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1.1 Introduction:
(a) India is amazing. At every 100 Km the language dialect keeps changing. The local
language communication in India is vital for effective developmental action.
According to Census of India, 122 major languages and 1599 other languages out
of which 30 languages are spoken by over a million native speakers in different
parts of India. Most of the skills acquired are in the first language to which a person
belongs. To impart the skills, knowledge and abilities, the teachers make use of
local language right from school age. Most European countries offer all education
including technical education in local languages. There, therefore, is the need to
promote technical book writing and translating existing books in scheduled local
1.2 Objectives:
(a) To promote use of 'Scheduled Regional Language' in Technical Education for
creating knowledge base in local language.
(b) To encourage, promote and support maximum number of writers to write/translate
and publish the technical subject books in respective regional language.
1.3 Eligibility:
(a) The Faculty from AICTE approved institutions (Degree/Diploma/Pharmacy/
Management / Architecture etc.)
(b) Author/translator must be a full time regular faculty with experience of minimum
Five years in teaching and / or research.
(c) Only one author per institution per year would be considered.
1.4 List of Languages in which Technical Books to be written/translated:
(a) Scheduled language (list attached)
(b) Evaluation of applications: applications received with 3 copies of the book shall be
evaluated by an experts committee of 3 members, not less than an associate
professor each. Of the three members, at least one member shall be from the
discipline on which the book is evaluated, the second member may be from closely
connected discipline and the third member may be a distinguished faculty.
(c) Approved list of experts shall be prepared annually in the beginning of the year.
(d) Meeting of experts will be held quarterly in the first week of January, April, July and
October to evaluate the applications received upto 15th December, 15th March, 15th
June and 15th September of the previous quarter.
1.5 Limit of Funding:
(a) Maximum funding shall be limited to Rs. 50,000 /- Funding will be shared in case of
multiple authors.
(b) not more than 50 books can be selected in any Financial Year
1.6 Disbursement of the Funds:
(a) The funding shall be released under DBT after the recommendation of evaluation
committee for considering the book for the award and after its approval by
competent authority.

List of scheduled languages (22)

(1) Assamese,
(2) Bengali,
(3) Gujarati,
(4) Hindi,
(5) Kannada,
(6) Kashmiri,
(7) Konkani,
(8) Malayalam,
(9) Manipuri,
(21)Maithili and
AICTE Scheme for Writing/translating Technical Books in Regional Languages
Proforma Cum Evaluation Sheet
Application Id < Value to be generated by E-GOV>

Institute Details
(a) Institute Permanent ID No. : <Data base of E-Gov>
(b) Name of the Institute <Data base of E-Gov>
(c) Contact details <Data base of E-Gov>
(d) Email <Data base of E-Gov>
(e) FAX <Data base of E-Gov>
(f) Telephone <Data base of E-Gov>
(g) Reference of Extension of Approval letter for the Letter No: Date:
current year <Data base of E- <Data base of E-Gov>

Details of the Writer of the book

(a) Faculty ID <Data base of E-Gov>
(b) Name of the Writer <Data base of E-Gov>
(c) Department <Input by Institute>
(d) Appointment Type with Regular Temporary Adhoc
date of appointment <Data base of E-Gov> <Data base of E- <Data base of E-Gov>
(e) Contact details Cell no Email
<Input by Institute> <Input by

2.2 (d), If appointment is regular proceed to next level Else display the message
Sorry only regular faculty can be a writer/translator

Details of the Book to be Evaluated under the scheme.

(a) Title of the Book Written <Input by the writer through the Institute>

(b) Name and details of the publisher <Input by the writer through the Institute>

(c) Name of the Subject/Discipline to which it relates < Input by the writer through the Institute >

(d) Department in which the writer is working < Input by the writer through the Institute >

(e) AICTE approval details of the Course for which the book is < Input by the writer through the Institute >
If 2.2 (c) = 2.3 (c) proceed to next level Else display the message
Sorry the coordinator must be from the same department under which lab is established

Academic credentials of the book writer

Parameter/ Criteria Input by Input by Institute Max. Marks Awarded by the Marks
Institute Marks System Awarded
<Value to be generated by the
by E-GOV> Experts
(a) Ph.D in the subject of Select <Input by Institute 5 Yes = 3 mark
the book written. Yes/No Provide space for area No= 0 mark
of specialization>

(b) PG in the subject of the Select <Input by Institute 5 Yes = 2 mark

book written. Yes/No Provide space for area No= 0 mark
of specialization>
(c ) Teaching Experience in Enter <Input by Institute> 5 1 to 5 years= 1 mark
years Years
More than 5 years=2
(d) Research & Industrial Enter <Provide space for 5 1 to 3 years= 1 mark
Experience in years Years details of Industrial
experience> More than 3 years=2
(e) Number of Research Enter <Input by Institute> 5 1 to 3 publications= 1
paper Publications in last Number <Provide space for list mark
5 years (National / of publications details
International journals) > More than 3
publications=2 marks

(To be apportioned if
written with someone)
(f) Number of Patents Enter <Provide space for list 2 1 or more patent=2
Registered Number of patents > marks

Zero patent=0 mark

(g) Details of Books written Enter <Provide space for 5 1 or more book
earlier on the subject and Number providing No. Printed written=2 marks
published etc. >
No book written
earlier=0 marks

(h) Any other award won for Enter <Provide space for 3
writing book with Number providing details of the
language thereof award won >
Sub Total 35 <Automated Total>

Purpose/Benefits of writing the book

(a) Major Books available on the subject in the said language and their details <Input by Institute>

S. No. Name of the book Writer/Publisher of Cost in Rs. Year of publishing

the book
Parameter / Criteria Input by Institute Max. Marks Awarded by
Marks Experts

(b) Objectives <Input by Institute

Current utilization of book in existing maximum 300 words> 15
language Strength & Weakness of book
(c) Relevance/Improvements in the scope of use <Input by Institute
of the book under review vis--vis the old maximum 200 words> 20
(d) Technical novelty and utility likely to be <Input by Institute
achieved. maximum 150 words>
(e) Benefits to students and staff <Input by Institute
maximum 150 words>
Sub Total 65

Grand Total 100

I/We solemnly confirm and verify that the information uploaded on the portal in respect of this review of the book for seeking
grant from AICTE under AQIS is true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief. In case, at any point of time it is found
that information provided in this proposal is false or incorrect, AICTE will be at liberty to take action against writer and the
institute, and we shall be liable to refund the entire amount of the grant with interest thereon. We also understand that AICTE
may not consider in future such a proposals from the institute and the book writer for a period of 10 years.

The applicant will put a tick in a box provided... unless this is ticked the application should not be submitted... also display
confirmation message that I have read the declaration and I/we confirm the same.

Signature of applicant/writer of the book Signature of Director/Principal

(Name and designation to be mentioned) (With seal of office)