
00:51:13 From juhl : Allowing my TR3B...NOW!
00:51:33 From Gypsy Lee : cool Joseph soo much fun
00:51:34 From petermeteor : give love and laughter to everyone you meet my
00:51:46 From Gypsy Lee : did costuming too, loved that
00:52:02 From petermeteor : is no back or forward just now
00:52:14 From petermeteor : answers?????
00:52:18 From petermeteor : hahahaha
00:52:22 From Gypsy Lee : that's it, getting the right question
00:52:29 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : "stage manager," in community theatre...
00:52:38 From petermeteor : ok answer this, would you rather laugh or cry
00:52:49 From Hufnagels : laugh
00:52:56 From petermeteor : everyone???
00:53:00 From Gypsy Lee : me too Joseph last show was the Patsy Cline show
00:53:04 From mello : 1960 Love Love Love
00:53:07 From Andrea G : both...both are creative forces
00:53:10 From Dawn : I am one that does say it LOL
00:53:12 From petermeteor : ah ty kisses girl
00:53:14 From Amber Price : laugh...and run that shit out of town petermeteor
00:53:29 From petermeteor : you go girl amber lynn
00:53:30 From Star Walker : EXACTLY ...........if it is, it fits....bullshit
00:53:33 From Sony : JosephI have also been set designer and always loved
thathave no nerve to actalthough, I have a bit of comedian in
00:53:47 From Karl from Canada : Real Love is a combination of Intelligence,
Spirituality, knowledge and emotion and in human form includes chemistry...!!!!
00:53:50 From Maurice Demers : Funny but that is true, Dawn and I when we are
together actually do see things quite differently from each other. Sometimes my
view is more accurate, sometimes hers is. The deal is between each of us equally
is that we actually 'listen' to the other and do our utmost to truly understand
what is being expressed. It is not a competition at all but a collaboration.
Works really, really well bys the way for both of us.
00:53:51 From Gypsy Lee : yep like a child get mad and get over it
00:54:01 From Gypsy Lee : they never hold onto anything
00:54:05 From petermeteor : i love rainbows being farted out of unicorns
00:54:07 From Amber Price : sounds like the have a good day and smile through
it....truth from her
00:54:08 From juhl : hold space
00:54:11 From Stacey : If they can!
00:54:12 From Andrea G : ;)
00:54:37 From Star Walker : I guess you would Know and Feel it ... if it's not
00:54:48 From Hufnagels : I have a card with the unicorn described above
00:54:55 From juhl : you are a troll
00:54:56 From petermeteor : thats a circuit board, full of resistors
00:54:58 From Dawn : How dare them say that??? LOL
00:55:02 From Gypsy Lee : you must conform...resistance is futile
00:55:14 From Stacey : Yes Gypsy!
00:55:15 From juhl : ty Trina
00:55:35 From Karl from Canada : a discussion can only truly take place when
both have signs of an intelligent mind because they can entertain athought without
accepting it
00:55:35 From petermeteor : i am a bot, i am a bot i am a bot
00:55:36 From Star Walker : EXACTLY
00:55:39 From Stacey : Not at all
00:55:45 From Sony : Yes, Karllove in this construct has been greatly
corrupted and inverted...
00:55:48 From Amber Price : the word love becomes corrupted when is not truth
00:55:58 From juhl : yes Amber
00:56:04 From Gypsy Lee : empty vessels were entities can come and go
00:56:09 From Sony : Again, yes, Karl...
00:56:13 From petermeteor : I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE IS!!!!! hahahaha
00:56:26 From Karl from Canada : Sony.... we need to talk more... lol
00:56:30 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I acted in character roles, such as a
ficticious Kit Carson in William Saroyan's "The Time of Your Life" in 1984...
00:56:33 From Stacey : That's the thing though. Most can't back up their BS
00:56:42 From petermeteor : really
00:56:44 From Amber Price : indeed Stacey
00:56:45 From Deb Matz : discussing ideas and thoughts does not mean we have
to agree with the other person... agree to disagree. Basic human civil discourse
00:56:47 From Rozzanna S : hate political correctness
00:56:48 From petermeteor : hahaha snowflakes
00:56:52 From Sony : Karl
00:56:57 From Dawn : U automatically represent the darkness when you call
someone out on their bullshit
00:56:58 From petermeteor : stfu
00:57:00 From petermeteor : hahah
00:57:02 From Tara Sunshine : sjw's
00:57:11 From Dawn : it is crazy
00:57:14 From Karl from Canada : Hugs Sony..
