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CV of Sultan Room -2015

Detailed CV of Sultan Room;; Skye ID: sultanswati1

Masters Degree-- Social Work, Department of Social Work, University of Karachi, First Division, 1995
B. A. (HONORS) -- Social Work, Department of Social Work, University of Karachi, First Division, 1996.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE/ POSITION HELD (16 years progressive working experience since 1995 to date)

1. Free-lance consultant- Jan 2015 to date, Pakistan

2. Program Manager, Tripoli, Oxfam-GB-June to Dec 2014- Lebanon

3. Head of Office, DRC/DDG, Sabha, Libya program-July 2013 to Feb 28th, 2014. Libya. None extension of my
work visa.

4. Head of Mission, Diakonie-Emergency Aid -based in Rumbek, Lakes States, South Sudan
Since January 1st, 2012 to June 30th, 2013 (end of 18 months contract).

5. Deputy Country Director-Darfur Mission (South and West)-North Sudan- IMC- International Medical Corps.; Since April 8, 2011 to 25 Dec 2011

6. Area Coordinator-Nyala South Darfur- North Sudan Program-Sudan

ARC-American Refugees Committee International, October 8, 2010 - April 7, 201. (6

7. Head of Base/Project Coordinator, Liberia; Merlin NGO;

Based in Sinoe County, Liberia-West Africa, since 20th October 2009-2nd Oct 2010 (End of one year fixed term

8. Senior Director/Outcome 1 team leader, LDP (Livelihood Develop Project), USAID funded program
Save the Children US, 30 Million USD project; based in Peshawar-NWFP Pakistan- May 28-October 19 2009.
(The program has been withdrawn on 31st October 2009, prior to its maturity due to strategic decision by the donors).

9. Director of Programs Indonesia, Banda Ache-Indonesia, Muslim Aid, an International humanitarian and
development NGOs. Based in Banda Aceh Indonesias Country Head Office; with responsibility of programs
planning, implementation and monitoring. First April to 31 December 2008,

10. Deputy Director Community Development, -NWFP and AJK, Pakistan, USAID Health Project, PRIDE,
(Primary Healthcare Revitalization, Integration and Decentralization in Earthquake-affected areas), January 5th,
2007- March 31st, 2008,,,,

11. Manager Field Operations, UNDP (United Nations Development Program), Pakistan,
(,, Dec 15, 2004 - January 4, 2007

12. Project Director, Family Planning Association of Pakistan (FPAP), Pakistan, May 2003 - 14 December 2004,

13. National Deputy Programme Manager, ICMC (International Catholic Migration Commission) Pakistan,,
March 1 2002 - April 30, 2003,

14. Assistant Project Manager, Save the Children (USA), Pakistan Afghanistan Field Office (PAFO) Pakistan,,
6 September 1999 28 February 2002

15. Project Co-Coordinator/ Project Manager, Shirkat Gah - Women's Resource Centre, Pakistan,
July 21st, 1997 - September 4, 1999

CV of Sultan Room -2015

16. Field Supervisor / Community Coordinator, The Aga Khan University, Community Health Sciences
Department, January 1995 - July 20th, 1997, Pakistan,


USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, UAE States, Qatar, Bahrain, Libya, Tunis, Lebanon,
Egypt, Turkey, Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda


Have done consultancy assignments and volunteer work related to emergency response, mobilisation, project
management and team management,, communication and capacity development for various organizations in


Research on Family Planning Grax village, Karachi; Various publications and researches on subject of Social
Development, Rights Based Approach and community mobilisation carried out.

Nationally, with excellent command of Urdu also have good understanding of Hincu and Punjabi with Pashto as
mother tongue. Internationally with excellent command of English and, working Knowledge of Arabic

Good IT Skills; proficiency in MS office, Outlook and Internet handling

HRDN, Net Aid, The White Ribbon Alliance, Amnesty International, RDP, WWF, the Net work


Participated, organized, conducted and facilitated several professional trainings, workshops and seminars
nationally and internationally on the subjects e.g. Management, Planning, Resource Mobilisation, Strategic
Planning, Organisation Development, Proposal Development, Participatory Methodology, LFA, RBM, Gender
mainstream, RH, PHC, NRM, Education, Public Private Partnership, Voluntarism, Facilitation, Communication
skills, Governance, Advocacy, Quality of Care, Community Organisation, Refugees, IDPs, Relief and

A universally educated, healthier, poverty free, prosperous, peaceful, and enlightened world with gender equality

Facilitate quality education and healthy ways of life through dialogue, capacity development and empowerment of
the marginalized segments of society especially of women.

To enable marginalized communities, to take initiative to bring positive and sustainable change, in their lives by
reducing the contributing factors to vulnerability, through contributing in achieving MDGs.

To be in a position, where I can further build, facilitate and managed team of committed professionals,
specializing in community development, education, health and gender issues to contribute to strengthening of civil
society institutions and indigenous system.

Demonstrated experience in building, leading and motivating teams and collaborative approach to team working.
Proven experience, confidence and skills in management of diverse, complex and multicultural team. Senior
Management role and leadership skills, cooperative and supportive team player.

Hands on experience in Social Mobilization, Emergency, Relief and Rehabilitation, Camp Management, Refugees

CV of Sultan Room -2015

and IDPs Assistance Programs, Primary Health Care, Education, child protection and livelihood program

Working experience with NGOs, INGOs, UN System, Funding Agencies and Consortium nationally and abroad.

