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NOTE FROM THE ARRANGER ‘The sbi to pay ares i one fe most rewarding be or art ve. nonce tan One Maray an Adran Set have Sopayed Secmanery nites ON MADENS new L2-SOMEWHERE INTE compra ecient woten and magsive ‘ng: packed eam ovation nd {Seles obaiea st grar wre “ranscrbing the har been a queso of beings these mind bogging 1001 cow a ealy ‘musta notabonand says bering rind at tars tend to play rom feel rather shan ‘dos have [Scorporated the guar ablatre nduding bends sre, ‘emelorandsuntone Ths far te cua ec of aking all {heard wort cut of reading the muse whe 380 ‘drecong your fngers othe best porson on he irebeatlior eaeofpareg “Athe end fhe diy you wil be amazed show qc youre abe to master even te most tenn Sop henge inthe brit abum Rick Cardinal TABLATURE & INSTRUCTIONS EXPLAINED “The tablature stave comprises six lines, each representing astingon the gutaras stated, Fe enna nn NDE ener seen = SSS ——— ‘Anumber on any othe ines indiates, therefore the ‘svingand reton which ante should be played. ‘Ausell hint help youread tablatures to cutouts ‘eqares of sell adhesve paper and stick them onthe adjacentto eachofthe frets, numbering ther. Tremolo (a) afin fpreteredinsne Gaatecaisbae ‘Shake string by pulling and pushing across the fretboard. ae oe OTT sscoengaagou down the fretboard, mee Vin Glss (Upward) Sire tore acep se finger uptve retard “+ (Hammer on) above a note means that you shoulé hammer figer down on thenextrote witout skng the svingagan ‘P (Pullof above a note, means that you shoul pull your finger offthe string firmly enough to sound the next ote without sinking the suingagan. npastages where the $strcon appears overaote, _ WhenevertheP insvruction appears afer an inthe above example) mt the sug over the gen simpy remove the plecrum rom the tang nthe delsndaicdnbaure) winbecigeayer — mmrcte hdr re Jecrom ‘Nnere teres an nstrucion saying Ri oF Rete, etc.) soyou can quik refer back wo the ongalfr the ake specal note ofits whereabouts (because ater onin muskand able he pice youwilsee'Rift repeated or Rif Zrepeated, %. means atyou should repeat the preceding bar = Sau isplayea z — “he abowe gre onsopofa note meansthatyoushould The rrowand gure ontop of anote means tha vendthewhg andthereore, denote upatultone ie. shoudbendthenoteupa tone (sertone) ke ted natein he above example becomes withe ¢ nthe sbove example becomes an J wth ihe-arow {From and fur stracton above ad nsrocion above CAUGHT SOMEWHERE IN TIME. ; - ‘Words & Music-Steve Horris “ 82) orate ton noe he Bal tee Bee 6 a a ee fare chet Flot «PS, Sk am Fs . 2 Yeast: Mf you ad the time to ewe an = pen mind — Vine 2: (See Bock Lye ene 3 8 (See Bioen Lyre) Floated) ino) ye eG Foon) (woSet) ¢ (nied) (noes) Repeat ast 4 tr) 4 (ob) (waded (ned) Darodet) 2 Sanacday , THRI 2 (Fst 1.166 ra a toon crab Tego eaten) Aa: Eee owt “ig. # oat Ns Flood) a Me tad yoveat whee aha s+ oy dom bn ions) ~ eqn tos my jo tet youre ae Etoosea) Cina) z ‘aor me hte Attn (erat Onna Rar ne US singh en MRO "Riayat eonmaoygeeat _ Got toe pane Qipatey Cooder odes) cs, Dinos) nfeates) costs Ta BR aa Pe eT Ee FT eho e om Sto i Couphe some = where ete tine Alvoies) ——_Elnades) clooney cs 6 = Comb some where tine UEP URepeas Moe Dino) 8100300 © . OY Te ~eA AA (ooh) 00h, Etna) Eye Coe sme ines oo) Me | RUFF LiRepety coat s BE one a moa edermstenrt) Sandan MT HRom (woSeneadanncicd) Ste 2" ng er Dom Be a Saya teachey Lied ‘Ber andl deprened ike open re SE sg raat Be ’ a . Gian na AIEr Lcpepets e mo ‘ena (esi (oohatnaded) ~ aod) Damped oon Oita hat” oe Mr thay (ea FE Grote) — Disa Te BIR cen” Block Fy om nite in epee” oe a c (ooSrdieaied) (nid) tro ett RIFE UiRepen) Te ‘Goode mo RB (oohetXnoted) ire 1 imsen) ‘en a ottosie frre inept) 7 GI loons om ie - me toast oe teases) Dinos” ” einai ae — : a Fa Anon) Ets) FU cig Damped ind) Clear) lnaie) fen z a ne ae al Aosea) Open 5 jp ee ee TF cin, Ir pumas ore 5 nine Nt win er en a with placa ge. re inated kpiy remo tbe ilng the ment ofa Pao IEE (Se RY ination and string athe Code) 9 sn in pamage here $indated, Nt ewig oe ha tn fi with yor pectum edge nerd Ftd. Seely remove te pee fom the sing ne mene ofa Pallo " = Bisode) Sesearsr Seer se seers rere Been om sir con . HS PHS PHSPNSPHSP NH SPUSPNS PMS PMS PN S MS PSP me KS PHS PH ETA SpuS eS PF lea es PuUSPHS PHS PHS PMS POMS PMS E Dm wCode @coDs IEF tb frond) Beco Ben ura (9 chord) ———— Ire it Ene Elgode) Eiaeid) a BinedviNo ord) BA ‘cinods) BkaoSes) _Atsoded) —_adeehnaied) Ciao) Ve 2: Can ep you cone wih ne Be"Dent may ee pour dream Iisa 1 ake you there ould you go woud You be seared Verwe3:, Uke aw in see's lohng You ty we hide your deepest it (Fat the ings an youve doe ony ‘ad thew where You bloat Tine always on my side ‘Tine always on mi ae . Make you a offer you ent tse You on got your oul le. icra Tet ouel go! Come: Coup somes in ne hepa somechere i me Soph ncw i wo mins WASTED YEARS Words & Music: Adrion Smith oe oe Ge ge es ae a oe ES BE & Eno) Gia03e) Dinos) we i= te la ste Bap a ors te oe far and we bat Cts0 dnd, pcm Eine 3) Gino) now seme — im jt same toy ef — ted ae ‘Seppe mn gna tno a Ree i ng Ra TWhputearan encase Dino Ses) Coty, 4 Oe thins I some-tines do ont meu ome one de t Eis a) {Gino 3 Dina 3 Vere 2: Cote my eyes sod tink of home — wa ceter Vere 3: Gee oor ne, € Glno3e8) Dine SNF at a tne 3) ~ awe wy ‘a te mane ae iso 38) cas Diao) tno 3) fanny tow It is Diao) kno rt) Cine Sead cota you never miss Wh ith gone t-way— any fd wil be my dyeing ay. Gino ee) Ctx0 Set) Aino) Dino St) Cine Se) Ain 3d ge ee a a Sons er tnd dont ces igo Se) te your tine al-ways sewching for— tow we sted yeas — hoo 3) civo 3) tea 3rd) <— ur ino 3), Ato 3), a ee a Etna 3) ITE ep . s Dioo3ed) oe eaves tino. IEE I epest), i Dino sre) < H BIE Treas (ody oo eo eto i903) Pe Sr sesh srsesesrse se 0808 NN EEO IOS sp srspsepsPrpsrpse cw cu Oigg St) Eig 3) 2 s NA HAA AA A £ Ve E SPSPPHSPSPRHSPSP PUSPSPPSPSPRHSPP ok boa Anne nT nek om = ee Pn” eer Tce, 600340) s.F ino 3et) Aino it) DM a Code er) SER OF MADNESS —— - Words & Music: Adrian Smith Bee @ BH a ae BeBe ae = = ood (wore) Egos) igo 3) om oi wots teoinay Pino io 3) Etpo 3) wed ees Uae youre Biro 38) RUFF Liepst) ~~ Blo a an « Vere: Ost ihe suet somedo -6ys ay = int oot in te hc the fies (ham ee oh ir) ere 3: Out abe eiht— om wey be (ovat some bom ays ery tae 3) - ing Foo e5 6 verse Eno) Sy 5 Teo moch eo ny ae ast 408 yin Sines) Fae 3a) toots Gere ope ay ‘Woe you car nd he moro ay ceo mak it howd aoe day odin eons od tao my tae po eT oy