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Team 6C

Welcome to 6th grade @ PCIS!

Meet your teachers!

Ms. Adams
Hello! My name is Anna Adams. I am a graduate of Auburn University. Reading has been a passion of mine for
as long as I can remember. I am always reading! I have two fur-babies. There is Rudy the dog and Magick the
cat. I enjoy the outside. I love taking my dog to the park when it isn't scorching outside. I look forward to
meeting you all!

Email: Website:

Mr. Sanders
I will be your MATH teacher this school year. I am a graduate from Troy University. I have a Bachelor Degree
in Sports and Fitness Management and a Master Degree in Elementary Education K-6. My wife is also a teacher
here in Phenix City. We have two beautiful daughters. I love teaching MATH, traveling, playing golf, and
ALABAMA FOOTBALL! Looking forward to a great school year! Website:

Mrs. Price
My name is April Price and I will be teaching social studies on team 6C for the 2017-2018 school year. I am
originally from Columbus, Georgia where I attended Jordan Vocational High School. I earned my Bachelors
degree in K-6 grade Education at Alabama State University and a Masters degree in K-6 grade Education from
The University of West Alabama. I am married to another educator, Terrance. We have three wonderful
children, Zhayera, Chasity, and Grayson. I currently reside in Lanett, Alabama. I enjoy reading, watching and
attending football games, (Go Falcons!) and spending time with my friends and family. Please check my
website frequently for new information about social studies class. I look forward to working with your child this
school year. I can be reached at the following email address

Email: Website:

Mrs. McKissic:
My name is Sierra McKissic. I am a graduate of Alabama A&M University. At 29, I am married, have I child
and one on the way. I am looking forward to teaching your child Science this school year. My goal is for every
child to be successful, and I know that with your help we can accomplish that. Please feel free to contact me via
email if you have any questions or concerns. Again, I am looking forward to a wonderful school year.

Email: Website:

Red Devil Folders
A Red Devil Folder will be sent home every Tuesday with your student. This folder will contain the graded
work that your student has accumulated from the previous week. The folder may also contain progress reports
and important notifications from your students classroom teacher(s). Falcon folders are to be signed and
returned weekly with the graded work. Habitual failure to return a signed Falcon folder will result in a guidance

Student Planners
Student planners will be issued to every student at PCIS at the beginning of school. Student planners may
contain class agendas, assignments, objectives, and notes to parents. Our teams policy with regards to the
planner is as follows:
Students are not required to have the planners signed daily, but are required to have it signed when there
is a note to or from the teacher.
Failure to sign and return the planner when it has a note will result in a phone call to the parents.

Grading Policy
All classes at Phenix City Intermediate School will determine the grade of a student using the same policy. The
policy used for grading is as follows:
Major Grades 65% of the final average
Minor Grades 25% of the final average
Classwork/Homework Grades 10% of the final average

*Major Grades will be tests, research papers, labs, book reports, and major essays. A minimum of 6 major
grades will be recorded each 9 weeks.
*Minor Grades will be quizzes, journals, and all other assignments your student must complete from memory
without the aid of text. A minimum of 9 minor grades will be recorded each 9 weeks.
*Classwork/Homework Grades will be any assignment that a student must complete in class or at home with the
aid of text. A minimum of 12 classwork/homework grades will be recorded each 9 weeks.

Student behavior expectations

Students are expected:
1. To come to class prepared and ready to learn.
2. Participate in class, but not cause a disruption.
3. To respect other students opinion and property.
4. To leave food, drink, and gum outside of the school.

Class II and Class III offenses, as defined in the Phenix City Schools Code of Conduct, will be referred
immediately to an administrator. Class I disciplinary offenses (with the exception of dress code violations and
unauthorized electronic devices) will be handled by the classroom teacher using the following progressive
behavioral management plan:
1st Occurrence Warning
2nd Silent Lunch
3rd Call Parent/Guardian
4th Teacher Detention
5th Office Referral

Period Dates Days on Roll

First Nine Weeks August 07, 2017 - October 5, 2017 45

Second Nine Weeks October 06, 2017 December 15, 2017 45


End of First Semester December 15, 2016

Third Nine Weeks January 04, 2018- March 12, 2018 45

Fourth Nine Weeks March 13, 2018 - May 23, 2018 45

End of Second Semester May 23, 2017 90




HOMEROOM 7:45-7:50
Dismissal Bell 2:45

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Our team will do everything possible to ensure that the parents of our students remain informed. You will be
contacted via phone call, e-mail, written note, Falcon Folder, student planner, etc. In the event you would like a
parent teacher conference, please contact the teacher or our school counselor, Ms. Anderson Teachers will be given advance notice of the conference, and teachers will not be
removed from instructional time to conduct a conference.

Parent Involvement
Parents are welcome to come to visit their students anytime during the school year. Parents are free to visit
students at lunch or sit and learn with them in class. If you wish to speak with your students teachers in
reference to grades, discipline or any other individualized issue, please schedule a parent conference through the
sixth grade counselor or teacher.

Contact Information
In an effort to cut down on the amount of paperwork to be completed, we are requesting that you complete the
attached Student Information Sheet. This sheet will be shared with all teachers on our team. Also, please
remember to sign and have your student sign the bottom section stating you both have read and understand the
Team Syllabus.
Student Information Sheet

Students name ________________________ HB Teacher ___________________________

Parent/Guardian #1 ___________________________
Phone Number __________________________
Email __________________________________

Parent/Guardian #2 ___________________________
Phone Number __________________________
Email __________________________________

Alternate/Emergency Contact ___________________

Phone Number ___________________________

Allergies / Medical Concerns


Additional Concerns

Student/ Parent Signature

I have read and discussed the syllabus with my child. I clearly understand the stated terms and agree to do my
part in making sure that my child follows all rules and regulations for each class.

Students Name: _________________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: ________________________________________________________________

** Please sign and return this page to your homebase teacher.