00:57:19 From Gypsy Lee : cool Joseph. Acted in Play it Again Sam..was fun
00:57:20 From petermeteor : virtue signaling turds
00:57:25 From Hufnagels : again the new disease is FB rage
00:57:31 From Deb Matz : cultural marxism, PC, is insanity pretending to be
00:57:34 From Andrea G : haha snowflakes lol
00:57:35 From Sony : Karl
00:57:45 From Jayling : wait, Dawn, confused, unless thats half a comment
00:57:46 From juhl : Iwonder if it shoulld be a sharing that happens rathe
than a con-versation
00:57:56 From Stacey : I just had this conversation last night with my best
00:58:00 From Linda Bee : This has been an awesome conversation so far ... one
of the best ever.
00:58:01 From Chris Breakspear : cognitive dissonance
00:58:01 From Karl from Canada : and lose the fer of saying no...!!!!
00:58:03 From Stacey : Just for asking!FFS
00:58:04 From Gypsy Lee : No has almost be banned in the english language
00:58:06 From Dawn : there was a comment above
00:58:07 From Andrea G : that's how to properly debate...I miss those
00:58:11 From Karl from Canada : "fear"
00:58:13 From Hufnagels : well snowflakism may also be a disease
00:58:13 From Star Walker : If it sounds stupid, i will call it out
00:58:15 From mello : accusations are offensive
00:58:19 From juhl : yes Gypsy
00:58:21 From Jayling : fucking chat goes so fast! lol
00:58:23 From Sony : Ah, yes, Juhlits the englishing thang...
00:58:27 From Tara Sunshine : You're offending me
00:58:35 From Amber Price : That was my favorit calss
00:58:37 From juhl : yes but it is closed for those that have
00:58:37 From Stacey : They don't teach handwriting anymore
00:58:39 From Amber Price : class
00:58:42 From Gypsy Lee : not sure they have cut out all creative programs
00:58:43 From petermeteor : could you please explain your reasoning sir? no
but you just believe me cuz I'm right
00:58:46 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I loved that role because it proved
pivotal to the plot of this play, and Kit Carson was the last one to speak onstage
before the curtain fell...
00:58:51 From petermeteor : lol 41 youngster
00:58:52 From Andrea G : gypsy! REALLY???
00:58:54 From Dawn : they dont even teach cursive anymore do they?
00:58:54 From juhl : yes Sony lol that spelling
00:59:02 From Star Walker : PC drones
00:59:03 From Rozzanna S : how do you debate that way
00:59:08 From Gypsy Lee : it is programmed for worker bees
00:59:11 From Karl from Canada : i laugh at PC and piss those off on purpose
00:59:11 From petermeteor : tip toe through the snowflakes!!
00:59:20 From phillip s : institutional day care
00:59:20 From Deb Matz : I used to live on what is now called Kit Carson Trail
(hwy 88 in CA)
00:59:20 From Sony : Right, Joseph
00:59:26 From Gypsy Lee : with no life, creative thinking skills
00:59:32 From Hufnagels : let's debate the electroral college
00:59:32 From Sony : , Juhl
00:59:32 From Amber Price : nope Dawn cursive is now being thrown out
00:59:41 From Dawn : Yep that is what I thought
00:59:43 From Star Walker : Yeah Karl from Canada
00:59:55 From Deb Matz : I like to see their veins on their forhead throb,
Karl ;D
01:00:01 From Gypsy Lee : cursive is the first thing taught in Montessori
01:00:07 From Tara Sunshine : non binary snowflakes
01:00:13 From Matrix : here here
01:00:13 From Karl from Canada : yes Deb... me too
01:00:16 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : He wasa the real historical figure, not
the fake one in Saroyan's play.
01:00:18 From Sony : Yes, Wild
01:00:21 From Deb Matz : I am rural. I like the electorial college.
01:00:26 From Gypsy Lee : when children are in their scribble scrablle stage
01:00:26 From Andrea G : Tara, I like that distincition
01:00:28 From Dawn : cursive would be bringo ut the creative side so we cant
have that now can we??
01:00:29 From Hufnagels : Deb did you star in a fandangle?
01:00:33 From Amber Price : Gypsy not a have to pay now to
01:00:35 From petermeteor : hahahahahaha
01:00:40 From Chris Breakspear : lol
01:00:42 From Deb Matz : nope
01:00:47 From Andrea G : hahaha! And I couldn't hear YOU earlier!!!
01:00:53 From Andrea G : DOPPY!
01:00:54 From Karl from Canada : and we can hear here
01:00:56 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Turn up your mic, Doppy.
