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Offline scenario to upload a filled-in adobe form using Web Dynpro

for ABAP
By Phani Diwakar MV, YASH Technologies

The requirement is to upload the filled PDF data file into SAP from browser. FILE UPLOAD element is
used in Web Dynro to upload the file. This document is extension to how to down the file from the

Step1: Go to SE80 and create Web Dynpro component ZUPLOAD_FORM as shown.

Press enter. Then following screen will appear.

Press Yes and provide the description.

Step2: Now go to context tab in Main view.

Create attribute PDF_SOURCE of type XSTRING as shown below.

Step3: Select Insert element from ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER.

Select the element FileUpload as shown.

Click on Enter.

And also create button. The properties of the buttons are as shown below.

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Offline scenario to upload a filled-in adobe form using Web

Dynpro for ABAP
Step4: Now select the binding tab against DATA property of the FileUpload element. Bind this
DATA property with PDF_SOURCE attribute defined in context.

The property tab of the FileUpload is as shown below.

Step5: Go to Method tab,

Click on the method ONACTIONUPLOAD from the METHOD tab or double click on Action
property UPLOAD defined in the button property which takes you to the method
ONACTIONUPLOAD. Enter the code provided here.

Step6: Create the Web Dynpro application and execute it.

Browse the file and click on upload button.

If you check the data base, the PDF data is uploaded into database table.

The screen shot of the Web Dynpro component is