Familiarity with major funding agencies such as; UNICEF, UNHCR, USAID, OFDA, BPRM, European
Commission (EC), and ECHO

Nationally and overseas working experience in Tsunami, Earthquake and conflicted effected areas in NWFP
and AJK Pakistan, and Banda Aceh Indonesia; Experience in coordination with government authorities, UN
agencies and funding organisation. Delivery of Relief, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and camp management in
accordance with SPHARE standards. Familiarity with HAP Standards in Humanitarian Accountability and
Quality Management, Safety & Security procedure, Emergency and evacuation plans and emergency
communication tree.

Cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity. Ability to stay focus in stressful situation. Able to work and live in
difficult and challenging environment, conditions and with less basic necessities for life.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, effective representational, negotiation and influencing skills,
good writing and IT skills.

An enthusiastic, proactive, flexible, adoptable, self-motivated, gender sensitive and resourceful employee.

Have the ability to think and plan strategically, creatively, and innovatively, work under pressure and tight

Willingness and able to travel extensively by road, air and ocean and skills to manage a large and varied workload.



Department of social work, First Division, University of Karachi, 1994

Masters Degree-- Social Work

First Division, Department of social work, University of Karachi, 1996


1. Free Lance consultant; Jan 2015 to date, Pakistan

2. Employer: Oxfam GB
Position: Program Manager, Tripoli, Lebanon
Career Level: Management
Location: Based in Checka
Duration of employment: June to Dec 2014

Major areas of duties and responsibilities achievements;

Managed, coordinated and led in the implementation of Oxfams Public Health, EFSL and protection
programming in Tripoli ensuring program quality, community participation, good partnership relations and
Coordination of and delivery of agreed plans or strategies.
Impact and influence is mostly within their own team but sometimes also in other parts of their department and/or
external public.
Providing specialist advice or specific skills to team.
Plans/objectives contribute to departmental/broader program strategy and can involve collaboration with other
Management tasks are complex and non-routine within a specialised unit/function.

CV of Sultan Room -2015

Requires the ability to analyse and communicate complex information to a wide audience.
Decision-making requires significant levels of judgement based on technical and management experience,
generally actively supported within line management or the programme team.
To play active role in lobby and advocacy on issues related to programmes through personal contacts and co-
ordination of allies.
To support fundraising efforts through proposal development and produce clear and quality reports (financial and
narrative) that demonstrates good accountability.
Maintain an analysis of the context and use this to inform interventions
Deliver demonstrable impact through direct programme action and advocacy action based on programme
experience and outcomes in order to bring about policy and practice changes relating to Syria Response strategy.
Overall responsible for the development and management of at timely and appropriate response in line with agreed
standards & Regional Syria Response Strategy
Lead on the overall programme design and development of a medium-long term strategy working together with
Govt, INGOs, partners and Oxfam staff.
Lead local partner identification process, and implementation ensuring strong and effective partnerhips
Act as a proactive member of the Lebanon SMT; collaborating with other departments and ensuring learning is
shared across teams
Identify and implement any mutually agreed capacity development plans with partners agencies/CBOs

3. Employer: DRC/DDG- Danish Refugee Council

Position: Head of Office, Sabha, Libya
Career Level: Management
Location: Based in Sabha, Libya
Duration of employment: July 5th 2013 to 28th Feb 2014
Reason for leaving job: Non-extension of work visa, (enclosed please find self explanatory letter
from DRC/DDG Country Director).

Major areas of duties and responsibilities achievements;

Ensured smooth running of the Sabha sub-office, including management and supervision of support staff and the
correct and efficient use of resources. Promoted team work, collaboration and synergies within the office, among
the project teams and with the Programme units at the Country Office level. Liaise with local government officials,
local NGOs, civil society organisations, local religious leaders, community leaders and other notables to ensure
support for and acceptance of DRC/DDG projects. Maintained close working relationships with donors,
international organisations and local counterparts, including representing DRC/DDG at local coordination
meetings Analyse socio-economic and political situation and trends, donor and government activity in the southern
region of Libya and help to identify opportunities and entry points for DRC/DDG. Coordinated the day-to-day
project activities, in reference to the annual/quarterly work plans approved by the Deputy Country Director
Programmes. Ensured compliance with international standards DRC is committed to e.g. HAP, NGO Code of
Conduct etc. Managed area-based budgets or delegated budget lines as required. Oversee the transactions of the
sub-office and ensure they adhere to DRC financial rules and regulations and DRC HR management policies and
procedures. Managed staff performance, providing an enabling environment for learning and knowledge sharing.
Identified and participated in capacity building/development activities, including identifying training needs,
facilitating/promoting training programmes. Led on the safety and security of DRC staff and property and ensure
the enforcement of security procedures in the sub-office.

4. Employer: Diakonie-Emergency Aid- http://www.diakonie

Position: Head of Mission- South Sudan
Career Level: Management
Location: Based in Rumbek, Lakes States, and South Sudan
Duration of employment: Jan 1st , 2012 to 30th June 2013
Reason for leaving job: End of 18 months contract

Terms of Reference and achievements;

Head of Mission, (Primary Health Care Program), Rumbek, South Sudan Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) runs
a Primary Health Care Program with eleven Health Care Facilities, 2 Primary Health Care Centers (PHCC) and 9
Primary Health Care Units (PHU) in the districts of Rumbek and Cueibet since 1998. Within its strategic planning,
DKH is aiming at handing the Primary Health Care Program over to a local partner organization by the middle of

CV of Sultan Room -2015

20'13. The necessary foundations have been created in the previous years and a master plan for the future of the
Primary Health Care Program was developed. The Head of Mission PHCP is based in Rumbek in Lakes State
South Sudan and is the representative of DKH in Rumbek as well as the focal point for projects and activities in
the State. South Sudan DKH is currently also working in the States of Eastern Equatorial and Jonglei.

