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Diagnostic Test

Name: _________________________________________________ Grade: ________

Teacher: _______________________________________________ Score: ________

This test questionnaire contains 40 test questions. Examinees shall manage to
use the TWO (2) hours' time allotment.
Choose the correct answer from the option a, b, c, and d. There is only one
answer to each question.

I Direction: Read each item carefully. Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1.____________ is a name of persons, places, things or ideas.

a. noun b. verb c. plural d. singular
2. Which word has a different ending sound?
a. pots b. chefs c. cakes d. brands
3. How do plural forms are made in a singular nouns that end in a consonant and y?
a. s is added to a word b. no changes will be made
c. y is changed to I and then add es d. none of the above
4. In which example that the possessive form of noun used to show traits or
a. the girls eyes c. an hours time
b. St. Pauls Cathedral d. Aesops fables
5. Verbs in the present tense are used to express
a. regular or habitual action c. present conditions
b. facts or truths d. all of the above

For numbers 6 8. Underline the correct verb form to be used in each sentence.
6. The family ( consist, consists ) of seven members.
7. This year, the award ( go, goes ) to the Galilee family.
8. They ( live, lives ) at 6 Emerald St., Fern Village.

9. Which word has the vowel sound /iy/?

a. is b. ease c. bit d. hill
10. We are one big happy family. What is the underlined word?
a. plural noun c. linking verb
b. subject d. noun
11. Which of the following mode or tone of speaking show greediness?
a. I shall bring him some milk c. Let this be a sign for you.
b. Dont be afraid d. Hmmm! How much will you give me?
12. Which words are arranged in alphabetical order?
a. beef, begin, beggar c. hill, hide, high
b. edge, edit, editor d. omit, olive, oil
For numbers 13 15. Choose the meaning of the italicized word by encircling the
letter of the correct answer.
13. When one is breathless with excitement, he or she
a. could not breathe anymore c. is pale
b. is catching his/her breath d. is going to collapse
14. The phrase to look into the past means
a. to reminisce or to recall c. to study
b. to investigate d. to look directly
15. A double edged knife has
a. two cutting sides c. two handles
b. two sharp points d. two knives

16. To find the direct object, ask ______ or _______ after the verb.
a. where why b. what whom c. when where d. why how
17. A friend sent a birthday card to me. What is the indirect object of the sentence?
a. friend c. me
b. birthday d. card
18. A noun can be used as the subject of a sentence.
a. true b. false c. maybe d. none of the above
19. Which sentence expresses a tense in the past?
a. The boy plays ballgames on Saturdays.
b. My brother will teach them.
c. I paid all the accounts
d. Ralph collects stamps as a hobby.

For numbers 20 23. Write F if the statement is a Fact or O if it is an Opinion.

_____ 20. The Rock is another name for Corregidor.
_____ 21. Filipinos must preserve their customs and traditions.
_____ 22. The Banaue Rice Terraces is truly inspiring.
_____ 23. Pearl diving is a means of livelihood in Sulu.

For numbers 24 26. Circle the adjectives in the sentences below.

24. The prince needed immediate help for he was hurt.
25. The kindhearted lion let the mouse go.
26. They lived happily in the wide forest.

27. How to compare irregular adjectives?

a. Use less and least with things that cannot be counted.
b. Use well as an adjective only when you mean not sick.
c. Use farther/farthest when telling distance.
d. all of the above
28. Adverbs of manner cannot be placed at the beginning or at the end of sentences.
a. true b. false c. maybe d. none of the above
29. The part of the story that tells when or where the story happened is called
a. climax b. suspense c. conclusion d. setting

For numbers 30 34. Write S if it is a sentence and F if it is a fragment.

_______ 30. Flyovers are roads for vehicles.
_______ 31. How are skywalks built?
_______ 32. Can reach their destination faster
_______ 33. Neil Jade eats happily.
_______ 34. Left or right turns

For numbers 35 37. Combine the following pairs of words to form blends.
35. handy camera = ________________
36. breakfast lunch = ________________
37. smoke fog = ________________

For numbers 38 40. Underline the word that completes each sentence correctly.
38. Ducks swim among the ( read, reeds ).
39. JR feeds the chickens with ( coarse, course ) grain.
40. Princess Kate ( rained, reigned ) over her people.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work

learning from failure
-General Colin Powell-

Good luck and God bless!

-Maam Jean