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Target audience

UBLs Mukammal Current Account Campaign was designed for individuals from all walks of life, those
who seek to fulfill financial and banking wants. UBL Mukammal Current Account is a uniquely designed
current account for businesses, traders, salaried employees, and individuals with a host of free features
that make the account complete in design to cater to the varied set of needs of current account holders.


A current account being an active bank account in which a user can deposit or withdraw from
frequently, the campaign was designed to target the modern day customer who uses a current account
for day to day transactions, and seeks transactional flexibility along with a range of free services.

The campaign was primarily designed to promote the product to: individual single and joint account
holding customers, partnerships, joint stock company accounts (public/private), government institutions
(federal/provincial), sole proprietorships, foreign missions/diplomats and Associations/Club/Trust.

Thus, the strategy is to target customers differently. As the TVD ads depicts, the UBL Mukammal Current
Account targeted those who wanted to derive the maximum utility out of their current account at a
minimal cost. The ad shoes, young adults, a young couple and a middle aged couple implying that
people from Age Group 18-55, belonging to either gender, and primarily middle class strata can benefit
from a simple and complete current account by UBL.


ATL Campaign at prime times


Radio and TVC campaign

Digital promotion on social media


Awareness is being targeted through the campaign that UBL Mukammal Current Account is a complete
package account. In order to resonate with the target market and create an impact, the TVC was
designed with a catchy jingle and three scenarios depicting how UBL offers a complete account in times
where dreams are left unfulfilled.

As campaign targeted customers from different walks of life, it was aired at different times throughout
the day to attain maximum reach.

The print ad was a common feature of the Urdu Midweek Magazine, Dawn Newspaper and other

For the non-business people UBL business account is not useful hence UBL
Mukammal current account has been introduced that is generic and meant for
all types of customers. It is a complete package account and offers a wide range
of benefits and free services along with the allowance of transactional facility to
its customers.

Below mentioned are the key features of this account system along with the
benefits it provides to its customers worldwide especially in Pakistan.

No requirement for monthly average balance.

Cashiers Cheque Issuance
Cheque Book
Over the Counter Cash Deposit
Cancellation of CC/ CBC
Duplicate Cashiers Cheque/ CBC
Duplicate Account Statement
Issuance of RTC
UBL Go Green SMS Alert
Internet Banking for free
Accidental Death & Disability Insurance for free
And much more