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The Last Word in Airfields A Special History Study of Crisyy Field Presidio of San Francisco, California by Stephen A. Haller Park Historian Golden Gate National Recreation Area San Francisco National Park Service 1994 Management Summary Project Background Hisoricl Context. Site Hisory Summary Sindy Bonaries, Methodology and Scope Adminiarative Contos. Semmary of Findings (as Hema yn) Site History (Chapter Ifa the beginning (Chapies 2: An Ali is Exablished, 1919-1922 (Chapter 3: Early Operations, 1922-1924 (Chapser 4 OF Races and Runway, 1924-1934 (Chapter 5: Winding Dowa, 1935-1940 (Chapter 6 War and Post-War, 1941-1993 Significance and Integrity Assessment Recommendations Acknowledgements Bibliography Appendices ‘Commanding Oficers,Crisy Feld Type of Aircraft at Cray Bild Roster of Fourth Army Intligence Schoo Map of Crisy Field, 1928 Map of Crisy Field, 1994 « ‘Map of Future Crissy Feld mm ooe> Table of Contents 105 108 m2 14 16 us 120 123 2s ww