oetey we te | ant be lew ——_ FS “o> tno et) Figo 3) yh as heeey sum my band lew. cane ston Asya nano Mie Ratan Un i en fk en MO "agate teeter orem e Avose Fla on woe) Wie bea aM te doe rr as Elne 3) Fives) ino 3) ae PPS mA on no Wes ver we wll ow Flea 3) on Ws anthem we gwen al you do an on i Gino 308) Gino 3) ese ee ~ PM Awo3e) Dino et) Bigg 3) ‘ow 3) a Dine Set) Gino 38) a fom O00 I) _- Ce ‘Chm Cin? “oAcwids) "eat 1 Ge ——— = Etye 3) * Giniesiond ine Dn a cote AIFF Repet) RUFF (Repeat) RIFF (Rept FP 1 (Rep io rary FA on Fin Fe iao st) ¥ aoa cn an ste Somer i Ae Somenere {eas oie ta cling Geta ebm adam ia te wo at You eae Oh Sny ene they Seb an ee (Oh = ay ean enya tam ny Bak and ee, HEAVEN CAN UAIT Words & Music: Steve Horris aad) Genie Alet) amit) Clot) Fd Sb & ee ae Sy ee nad ‘Memon Sof "RurF eo) & si @ & 5 Ee EJ Dinos) é ‘On oat vel OH ea ‘feo es) Dine aod) nod) Ging 3) Tse ae fk this wey tno et) — efor Ym looking down ony bordy be -low— ~ ino 36) ego) The weseep in the mids of 4 dame it now could bee a iao3ed) Alto Senna et) tno 308) Dlso3ed) Gino et) Dano Ht) fn oS anced of de Mt come forme no Ie) (ect mae dy thes (0308) Cina Sd 1 canebe tive tat rally my tine = tome, tno) 0 macht undone and is my soul and 'm not going to Mt — ot get any. Dass uc D on A= ° =m igo 3) F TeCote# Gino) a eas ven can walt ano ter aay. RIFF Ut (or Ref 3 we ent of og) Kost moar Els a), . ‘iow 3 ym, Efe ES Soveruenpe J = 2 : ined) Ging It) Dine 3) Gino Se Eno 21) Cine 3) ino ee) my hand a Eta ee) tr 3a) ‘Mow3ed) Coo 38) ines) I eee im me Pe Py (vo 030" fr eed Fis) Gino et) go et) veut Ty ae yo ee ter ae TO tna cS Takeo Deer Fito et chose "Bana a oo io a TATE Dive 3) Sra tri Sow per bend maT. Sf E 1D Dine 3) pe Dheo et) ve Dino et) tee St . pcm + £ 2 —— = — iar = Fal ‘acm Harm, Harm. Tr Tv T T Ht es 2 Sr T.2T..? eacte ror Ps sh Fon nem es 2 fee Efeee Eee6= ane fhm nnam = = = ae gr —— =a ff 8 tee se E <_s ere ee ee Fe, = 7 Tosa 7 weer mmm sg yn Te ' eS ee Fe eaten Beg ade de a eh oy Gm Gin cn ow Sie __om . 4 5 : z “We % ase tee AS = amet wa 2 pate diel a eine 3) Tener A ‘con Gte0 3) wah ans = ther day —— tna pie Dest D— eee [- ‘Yoea! ide from G10 8 out Fg £ Prorat Mervencan wat il an-o-the aay. Heawenan RIFE i repeat, (om RIFF I (repet) Boao) # verse 2 tee Sea) Thea at fr he Eat ow fod Hel al sty ony foe ‘Gin Then exo aye "ge when in god {sc ae is es ‘Ala he pope standing therein ont of me itt pig bed, ‘wah Tew this wat ony juts pba Ny gi cso wamae ‘And 'm wonder ee be the same ss ‘ethic imbo or eseno Hel® ‘Mayo fm psn down there 8 wll Tear ace ta my su wil ire forever {fet yc aaa back down v9 Exh ‘Socould ths be hou of my ret Sehowe ied ere wake om reaming? : - THE LONELINESS OF - THE LONG DISTANCE RUNNER a Words & Music “Steve Harris Dino Sed ino 3rd Dino 3rd) Fino 3ed) Dino Sei — == gS 8 6 2a See eee: mat er ice 23 See 6a 2 a & e eee needa tt! Boe cee ee ow C.F BG. Fe Reenine (nos) (noted) ——_—Blaa 38) Eleo3ed) (aod) (0 et) no etn bo rt) are (a ino em metas x a : : = sa, — with vy sep. 0 wed == 7 Bath TES eee ite ee: as echowthaiellowShn _rymse echaullby..caeeao mene Sea Se ae oe oe ‘RIFF. fo fonts.) Gm (no 3rd) CKno 3nd) Dine 3rd) Bh(no 3rd) ae Pay oe cay, Foo in ctonr— . Sew ‘le. ‘Run on and a a cere aoe soe = wie tne Sad on — Ge Te Fao