01:00:57 From Karl from Canada : her
01:01:00 From Gypsy Lee : yep I taught there for years Amber...the adults made
me quit
01:01:04 From Linda Bee : I can hear her
01:01:05 From Elena : lol
01:01:10 From Rozzanna S : so are they on different wavelegnths
01:01:14 From Sony : But, why just her, Joseph
01:01:27 From juhl : womans wisdom maybe
01:01:35 From Gypsy Lee : self paced reality Dob
01:01:50 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : I don't follow you, Sony...
01:02:08 From Tara Sunshine : you're not the only one doppy!!!
01:02:15 From juhl : We are sharing a real experience right now...right
01:02:18 From petermeteor : hahahaha love u dope
01:02:20 From Karl from Canada : many of us are "wayshowers" extradinsire
01:02:21 From Amber Price : very refreshing doppy...thank you...
01:02:25 From Jayne Judkins : me either doppy!
01:02:26 From mello : People in UU claim they get attacked
01:02:33 From Maurice Demers : Saw a video today it was a review of a stick on
push up bra. She said she was a size 'JJ' and the biggest they made was a size
"g". She gave it a first hand review anyways. Apparently she is from somewhere in
the North of England and let me tell you she does not mind saying what she thinks.
I might even post it to my wall. Lots of laughs let me tell you.
01:02:35 From phillip s : Mmmm
01:02:41 From Star Walker : It's fuckin' Bizarre
01:02:47 From Sony : Oh, sorry, Josephhis mic must be okay if he can hear all
except Wild...
01:02:49 From Stacey : I would never say what they are experiencing is not
01:02:50 From Dawn : beg ald my friend
01:02:54 From Rozzanna S : yep
01:02:54 From Dawn : be glad
01:03:03 From Karl from Canada : that was just to me Wildlily... private
message, you will need to select doppy or everyoone
01:03:07 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Explain please, Sony. Who is she?
01:03:07 From Gypsy Lee : I have experienced that
01:03:11 From Jayling : Maury, that video was hilarious!
01:03:18 From Rozzanna S : its frightening
01:03:21 From Chris Breakspear : me too
01:03:37 From Maurice Demers : It was Jayling, it was.
01:03:48 From Rozzanna S : dont know who? but energetinc attach ya
01:03:52 From Sony : Apparently, Joseph, Doppy cannot hear Wild Lily when she
is speaking, I believe...
01:04:05 From Tara Sunshine : I'm staying right out of that draco bs!
01:04:09 From Amber Price : I have been through it without knowing...but the
energy from those beliefs will affect you if you are in the program like I was
01:04:12 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Am I the only Joseph in this room?
01:04:29 From Deb Matz : one and only Joeseph
01:04:34 From Andrea G : haha! I love it comes!!
01:04:35 From Jayling : Joseph, it appears so, just one
01:04:37 From Tara Sunshine : no I'm Joseph too
01:04:38 From Deb Matz : Joseph, cannot spell
01:04:41 From Karl from Canada : i wonder if he could see her.... is she of
such high frequency Sony... lol ...?????
01:04:52 From Deb Matz : I cannot spell, that is
01:04:58 From Sony :
01:05:03 From petermeteor : UFO INVASION!!!!!
01:05:09 From Star Walker : Talk shit, and fuck with 'em
01:05:10 From Nancy Lalonde : Like the funny gifs under Dawn's post yesterday
was a laugh.
01:05:10 From juhl : lol
01:05:12 From petermeteor : lol
01:05:21 From juhl : creating Peter
01:05:21 From Rozzanna S : how many of us are bad at spelling?
01:05:25 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thank you, Sony. This sounds like a Zoom
tech issue. Thoughts, John Carl?
01:05:30 From Amber Price : mee Rozz
01:05:34 From Deb Matz : if one fears it, it appears?
01:05:37 From petermeteor : ya mi lion!!!
01:05:48 From Rozzanna S : my spelling sucks
01:05:55 From Tara Sunshine : draco shit!!
01:06:09 From Star Walker : Spelling is my stong point , Rozzanna.......i'm my
own grammar hammer
01:06:10 From Deb Matz : draco shit sticks to the shoes
01:06:15 From Chris Breakspear : lol
01:06:28 From Deb Matz : worse than chicken shit
01:06:33 From Rick : sounds like a good time to change the channel if you
don't like whats on .....
01:06:45 From Stacey : Manifesting can be good or bad
01:06:49 From Hufnagels : deb ha ha
01:06:50 From Tara Sunshine : is it worse than lion shit?
01:06:54 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Sit back and watch the show. Observer
01:06:57 From Matrix : change your mind change your shit
01:07:01 From petermeteor : welll
01:07:04 From Deb Matz : never been around lion shit...
