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Finance Major

Name: Date: Last Revised:8/1/16 1st year Fall

Eastern in 4 Notes Subj, Crs# Title Requirement/s Crs.
You have Major requirements and LAC requirements. Fill out all blank boxes with course information
Minimum of 120 credits are required to graduate. If you have unfilled space, fill in with "Elective"
LAC requires 1 natural science lab (T1NS or T2NS)
Major Specific Notes
*Students should complete ECO 325 before registering for FIN 438
** Students should complete FIN 346 before registering for FIN 446
*** Students should complete FIN 347 before registering for FIN 437 Total 0
ECO 201, 225, and 301 meet Eastern's major writing requirements and must be taken in residence. 1st year Spring
Subj, Crs# Title Requirement/s Crs.
Majors need an in depth knowledge of the fundamental 300 level courses for greater appreciation of the upper level
courses. This above deliberate sequencing of courses will help students achieve it.

LAC Requirements
Shaded Blue Box indicates course may count for both Major requirement and LAC. Check Degree Evaluation
on eWeb.
DONE Course Title Requirement Credit Rec. Year Prerequisite
LAC Tier 1 Total 0
FYI 100 First-Year Introduction FYI 3 1st Must take in first 15 cr 2nd year Fall
ENG 100/P College Writing T1W 3 or 5 1st Subj, Crs# Title Requirement/s Crs.
Must take in first 30 cr
MAT 135/P Math for Liberal Arts T1M 3 or 4 1st
HPE 104/108 Health & Wellness T1HW 2 1st Take in first 60 cr
Arts in Context T1A 3 1st
Literature & Thought T1LT 3 1st
Historical Perspectives T1H 3 2nd
Natural Science T1NS 3 or 4 2nd
Social Science T1SS 3 1st Total 0
LAC Tier 2 2nd year Spring
Creative Expression T2CE 3 4th T1A or T1LT Subj, Crs# Title Requirement/s Crs.
Cultural Perspectives T2CP 3 2nd T1A, T1H, T1LT or T1SS
Natural Science T2NS 3 or 4 4th T1NS
BUS 205 Information Management T2IT 3 1st T1M
ECO 201 Individuals and Society T2IS 3 2nd T1SS
LAC Tier 3
BUS 301 Business Ethics T3 3 4th ACC 202, BUS 201,225,245,260

Total 0
Finance Requirements 3rd year Fall
DONE Course Title Requirement Credit Rec. Year Prerequisite Subj, Crs# Title Requirement/s Crs.
Major Requirements
ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I Major 3 1st
ACC 202 Principles of Managerial Acc Major 3 2nd ACC 201
BUS 201 Principles of Management Major 3 2nd
BUS 205 Information Management Major/T2IT 3 1st T1M Completion
BUS 225 Intro to Marketing Major 3 2nd ENG 100
BUS 250 Business Law I Major 3 3rd Total 0
BUS 260 Operation Management Major 3 2nd MAT 216 or ECO 215 3rd year Spring
BUS 301 Business Ethics Major/T3 3 3rd ACC 202, BUS 201,225,245,260 Subj, Crs# Title Requirement/s Crs.
ECO 200 Macroeconomics Major 3 1st
ECO 201 Microeconomics Major/T2IS 3 2nd T1SS
ECO 215 Stats for Business and Eco Major 3 1st T1M Completion
ECO 325 Money and Banking Major 3 3rd ECO 200, 201, ENG 100
FIN 245 Business Finance Major 3 2nd T1M or MAT 101, ACC 201
FIN 346 Investment Analysis Major 3 3rd FIN 245 Total 0
FIN 347 Financial Inst and Markets Major 3 3rd ECO 200 4th year Fall
FIN 437*** International Fincial Mgmt*** Major 3 4th FIN 245 Subj, Crs# Title Requirement/s Crs.
FIN 445 Case Studies in Fin Manage Major 3 4th FIN 245
FIN 490 Internship Major 6 4th Sr. Status

Finance Electives (Select 3 courses/9 credits)

FIN 348 Personal Financial Planning Major 3 3rd
FIN 349 Real Estate Finance Major 3 3rd BUS or FIN 245
FIN 438* Bank Management* Major 3 4th Total 0
FIN 446** Financial Derivatives** Major 3 4th BUS or FIN 346 4th year Spring
FIN 462 Seminar in Finance Major 3 4th Subj, Crs# Title Requirement/s Crs.

Transfer Courses (ECE, AP), Winter Courses, Summer Courses

Subj, Crs# Title Requirments Credits

Total 0
Grand Credit Total (120 minimum) 0
0 Congratulations, Graduate!