sw ole oTe reese! ofthe ke ns sep cee? eran ent oan ans eee oe ace IO Te pe » Gin Cin edd 4 Eine) ig 38) Avot) Boose) cio 3a) one Te gt keep m= lp an wen otal Cina.) ieee) eat cons Me wt keep ne te ‘ino 3) Cine Sn) Dino ee) EERE Eine 3) en eww ses) ao Sra ci, Sees ine 3) Ci 3), . > ra ME a wt iwie om * i ant ont eo - Phe. a ae Dino ed) Tem. va atimy a F re rUWU leo g~ Fine 3) Div 3s) ing 3) om a SE Dine NF ne - aaa ao By DM at Code 2 2 sO che Se cons Dino 3 Boo 3) tx Sad not) Rn and on Ren on end ‘RFP 1 epet) rR Te et rg} Fo 3) - iva Sa = Biv) 5 ——— = —— rr of te a Tok mime HPF Tirepet) e030) tne 3a) a ee Jong = tance amar — PeGatee Dino 3nd) Em Dino St) Em Cieo3es) Dinos) En Die) Gm STRANGER IN A STRANGE LANO _— Werds & Musi ilan Sith en Gino) Dine 3d fm Divo Se) Em . nowt Sg Sam Ci #z2@eB88e@88 ciao a) Dino ed) tn piney te t ares Bios). =, Glr03e0 Em? Go 3) Eno 3a 4 2 2 Dl "2 Seb) Eine 03) Dhpo et) tm (aor) eam e38? Elnora mri — = mri Boo Se) % ktso3) De Vere 3_(See Bee ye) a [VERSE 3: Run oestes nom elds Myaedetiema ~ uve rE © on © Gmaie coe — Wate ee BO are Ege 3) recom Bisa Sn) Cina Id ino 3d) A cm She » we poe mndthe out departed ett me te ia ” furP epost ce om . co. Eo Id). AIFF pet) RUFF 1V (pee) rms ene = c cn © Gms Elwo 3nd tee stngser la 8 arene and repet) ve new wor eave ew worl — tao Seay RIFF ino a) Eine 3) DIE = i ar re = - Land of joe and tow rapped ba =e ts Vw? Nightandéay— 1 sam hors = ton sen and tym at wan dem end Tire pms Tene guppspmpesy Elo 3rd) OE tea Sa ino 38) Etno Sh = bes = pen ‘ost and for from tome RIFF I pee) Dna DIE Go _ Hear mecasing ress ERE Sete ie IFFT tenet) EE Ut epet) lve St) Co Goa Lot nie pace RIFF Hiren) Bino3ed) Claw ed) Doe) Eo ed) — Fire remy aria Ea ino Elen sah Gin30) — t_ me Crd te it poe Ca ad airF acous @c004 leo Seth om G04 pr rapes . i eR aa — fom tome mon pcr and tere ocr eo Diao 3) too 3) RUEr iret) Ein 3) DY Kal Cole OO RIFE epeat) ITF 1 (repeat) le Se). Eino3et) ,—_Dhno 3s) Ego) ‘ied of dow “rapped inde Gino3e8) Eines) ~~ Rept and ate on om and fr ‘tom home (re hdres years have gone and en spin hey come hat wa etnd thst wot mystery Tey Turd ody ig er lon ta dy No brave new wort no be new wold {own tm pace ae leave no tee iis DEJA-VU lores te Soe Mie GS Hos B22 & & etre ca aa ia ra = INN Fw Plt Tra te wo Ae Vow! When you wee fom - ar fe cB you dont oe - meme Vout (See Blech Loi) : = aes = ter whee hey'e om — could. you be wont When youve been pat - te = Tar pla = coh thatyou Anew youve ne seer been be = fore em yo be sm ars hina Sth Booted) "rrr EE eee eo & Fino (oo drone et) Teen tee be «fore Tel a 2 ecm Fn RIPE rep) IEP 1 epst) e conn Ee Dino Sed) Ekin 3) mis? I) Eno 3rd) een bere be = fore een ere be fre | Fa Dino Jet Vere 2 (con) Have youre ated ose ‘And fou feel you tnow wn coming ext irre prcaenged “Chu ou tng tat youve tor ‘Gta you know when gol opr. ALEXANDER THE GREAT (356-323 8.0. Words & Music: Steve Harris & My Son ak ‘ico lor thee” King Pip of Macedonia 339 8.) as a He3e wn war igo) Fant epa RiP Te me) (tao 2a) a in et) io et) ‘ined Vere Net 10 ti Eastin + pa of An-ceniGrese In an an-cert tnd ced Mere Vere: (SeeBlok Lye oo) cher) Bo 3 coon do-m- ae bors son 10 Pip of Macce- don the ‘legend ht name was Alex sinosre» Piatt Eno3rd) dee BAN tnt of ceesen te