The overall task of the position is to lead the PHCP staff and to manage all technical and administrative aspects of
the program
Liaison and coordination with the local partner organization (still to be identified) and MoH in order to prepare a
smooth handover of the project
Head of Mission reports to the DKH Desk Officer Stuttgart

Liaison with relevant stakeholders, i.e. Government of South Sudan (GoSS), lNG0s, local authorities, local NG0s
and communities
Supervision and coaching of all international (2) and local technical, financial, logistical and administrative staff in
the program
Ensured that the program is running according to DKH quality standards, including the provision of medical
services and maintenance of assets and premises
Financial and narrative reporting as per DKH requirements done
Budget management and related tasks done
PM&E of projects including financial monitoring and adaptation of PM&E tools were developed and implemented
Project related administration: Organization of project, review and team meetings, evaluations, external project
monitoring visits, etc.
In coordination with the health advisor staff recruitment and management, including mentoring, identification and
provision of required support done
Conducted regular field visits to PHCC and PHU for monitoring, supervision and training purposes as well as
internal audits
Travelling to the DKH Juba Office done
Identification of and Capacity Building for local partner organization done
Capacity building through formalized on the job training of local staff to enable smooth handing over to local
partner achieved
0rganized a structured well documented handing over process to the local partner organization
Ensured overall sound security management for persons and assets in Lakes State

2. Employer: IMC- International Medical

Position: Deputy Country Director-Darfur Mission, North Sudan
Career Level: Senior Management and member of Country SMT
Location: Nyala-South Darfur- North Sudan
Duration of employment: April 8th, 2001, (6 months contract)
Reason for leaving job: Career move to South Sudan

The Deputy Country Director (DCD), under the guidance and direct supervision of the Country Director (CD), is
responsible for the planning, design, implementation, supervision, expansion/development and administration of
the Darfur programs. The DCD is responsible for the management of International Programs/Health and support
staff as well as the national staff located in Darfur.

Abreast of IMC policy and procedure, program, operations and financial modality understanding. Working and
cordial relationship built up with national and international staff in Country Office and all 6 locations.
Project locations visits made and recommendation for improvement were provided.
Report build up with South and North Darfur Government, UN, INGOs and other stake holders
Successful take over of additional charge as SM UD Site
Advocated for UD Kalma IDP camp for access and safe water through TDH NGO and WES.
Initiative to start coordination meeting with Alsharooq local NGO, Triangle INGO, IMC and WESS for improved
coordination in order to reduced duplication of services and supplement each other in Um Dukhun.
Assessed the capacity of local NGO in UD
Amicably resolution and agreement with Hamedia IDP camp for closer of one clinic in coordination with

CV of Sultan Room -2015


1. Programs
- Effectively managed the Darfur programs, including planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluating, and
- Developed Darfur specific strategic plan and proposals for programs that will successfully transition our relief
programs to more long-term development programs.
- Worked closely with the State MoH Offices to identify a strategy for the strengthening the Sudan health care
- Represented IMC and liaise with local and national authorities, UN, NGO, and donor agencies to promote IMC
programs, facilitate successful coordination of activities and ensure transparency
- Reported regularly to the CD, providing timely updates of all situational and project developments

2. Position Specific - Management

- Oversee program administration, implementation, fiscal management and both expatriate and national staff.
- Oversee program operations and reporting, ensuring compliance with Donor regulations and local laws
- Monitored, evaluated and reported on all program activities and progress to the IMC Country Office in
Khartoum, Sudan
- Oversee the preparation of annual work plans and budgets
- Oversee the recruitment, training, and supervision of office staff
- Together with the Senior Operations Officer and the Medical Director, ensured implementation is consistent with
program goals
- Participated in writing and reviewing proposal applications
- Ensured proper utilization of grants

3. Human Resources
- Assisted the CD with the recruitment and selection of qualified program field staff, recommend promotions,
disciplinary action and termination of medical staff in consultation with supervisors
- Made frequent site visits to facilities to ensure that appropriate care and training are being conducted and to offer
support to field staff
- Maintained open lines of communication between yourself and all field staff

4. Training/Capacity Building
- Together with the Senior Operations Officer, Admin Finance Director, RSO, OM and the Medical Director,
determined the training needs of the field staff
- Ensured that senior national staffs are trained to increase their responsibilities in order to build capacity and
ensured sustainability of programs

5. Working Relationships
- Reports to the Country Director, based in Khartoum
- Worked with the Medical Director, Finance Director, Programs, RSO and OM to ensure the coordination of IMC
programs in Darfur
- Attended coordination meetings which are relevant to the Darfur programs
- Represented IMC at UN/INGO coordination and stakeholder meetings in Nyala

6. Representation
- Worked with key donor staff in the field to develop and maintain optimum financial and programmatic
- Interfaced with state government and relevant agencies in Darfur to ensure mutual understanding of programs
and maximize resource distribution and allocation of available funds
- Identified relevant coordinating institutions in Darfur (Ministries, Agencies, etc.)
- Participated in inter-NGO and UN Agency coordination meetings
- Ensured maximum visibility of the Agency amongst the NGO community
- Led the production of reports and ensure the timeliness and accuracy of information provided, as well as ensuring
confidentiality of sensitive information

7. Security
- Monitored the security situation
- Ensured that security guidelines, SOPs and policies are updated and respected by all staff

CV of Sultan Room -2015

3. Employer: ARC-American Refugees Committee International-INGO

Position: Area Coordinator-South Darfur- North Sudan Program
Career Level: Mid Management
Location: Nyala-South Darfur- North Sudan
Duration of employment: October 2nd, 2010 to April 7th, 2001 (6 months)
Reason for leaving job: End of WHO project


Under the direct supervision of the Head of Field Mission and in close coordination with the Senior Health
Coordinator and the WASH Coordinator, the Area Coordinator - Kalma will have overall responsibility for
managing all ARC programs and activities in the Kalma IDP camp in South Darfur. He/she will coordinate
activities closely with the Senior Health Coordinator and WASH Coordinator to ensure that standards and
protocols are followed.

