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Sonia s Career Report

1. My Top 15 Jobs
1. Crossing Guard 6. Art/Music Therapist 11. Arborist
2. Advertising Copywriter 7. Image Consultant 12. Gerontologist
3. Conservation Officer 8. Bioethicist 13. Artist
4. Art Director 9. Camera Operator 14. Translator
5. Child and Youth Worker 10. Gardener 15. Tree Harvester

2. Top 2 jobs

Top 2 Jobs I am most interested in

1. Child and Youth Worker

2. Art/Music Therapist

3. Go to the Interviews on the left side menu. Click on Likes and Dislikes and report on 2 likes and 2 dislikes
from each interview. (See top right of interview page.) Report in point form below. Include your own likes
and dislikes

Child and Youth Worker

Likes Dislikes

1. April- Working with kids and finding the good 1. April The long and hectic days
qualities in them as well as forming meaningful 2. April The difficulty of separating work from
relationships. personal life
2. April The opportunity to do a variety of different 3. Sonia - Long days with no time for a personal life
jobs. (case management work, individual and family 4. Sonia Being under a lot of pressure, having
counseling and group facilitation someone else depend on you over a long period of
3. Sonia Working with individuals of different ages time
and forming meaningful relationships with them
4. Sonia Making a positive difference in others

Art/Music Therapist
Likes Dislikes

1. Evelyn Seeing the children apply the skills they 1. Evelyn The lack of opportunity for professional
learn to their daily lives development
2. Evelyn Creating music with the kids 2. Evelyn Time constraints (wanting to spend more
3. Evelyn See the kids start to become engaged and time with a patient but not being able to)
express themselves musically 3. Evelyn The time required to travel from client to
4. Sonia - Making a difference in peoples lives client
5. Sonia Making and learning new music 4. Sonia Time constraints
5. Sonia Spending a lot of time inside
4. In the interview section, there are many gems or insights each interviewee has shared. For each of the
questions below, give some great advice or information.

Career #1: Child and Youth Worker

a) Can you tell me about your background and how you got into this field?
- Take a 3-year child and youth worker diploma
- Work other jobs to help pay bills
- Volunteer at different agencies
- Do any part time job as it can soon develop to being offered a full time position
b) What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in your job?
- It is crucial to have patience and tolerance
- Perseverance (have faith!)
- Organized have structure
c) What other jobs could you do with the skills you have gained in this field?
- Any sort of community service job
o Youth groups, seniors programs, counselling services, corrections facility or hospital
- There is already experience working with people so any field involving that
d) Are there many opportunities in your field? What should people do to get started?
- Stay notified of new opportunities that could be often posted on agency notice boards (agencies in your
- Volunteer a lot to gain experience and put your name in the business

Career #2: Art/Music Therapist

e) Can you tell me about your background and how you got into this field?
- Take:
o A college diploma in social work
o A bachelors degree in primary music education
o An honours bachelors degree in music therapy
- Get job experience involving empathic contact with others as well as music
f) What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in your job?
- Strong observational skills
- Creative problem solver who can solve problems on the spot
- Be able to conquer challenges
- Be spontaneous
g) What other jobs could you do with the skills you have gained in this field?
- Work with children and adults in group homes or other social service fields
- Staff members at camps for kids with special needs
- Work with special education programs in schools
h) Are there many opportunities in your field? What should people do to get started?
- Many opportunities
- Keep in contact with other therapists who can keep you informed about jobs
- Join a local professional support group
5. Go to Education on the left side menu. This will take A LOT OF TIME TO RESEARCH & it is important to see
the options available to you.

When you click on Education, you need to scroll down until you see the name of the program.

Your screen should look something like this:

Now, glance through the titles of the Programs and click on the one that sounds most interesting. Read about the
content of several programs, the length of time to complete, the cost, and decide whether or not the program might
be the right fit for you. Here you might decide to choose between two schools and report on both. Include the
school information above in this section. Repeat this for your second career option.

Education & Training

Child & Youth Worker

Interested in: Child and Youth Studies
School: University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver
- Infant Development and Supported Child Development
Credential: Certificate
Length: Varies
Cost: Contact school for information

Art/Music Therapist
Interested in: Counselling Psychology
School: Adler School of Professional Psychology
- Counselling Psychology (MA)
Credential: Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology
Length: 2 years
Cost: Contact school for information
6a) CAREER 1: Child and Youth Worker

I found it interesting as I have always had an interest in helping others. I have had a lot of experience dealing with
individuals that need counselling but do not go for it. I am interested in this field of work as I would love to know
that I am making a difference in someones life.

6b) CAREER 2: Art/Music Therapist

I found this career interesting as I had no previous knowledge of a field of work like this. I didnt know it was real! I
have a deep interest as well as knowledge in more than two instruments and believe that music has a big impact
on others. Music helps me a lot and I want it to help others as well.

7. Grade 11 and 12 courses I will need to take

Career 1: Child and Youth Worker

Grade 11 Grade 12
English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, Mathematics, Economics, Law,
Business & Management, Child Care & Politics/Philosophy/World Issues, Child Care &
Development, Human Services Development, Housing Studies, Human Services

Career 2: Art/Music Therapist

Grade 11 Grade 12
English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Social
Social Studies, Creative Arts, Health & Physical Studies, Creative Arts, Health & Physical Education

8. Final Reflection. Answer these questions underneath each question. Format neatly. Your response should be
longer and deeper than this.

What did I find interesting in this assignment?

In this assignment, I found it interesting that a set of questions can determine a career you are well suited for.
However, I believe that it does not have all the knowledge it needs. My number one career that I received
throughout the entire quiz was to be a Crossing Guard. Definitely not something I was thinking that would come up
as well as want to pursue. I think my favourite part about this assignment was to learn about the different careers
that are available to me in the future.

What did I learn doing this assignment?

The most important thing I learned doing this assignment is that there are so many opportunities out there that I
dont know about. For example, being an Art or Music Therapist or even a Bioethicist.

What programs will I possibly want to take? (This is a summary of your research)

Overall I think I would enjoy a career in a field of psychology including being a Child and Youth worker or an
Art/Music Therapist. I would like to pursue this career as all Ive ever wanted to do is help people. I want to be able
to make a difference in someones life and have the satisfaction of knowing I did. I did something not for myself but
for the wellbeing of others. I did something that could have possibly saved someones life.
What did I like and dislike about the programs?

What I dislike about the Infant Development and Supported Child Development is that the length of this course
varies. It takes about 2 to 5 years to complete the five courses that teach you the basics in Infant Development
however I believe that in this time you should learn more than the basics. What I like about this however, is that
this course teaches you how to work with children from birth to the age of three as well as how to work with
children who require extra support up to the age of 19.

What I like about the Counselling Psychology (MA) is that this program provides the foundations for counselling
psychology theory and methodology. Along with this, there are hands-on, supervised training in counselling
psychology techniques. In this course, when graduated, you will be ready and prepared for a variety of community
mental health positions. However, I dont like that this course requires two full-time years including summer