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Perfect Drop Mod by Sheer_Cold from Ladderhall Realm & The Phrozen Keep

Version Info:


-Removed item: Moonstone Grade 10 (4 character id code caused some problems)
-Added some more cube recipes for player's convenience. Improves gameplay
-Added new graphics for the Grade items. (i.e. Moonstone Grade 2 now had a "2"
inside the graphic).
-Added a few items:
-Fragment Grade 2 and Fragment Grade 3. See bottom of Cube Recipies.htm for
information on creating or converting them.
-Converting Unique items to Fragments using Enchanted Obsidians have had minor
improvement tweaks.
-Fixed some bugs with cube recipies... Overflow, haha. Glad I caught that.
-Modified and fixed some drop rates.
-Fragments Stage 2 can drop (rarely).
-Some boss drops fixed
-Runes are more rare
-Higher grade Gems from chests are more rare in all difficulties.
-Uber Cow King in Normal can now drop up to Moonstone Stage 6
-Fixed transmuting Azurewraths into Fragments.
-Fixed monster spawns
-All Amazon Missile Skills require no Arrows or Bolts (MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1 ARROW
-Reduced cost for Enchanted Obsidians

-Updated Cube Recipies
-See PDM Cube Recipes.htm for all cube recipies.
-Transmuting a Health Potion now creates a Tree Bark Scroll as well as a Horadric
Staff and Khalim's Flail.
-Updated Fragment and Moonstone graphics (They had some black showing. Minor but
got annoying.)
-Monster Resistances substantially decreased.
-Plague Charm now works in the cube.
-Bone Magic Charm is re-introduced. You can find it from drops along with Plague
-Skills no longer have a level restriction. Skill Tree restrictions still apply.
-Fixed drop graphic for Horseshoes and Dragon Scales.
-Modified Horseshoe and Dragon Scale drop rates.
-Reduced the number of unique monsters... Areas were majorly overflooded, haha.
-New UI graphics (Trademark Screen, Gameselect Screen, Character Select Screen).
-Cows in Normal are still Uber. Nightmare and Hell Cows are far easier.
-Breakable Windows in Act 4 are no longer called "An Evil Force".
-Superior Items now spawn with perfect attributes
-Rune drops were modified... High Runes dropped like popcorn so they were slightly
reduced. There are easier ways to obtain high runes anyways, so it's not really a
bad thing. I find myself picking up every high rune that drops even though I don't
need them.
-Rainbow Facets may now be salvaged into Fragments.
-Moonstones can be stacked... Transmute 3 Moonstones of same grade to create one of
a higher grade. Transmute one higher grade Moonstone to create 3 lower grades.
-I have a feeling this could be very helpful but very annoying at the same time.
Any feedback is always welcome.

::Older versions::


-Moonstone and Fragment graphics have been changed, fitting more appropriately now.
-New graphic for the Horadric Cube
-Redone 'Bone Magic Small Charm'. It's now 'Stone Magic' and it can only be
obtained by creating a new character and transmuting the Plague Charm. You can
transfer them to other characters using the shared stash.
-Redone drop rates. Magics, Sets, Rares and Uniques drop more balanced than before.
Especially in Hell difficulty.
-Chests drop Gold, Gems, Runes and two new rare goodies (sometimes drops junk too).
They're also available from monster drops as well.
-New item: Plague Charm. Only available to new characters but can be transferred
between characters. The only use for this item is transmuting it into the cube to
create the new Teleport Charm

-Standard of Heroes now renamed to 'Moonstone'. All existing Standard of Heroes in
inventories should automatically convert

-Old Standards renamed back to what they were.

New recipes for creating Moonstones. They now need 'Fragments' to create. 9
Fragments transmuted will create a Moonstone.

-To create Fragments, the player must break items down using the Cube and the
Unique Item + Enchanted Obsidian -> # of Fragments based on the item transmuted (1
being lowest, 3 being highest).

-Enchanted Obsidians can be purchased at all Magic NPC Sellers (Akara, Drognan,
Ormus, Jamala, and Malah) or can be dropped from enemies and chests.

-New recipes added for socketing:

Any socketable item + Moonstone + Ist Rune -> Max sockets in transmuted item.

-Changed recipe:
Town Portal Book + Identify Book + Moonstone -> Bone Magic Small Charm (previously
called "Requiem" or TP Charm)

-All Runes can now be purchased (Gheed, Elzix, Alkor, Halbu, and Anya)
Weapons have increased max sockets (maximum according to the inventory size (cap of
-The Constricting Ring is now spawnable

-Unwanted Moonstones, Fragments and Enchanted Obsidians can all be sold to NPCs

-Battle Orders, Battle Command, Shout and Thunderstorm can be used in towns.