Tasks accomplished/ major area of responsibilities:

Representation and Coordination:

Provided direct program oversight and supervise all Kalma national staff involved in WASH and
Health activities
Built and maintained good working relationships with local authorities, government officials, UN
Representatives, INGOs representatives, community leaders, and local NGO's. Represent ARC
To external entities by actively participating in security, program/sector coordination and
Government meetings etc
Managed an efficient communication link with the Head of Field Mission and the Nyala based
Management team on issues concerning security, HR, finance, technical programming and
General program management
Ensured the solid integration of support services (finance, logistics, administration and human
Produced weekly progress reports for WES and Ministry of Health and monthly progress reports
for ARC.

Program Management:
Monitored progress on Kalma related program implementation and budget spend down. Ensure
that reports (detailing progress against proposal activities and indicators), work plans, financial
Statements, budget spend down etc. are submitted to the Nyala field office in a comprehensive
and timely matter.
Coordinated the ARC Health and WASH activities with other INGOs, WES, UNICEF, cluster
leads, HAC, etc.
Ensured that technical support and oversight is provided to Kalma staff through close coordination
With the Senior Health Coordinator and WASH Coordinator.
Took an active role in assessments and proposal design for further activities.

Ensured that ARC resources in Kalma are managed appropriately and that ARC financial policies and
Procedures are followed.
Collaborated with the Finance Manager to ensure monthly financial projections and corresponding
cash requests are processed in a timely manner. Liaise with the Nyala based Finance Manager for
technical advice and assistance.

Logistics and Security:

Assume overall responsibility for the security and safety of staff and assets within Kalma Camp by
closely coordinating with the Security and Staff Safety Manager.
Liaise closely with Nyala based Logistics team to ensure that adequate logistics support is provided
for the Kalma team. Ensure that requests for programmatic supplies, equipment, medical equipment,
drugs, vehicles, fuel etc are submitted and procured in a timely manner.

Human Resources/Admin:
Guaranteed that all ARC operational procedures and guidelines are properly implemented.

CV of Sultan Room -2015

Ensured that all local staff policies, contracts, and disciplinary documents conform to local labor laws.
Provided exemplary leadership for the Kalma staff and coordinate solutions to HR issues with the
Headed of Field Mission and HR Managers in Nyala and Khartoum.
Resolved, when necessary, any internal problems including:
Conflicts between programs or operational departments were resolved amicably.
Improper used of resources
Supervised HR disciplinary action

National Staff Capacity Building

Ensured that the program national staff run and report the program according to proposed activities.
Made national staff aware of their responsibilities and promote accountability.
Worked to build the competencies of Kalma national staff.
Acting Head of Field Mission

4. Employer: Merlin, International NGO

Position: Head of Base/Project Coordinator
Career Level: Senior Management
Location: Greenville, Sinoe County, Liberia, West Africa
Duration of employment: October 20th to 2nd Oct 2010
Reason for leaving job: End of one year fixed term contract

Main purpose of the role:

To ensure that all aspects of the project cycle are implemented effectively for the Sinoe County programme

Overall Objectives (scope)

- To be an effective and efficient manager of the project consistent with the project management cycle, programme
objectives, activities and indicators
- To develop and maintain an effective team
- To ensure team safety and compliance with security regulations
- To represent Merlin with the County Health and Social Welfare Team (CH&SWT) , other NGOs, UN agencies,
local government bodies and other relevant parties
- To ensure appropriate administrative, financial and logistical Merlin systems/ procedures are in place, maintained
and adhered to so that all support functions are carried out effectively and efficiently
- Ensure partner implementation of project in line with Merlin and ECHO compliance

Tasks accomplished/ major area of responsibilities:

Operational Management
- Worked in partnership with the Health Coordinator to strengthen the capacity of health facility staff, local health
authorities and other partners
- Oversee the transfer of hospital support from the local implementing partner to the CH&SWT
- Ensured the consistent use of Merlin standard procedures, systems and guidelines
- Initiated and maintain regular, minuted project team meetings and hold more detailed planning workshops
periodically during the project cycle
- Reported in line with the relevant donor contracts and compliance requirements
- Ensured monitoring systems are in place and that project reviews/ audits are undertaken periodically in
conjunction with the team, the Country Operations Coordinator (Ops Co), local stakeholders and project partners
- Monitored the evolving humanitarian situation in the project region and consider strategic and immediate
- Interacted regularly with the Ops Co to ensure project fulfilment and donor / Merlin compliance.

