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Refrigerating meats_____the spread of bacteria

(A) retards 12. As two nuclei move closer together, their mutual electrostatic potential energy becomes more
(B )retarding
(C) to retard large and more positive.
(D) is retarded
13. Mt. Hood_____in the state of Oregon.
2. Throughout the animal kingdom,______bigger than the elephant.
(A) whale is only the (A) although
(B) only the whale is (B) and
(C) is the whale only (C) is
(D) only whale is the (D) which

3. The fact______money orders can usually be easily cashed has made them a popular form of 14. ________most important event in San Franciscos history was the disastrous earthquake
payment. and fire of 1906.
(A) of (A)The
(B) that (B) It was the
(C) is that (C)That the
(D) which is (D)There was a
4. The first article of the United States Constitution gives Congress _____to pass laws.
15. Vegetables are an excellent source_____vitamins.
(A) the power
(B) has the power (A) of
(C) the power is (B )has
(D) of the power (C) where
(D) that
5. Guppies are sometimes call rainbow fish because of the males s bright colors.
16. Microscopes make small things appear larger than_____ .
6. Serving several term in Congress,Shirley Chisholm became an Important United
(A )really are
States politician. (B) are really
(C) are they really
7. Electrical disturbances on Earth are frequently caused with storms on the surface of the sun (D) they really are
8. Inventor Granville Woods received him first patent on January 3, 1884, for a steam boiler 17. 17. The city of Montreal_____over 70 square miles.
(A) covers
9. A deficient of folic acid is rarely found in humans because the vitamin is contained in a wide (B) that covers
(C) covering
variety of foods. (D) is covered

10. The gopher digs with the big strong claws of its two front foot and with its overhanging front
18. Janet Collinss struggle to make a place for herself in ballet is the kind of a life story_____a
11. An internationally famous ballerina, Maria Tallchief demonstrated that the quality of ballet in fascinating novel might be written.

North America could equal those of the ballet in Europe.

(A) of telephones.
(B) by
(C) for whom (A) highways
(D) about which (B) railroads
(C) planes
19. Fewest than half of all the adults fully understand the kinds and amounts of exercise (D) sailboats

necessary for an effective physical fitness program 28. Dotting the marshy expanse of the Florida Everglades are little islands known locally as


20. How many people know that the Brooklyn Bridge, built in 1883, were the worlds first (A) generally
(B) to all
suspension bridge? (C) in that area
(D) occasionally

21. Anna Maxwells gift for organization was exemplified by her service while the Spanish- 29. It is not possible for people to remember everything that they have thought, felt, or done.

American War in 1898. (A) recall

(B) appreciate
(C) repeat
(D) discuss
22. When a severe ankle injury forced herself to give up reporting in 1926, Margaret Mitchell
29. When preparing a diet, a person should be aware that vitamin D acts to increase the amount
began writing her novel, Gone with the Wind.
of calcium absorbed by the body.
23. Anne Elizabeth McDowell is best remembered for a weekly journal, Womans Advocate,who
(A) schedule of exercise
she launched in January 1855. (B) nutritional plan
(C) study of longevity
24. A ray of light passing through the center of a thin lens keep its original direction. (D) medicinal chart

25. It is difficult to get young people to plan for their old age, which seems very distant to them.
30. Food is, after all, an important part of Chinese culture and mission controllers say it is
(A) impossible
(B) faraway important _____ China's space pioneers do not go hungry.
(C ) observable (A) to ensure that
(D) fearful (B) so that
(C) make sure
26. Receptors for the sense of smell are located at the top of the nasal cavity. (D) that food is provided for

(A) upper end 31. After a muscle fiber has worked intensely for while, it begins to lose potassium, and that
(B) inner edge
(C) mouth dampens the fiber's ability to contract.
(D) division
32. The Eiffel Tower was built the International Exhibition of Paris of 1889 commemorating the
27. Passenger ships and aircraft are often equipped with ship-to-shore or air-to-land radio
centenary of the French Revolution.
(A) dwindling
33. Apple Computer has unveiled its new desktop computer design, _____ all disk drives and (B) increasing
(C) growing
processors into a flat display less than two inches thick (D) reduce

(A) which includes 40. By far the most noticeable blemishes on the surface of the Sun _____ sunspots.

