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Instructions: {In practically all American made cars, | there is a control arm extending trom the inside end ofthe door lock cylinder. When a door key is turned, the control arm and connecting linkage are activated ta lack or } Unlock the door. The Car Door Lock Out Tool is used when the door key 's unavailable and only with the Vehicle owner's knowiedge and consent, | Before using this tool consult the vehicle manulacture's maintenance {and parts manual to become familar | with that particular door locking ‘mechanism. Door lock mechanisms ‘can vary from model year to year and {rom one manufacturer to another. | The control arm may be located to | the front or rear ofthe door lock The following table is a guide for use of your Car Door Lock Out Tool. Use the notched end ofthe tool to push ‘down on the control am. The pointed {dof the tool is used to pull up on the contro! arm, 4. The anti theft lack mechanism on late model General Motors cars including "X* and °J" body models requires that the too! frst be ‘lattened out by hand including the ‘notched end, 2 Insert notched end between the Outside ofthe window and the Weatherstripping at a point approximately 7 in. from the end of the door on the hinged side as shown, Always start withthe tool pointing Push bowwon venicte mane — fouicuron IcontRot anu | IWOST MODELS] | Jawerican wororsqPush Gremin | | uu ' Rubra oo PULL | [envscer—-—fruse 3. Mov too toward lock area at an DATSUN angle of approximately 15" About 15 pro s10st00,720,Puu. | 12in. ofthe tool mus be inserted to aroa sr picnue | contact lock. The angle must be Bd ra || maintained so thatthe notened ena jwOst WODETS af the tool can sip under he ant Foro fpuw. sone thal cover on the lock mechanism facaumes Pusu | and push against the internal lock | nasonirY OF cam. rons [NODE | [ere torone iene ee 4. As the tool makes contact withthe | |ronox OSH interal cam, push the tol hein | fovore 0S and down, whi atthe same time | Irowwe oC with he other hand pul on door = | [ewesinocoo—roce handle repeatediy util door opens, | | O ra} | There is a sight bend near each end directly toward the lock as shown above. The tool is inserted on the ‘outside of the window between the Glass and the weatherstripping | It weatherstripping is tight to glass, ‘move tool along join at window and probe for easy entry past the ‘woatherstripping keeping tool in lose contact to surface of glass. ‘Once past weatherstripping, move {ool to desired location above lock before penetrating further. Now push tool down on the control arm. This arm is above 3/4 in long ‘and will usualy be located about 1 3/4 t0 21/2 n. ftom the outer panel adjacent tothe lack cylinder. Some bend in the too! may be required due to the thickness of the door or the distance between the glass and the Control arm. Generally the fock can be activated to open by pushing down on the contrl arm, Occasionally the control arm must be pushed tothe rear or lifted. of the tool. When the tool is held flat against the glass, the bend will cause | the end ofthe tool to project out and skid over the lower glass channl. ‘The tools generally used with the bent end pointing outward. inthe ‘normal position the notched end will have to reach past the inside of th glass channel tif the arm with the lock rod attached. The tool must hhave a bend as shown to reach across the channel, Forte bent ond tid over e alte cane hs cre oboe iit beaten at sot he dian Gag soo (9) ay iat Sone sete oso some re tane ie ols bors shea pee theend heat em I nt oun tw chu ote cs Shanta mating tf sy een Rebon ncsssay oan te Spornate cine stomanore. | WARNING: This product ands packaging ‘ariaina chemical nouns he ste of Calta to caus cancer, ith detec chor eproaucte ham RES wita7c (v2) oliisseatrnesol y | Tool__ 0, Box 88259 + Tuna, WA 90198 Made in China © Copyright 2011 1-800-497-0852 «wa ai