- Ensured security guidelines are implemented and regularly updated
- Pro-actively monitored the political, military and security situation in the project area and respond accordingly.
For security issues inform the Ops Co, Logistics Coordinator (Log Co), security officer and Country Director (CD)
- The Project Coordinator (PC) was responsible for the execution of the project against the agreed objectives and
within the agreed budgets; however, in carrying out these responsibilities the safety and security of the team are

CV of Sultan Room -2015

Programme Development
- Ensured all relevant authorities are included in the planning and implementation of projects as appropriate
- Draw up plans, proposals and budgets for new projects/ project extensions in conjunction with relevant
operations, logistics, medical and financial staff and implementing partner organisations
- Pro-actively contributed to programme development and strategy

Logistics/ Finance/ Administration

- Maintained familiarity with donor compliance issues for ECHO, ensuring the project is compliant with donor and
Merlin procedures
- Ensured regular communications are maintained between the Sinoe office and the Monrovia office
- Prepared and submit projected expenditures each month (cash forecasting)
- Was responsible for financial management and accurate control of the project budget
- Documented the project for transparency and future donor inspection/ audit
- Was responsible for overall line management of the field sites logistical activities including procurement and
construction in collaboration with the field logistician, construction manager and Monrovia staff

Human Resource Management

- Optimised, in conjunction with other team members, the use of human, logistical and financial potential
- Where relevant, contributed to job descriptions, staff selection and person specifications
- Planed national and international staff requirements and liaise with relevant staff at the Monrovia office
- Maintained good inter-team communications, engender good team dynamics, and take suitable action when
problems occur
- Supported team members professionally and monitor/ support stress management
- Ensured that appraisals are carried out as per Merlin standard requirements and procedures
- With the Field Medical Coordinator, ensure appropriate capacity development and training of all Sinoe national

- Participated in donor visits and relevant discussions with donors
- Represented the project/ Merlin to local government authorities and other parties as necessary
- In discussion with the CD, and according to Merlin guidelines, be the projects contact with the local media
- Ensured all relevant parties are kept informed on Merlin activities as appropriate

Grant Management
- Edit and compile donor and quarterly reports from partners
- Facilitated financial distribution to partners of allocated funds
- Monitored and support expenditure of budget by partners
- Provided logistical support where possible to partners to ensure fulfilment of objectives
- Coordinated all procurement done by Merlin on behalf of partners
- Acted as focal point for communications between Merlin and partners in the project
- Ensured regular and minted project review meetings with both management and field teams in implementing

5. Employer: Save the Children US

Position: Senior Director/Outcome 1 team leader
Career Level: Senior Management
Duration of employment: 28 May to October 19, 2009
Reason for leaving job: (The program has been withdrawn on 31st October 2009, prior to its
maturity due to strategic decision by the donors).
Purpose of Post:
This position was responsible for all programmatic, managerial and financial aspects of SCs work under for the
Livelihoods Development Program (LDP), a $30 million sub grant in the FATA region of Pakistan. The LDP
was a five-year intervention by the Government to improve the lives of individuals and families living in Bajaur,
Mohmand, Khyber and FR Peshawar. SC, as part of the consortium, was responsible for job creation, non-formal
education and adult literacy, youth development and community infrastructure. The position was responsible for
ensuring that all contractual obligations are met, the project is implemented on time and within budget and that
Save the Children internal compliance and regulations are adhered to. This position reports to Country Director
Save the Children Pakistan.

CV of Sultan Room -2015

Tasks accomplished/ major area of responsibilities:

Developed an overall strategy and implementation plan across all the project activities/ sectors for which SC
is responsible

Led the programs strategic, financial, and operational planning, including the annual work planning process
and development of an appropriate exit strategy.
Ensured strategic planning alignment with decision-making, goal setting and problem solving
Provided regular analysis, recommendations and feedback to the Consortium members and other stakeholders
on the program strategy and implementation;
Ensured effective information sharing and coordination of activities with other consortium members, and STC
Pakistan programming sectors and projects;
Developed and document best practices, share with the larger LDP Community; negotiate programmatic
Directly supervised the Director Jirga Support, Director Education and Director Household Infrastructure
Led efforts at program innovation; foster regular discussions with key stakeholders as appropriate; design
program modifications as needed;
Worked closely with Directors to ensure systems are in place to guarantee timely and effective
implementation of project activities: M&E, training, community development, technical assistance, staffing,
and reporting;
Ensured necessary training and technical assistance is made available to develop capacity to implement LDP
Conducted regular supervisory visits and provide recommendations as necessary;
Oversee production and dissemination of all reporting and narrative documents required by SC for both local
and international audiences
Liaise with Islamabad based Country Director on the programmatic and management matter.

6. Employer: Muslim Aid, international development and humanitarian NGO

and Program Manager UNICEF Drilling Project
Career Level: Senior Management (fixed term contract)
Duration of employment: April 1 to 31December 2008
Reason for leaving job: End of fixed term contract

Tasks accomplished/ major area of responsibilities:

I was responsible to manage Muslim Aids Indonesia (MAI)s programs. I was based in Banda Aceh, Indonesia,
country head office with travelling to other sub field offices in Padang, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and other districts of
Aceh province. My responsibilities included leading, managing and supervising of MAI programs by providing
technical guidance, support, supervision and monitoring.