Drop Rates:
-Changed up, fixed, balanced out and revised drop rates for the new items as well
as Moonstones

-Perfect Gems drop more often in Hell difficulties (should be always)

-50,000 sell cap in Act 1 Normal and increases up to 100,000 sell cap in Hell Act

-More Unique monsters spawn in all difficulties.
-Uber Cows have migrated to Normal difficulties and the original cows have regained
control of their farms on Nightmare and Hell settings for those who would still
like to hunt them. Cows in Nightmare and Hell both have chances of dropping
Fragments. The Uber Cows in Normal still have great chances of dropping Moonstones.

1.04 Gamma
-Blood Raven in Normal now drops the Horadric Cube (Just for those who seem to
have lost theirs)

-New Unique Small Charm - Requiem
To obtain, you must transmute a Town Portal Book and Identify Book together in the
Horadric Cube.
-Books can be bought with a greater quantity
-Charms can now be found as rare
-More new cube recipes (can be found in Cube Recipes.txt)

Oblivion Knights no longer immune to magic, only physical.

1.04 Delta 4
Drop Rates:
Ubers can now drop the new Standard of Heroes (i.e. Diablo Clone, Uber Diablo,
Mephisto, Andariel, Duriel, etc.)
Cow King now drops Standard of Heroes and so do regular Cows. Chances of the drops
from Cows in hell are far greater than Nightmare and Normal.
The Cow King in Hell almost always drops Standard of Heroes. They can then be
transferred to other characters using the Shared Stash with PlugY :)
Increased Drop Rates for Standard of Heroes in Hell and Nightmare.
Blood Raven now drops SoHs in Nightmare and Hell.
Increased quality for dropped Rare Items.
Fixed two cube recipes
Arrows and Bolts have increased stack sizes.
Town Portal Books, Identify Books and Keys have a 500 max stack size.


Cows are far stronger, faster and harder to kill. But reaped rewards are much

Cube Recipes:
Easy Portals:
-1 Antidote Potion -> Cow Portal (all requirements must be met)
-2 Antidote Potions -> Random Pandemonium Portal (Act 5 only)
-3 Antidote Potions -> Uber Tristram Portal (Act 5 only)

Previous Releases:

1.04 Delta 3
User Interface:
New Title Screen
New Front Screen
New Character Select Screen

Yohann's PlugY plug-in added for additional features

Monster Changes:
Act 5:
- Changed up some monster spawns
- Higher life stealing
- Stronger against physical attacks, moderate vs. cold and poison, low vs.
- No more life drain from them, obviously since they're undead
- Lower cold duration
Doom Knights:
- Increased Block
- Higher Damage Resist
- Can now cast Cyclone Armor
Abyss Knights:
- Increased Block
- Higher Magic Resist
Oblivion Knights:
- Higher Damage Resist & Magic Resist (Sorry Barb users, must rely on
elements now)
Teleport can be used in towns

Cube Recipes:
Either 1 Mana Potion or 1 Health Potion transmuted alone = Staff of Kings &
Khalim's Flail
Equip + El Rune + Standard of Heroes -> Fully Repair damaged item
Equip + Eld Rune + standard of Heroes -> Fully Recharge item
Book or Key + El or Eld Rune -> Max Quantity

1.04 Delta 2
Mistypes / Typos:
Ormus' Robes renamed to Ormus's Robes. Proper English states that if a name ends
with an "s", an apostraphe must be applied after the first "s" and another "s" must
be placed after.
In the word "Ormus'", there's only one Ormus, implying that this would only be
correct if it were a last name, which in this case, it is not.

Runeword changes:
All ladder runewords are available

Cube Recipes:
Fixed all recipes and reworked the restrictions.

Unique Items:
Allowed the Hellfire Torch to spawn more than once per game because of the random
stats. Ormus's Robes remains one per game to increase the volume of rares which
preceed unique drops.

1.04 Delta 1

Fixed some crash errors
Optional expanded stash, inventory and horadric cube. Files are included in a .zip
folder with the mod.
Easy installer: Run the setup and type either I or U to install or uninstall.
Diablo II must be closed in order for this to work.
There should be no problems with this either and it meant for the
user's convenience.