(B) enclosing (A) are

(C) which contains (B) that are
(D) which integrates (C) in the
(D) are
34. Japan's latitudinal spread, ranging from subtropical in the south to sub-arctic in the north,

makes that a wide diversity of flora and fauna. 41. The problems of squaring a pan-European agenda with the national interests of 25 separate

countries _____ the process of integration a slow, complex and at times divisive one.

35. The number of girls in school and women in parliaments has risen, and their overall access (A) have made
(B) causes
to contraception has improved in the past decade, _____ new report. (C) often affect
(D) resulting in
(A) according a
42. For decades the food industry has been known serving up sugary or fat-laden products,
(B) publish in a
(C) according to a promoted with ceaseless advertising.
(D) stated in a
43. _____ are poor observers of their child's behavior so deviant behavior reaches

36. The hospital is now discounting 10 standard operations and _____ , ranging from having a unmanageable proportions.

baby and treating a cataract to undergoing a heart bypass. (A) Parents that
(B) When parents
(A) equipment (C) Parents
(B) procedures (D) If parents
(C) visit
(D) medication 44. Greece's achievement in the 2004 Olympics raise anew the question of whether Athens

should be the permanent home of the Games.

38. . A no-smoking program has help overweight people reduce their risk of heart attacks or their 45. Crushed ice is use to cool drinks, and is often applied to injuries where there is swelling, to

need for surgery by 63 percent. remove excess heat generated in the tissues.

39. Across the country, recreational and commercial fishers have been pointing fingers for 46. International trade in the world's 20-odd varieties of sturgeon _____ by the United Nations

decades over which group is responsible for _____ stocks of sports fish. since 1998, after a drastic rise in poaching.
(A) has been regulated 50. The most important factors in determining a person's risk of developing heart disease _____
(B) is controlled body weight and the type of fat he or
(C) is supported
(D) has been promoted she consumes.

(A) Is
47. The 2000 Census showed that married couples _____ half of the 2 million households in the (B) Measurement of
state, and 46 percent of those couples had children under roof. (C) Through
(D) Are
(A) Made up
(B) And made up 51. Since 2001, the company's annual revenue from ticket sales and contributions grown by 85
(C) To make up percent, to $42.9 million.
(D) Which they made up
52. At colleges across the country, from Ivy League to less exclusive state schools, students
_____ mispronouncing the library's name this month will soon feel truly and deeply a part of
their college.
48. Astronomers on _____ announced the discovery of a new -- and possibly abundant -- class of
planets that has more in common with Earth than the uninhabitable gas giants previously
(A) Who are
(B) Which are
(A) university research labs
(C) Are
(B) Tuesday

(C) NASA (D) They are

(D) Observatories 53. Why do traffic jams sometimes _____ to appear out of nowhere?

49. Long hours and unsociable shifts _____ take their toll on health, relationships and family life. (A) Look
(A) Can
(B) Must (B) seem
(C) Are able to
(D) Shouldnt (C) occur

(D) happen

. Nearly all the brown bears in the United States _____ in Alaska, which has an estimated 54. Temperature can affect the sound of an musical instrument in a variety of ways, _____
different for each instrument
to 40,000 brown bears, also called grizzlies.
(A) although often
(A) Live
(B) Are resident (B) with
(C) Reside
(D) Inhabit (C) which are
(D) while (D) laboratories

55. The decanting of red wines _____ a long tradition in high quality wine service and can be 60. Charters are self-governed schools that operate independent of local school boards,however
done to add a special flourish at a meal.
with public money.
(A) has

(B) is
61. Men dying sooner than women _____ biologically: because 105 males are born for every 100
(C) Are females, it would assure that there are about the same number of men and women at
reproductive ages.
(D) have
(A) makes sense

(B) in natural
56. In 2002, 20 million people in the United States were reported have asthma -- a chronic
(C) works in
inflammatory lung disease characterized by wheezing, difficulty breathing, chest tightness
(D) is obvious
and coughing.

62. On the bottom of the New York MetroCard have three arrows and little white letters that say
57. Geysers occur where magma lies just below the earths surface, particularly in volcanic
regions _____ Iceland or New Zealand. "Insert this way/This side facing you." What is it about that instruction that is so impossible to

(A) alike understand?

