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40 S.

7th Street, STE 212 PMB 172

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
Phone: (612) 659-1279

July 12, 2017

Ms. Michele Harvet

City of Minneapolis Department of Licenses and Consumer Services
350 South 5th Street Room 1C
Minneapolis, MN 554151316

RE: Brass Foundry Brewing Company 247 10th Avenue South

Dear Michele:

I am writing to you on behalf of the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association regarding Brass Foundry
Brewing Companys application for a brewery and tap room license and off sale growler license. Dan Shrader and John
Kraus presented the applications to the DMNA Land Use Committee on July 11.

Shrader explained the business plan to the Land Use Committee. He stated that they hope to create a destination
brewery, similar to Surly. He also reviewed the architectural and site plan for the property. He said that although the
building does not have historic designation, they plan to retain the unique character of the building. Shrader noted
that they will not serve food, but that they will allow patrons to bring food on site from nearby restaurants. He also
said that they hope to have food trucks parked in front of the business. He indicated that the hours of operation will be
from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. Shrader said that he does not anticipate parking to be a problem, because most
patrons will take public transportation or use car services such as Uber. He noted that he has talked with Periscope
about using their parking lot in the evenings.

The Land Use Committee also talked about the importance of the public realm and the brewerys connection to the
surrounding neighborhood with Shrader and Kraus. The committee inquired about their exterior improvement plans
such as lighting and landscaping, as well as ongoing maintenance plan for keeping the street front clean. The Land Use
Committee hopes to remain in conversation with Shrader and Kraus about both of these topics as the development
moves forward.

After some questions and discussion, the committee recommended approval of the Brass Foundry and Brewing
Companys application for a brewery and tap room license and off sale growler license. If you have any questions
regarding this letter, please feel free to contact me at or by phone at 320-583-4573.


Christie Rock Hantge

DMNA Neighborhood Coordinator

CC: Council Member Jacob Frey

Aaron Hanauer, Senior City Planner, CPED
Joe Tamburino, DMNA Board Chair
John Kraus, Brass Foundry Brewing Company
Dan Shrader, Brass Foundry Brewing Company