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My fellow students.

To our newly and proudly appointed dean Justice Brion, to Associate Dean
Atty. Cecilio Duka, and to all our awesome Law School Professors good evening! My fellow students, We
sincerely welcome you and at the same time bid you goodluck. Why? Because now you are in Law
School. A step higher than most educational undertakings. In this educational institution, your critical
thinking will be honed to the core and knowledge of the law will fill your mind to the brim that is, of
course, if you dont let it out the opposite ear. Which is also a problem of mine sometimes.. Well, as my
professors may digress, in a lot of times.

Before I go further from my purpose here and be accused of grave abuse of undue time
consumption, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michael Kevin Edgar Balili Mangao and I am
here to introduce to you the organization that I proudly belong to. That is, the Fraternal Order of
Leviathan. Former Dean Felipe Cahayon dreamed to build a brotherhood for every aspiring Sebastinian
lawyer like him. The idea was to establish a San Sebastian based law fraternity that will aid every
student in achieving their dream of becoming a lawyer and to build a fraternal bond that will transcend
beyond the four corners of law school. And, lo and behold, the dream materialized and now we are here
still standing proud yet firmly on the ground. We value academic excellence and low profile. We are not
here to boast of our abilities as a law student. We are here to contribute to the ever-growing standards
of legal education. We study not to overcome our peers but we do so to stand toe to toe with them in
our pursuit of becoming a lawyer. That is, good, religious, and humble Lawyers since we are from this
Catholic Institution of San Sebastian. We did not only name our organization as such to be intimidating
or a force to be reckoned with but we named it after the work of Thomas Hobbes of the same name. We
promote equality above all and we do so by supporting our leaders as they serve us in return. We value
reciprocity above all else. We do not abide with seniority. We treat each other as real brothers and
sisters and help each other reach our unanimous dream to become Lawyers.

These values we are prepared to share to you has always been apparent since the beginning as
our founders Dean Felipe Cahayon and Dean Willard Riano graduated as class valedictorian and placed
20th in the 1981 bar examinations respectively. These founders of ours as well as our former dean
Ferdinand Tan, some of our professors such, bar reviewers, and known legal personalities outside of our
school belong to this organization. The codals you read, some of the books you will SURELY be using,
and other materials are authored by some of our organizations prolific alumnis. I am not saying this to
boast but it is the truth. They prided themselves by being humble in both success and failure. They never
surrendered despite the tidal wave of readings, recitations, and quizzes in their time. And thus, most of
them have attained success not only because of themselves but because they worked hand in hand with
their brothers and sisters.

The last two batches of graduates in this academic institution are something to be proud of
especially by our organization. The former sororitas Grand Dame Janinah Villanueva became the
salutatorian and then our previous Vice Grand Betson Cahayon became the salutatorian after her and
followed by our brother Kitem Kadatuan as an honorable mention. Last year, our passing rate in the
fraternity in the bar exams was 86% and EVERY year we do not go lower than 10 bar exam passers in this
organization. This is not some magic that we concocted but it is something more of a natural tendency
of ours in the organization to thrive and help each other and not only ourselves in the struggles of
studying Law. And yes, we do pride ourselves with our topnotch Bar-Ops service for our brothers and
sisters who will take the bar.
Finally, and MORE importantly and I must say this: However the amount of help we can give you
it is only up to you if you want to be successful in Law School. No, we are not the answer to your dream.
Only you can strive to achieve that. But if you decide to be with us we WILL do everything we can to
help. In this organization we help each other. We make sure that nobody is left out that nobody is an
island. So we call upon you who has recently stepped inside this whole new educational institution to
come and join us and let us achieve this dream of becoming a Lawyer together.