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o The sky is big enough for birds to fly without hitting each other
o Dont believe if I win, other people must lose
o The beautiful ones are not yet born
o Environment Matters: Industry Analysis
o Environment Matters: When an industry with a reputation for
difficult economies meets a manager with a reputation for
excellence, it is usually the industry that keeps it reputation (WB)
o U helped put me in ACN?
o Have a reputation for excellence
o Academic industry you cant make money, hierarchy. Not
o Silicon Valley?
o Change management industry consulting cant scale
o Technology can scale companies
o Consider letting U in
o Co-founder
o My team should have been my BPlan group
o Follow trends
o Okay. Thats what it is. Im about to receive Our Lord in
KleosAfrica. Our Lady will beg for me.
o Dont take yourself so seriously
Dynamic thinking
Game Changers