01:07:05 From Karl from Canada : Laugh and discuss and lose the fear....
01:07:05 From Gypsy Lee : more understanding and less trying to understand
01:07:10 From mello : robert claimed he wanted to kill himself
01:07:14 From Tara Sunshine : release the shit!
01:07:21 From Star Walker : Funny Doppy !
01:07:31 From Dawn : what Mellow?
01:07:32 From Tracy Dinwiddie-Barclay : He hasn't seen my
01:07:33 From petermeteor : love ya dope
01:07:34 From Gypsy Lee : release the Kracken
01:07:36 From Elena : yes, it was Dani's reporting that woke me up on the
financial crap that then sent me down that rabbit hole
01:07:42 From Sony : Gypsylike the commercialless talking and more
01:07:45 From juhl : is it about being right, the importance of your truth
over others
01:07:48 From Star Walker : Col Stacey
01:07:49 From mello : Robert Munoz- go rea what he said
01:07:50 From petermeteor : hahaha
01:07:53 From Tara Sunshine : no not the kraken
01:07:57 From Gypsy Lee : yes Sony
01:07:57 From Jayling : Elena, youre a good researcher yourself!
01:07:58 From Stacey : Giggle fit!!
01:08:09 From petermeteor : kick em in the kracken
01:08:11 From Star Walker : COL LMAO
01:08:12 From Amber Price : Mello I also was as was Robert LMH nearly drove us
01:08:15 From Chris Breakspear : lmfao
01:08:22 From Karl from Canada : feel better Stacey..??
01:08:32 From Andrea G : same Amber
01:08:32 From Gypsy Lee : yes we are big friggin Kracken lol
01:08:38 From Deb Matz : the Kracken is a giant lizard... ;D
01:08:40 From Sony : Yes, Dani, yes!
01:09:03 From juhl : I am interactinginthe now
01:09:06 From petermeteor : the kracken is also on ur back side
01:09:08 From Tara Sunshine : I have some paper from Canada made from moose
shit! haha
01:09:12 From Karl from Canada : Focus on solutions....!!!!
01:09:18 From Andrea G : only yours, Peter
01:09:20 From juhl : yes Karl
01:09:21 From Chris Breakspear : fluffy kraken ?
01:09:25 From Andrea G : we are doing right now!!
01:09:33 From juhl : yes Andrea
01:09:35 From petermeteor : hahahahaha
01:09:36 From Tracy Dinwiddie-Barclay : you should go to your highest
excitement everyday!
01:09:40 From Deb Matz : put the Kracken in a pink tutu
01:09:42 From juhl : lol Dop
01:09:47 From petermeteor : love ya dope
01:09:47 From Star Walker : i do feel better when i walk fast to
places.......burn off anxiety
01:09:48 From Amber Price : haha I have a love hate with the word doing now
01:09:50 From Stacey : I'm doing stuff, with people! LOVE YOU doppy!!
01:09:52 From Gypsy Lee : we can run and scream like little girls and get over
it lol
01:10:04 From petermeteor : we are the unfucked ones!!!
01:10:18 From Amber Price : hahaha doppy....humor saved my ass
01:10:19 From Karl from Canada : Focus on making connections in our group,
there are nearly 2000 of us
01:10:23 From Andrea G : the UnFucked Ones
01:10:24 From Sony : Oh, the visuals, Gypsyam laughing...
01:10:25 From Star Walker : We're working on it !
01:10:42 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Unity not Division. This is the Key!
01:10:47 From Gypsy Lee : hehehe Sony me too..makingmyself laugh
01:10:58 From Andrea G : proactive instead of reactive
01:11:16 From Stacey : Yes Andrea!! <3
01:11:29 From petermeteor : ya big bastard!!!
01:11:39 From Hufnagels : wow there are 2000?
01:11:41 From Rozzanna S : chocholate
01:11:42 From Star Walker : Yeah we are NOT drama peeps :)
01:11:51 From Rozzanna S : yes
01:11:53 From Gypsy Lee : We are the only species were we like scaring
01:11:54 From Andrea G : i'm fukkin in!!!!
01:11:56 From juhl : Noo sugar
01:11:57 From Deb Matz : YES!
01:11:57 From Sony : Yay
01:11:59 From Elena : Ty Jayling :) I was acknowledging when that started for
me on the finance stuff which was only back in late 2012/13 from Dani & everyone.
Then went off from there staying up hours!.. likely why I have dark circles under
my eyes Lol
01:12:06 From Karl from Canada : in the FB UU room
01:12:09 From Rozzanna S : dark chocolate yummy
01:12:25 From juhl : Why is it called discord?