5x Normal experience rate (Can be multiplied using /players x or with multiple
people in TCP/IP or Multiplayer - 400x maximum)
(Reduced from 25x due to some experience gain problems.
Many were involved with "experience wrapping". The experience got too high
and became
a negative value, causing the player to delevel or lose a massive amount of
Expanded Stash, Inventory & Cube

Item Changes:
Endlesshail Double Bow: Always +5 Strafe (Amazon Only)
Waterwalk Sharkskin Boots: Always +65 Life
Spiritkeeper Spirit: Always +40% Fire Resist
Windforce Hydra Bow: Always 8% Mana Steal

Tome of Identify:
-Base cost: 50 gold
-Per charge: 15 gold
Tome of Town Portal:
-Base cost: 100 gold
-Per charge: 20 gold

Cube Recipes:
-any item + town portal scroll (no standard) -> unique version of that item
(NORMAL items only! This will make anything from exceptional items, elite items,
etc. Rare quality. Only the original items will be available this way).
-any item + identify scroll (no standard) -> low quality rare version of that
item (for better results, use standard of heroes)
-any weapon, armor, ring or amulet + healing potion -> set version of that
item (if available)
-any weapon + 1 key -> remove socketed gem(s) (destroys gem(s))
-any item + mana potion -> magic version of that item
-Any 2 runes of the same type (two El Runes up to two Pul Runes) -> 1 grade
higher rune
-any weapon or armor + stamina potion -> normal version of that item
-any weapon or armor + thawing potion + stamina potion -> superior version of
that item

-any item + standard of heroes + town portal scroll -> unique of that item
(resets sockets, durablity, and condition (eth or noeth where possible))
-any item + standard of heroes + identify scroll -> random rare version of
that item (resets sockets, durablity, and condition (eth or noeth where possible))
-any weapon or armor + standard of heroes + identify book -> exceptional
version of same weapon or armor
-any weapon or armor + standard of heroes + town scroll book -> elite version
of same weapon or armor
-any unique or rare ring + standard of heroes + key -> Stone of Jordan ring
-any unique or rare amulet + standard of heroes + key -> Mara's Kaleidoscope
-any rune (Um and higher) + standard of heroes -> 1 grade higher rune
-any weapon or armor + standard of heroes -> random number of sockets added
to that item (can be + (plus) or - (minus))
-any weapon + standard of heroes + 2 keys -> remove socketed gem(s) (retain
gem(s)) (NOT TESTED!)
-any non-eth weapon or armor (with durability) + standard of heroes +
antidote potion -> ethereal (reduces durability by half)

Drop Rates:
~Some mobs (specific - in all difficulties) drop Standard of Heroes, which has been
given a wide variety of purposes.
-Drop rates for SoH increases by difficulty and the difficulty of the mob
slain or chest opened.
-Around the same drop rate as an Ist or Mal Rune (1%)

Monster Spawns:
3x mob spawn rates in Act 1 Wilderness

Any hints on the best places to find Standard of Heroes, just ask! ;)
You may also receive other useful information that wasn't added in here.

1.04 Beta 2:
~Reduced mpq file size.
~Used better and alternative methods for compression (will hopefully be improved)

Drops and Item Changes:

~Costs for Town and Identify Books were reduced substantially
~Improved Magic Item drop rates.
~Improved mob drop rates
~Improved Countess Rune Drops:
-Normal: Dol (r14) and under
-Nightmare: Lem (r20) and under
-Hell: Ber (r30) and under
~The Countess drops up to Zod Rune in Hell, Lem Rune in Nightmare, and Dol Rune in
~reworked rune drop rates so they're far more balanced. Chances are as follows:

El Rune
- 51.51%
Eld Rune - 48.48%
Tir Rune - 10.45%
Nef Rune - 9.80%
Eth Rune - 8.02%
Ith Rune - 7.49%
Tal Rune - 6.33%
Ral Rune - 5.88%
Ort Rune
- 5.10%
Thul Rune - 4.7%
Amn Rune
- 4.15%
Sol Rune
- 3.81%
Shael Rune - 3.41%
Dol Rune
- 3.10%
Hel Rune
- 2.80%
Io Rune - 2.52%
Lum Rune - 2.30%
Ko Rune
- 2.05%
Fal Rune - 1.89%
Lem Rune - 1.65%
Pul Rune - 1.47%
Um Rune
- 1.26%
Mal Rune - 1.17%
Ist Rune - 0.98%
Gul Rune
- 0.92%
Vex Rune
- 0.73%
Ohm Rune
- 0.69%
Lo Rune
- 0.52%
Sur Rune - 0.49%
Ber Rune
- 0.32%
Jah Rune
- 0.31%
Cham Rune - 0.16%
Zod Rune - 0.15%

Example: The Countess in Hell has a 0.45% chance to drop a Zod Rune since she has a
chance to drop up to 3 runes.

