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(To be sent to the Deputy Registrar (Student Affairs))

1. Name: _____________________________________ 2. Fathers Name: _________________________________________

3. Date of Birth: ______________ 4. Name & year of Examination for which registration is requested: ________________
5. Subjects Offered: (i) ____________ (ii) ____________ (iii) ____________ (iv) ____________ (v) _____________________
6. Previous Registration Number: __________________________________ Board / University: ______________________
7. Local / Domicile of Distt: _________________ 8. Religion: ____________ 9.C NIC No: - -

10. Permanent Address: ____________________________________________ Present Address: ________________________________________

11. Registration fee paid vide Bank Challan / M.O. No: _________________ Amount: _________________ Dated: _______________________
12. Examination Record Beginning with Matriculation:
Examination Year Annual / Suppl: Roll No Division Subjects Passed Board / University
a. S.S.C (Matric)
b. H.S.C (F.A / F.Sc)
c. B.A / B.Sc / B.Com
d. M.A / M.Sc / M.Com

Certified that the fact stated above are correct.

Signature of the Attesting Officer: _______________________

Name: ______________________________________________ Signature of Applicant: _____________________

Date: __________________ Stamp: ______________________ Date: ________________
(Please see instructions overleaf)
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INSTRUCTIONS Space for Pasting Bank Challan / Receipt (Copy No. 2)

Postal Orders, Bank Drafts & Cheques will not be accepted

1. Registration fee is Rs: 1000/- for Local resident of Balochistan and Rs. 3000/- belonging to other provinces to be
paid in Habib Bank Limited. University of Balochistan Branch, Quetta or by Money Order in the name of the
Treasurer, University of Balochistan.
2. The Registration Card will be issued within one week from the date of receipt of form.
3. The following documents must accompany this form.
a. Original Bank Challan / M.O. Receipt should be attached with form. {M.O. Receipt shall be verified by
the Treasurer Office}
b. Original and one photocopy of the detailed marks certificates of the qualifying examinations: the
original will be returned along with the registration card.
c. One Attested copy each of detailed marks certificates or PASS Certificates of all other examinations
d. Attested Photocopy of National Identity Card.
e. Original Migration Certificate of the Board / University last registered except B.I.S.E. Quetta.
f. One Attested passport size photograph
4. Name, Fathers name of the student & purpose for which fee is remitted must be given in the bank Challan /
Money Order coupon.
5. One attested photocopy of Local / Domicile Certificate of Balochistan Province / Service Certificate (in original)
of applicant or his / her parents.
6. Form must be attested by Gazetted class 1 Officer.
7. Duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs. 300/-.

I have read and complied with the instructions.

Signature of Applicant: _____________________

Date: ________________