became he Mas erte ng err . cine ee ee) wore to tne al of Ania Minor By ie Ae gioan Set ia ether tro 3) Baoan) ston x ae Xt fow 8 6. eee eat ee meta i fem ETAT ue B03 = «der he Me same sick (or n= to heat of mee Ae Great (Sew shige fr Chora No.3} te a no) pee eie Pg ei BN Ei et) tna 3 ino et) rekegwomr no ee) fo 3) ino ed) papeye, OHS) ‘e He Toxeros Eton) NoOrod) va tno BA) (No Ched) Else 3nd) (No Chnsd Ene ch ‘ino i) Bored) PT oy cies) Di 0 72FTT A OH A ‘Gino ey => eS ee Ss ? ? Ctvo sea) er ino ea) Tio) itil wre Hee we woo eee a ino std pane ino 8) —1 00 ety — —3— 5 5 a Fine 3a) SA foe ad. che PHP MP mm ab 0 3 03 We28 a in yy AAA ED tegee un Ease Tekergftmver Ci0o3nt) Gin s— - sory woe waa Divo ay Che Seah ‘ino 3) Ein ay a nN rom Fs ao It Sewer po (ine 38) E (oo 30) Dene Se) Elna Sa) A 5 Vere 3: A phyian King ta bond 2 car-ot roke And Al-ex-an-de ct the “Cor don toot” Vows“ Metton-'e me sped ‘or and wide “the ma teem ed mad Vom 3: —(SeeBiock Le) oD 0 To cate 800308 (oo testa St) Pteo3 ade @ Brera ‘And lengend aid tat who un-tkd tke Hoot he would become he mats et of AS~ oe caterer Sekt wey of el Be powell heey for Chest oan Pay Bhat cope, cob oo rn en rt) no Sing en et trodes) og Segue re) “Tied of the comeat pn nde B=: © > fe > re aig ears of men Cleo 38) (ng {00 310) is name sick fer im = fo cb ino dd Fe a Ep to A excancder the Grat ed of fever Eine 3) Be by-ton ORS: pines nem VERSE 4: Byte Tans et ‘ade tee VERSE 3: King Das the tnd vase EEE rrteee ipatunuenerias" ‘They woul Palow hen to Indi ‘hed of he combat pun an the Bon. SHERIFF OF HUCDERSFIELD Words & Music Steve Harts, Bruce Dickinson, ‘rian Smith, Dove Murray & Nidko McBain Bh eb e & & 6a Digg 3) ‘ipo Se) Att Ain 3) = ‘ce 3) Gino add ae oo 3d) peut Nao 3) 3 tao 38) os, ‘ao 3d) ge I I es tao 3) tong way fom Hdes-Geld Town the ite inthe ciety HYlag mL A a ‘eo St) ee a mi eck of the lacbows Gino 38) Jong way fom Bexven bat tat whe he ge is por ‘Neo 38) ea Ninos) Em oo nd) fm I es I a ne own date-tll and foot-ball ae making him lary your fan dab says Rodney come a A Ne Oa shear a ee Be oy > ow om . oy cis =i me . ew 6 cio 346 > ea a ee ‘Smelt of Hadden = fd ope . 2 recome OD ¢ Devon) pane (od) “Thats why U dont te ee anymore hve im Lor = Angieg Grains lak udder eld toa # sae ee eee Z J I 3 fs cae 7 1 eto sr oan) = SS SSS ‘A (Spoken) Helo et me node pe Gino ed) Dino 3), % FS aS fm immensely store when I wee 4 In 1 could Mt wp ‘vo i) too 2d), hve 3d) fre mito th endo shovel. Theron nee ok up marl art besos wat inert fame Gino 3, Noo.) Dino Se) and FW probably Kl everybody tha cme nto contact wth Iw phenomenally sro Pewo 3) ie ad Ego myndnpre and Ego what make he weld od Ne Ghent > 3 (Spoten) Emybody now” that the ctr of te own on the Hol=Wy = wood Hl The yout cur ova ot Rod on Dro 3a) ~ oe emmy 2, Ewa ‘wet (Spohen The a tinea nt verse 2: ‘od ne of ars fw dsen bares ‘Tee Navas tin te Yd Fo Yori Re' yeaming ut bens he ear Hetiseeysivee Ca ‘Retstom mate wale that sayin ht posket, ‘Red nee come out ogy i winning a poke plain the Joker ‘And sway het when eae verse: Ree Red at rane ys ed Buti you dare to aga theft fis bd ‘Youll wi you'd never ben tor ‘bear with sre head we dont nan you oebead Hester format of te ay (Wide eyed nd ele tes bens for ek 9 ‘Your problem Radney 2 A