01:12:41 From Andrea G : truth!!
01:12:42 From Jayling : Elena, you do great research, truly, no wonder you
have circles under your eyes!
01:12:43 From juhl : lol
01:12:43 From Dawn : yeah what a name
01:12:44 From Andrea G : love ya bro
01:12:45 From Merc Gar : yeap gonna get a little bit of chocolate now
01:12:47 From Karl from Canada : Dis connected Cord
01:12:52 From Star Walker : Doppy :)
01:13:12 From Gypsy Lee : hid under your desk it will protect you
01:13:16 From Karl from Canada : the fear meme is strong right now
01:13:20 From juhl : ahh Peter much love
01:13:21 From Hufnagels : get a kitkat
01:13:24 From Matrix : it is a dog and pony show
01:13:41 From Andrea G : LOVe YOU!!
01:13:42 From Gypsy Lee : you are loved
01:13:44 From Mary Rogers : love you too Dani!
01:13:49 From Rozzanna S : you need sleep
01:13:54 From petermeteor : come join the party
01:13:58 From petermeteor : hahahaha
01:14:00 From juhl : I heart you all,
01:14:01 From Star Walker : Love you too ,Dani <3 !
01:14:04 From petermeteor : fuck u karl hahaha
01:14:11 From Andrea G : lol
01:14:23 From petermeteor : ya lets get together people
01:14:54 From Stacey : That's a trip!
01:14:57 From petermeteor : we need some numbers
01:15:06 From petermeteor : weekend 8-10
01:15:10 From petermeteor : yya
01:15:17 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : We love you too, Dani!
01:15:27 From Sony :
01:15:31 From petermeteor : 4 peeps
01:15:44 From petermeteor : 1 night
01:16:07 From petermeteor : we looked at that
01:16:16 From Andrea G : lol
01:16:41 From petermeteor : retreats
01:16:49 From petermeteor : ya
01:17:03 From Sony : Good for you guyshow fun!
01:17:22 From petermeteor : 102 1 bed and a cot
01:17:24 From juhl : I am open to being flown in by a millionaire...we must
pick up Earl on the way...alllowing Now!
01:17:36 From Andrea G : I found some decent hostels for our group too...sorry
forgot to msg you
01:17:46 From petermeteor : i am in!!!!!!!!
01:17:48 From Stacey : Would that be 155 split by 4?
01:17:51 From petermeteor : :)
01:17:59 From Merc Gar : nice :)
01:18:05 From Jayling : Juhl, manifest those millions, gal!
01:18:12 From Amber Price : yes Juhl..we need to find some transport for Earl
01:18:15 From Andrea G : magic carpet, anyone?!
01:18:22 From Amber Price : hahah Andrea
01:18:23 From wildlily : where is the info page for this please?
01:18:25 From petermeteor : when the student is ready the teacher appears
01:18:33 From petermeteor : money
01:18:38 From juhl : Jayling yes Im feeling it now
01:18:39 From petermeteor : im ok :)
01:18:40 From Chris Breakspear : yeah would love to .. win the lottery maybe
01:18:42 From petermeteor : lol
01:18:49 From Stacey : I'm close'ish to Star Walker!!
01:18:52 From Star Walker : Transporter room , stand-by
01:18:57 From Hufnagels : FB event
01:18:58 From petermeteor : i have no friends so i have some money
01:19:00 From juhl : Chris Im seeing that for you
01:19:02 From petermeteor : :)
01:19:04 From Elena : Yes Stacey he said per room per night
01:19:08 From Amber Price : look them in the soul windows
01:19:08 From juhl : lol peter
01:19:13 From petermeteor : hahaha
01:19:18 From Chris Breakspear : oh goody
01:19:19 From Stacey : TY Elena <3
01:19:30 From Gypsy Lee : my family right here <3
01:19:32 From juhl : my children are very good at manifesting my money
01:19:46 From petermeteor : no hugs KARL!@!!!!!!!!!!
01:19:49 From petermeteor : hahahaha
01:19:50 From Star Walker : Right on Dani..........peeps ! <3
01:20:08 From Merc Gar : yeap! that was just awesome
01:20:12 From Andrea G : too bad! hugs from me! unlimited!
01:20:14 From petermeteor : karl is in perth closer to ottawa
01:20:27 From juhl : Cheers Karl
01:20:33 From Amber Price : or just ask in the UU room?
01:20:37 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : That Spring Meet-up in Gozo must have
been absolutely amazing!
