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UltraEdit-32 Order Form

If you find UltraEdit-32 useful, and continue to use it you are
required to register it.

Registration may be placed by one of the following methods:

1) SECURE order form at: or or

2) FAX to (513) 892 4915

Telephone to (513) 892 8600.

3) MAIL - send payment/order to: Ian D. Mead

IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
3987 Hamilton Middletown Rd.
Suite G
Indian Springs, OH 45011
4) E-Mail to

5) Distributors:
for list of distributors.

Payment may be by one of the following methods:

1) Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

2) Check/Postal Money Order (Payable in US Dollars drawn on an US Bank
3) Cash.
4) Purchase Order (Not for single $19.95 upgrades)
5) Bank/Wire Transfer to my account (This does require an additional $12
fee as well as any charges at your end)

Please provide the following information: Date:________________

(if company registration)


City_____________________ County ________________ State/Prov._______________

Zip/Post Code____________ Country___________________________________________

Phone Number__________________________ E-Mail_______________________________

Select Product Quantity:

($39.95 single license cost)

UltraEdit-32 ______ Cost Each: ______

Sub Total: ______

Delivery Method:
______ Email Registration Code (FREE)
______ Email Registration Code and File (FREE)

______ CD ($6.95 additional charge per CD)

______ (Canadian residents add $1.00 handling fee)
______ (International residents add $2.00 handling fee)

Ohio residents add appropriate County Sales Tax Sales Tax: ______

Total: ______

Additional Spelling dictionaries: (Available for download or included on CD)

*** NOTE - Please call or e-mail for site licenses and quantity discounts

Payment Method:

__ Check/Money Order __ VISA __ MasterCard __ American Exp. __ Discover

____ Cash ____ Other

Credit Card #_______________________________________ Expiration Date__________

CVV2 Number _______________

Signature ____________________________________________________________________
(Only required for credit card or purchase orders that are mailed or FAXED)

Thank you for registering UltraEdit/UltraEdit-32.