Purpose of Post:
To support the Country Director in delivering programmes in line with Muslim Aids global vision and strategy.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities;


Managed UNICEF drilling well projects implementation, including allocation of resources and, ensuring that
appropriate controls maintained, by working with team. Ensured proper planning, execution, management,
monitoring and coordination. Prepared reports, meeting minutes, relevant documentation, work plans, budget,
proposals for extension, represent to donor and deliver presentations.
Helped that, team members are, effective and efficient and, contribute the necessary work to ensure project a
success. Provided feedback to Country Director and, project staff to ensure optimal performance.
Managed team effectively, including performance management, delegating authority where appropriate and,
ensuring that staff given opportunities for personal growth, capacity development and training.
Coordinated and facilitated overall delivery of MAI programs in close collaboration with other program teams.
Supplied adequate support to program team including, strategic vision and technical input and advice, when
Assisted, facilitated and, advised new areas for programme and, organisational development in terms of both
programme growth and impact.

CV of Sultan Room -2015

Conducted field visits and monitor progress of projects and programs, prepare monitoring reports,
recommendations for improvement and, share feedback with Country Director and concern team.
Explored plans for programme expansion and, develop potential for further programme funding, in consultation
with Country Director.
Identified and maintained program partnerships with external organisations.
Provided support to the sub-offices for programme delivery, when required.
Kept the Country Director up to date, with progress and development of program and associated needs

Actively participated in Senior Management Team (SMT), meetings and participatory involvement in the decision
making process.

Established working relationship with potential donors, UN agencies, private sector and, other bilateral agencies
for the improved status of Muslim Aid Indonesia and, seek possibility of funding.
Maintained up-to-date information on donor interests and priorities and, develop profile of donors by sector in
Maintained efficient communication with donors by tracking trends and anticipating of funding opportunities.
Contacted potential new donors and meeting them with, a vision to inspiring and leading them to become regular
donors to Muslim Aid.
Analysed with MAI vision and mission, donor calls for funding applications including tenders, expressions of
interest and, requests for proposals
Prepared project proposal, other project related documents in close collaboration with SMT and Finance
department, when desired by Country Director.
Negotiated contracts and agreements, with donors agencies ensuring both programmatic and financial
requirements, in conjunction with MAI senior staff and finance department
Ensured that donors properly acknowledged, receive progress reports in a timely mode, and are invited to
participate in appropriate events.
Facilitated and coordinate donor monitoring and evaluation visits, in conjunction with program team
Developed and maintain effective relations with key government institutions, Local government, Provincial,
National (relevant authority), in order to widen Muslim Aids impact, to stay responsive to opportunities and
threats that, may arise in relation to our mission in Indonesia.


Identified and participate in forums and meetings for the NGO sector where a strategic benefit for Muslim Aid
Initiated establish and maintain coordination and liaison with Local government, Provincial and National relevant
government to, further build up image of Muslim Aid in Indonesia and, report to Country Director.
Created and protract working relationship with stakeholders, NGOs, INGOs, UN agencies and, civil society
organisations for the improved illustration of Muslim Aid Indonesia.
Coordinated with DEPSOS for supplementing and complementing each other, in compliance with MAI programs
intervention in Indonesia.

Represented MAI in private sector partners, current and potential donors, government ministries, UN agencies,
non-governmental organizations and, other stakeholders and share MAI interventions, prepare meeting minutes,
share with Country Director and MAI team.
Attended and represent Muslim Aid in coordination meetings, seminars, workshop and share learning with MAI
team and Country Director in writing.
Identified, and where necessary, initiate and maintain program partnerships with external agencies.

Encouraged building the capacity of program team through exploring in house cross-sharing learning
Provided opportunities to MAI program team, in external events, meetings and seminars to persuade capacity
building of team.
Discovered peripheral capacity building opportunities for staff, share with Country Director for nomination of
relevant program team members.

CV of Sultan Room -2015

7. Employer: IRC (International Rescue Committee)

Position: Deputy Director Community Development and Head of Field Office
Career Level: Senior Management, Grade MKC Step 4
Project: PRIDE, USAID health Project, (Primary Healthcare Revitalization,
Integration and Decentralization in Earthquake-affected areas)
Duration of employment: 5th January 2007- March 31st, 2008
Reason for leaving job: An opportunity to work abroad, with Tsunami affected Indonesia.

Tasks accomplished/ major area of responsibilities:

I successfully managed PRIDEs Community Development Component, in district Mansehra-NWFP and Bagh
AJK. My responsibilities included, leading the department, managing and supervising Community Development
Team and provided technical guidance to all community-related interventions. I was a member of, Field Senior
Management Team (FSMT), Head Office Senior Management Team (SMT) and had an additional responsibility
as District Program Coordinator (DPC), and had managed over all projects in Mansehra. My further achievement
are as under;
Coordinated, designed, planed and implemented all community-participation related activities for the project;
Identified, selected, trained, facilitated, monitored, and supervised partners organisation NGOs/INGOs for
execution of Community Development Component of PRIDE.
Selected, facilitated, monitored, and supervised National level Consulting Firms for under taking KPC, Audience
Research, BCC, Health Rights awareness Seminars and other project related intervention.
Prepared feasibility, selected Firms, supervised and monitored for undertaking of Community Seeds Grants and
Community Finances. Developed, rationalized and built capacity of LHW component of the project.
Ensured timely implementation of project components, in accordance with the cooperative agreement, donor
regulations, and internationally recognized quality standards;
Developed long-term and short-term priorities, implementation plans, financial projections and tools for
evaluation; and device BCC strategy for enhanced community participation.
Provided technical assistance in the design and implementation of plans and activities to increase community
participation in health and have developed community mobilisation strategy, tools and standards.
Established effective working relationships with partners organisation, Union, Tehsil and District.
Staff, recruited, TOR developed, on job capacity building carried out; monitoring, supervision, participatory
performance appraisals done.
Prepared and submitted quality, timely and result oriented reports; on donor required format.
Organized and facilitated training events workshops and consultative discussions at district and national level
Supported project staff by creating and maintaining a work environment that promotes teamwork, trust, mutual
respect, and empowers staff to take responsibility and show initiative
Signatory of the project and having budget management role and responsibilities.