01:21:02 From Chris Breakspear : sooo wish i'd gone to that ;;
01:21:07 From Andrea G :
01:21:18 From juhl : lol
01:21:20 From Sony : LOL
01:21:24 From juhl : ohh Karl
01:21:24 From Amber Price : hahha D they need their own hotel
01:21:33 From Gypsy Lee : single and never going back!
01:21:38 From Hufnagels : are they still going to have a gozo meetup i oct
01:21:54 From Merc Gar : where can I see that singles meet-up?
01:22:15 From Chris Breakspear : i dleted 90% my likes got rid of sooo much
01:22:17 From Star Walker : Farcebook is Fucked-book
01:22:20 From wildlily : caio everyone! thanks!
01:22:21 From Jayling : Merce, maybe its at
01:22:35 From juhl : Bye Wildlily
01:22:47 From Amber Price : Star walker...can we add Facedouche to that list
01:22:57 From Stacey : Bye Wildlily <3
01:23:02 From Jayling : I like FBs format! lol
01:23:03 From Star Walker : It PISSES me Off!
01:23:10 From Andrea G : lol doppy
01:23:19 From juhl : same Jayling
01:23:22 From Chris Breakspear : farcebook
01:23:28 From Merc Gar : oh, am so seldom on rts as of late :/
01:23:33 From Gypsy Lee : fb has found me many friends and relatives even tho
it sucks
01:23:34 From Dawn : you crack me up Doppy
01:23:41 From Gypsy Lee : echo
01:23:45 From petermeteor : echooooooo
01:23:50 From Linda Bee : Merce, it's a FB group for singles, send Jaybe a
message to get in. There's a discord chat too.
01:23:54 From Andrea G : I've been using the term Farcebook for years...
01:23:59 From petermeteor : loves me some doppy
01:24:02 From Linda Bee : Jayne that is
01:24:07 From Chris Breakspear : im single
01:24:12 From Deb Matz : I call it Fartbook
01:24:21 From Amber Price : hahah Deb
01:24:22 From Andrea G : fleekbook
01:24:27 From Linda Bee : Farcebook
01:24:29 From Merc Gar : who is Jaybe?
01:24:31 From Chris Breakspear : the discord singles locked
01:24:34 From Amber Price : Fleebook
01:24:38 From Gypsy Lee : CIAbook
01:24:41 From petermeteor : maybes brother?
01:24:45 From Amber Price : hahah Gypsy
01:24:55 From Linda Bee : Any single UUer's contact Jaye Judkins.
01:24:56 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : When I go to the O.P.A.L. North East
Interface 4th Annual Summer Gathering in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire on Saturday &
Sunday it will be great because it is in Density, face-to-face.
01:24:57 From juhl : peter where is the UFO invasion, I have been waiting
01:25:03 From Karl from Canada : Love you guys talk to you later in FB and
01:25:13 From Andrea G : UFO Invasion?
01:25:18 From petermeteor : we are the UN FUCKED ONES coming soon
01:25:18 From juhl : bye Karl
01:25:22 From Amber Price : bye Karl muuuuahggg
01:25:25 From Stacey : I think that is set for the 10th, Juhl
01:25:28 From Sony : See ya, Karlbe well
01:25:36 From juhl : lol
01:25:41 From petermeteor : :)
01:25:51 From Jayling : LMH runs painfully slows, RTS began to run slow also
01:26:00 From Jayne Judkins : nite nite Karl
01:26:02 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Sounds good, John... I look forward to
the RTS Earth migration,,,
01:26:06 From Karl from Canada : Bye Juhl, Amber Sony.... oh my
favourites.... kisses and hugs
01:26:08 From Star Walker : Fucktards , still a funny word and desription :)
01:26:09 From petermeteor : steve lol what the fuck are you doing dude
01:26:20 From Amber Price : yep Jayling...never could make LMH work
01:26:21 From petermeteor : lol
01:26:26 From petermeteor : hahahaha
01:26:30 From Sony : Karl
01:26:38 From Jayne Judkins : hey star, I'm joining ya
01:26:44 From petermeteor : hahahah
01:26:47 From juhl : Ive been asking doppy
01:26:54 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Don't we all!
01:27:01 From Stacey : Hey, IF i win, trust me, everyone would know it!!
01:27:06 From Deb Matz : covered everything but toilet paper, I think ;D
01:27:24 From Chris Breakspear : my cousind a multi millionaire .. & an
asshole i will never see a pennny
01:27:26 From petermeteor : lol
01:27:26 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Thanks Dani, great show again!
01:27:28 From Jayling : DEB! LOL!!
