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Analysis of Allan Poe Writing Style

Edgar Allan Poe, a Gothic author, is famous for his distinct writing style evident in his

literary works. His literary works exhibit his writing style which was mainly based on his

personal experiences. He utilizes various literary styles throughout his various works; he used

point of view and a compelling atmosphere in his works to help his audience and the readers

attracted to the interesting work. Moreover, he uses suspense and horror through creating

brooding and menacing tones in some of his works to refer to death and suffering. He was

inspired to write his literary works by his own personal experiences, therefore, his style was

influenced by his personal experiences. Allan Poe uses various elements of gothic literature

throughout his works; he uses setting, tone and the presence of a supernatural evil in his

stories to enhance the stories. He showcases an exemplary display of gothic genres in his

works. His works display personal experiences coupled with numerous writing techniques.

The choice of words Allan Poe uses in his stories and poems portray the suffering of

Allan Poe as they are haunting, in his short story Ligeia the atmosphere is horrific and

haunting. Allan Poe uses a compelling atmosphere to enhance his stories; he combines tones

and settings to enhance the atmosphere in his stories. The short story Ligeia the description

and the word of choice create an atmosphere of horror and sadness. His poems and stories

combine the use of dark and mysterious settings and word choice to create an atmosphere that

is horrific and haunting. Allan Poe exhibits exemplary mastery of word selection in creating

an atmosphere that describes his story.

Allan Poe also uses settings as a major writing style in his works; the setting is used to

enhance a dark and gloomy atmosphere in the mind of the readers. Allan Poe seems to make

connections between darkness and death making his poems and stories a horrific, in his story

Pit and the Pendulum, the setting is pitch black and the narrator slowly learns many ways

of dying. This reflects his writing style of establishing a relationship between darkness and

death, the narrator in the story Pit and the Pendulum is not aware of his surroundings but

knows his fate hangs as death is lurking somewhere in the dark (Meltzer 23).

Narration is also another distinct style Allan Poe uses in his literary works, in all his

stories, there is narration. Allan Poe uses first person narration throughout most of his stories

and poems. This style of writing enables the reader to see into the mind of the narrator and

consequently establish the sanity of the narrator or the character. In most of his poems and

stories, the narrator has psychological problems and seems to be insane, in his story the

Cask of Amontillado, the story begins with the narrator, montresor, planning about

Furtados death. The narration helps portray the hatred Montresor has towards Furtado over

an event that happened close to fifty years ago. Narration as a style used by Allan Poe helps

reveal the traits of the characters such as hate and extreme love (Johnson p22).


Although Allan Poe writing was mostly influenced by his life experiences, he also used

other writing techniques to enhance his stories. He used point of view, narration, tone and the

existence of a supernatural evil in his works, moreover, his word of choice and atmosphere

constitute to his writing style.


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