~25x Experience Rate

Item Fixes:
~Steelgoad Volgue: Enhanced Damage is now always 80%
~Hellclap Short War Bow: Enhanced Damage is now always 90%
~Bloodtree Stump War Maul: Enhanced Damage is now always 220%
~Langer Briser Arbalest: Max Damage is now always +30
~String of Ears Demonhide Sash: Reduce Magic and Physical Damage is now always +15.
Lifesteal is always +8%
~Toothrow Sharptooth Armor: Enhanced Defense now always +220%
~Windforce Hydra Bow: Manasteal always 8%
~Swordguard Executioner Sword: Always +20 All Resistances
~Saracen's Chance Amulet: Always +25 All Resistances
~Jade Talon Wrist Sword: Always +50 All Resistances
~Azurewrath Phase Blade: Always +10 All Stats

1.04 Beta 1:
Redone entire mod
Here are all the changes from the original game:

Character Changes:
~Sorceresses and Necromancers start with two Minor Healing Potions and two Minor
~All characters start with the Horadric Cube

Item Changes:
~Max AC (Armor Class / Defense) on all Armors
~Can be dropped with max open sockets from any monster drop.
~More balanced drops between all armors
~Weapons are now more balanced in drop rates

Overall Drop Rates:

~4x Rune droprate
~Perfect Gems drop in Nightmare Act 5 through Hell Act 5

Special (all done one by one):

~Set items, Magic Prefixes, and Magic Suffixes should all be maxed except for non-
varying stats (I.E. +1-3 Fire Damage (min to max))
~Runewords and Uniques should all be maxed as well.

1.03b (Alpha 6):

~Tweaked droprates and modified the files so v1.12 is supported

1.03a (Alpha 5):

~EXP Elixir changed from 15250000+ experiance to 750000+ experiance.
~Stat, Skill and Exp Elixir flip file / drop graphic changed to a more suitable
colored graphic.
~All characters now start off with the Horadric Cube in their inventory
~Drop rates changed significantly so any item can be dropped from most enemies.
~Normal, Nightmare and Hell monsters drop items according to their difficulty and
lower. Meaning a Fallen from Act 1 Normal can never drop elite items, but have a
chance to drop some exceptional items.
~Fixed a typo where Hand of Justace almost always gave +511% Enhanced Damage.
~Spirit Runeword now always gives 8+ absorb magic.
~Natalya's Totem now gives 30+ dexterity.
~McAuley's Folly changed to do 36+ poison damage over 3 seconds instead of 30-36+.
~Fixed it so that thawing potions do not fail when fusing with items to give

1.02b (Alpha 4):

~Runeword: Wind - Fixed Damage %
~Runeword: Winter - Fixed Damage to Demons and Damage to Undead
~Cube Recepies:
-Weapon/Armor + Eld Rune = Ethereal version of that item (durability reduction is
not applied)
-Weapon/Armor + Tir Rune = Superior Version of that item
-Removed Cube Recepie: Any Item + Stone of Jordan = Ethereal
~Fixed missing name strings for Elixirs
~Level Requirements Removed/Reduced for all Unique Items

1.02 (Alpha 3):

~Alma Negra now gives 2+ All Paladin Skills.
~All Set Items perfected
~All Runewords perfected & revised.

1.01 (Alpha 2):

~Bul Katho's Wedding Band now has 5% lifesteal.
~Leviathan now always gives 200% defense, and 150+ defense.
~Crown of Ages grants 30+ Resist All.

PDM 1.0 (initial release / Alpha 1):

~6 Ohms/6 Jewels in a sword/bow = Ith Silence
~3 Ohms/3 Jewels in a sword = Ith Fury
~2 Jewels in any shield = Ith Rhyme
~ALL monsters drop uniques/rare items plus gems
~ALL Unique Items, Rare Items, and Magic Items are perfect
~Runewords and Sets still are normal (will be added in next version)
~ALL Items are LEGIT, and not hacked in any way
~Elixirs are available in the mod for legit Leveling
~any item + El Rune (bought at Akara) = 2 more copies of that item
~any item + Town Portal Book = Normal Version of Item
~any item + # Thawing Potions = # of sockets to that item (legit sockets)
~any item + Town Portal Scroll = Unique Version of Item
~any item + Identify Scroll = Rare Version of Item
~any charm or jewel by itself = new magic version of charm or jewel
~any weapon/armor/amulet/ring + mana potion = new Magic Version of Item
~any item + healing potion = Set Version of Item
~any weapon/armor + 6 zod runes = indestructable
~any jewel + Ohm Rune = Ruby Jewel (40% ed)and any other random stat
~any jewel + 8 Tal Runes = Envy Jewel (20 poison damage)
~any weapon/armor + 4 Zod Runes = fully repaired
~any stackable item (no javs, etc) + Zod Rune = 255 quantity
~Removed cast delay of all skills.

PDM Pre-Alpha:
~Started editing unique items to be perfect.
~Attached PlugY to the mod for easier installation methods.
~More unique/boss monsters in areas for every difficulty.
~Potions instantly heal instead of a delayed reaction.