01:27:30 From Merc Gar : yeap UU Island :)
01:27:32 From petermeteor : hahahaha
01:27:33 From Gypsy Lee : we see you star
01:27:45 From petermeteor : lol
01:27:58 From petermeteor : lol
01:28:07 From Ann Callaghan : Lol
01:28:15 From petermeteor : he was raising his hand for real hahahahaha
01:28:17 From Andrea G : lololol
01:28:21 From Stacey : Ya'll are hurting me!!
01:28:26 From Amber Price : hahaha petermeteor
01:28:39 From Andrea G : yes!!\
01:28:43 From Dawn : we are all one card shy of a full deck in here and that
is what makes us great!!! Renegades For Life
01:28:49 From Andrea G : ahhhh! YOU should come too!!
01:28:54 From petermeteor : love ya steve
01:28:55 From Amber Price : yeppers Dawn
01:28:57 From petermeteor : lol
01:29:06 From Deb Matz : Starwalker needs a few brain farts?
01:29:14 From Deb Matz : to make room
01:29:18 From juhl : Blessings Starwalker
01:29:18 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : "with the deck of fifty-one..."
01:29:19 From Chris Breakspear : lol
01:29:36 From Andrea G : my deck is full...everyone else's deck is wrong lol
01:29:57 From Amber Price : hahaha deack has a couple of extra
01:30:02 From Jayling : Love me some Voyager!!
01:30:11 From Andrea G : voyager! ftw
01:30:13 From Chris Breakspear : i thnik my decks stacked
01:30:14 From Gypsy Lee : all good Stargate SG1 for me
01:30:16 From Sony : Yup!
01:30:19 From petermeteor : abrams
01:30:30 From petermeteor : babylon 5
01:30:34 From Andrea G : battlestar galactica, the new version
01:30:34 From Deb Matz : Got the whole series and almost memoried
01:30:44 From Stacey : BAB5 was pretty cool!
01:30:45 From Jayling : Ive rewatched SG:1 so many times, marathons are so
01:30:50 From Trina : sorry yall, i dropped out cuz i was talking to my
neighbor who brought us fresh tomatoes and now we have to go mow the lawn...
01:30:52 From juhl : Nice
01:30:52 From Sony : Yikes!
01:30:54 From Gypsy Lee : watching Flash now
01:30:56 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Remember... the Joker(s) went wild!
01:31:00 From petermeteor : hahaha
01:31:02 From Gypsy Lee : love Dr Who
01:31:02 From Deb Matz : we have marathons too Jayling
01:31:19 From juhl : lol trina you manifested the tomatoes too funny
01:31:28 From Amber Price : me either me GOT
01:31:29 From Stacey : I will kill you! lol
01:31:30 From Sony : Its good!
01:31:39 From Jayling : Manifest a manicured lawn, Trina :)
01:31:44 From Linda Bee : It's really good.
01:31:45 From Chris Breakspear : lol
01:31:45 From Joy : loved Valerian & the incredible visuals!
01:31:54 From Chris Breakspear : aftershow
01:32:07 From Deb Matz : thank you Dani and all. Mind twitching with all
talked about... again
01:32:14 From petermeteor : hahaha
01:32:18 From Gypsy Lee : the party's over
01:32:24 From Andrea G : naw, still going
01:32:41 From petermeteor : awwww
01:32:45 From Amber Price : Gotta go cat is assaulting me for
01:32:47 From Gypsy Lee : spirit spark
01:33:05 From petermeteor : party at discord for the unfucked ones after the
01:33:09 From Chris Breakspear : maywell have killed my neighbour by sunday
01:33:11 From Merc Gar : alright, thanks have some nice days
01:33:11 From Amber Price : hahha transfarting
01:33:23 From Amber Price : bye smooch
01:33:24 From Stacey : Haha... Amber. Mine want treats!
01:33:24 From Sony : Thank you, Dani and all!
01:33:26 From Zee : <3
01:33:27 From juhl : wonderful wishing all well
01:33:27 From Deb Matz : hugs...
01:33:28 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : First Episode of Dr. Who originally aired
in 1963
01:33:32 From petermeteor : omfg doppy disappeared
01:33:34 From Gypsy Lee : love across the miles to all
01:33:34 From Hufnagels : thanks
01:33:51 From Jayling : Thank you, everyone!
01:33:54 From Andrea G : doppppppy
01:33:55 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Bye, Dani!
01:33:58 From petermeteor : love the energy
01:34:00 From Amber Price : good night
01:34:04 From juhl : vely
01:34:08 From Sony : Yay, Jaynetalented you!
01:34:11 From Zee : bye!!!