8. Employer: UNDP (United Nations Development Program)

Position: Manager, Field Operations
Career Level: Professionals
Job Type: Service Contract (SC 10)
Project: Support to Decentralization and Good Governance in Pakistan,
Support to DTCE (PAK/02/009/NEX)
Duration of employment: December 15, 2004 - 4 January 2007
Reason for leaving job: Willingness to work in earthquake effected areas

Tasks accomplished/ major area of responsibilities:

I worked with UNDP as Manager Field Operations, to support decentralization process in Pakistan through DTCE.
Being head of Field Operations, I managed UNDP-Nex projects operations, which included its programs, finances
and human resources in 8 districts of Punjab and NWFP, Pakistan.
National level NGOs identified, short-listed, selected for good governance project execution. NGOs were trained,
facilitated and monitored against agreed targets in AIP.
Participated in the annual integrated planning and budgeting process, including mid-term and final
Undertook provincial awareness campaigns with line departments and district Nazims in coordination with the
provincial government.
Contracted union awareness campaigns with the union administration, union councils, village neighbourhood, and
local civil society, for improved service delivery and CCBs promotion.
Assisted in the development of withdrawal strategy and handover responsibilities to local stakeholders, for

CV of Sultan Room -2015

implementation to sustain the initiative.

Ensured compliance with all donors and organizational financial and administrative guidelines and regulations as
they applied to program, with management of significant budget.
Authorized responsibility by PMU and, had disbursed seed funds for CCBs projects in all districts.
Established and maintained working relationships with Union, Tehsil, District and NGOs for improved
coordination, synergy and encouraged best practices.
Initiated and maintained networking and liaison among CBOs, CCBs, NGOs, partner organisations and Local
Government, for achieving devolution at grass roots level.
Direct line management of senior professionals held, recruited, TOR developed, on job capacity building carried
out; monitoring, supervision, participatory performance appraisal and performance based incentives (reward
recognition), were executed.
Prepared quality, timely and result based reports; monthly, quarterly, yearly narrative and statistical on
organizational and donor required format.
Organized, facilitated and managed Awareness program, seminars and workshops at union, Tehsil and district

9. Employer: Family Planning Association of Pakistan (FPAP)

Position: Project Director
Project: Family Health Project and other 5 funded Projects
Duration of employment: May 2003- 14 December 2004
Reason for leaving job: Better job prospects in UNDP

Tasks accomplished/ major area of responsibilities:

Headed and managed FPAPs operations in District Kohat and lakki Marwat, being the over all head of the
operations; including its programs, finances, human resources, IT and administration. I successfully managed
various 7 different donors funded projects in both the districts.
Direct line management of senior professionals held, recruited, TOR developed, on job capacity building carried
out; monitoring, supervision, participatory performance appraisal, and performance based incentives implemented.
Organized, facilitated and managed training events, seminars, workshops and consultative discussions at district,
provincial and national level.
Organized and conducted various exposure visits for community representatives, volunteers, CBOs, government
officials and staff to other potential projects for, lesson learnt and promotion of best practices.
Formation of Kohat Ullamas Network (KUN), for promotion of safe motherhood and Family Planning.
Formation of District Kohat NGOs forum (DKNF), to meet district level challenges and influence policy.
Established and maintained close working relationships with community, private sector and stakeholders.
Developed communication strategies for partner organizations working in rural development, and civil society
enhancement. Local resource mobilized through advocacy with stakeholders.
Developed Business and Operational Plans, SOPs, annual budget, SWOT and Strategic Planning for FPAP.
Closely worked with the Senior Management to identify, adapt, synthesize, get synergy, disseminate and
integrated lessons learned and best practices for improving the quality of services.
Introduced Results-Based Management (RBM), and results-oriented annual reporting system.
Prepared and submitted timely and result oriented reports; monthly, quarterly, yearly, narrative and statistical
reports on donor (s) prescribed format.
Finance signatory during the entire employment period.

10. Employer: ICMC (International Catholic Migration Commission)

Position: National Deputy Programme Manager, Pakistan Urban Programs
Project: Urban EVIs Afghan Refugees, identification,
Repatriation and care, funded by BPRM-USA and UNHCR
Duration of employment March 1, 2002- April 30, 2003
Reason for leaving job: ICMC closed all operations in Pakistan due to Afghan war

Tasks accomplished/ major area of responsibilities:

Managed ICMC operations at provincial and national level including its programs, finances, human resources, IT,
logistics and administration. Planned, established, executed, reviewed and monitored ICMCs Urban Program
(EVI and Legal), in 3 provinces of Pakistan; NWFP, Rawalpindi/Islamabad and Baluchistan.
Staff recruited, trained, facilitated, supervised and performance appraisals conducted successfully.
National level NGOs identified, short listed, selected for EVI and UNHCR legal programs execution. NGOs were
trained, facilitated and monitored against agreed targets using LFA and other monitoring tools.

