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Task 2b) : Reflection

Write a reflection of your experience teaching the selected activity

1.0 Introduction

It is cannot be deniable that everyone loves to Involves in Play and Drama.

Since young, we were exposed to variety of drama. It could be fiction, fairy tales or
fables. According to Nesamalar Chitravelu, Saratha Sithamparam & Teh ( 2005), one
of the childs first encounters with literature is through the stories and drama he or
she is told. It is an enjoyable way of learning language which is through listening or
watching to plays and drama. We were assigned to select one drama technique that
can be used to teach the graphic novel which is entitled The Jungle Book and We
have to describe a suitable activity that can be carry out on the selected drama
technique. I Were complited my stimulated teaching on 10th September 2015 and it
was evaluated by Dr Sharmini Ghanaguru and Dr Premalatha Baskaran Nair.

2.0 Technique that I chosed

The technique that I chose for this activity is Pantomime. A pantomime is

understood to be acting without words or as it has been introduced to students as
silent acting. It is the expression of body or facial movements only. Pantomime is
showing itself to be a dynamic way for students to interact with literary texts.

3.0 Reasons for the selection of technique

I chose this technique because it is one of the most accessible forms of

dramatics that can be incorporated into the classroom. Pantomime can be used at
any age level and can be easily adapted to any level of difficulty to help the teacher
reinforce the lesson. When encouraged, pantomime can help to develop nonverbal
communication, concentration, and the ability to put action and thought together.

4.0 Why these technique and activity are suitable

This technique can be incorporated to encourage the students to engage in a

fun activity. Other than that, this technique allows the students to read or learn the
concept and allow students to use their imagination and realize that any idea that
they have can be creative and completely different than the rest. I think this is a great
technique to encourage students to express their ideas and appreciate their
creativity. Moreover, this technique leads the students to focus and increase their
attention level to carefully observe the action and guess what the other students are
trying to express. As the students have realized that everyone has different
imagination, they will learn that this leads to different movements to pantomime their
idea or message. Overall, this technique can be used in the classroom for fun

5.0 Conclusion

Pantomime is indeed an interesting activity for children. This will provided the
students a platform to improvise their non verbal communication skills in perform the
play of The Jungle Book. I can use this technique in my future teaching and create
a fun learning environment through pantomime technique to my students.