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1. Write down 5 childrens books you have

used in your teaching in the last year
2. Come up to the board to get your next
Teaching Social Justice through
Multicultural Literature
By: Kaitlyn Coirazza
Learning Targets
1. I can identify the importance of integrating multicultural
2. I can understand the importance of connecting multicultural
literature and social justice
3. I can name and describe pieces of multicultural literature
that can be used to teach social justice in a classroom
Why should we teach multicultural literature?
Promotes self-esteem
Prevents children from feeling isolated or alone
Gives children the opportunity to see themselves in books
Leads students to determine their own identity and where they
fit in the world
Helps students understand themselves and others
Creates respect, acceptance, and empathy for all kinds of people
Inspires children and adults to take action and seek out needed
Why should we teach multicultural literature?
Literature can be a mirror for reflecting and validating familiar
culture and values. For other students, literature becomes a window
through which they can understand and appreciate other cultures
-Cox and Galda
Why should we teach multicultural literature?
Monroe County 2016 Census City of Rochester 2010 Census

70.8% White 37.6% White

16.2% Black or African American 41.7% Black or African American
8.5% Hispanic or Latino 16.4% Hispanic or Latino
3.7% Asian 3.1% Asian
.5% Native American or Alaska .5% Native American or Alaska
Native Native
.3% Native Hawaiian and Pacific
Why should we teach social justice?
Consider the world were living in today
Students need to be exposed to ideas, concepts, and topics that
may reinforce or challenge their own beliefs about race, gender,
ethnicity, religion, social class, sexual orientation, etc.
Helps students learn understanding and empathy for people who
may have a different identity
Teaches students to be global citizens, people who care about
their community and contribute to its values and practices
Why should we teach social justice?
A good story allows us to see people
as individuals in all their complexity.
Once we see someone as a person in
all their humanity, then we've
reached beyond the stereotype.
-J. Glasgow
How can we best teach multicultural literature +
social justice?
Ensure students have the necessary background knowledge on the group
of people represented
Encourage your students (and yourself) to
Analyze the authenticity of text
Understand the characters culture
See the characters world through the characters perspective
Identify the characters values
Relate to the text
***Question the portrayal of the characters or groups in todays media
Talk, write, and respond throughout the entire reading of the text
How can we best teach multicultural literature +
social justice?
Define terms necessary for discussions on social justice
Act as a mediator or facilitator, but dont be afraid to share your opinion
Where can multicultural literature and social
justice fit in my curriculum?
Guided Reading Social Studies
Read Aloud Morning Work
Lets Practice
With a partner, examine one multicultural book. Answer
these questions...
1. What is this story about?
2. Who is represented in this book?
3. Is there any bias or stereotyping shown?
4. How can this book be used to connect to social justice?
5. How could you use this book in your teaching?

Be prepared to share!