01:34:12 From Jayling : Beautiful Jayne
01:34:13 From petermeteor : byieee
01:34:18 From Andrea G : hugs guys
01:34:31 From Gypsy Lee : me too!
01:34:38 From Elena : :)
01:34:42 From Deb Matz : no such thing as too much coffee
01:34:43 From Sony : Hows the heat today, D/
01:34:46 From petermeteor : steve mr echoooo
01:34:47 From Sony : ...?
01:34:53 From petermeteor : hahahahaha
01:34:58 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : The After Show is here...
01:35:16 From Gypsy Lee : makes me feel sane
01:35:26 From Stacey : I tell you doppy and Star had me in tears!
01:35:28 From phillip s : his computer fan
01:35:30 From Merc Gar : oh yeap, there is such a thing, experienced it, my
heart was racing - not nice!!!
01:35:32 From Elena : I drink coffee any time of the day..
01:35:42 From Gypsy Lee : yes me too Stacey
01:35:54 From Gypsy Lee : invasion has begun
01:35:56 From Chris Breakspear : alien code
01:36:14 From Stacey : Cool-er!
01:36:42 From Gypsy Lee : like fall here way too soon
01:36:51 From Deb Matz : Moist, as in "Dead like me" reaction to the word?
01:36:52 From Jayling : 46c is 115F - wow!!!
01:36:53 From Andrea G : you make me laugh peter
01:37:13 From Merc Gar : wow!
01:37:27 From Gypsy Lee : no sleeping at night for me
01:37:39 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : That's why I would never live in Phoenix,
01:37:59 From Rozzanna S : you are still here
01:38:04 From Merc Gar : not going to go to discord after, for me it is too
01:38:05 From Gypsy Lee : 4 voices
01:38:08 From Jayling : Its 78 and Im sweating!!
01:38:09 From Chris Breakspear : omg too many people talking at same time
01:38:19 From Zee : hahahhaha
01:38:21 From Elena : Lol
01:38:42 From Gypsy Lee : here we go with the don't exist dracos again
01:38:49 From Gypsy Lee : must be something to it
01:38:55 From Deb Matz : isn't Draco the creepy little kid from Harry Potter?
01:38:55 From Rozzanna S : bye everyone
01:39:06 From Zee : love it
01:39:18 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Blow it up, stasrt all over again,
Doppy... like Tobacco Road (song by the Nashville Teens in 1965)
01:39:21 From Megan : theyre made cuz they dont poop rainbows
01:39:27 From Megan : mad
01:39:44 From Andrea G : and fart sparkles
01:40:02 From Chris Breakspear : his computer has selective hearing
01:40:09 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Beam me up Scottie... please!
01:40:11 From Merc Gar : wow! we have now only 18C after about a month of
26C at night!!!
01:40:14 From Andrea G : HE has selective hearing
01:40:15 From Andrea G : lol
01:40:21 From Deb Matz : the Irish have a word for male selective hearing ;D
01:40:21 From Andrea G : loves ya doppster
01:40:39 From Sony : What, Deb?
01:40:46 From Deb Matz : huh?
01:40:51 From Deb Matz : ;D
01:41:04 From Sony : Debthe Irish word?
01:41:09 From Merc Gar : yesp!
01:41:17 From Deb Matz : Have to look it up.
01:41:19 From Stacey : Boo..... who's been bitching about it being hot!!
01:41:22 From Andrea G : moist
01:41:40 From Chris Breakspear : yeah doppy we might need canoes soon too lol
01:41:43 From Deb Matz : that means pulling out huge chair, getting on hands
and knees to find the book
01:41:48 From Star Walker : Hitting my smkoe bowl and having an IPA
01:41:52 From Zee : monty python rabbit
01:41:56 From Gypsy Lee : somebody has to do it
01:42:03 From Deb Matz : with sharp pointy teeth
01:42:06 From Merc Gar : and paws ;)
01:42:07 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Don't forget your pocket watch, Dani...
01:42:09 From Jayling : Save the chat
01:42:11 From Gypsy Lee : bye to all
01:42:11 From Sony : Thank you again, Dciao!
01:42:13 From CatMomPeg : g'night Dani
01:42:24 From Linda Bee : NN
01:42:25 From Elena : Ty Dani & everyone :)
01:42:38 From Gypsy Lee : save the chat
01:42:40 From Deb Matz : thank you for the laughter. loved it
01:42:41 From Chris Breakspear : lol star
01:42:41 From Joseph Bryan-Royster : Bye everyone!
01:42:47 From Merc Gar : jayne, send you a message on the FB mesenger oxo
01:42:49 From Zee : i really love you guys
01:42:53 From Matrix : TY nice being here

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