CV of Sultan Room -2015

Capacity building of stakeholders (Community, CBOs, NGOs, GOs) and program staff in various fields.
Networking and linkages were developed with, district, provincial line departments, GOs and NGOs.
Participated in district, provincial and national levels dialogue, seminars and workshops and, represented ICMC,
where required.
Worked with the Senior Management and developed a system for the monitoring and evaluation for both projects
to ensure timely and effective reporting on project performance and results, and strategic dissemination of
knowledge. Prepared ICMC annual budget, SWOT analysis and strategic planning.
Various concept papers as well as project proposals developed and submitted to head quarters for funding.
Ensured compliance with all donors and organizational financial and administrative guidelines. Financial
oversight, accountability and reporting.
Developed and submitted accurate, timely and result oriented reports; monthly, quarterly, yearly, narrative and
statistical reports on organizational and donor required format.
Finance signatory during the entire employment period.

11. Employer: Save the Children-US

Position: Assistant Project Manager
Project: District RH Project, funded by Dutch Government
Duration of employment: 6 September 1999 28 February 2002
Reason for leaving job: Career move to work with Refugees and IDPs

Tasks accomplished/ major area of responsibilities:

Headed CMD (Community Mobilisation Department) s operations in District Haripur. Management of CMD
team, recruitment of staff, JD developed and capacity building carried out; monitoring, supervision, participatory
performance appraisal and performance based incentives were executed.
Profiles developed, area selected, baseline surveys conducted, FGDs with community and stakeholders for
program planning and implementation was carried out, through community participation.
Mobilized and sensitized community, CSOs, and line department for improved health out comes.
Organized and facilitated training events, workshops and consultative discussions at village, union and district
level to sensitized stake holders for improved health out comes.
Coordinated, designed and implemented community mobilization and behaviour change communication strategies
focusing Primary Health care.
Established and maintained effective working relationships with community, Union, Tehsil, District Council,
INGOs and Civil Society organizations.
Devised and developed strategies for enhancing community-based approaches for project interventions
Established Community Forums for Reproductive Health (CFRH) at Union level; RH-Committees at Tehsil level
and, was linked to BHUs, RHCs, THQ and DHQ, for heath facility improvement
Facilitated forming of District Health Board (DHB), for district level health planning and management.
Formed District Haripur Ullamas Network (DHUN), a district religious leaders forum; to support health
interventions and improved status of women.
Being Acting Program Manager on occasions, during non availability of Program Manager
Prepared and submitted quality, output based and timely reports; monthly, quarterly, yearly on organisational
required format.
Finance signatory during the entire employment period.


Position: Project Coordinator/ Project Manager
Project: Mangrove Rehabilitation Project, Funded by NC-IUCN
Duration of employment: July 21st, 1997 - September 4, 1999
Reason for leaving job: Completion of project

Tasks accomplished/ major area of responsibilities:

I headed Mangrove Rehabilitation Project, and was responsible for the over all management of project, including
planning, designed, establishment, implementation, management and monitoring.
Area selected for plantation, village assessment carried out, basket weaving, and honeybee keeping research
feasibility study conducted and intervention implemented in costal villages of Sindh and Baluchistan provinces.
Mobilized and sensitized villagers and civil society organisations for sustained use of natural resources and, had
developed mechanism for sustainable use of natural resources.
Mangroves were planted with community participation and CSOs through adoption of positive deviant approach.

CV of Sultan Room -2015

Formed and build capacity of Village Committees (VCs) for plantation, monitoring, community development and
wise use of natural resources in project area.
Established and maintained coordination and linkages between Shirkat Gah, IUCN, Sindh Forest Department and
communities, for trouble shooting and management of project intervention.
Developed, implemented, managed and monitored programs intervention with management of significant budget.
Conducted PRA with fishermen to identify performance indicators of costal eco system.
Managed staff, recruited, TOR developed, on job capacity building carried out; monitoring, supervision,
participatory performance appraisal, and performance-based incentives were implemented.
Various project proposals were developed and submitted to head office for funding.
Submitted quality, timely and result oriented reports using RBM; monthly, quarterly, yearly narrative and
statistical reports on organizational and donor required format.

13. Employer: THE AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY, CHS Department

Position: Field Supervisor / Community Coordinator
Project: Urban Health Project, funded by Aga Khan Foundation (AKF)
Duration of employment: January 1995 - July 20th, 1997
Reason for leaving job: Completion of project

Tasks accomplished/ major area of responsibilities:

Selected 05 locations for execution of Urban Health Program in rural colonies of urban slums. Surveyed 300
Katchi Abadis, area profile developed, data analysed, consultation with community and stakeholders for program
planning and implementation was carried out in a participatory manner.
Formed 10 CMT (Community Management Team) and CDMT (Community Development Management Team) in
selected Katchi abadies of Karachi, to improve the health and development status of community.
Health Facility Management Committees (HFMC) was established in rural sindh and urban locations of Karachi
for planning and management of health facilities.
Mobilized and sensitized communities, civil society organisations, religious leaders, Press, social workers,
community representatives, teachers and government institution, through BCC, capacity building intervention and
exposure visits, for health seeking behaviour and increased utilization rate by public health facilities.
Participated, organised and facilitated trainings events, dialogue, and focus group discussion at village level.
Networking and linkages of community were enhanced, with district line departments and NGOs.
Community Mobilisation staff was managed; monitored, supervised and capacity building was undertaken.
Trained university students and Research Fellows, in development process and mobilizing communities.
Prepared daily activity dairy, weekly, monthly and quarterly narrative reports.
Program presented to stakeholders and community in larger audience.


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CV of Sultan Room -2015

Name: Sultan Room
Date of Birth: January 2, 1973
Gender: Male
Health: Very Good
Hands on experience: 16 years (Since 1995 - to date), nationally and internationally
International language: English Excellent
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First language: Pushto, Excellent
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