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The CIA imports illegal drugs and funds it's Black Ops Programs (Murders, political

pay-ofs, and Underground Base Construction) with the profits and the FBI runs
Fusion Centers to sell the drugs all across America.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016
Clinton Death Count Rises - Pray

Video: Clinton Death Toll Rises - Pray - YouTube

With the death of Gucifer toll rises again. Intel reports indicated he had his
throat crushed because he was going to speak out against Hillary.

Gucifer, as you recall, just released the hidden Emials that indicate Hillary is
guilty of Treason

Julian Assange released enough enough Emails on Wikileaks to hang Hillary 7 years
ago - we read many of them on TV.

As you recall - the former Director of the United Nations was found dead a few days
ago with a crushed throat because he was to testify against Hillary the next day.

What Really Happened covers the hundreds of people found dead who opposed the
Clintons - or should we say the Rockefellars

These recent Presidents are not who you think they are:

..George Bush Senior was renamed after being adopted from a high ranking NAZI
official and was renamed Bush

..William Jefferson Blyth (Rockefellar) was renamed Clinton

..Barry Soetorro was renamed Barrack Obama

See the pattern?


Despite all the Murders the Clintons are connected to and all the treason they are
both guilty of they are both still walking around arent they?

Senator Riegle implicated Hillary and the La Farge Company of treason in a Senate
Report 21 years ago - and now one went to jail or was even prosecuted

Even the FBI and US Department of Justice have bowed the these Elites when the FBI
Director claims Hillary was not guilty of any treason?
Please keep in mind that all of the people who were killed surrounding the Clintons
signed non-disclosure agreements to get to where they are and all of them worship

If You Sleep With The Dogs You Get The Fleas

Also keep in mind that:
1) The Clintons are merely Pawns in a huge Chess Game and Bill has enough on every
politician to hang them.. Blackmail. This is how it is played at the top.

Never remove your clothes for anyone, never take bribes and they will still will
make stuff up about you so they can control you.

Murders, lies, worshipping Lucifer by human sacrifice - its all there

GOD is your only refuge.

2) Keep in mind also that it is not the Clintons ordering the murders but their CIA
Handlers - who - on many occasions - have not exactly appeared to be human. The
Clintons are trapped and around them circles huge amounts of Evil

3) Even when Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas protecting the Mina Air Force
Bases Main Drug Distribution Center is was the CIA/FBI that killed the people -
thousands of them - who opposed these murdering drug dealers in these Foreign
Agencies like the CIA - Owned by the English Crown and the FBI - owned by the IMF
in France

4) So both the CIA and FBI are foreign mercenaries selling drugs, counterfeiting,

5) If you sign a non-disclosure agreement and decide to come out and speak out -
you are dead

6) The CIA and FBI transport, and sell, over $3.5 Billion Dollars of Illegal drugs
per day

7) The CIA/FBI force on the world about $7 Billion dollars of Legal drugs per day.

8) To do as Benjamin Fulford Proposes - to offer $5 million per person to capture

52 key Players - that is not even one hour of Rothchilds Drug Sales for these
Monsters on top. But we all pray Fulford is successful and the White Dragons take
down these evil folks, but it is not likely

9) The FBI was set up to take over the Mobs Drug Trade and they have been
competing with the Black Dragons (White Dragons Now) for over 80 years.

10) Three nukes would destroy their Command Structure: One under Langley, one under
the Brazilian Jungles in their underground city, and one in the Congo at their
third base - but that will not be allowed to happen will it???
Rather than getting angry and feeding into their world wide web through their
satellites we can pray

Let it go - take a deep breath - and let it go. The Demons feed off of your anger.

Despite what You Tube shows we have around 1 million people hitting our You Tube
channel daily and YOUR PRAYERS ARE making a difference

First - their Empire is being exposed

Second - it is unwinding

Third - the leaders are finding out this week that their entire system is about to
unwind and these Banking Elites are now targets by those they trusted - they are
the ones to be killed first.
So what can you do to change all this?

a) Keep praying with us that those on top either leave or turn back to the Living

b) Prepare your family for at least 3 months of no grocery stores or electricity.

That makes you less controllable and more independent.

c) Keep in mind that GOD is now in charge


YOU DO make the difference

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

We talked about the New York Office of the CIA (Fusion Center) organizing and
funding the Orlando Fake Shootings (2 Shootings) about 6 weeks ago and now it
comes out that this was correct - they also funded the murder of British Parliament
Members and the attempt on Donald Trump.

How do they get paid?

Digital Money created on a computer.

The DRUG money they collect is used to pay off people to topple governments that
Disagree with their point of view - like in Venezuela and Brazil. We warned them
- but they failed to listen. Shame on them.

Thats how it works.

So - now that the other nations Intel Agencies know who is doing this they can go
to work dealing with them in an ever so harsh way.

Amazing things Are Happening - Thank Youy



Video: Amazing Things Are Happening - Hang On - YouTube

Unless you are a sell out to Lucifer it is all smoke and mirrors meant to keep you
down or terminate you

There is great news - for the First Time in history we have a You Tube Channel
where we are actually learning the truth and have over 1 Million People a day
praying daily for the same thing - that Lucifer and his bunch turn back to the
Living GOD and end our Slavery
That has never been done in Human History here on this planet and we are already
seeing Great Changes - like people hand counting votes In England and demanding out
of the European Union

By the way - the European Union Meeting is having a Live Conference you can watch
right now at:

Based on what they are saying live - none of them care a hoot about anyone but
themselves - they are all actors on a stage and trying to carry out the orders
given to them by the Rothchilds ROUND TABLE -

All they care about is stealing and they will do anything to press you down - to
refocus you off of the real issue:

They have YOU held down in slavery - every one


Here are some examples in recent history to hold you down:

1) WW1 And WW2 - organized and funded by the Masons - we have already discussed
this in previous videos - buy they are both outlined by Albert Pike, Chief
Lucifarian of the Free Masons of the United States aver 100 years ago

2) In fact - it is so blatant that 7 days before Pearl Harbor the Honolulu Tribune
Headlines were: Japan May Strike Over Weekend

3) Migration Crisis - part of the Masonic WW3 - to destroy society

4) BREXIT Vote - where the Rothchilds knew what was about to happen because Voting
Machines were not allowed - so they shorted stocks and longed gold and made $2.5
Trillion over the last 5 days - but this is all about to go away as we pray against
this. Besides - they just make money up on a Computer so this is all a game to
steal money form you and push you down

Their worldwide Web of Satellites allow them to feed off of your anger

5) WACO - FBI Killed allot of innocent people for tracking CIA planes (Buffalo
Airlines) bringing in drugs from overseas. Thats why the FBI flat out attacked -
no warning, no warrant - on live TV

6) Oklahoma City Bombing - FBI and BATF was there in full Riot Gear 30 minutes
after the explosion yet their riot gear was stored in the building?

7) 9/11 - announced 30 minutes before it happened on the BBC

8) Orlando Shooting - So how did a guy walk into a Gay Bar in Orlando carrying a
rifle and how did he kill 50 people with 20 bullets?

It was announced on Google 6 hours before it happened

In addition - the Wall Street Journal published pictures of the shooting hours
before it happened

8) Oil is still selling for $1.50 a barrel yet gas prices are rising?
You get the point

So now we are joined in prayer to end this form of SLAVERY.

Thank you so much for subscribing

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount