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Dear Wolff Families,

Welcome back to the Elise Wolff School Library! When your child comes to the library they will be learning to
locate materials, learning to use various reference sources, and hear quality pieces of childrens literature.
Beyond all of this, your child will borrow library materials.

During each scheduled library class, you child will return the previously borrowed books and check out new
materials. If your child does not return the previously checked out book(s) on time, he or she will not be
permitted to borrow another book until the book(s) is/are returned.

We take book health seriously. In accordance with CCSD Regulation 5134, fines are given for damaged
books. If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the book must be paid for. If your child moves to another
school within CCSD without returning a book, please have it returned to us through the childs new school
librarian. Please read over the Patron Agreement on the back and return to the library.

Please read through the following selected policies and expectations and take the time to discuss
them with your child.

Book Care Expectations:

Keep books clean; wash hands before touching

Keep books in a safe place away from young children, pets, food, and liquids
Turn pages carefully from the corner and use a bookmark to mark your place. Never write or draw in a
When you are not reading your library books, keep them in your backpack or in your classroom at

Behavior Expectations:

Be Kind and Work Hard

Book Selection:

Please take the time to discuss any topics you do not want your child to be reading about. They need to know
your expectations. Since we are a Reading Ranger school students will be given specific directions on levels,
point values, and genre of books they are to check out. Depending on the lessons being taught in your childs
classroom he or she may also be asked to check out a book on a specific subject or genre.

Thank you for supporting Wolffs library!

Happy reading,

Mrs. Vermillion Mrs. Patti

Sharlyn Vermillion, M.Ed. Cynthia Patti

Teacher-Librarian Library Assistant

Fines and Damaged, Overdue, or Lost Materials: Borrowing books from the Wolff Library is free. There is no charge for checking out books out
unless a title is lost or damaged. If this happens, the library should be compensated within about two weeks of the event. The cost depends on 1)
the amount of damage and 2) the total value of the book. Students need to pay the entire replacement cost of any book that the librarian determines
to be seriously damaged per CCSD Regulation 5134. Books achieve this status when there is enough moisture, writing, food, or physical damage
so than item can no longer circulate. The average cost of a paperback book ranges between $5-$8, and most hard cover books range between $20-
$30. Since these are average costs, the amount due for a replacement may be greater or less, depending on the actual value of a particular title.
This is also true for lost books. If a title is determined repairable by the librarians professional judgment, the actual fine will be done on a case by
case basis. Students are taught, reminded, and expected to examine all newly borrowed books for damage and report any blemishes to the library
staff. This is done to protect the patron from being held responsible for anothers book abuse.

Overdue notices will be given to students after two weeks of the book(s) being due.
Students with overdue books will lose borrowing privileges. Privileges will be restored when overdue books are returned or fines have
been paid.
If a fine remains unpaid, student high school diplomas will be withheld at the high schools discretion until the account is settled.
Fines will be assessed for limited damage that results from abuse or neglect on the part of the student. In no case should a fine exceed
25% of the full purchase of the item. For additional information about the Lost and Damaged Materials Policy, see CCSD Regulation 5134.

Moving In and Moving Out: When a new student arrives at Wolff Elementary School, all library debts to the former CCSD school must be taken
care of. We do the favor of returning any books or compensation to the former school. If a student leaves Wolff with a library book, the student and
parent/guardian should find some way to return the books, get a replacement to us, or pay the value of the book(s). You can 1) personally drop the
books or money off at the school office, 2) give the books or money to the librarian at the new school library (within CCSD) to send to us, or 3) mail
the books or money to us at Wolff Elementary School, 1001 Seven Hills Dr., Henderson, NV 89052.



Date: _____________________________________

1. STUDENT, if you agree with this contract, neatly print your first and last name as it appears in official school records (no
nicknames or abbreviations):

I, ________________________________________________will return my library materials on time. If I am responsible for a damaged or lost

book, I will compensate the library within a reasonable amount of time. I agree that two weeks is a reasonable amount of time to pay for lost or
damaged items.

2. PARENT/GUARDIAN, if you agree with this contract, print your first and last name:

I, ________________________________________________have read and understand the procedures for having my child borrow library
books. I will make certain that my child returns books on time and pays for lost or damaged items within about two weeks.

3. Classroom Teachers Name_______________________________________________________

4. Grade____________________

***Please return this form to the school library***