(B) for example

(C) e.g 63. Our sun, in many ways an average sort of star, has been around for nearly five billion years
and has enough fuel to _____ going for another five billion years.
(D) such as
(A) continue
58. When major food companies began widely using partially hydrogenated oils in the 1970s,
they thought they were making these products more healthful. (B) carry

59. For most _____ , the notion of harnessing nanotechnology for electronic circuitry suggests (C) keep
something wildly futuristic.
(D) maintain
(A) research
64. A new law will require foreigners who marry South Africans _____ five years before they can
(B) components apply for anything but temporary residence and work permits

(C) people (A) to live

(B) to wait

(C) for residence 69. Angiosperms inhabit relatively diverse environments and may be found ___ higher plants can
(D) women

65. As a pedestrian, you may assume that you have _____ vehicles, but city drivers are oblivious A. there
to that quaint notion. B. wherever

(A) the priority to C. somewhere

D. then
(B) the right of way over

(C) first rights ove 70. Gorillas are quiet animals, __________ they are able to make about twenty different sounds.

(D) precedence A. how

B. in spite of
66. Computers crash _____ in the operating system (OS) software or errors in the computer
C. because of
hardware. Software errors are probably more common, but hardware errors can be D. even though

devastating and harder to diagnose.

71. ___hardiness, daylilies can be cultivated particularly easily.
(A) due the errors
A. Their
(B) because of errors B. Since their
C. It is their
(C) resulting in errors
D. Because of their
(D) owing errors

72. Somerset Maugham, a novelist, ________ about a restless man's quest for inner
understanding in The Razor's Edge.
67. Scientists have uncovered evidence for an innate satisfaction in human beings giving people
A. who wrote this
their comeuppance.
B. who wrote
68. Cincinnati's state-of-the-art Underground Railroad Museum makes details of escapes and C. when he wrote
_____ imaginable aspect of slavery in America accessible to the broad public. D. wrote
(A) every other
73. Sesame ________ a herbaceous plant native to the tropics.
(B) all
A. is
(C) each other B. which
(D) whatever C. from
D. it is C. have been written about success
D. about successful
74. Although the name was not popularized until the Middle Ages, engineering ________
civilization. 79. Drying of meats and vegetables is no longer considered one of ________ of preserving food.
A. as old as A. the ways are useful
B. is as old as B. the ways most useful
C. that is old as C. the most useful ways
D. as old as that D. most are useful ways

75. Although research scientists had hoped that the new drug interferon ________ to be a cure 80. Due primarily to ________ the Oneida Community broke up in 1880.
for cancer, its applications now appear to be more limited. A. internal stresses
A. prove B. there were internal stresses
B. had proven C. internal stresses of it
C. would prove D. it had internal stresses
D. will prove
76. Black, red, and even bright pink diamonds ________. 81. The cyclist ________ he crossed the main street.
A. occasionally to find A. looked with caution after
B. occasionally found B. had looked cautiously before
C. have occasionally been found C. was looked cautious when
D. have occasionally found D. looks cautious when

77. The Federal Reserve System, ________ under President Wilson, plays a key role in 82. Although dissimilar in almost every other respect, birds and insects have both evolved
regulating the U.S. economy. efficient ________ capabilities.
A. the establishment in 1913 A. fly
B. was established in 1913 B. flying
C. established in 1913 C. to fly
D. in 1913 they established it D. is flying

78. Many books ________, but one of the best is "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by 83. The sea mammal medusa is popularly called a jellyfish because it ________ jelly.
Dale Carnegie. A. looks rather like
A. have written about success B. looks like rather
B. written about success C. which looks rather like
D. which looks like rather do the speaking
D. a person who has close awareness of the subject that he speaks about so much
84. Built at the beginning of the century, the Library of Congress houses one is of the largest
________ collections of books in the world.
A. and fine
B. and finest
C. or finest
D. yet fine
85. ________ in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge spans the channel at the entrance to San
Francisco Bay.
A. Completes
B. Completed
C. Completing
D. To complete
86. Despite claims that filters and low-tar tobacco make smoking somewhat safer, in fact they
only marginally reduce, ________ eliminate, the hazards.
A. none
B. no
C. not
D. nor

87. ________ the operation costs were rising so fast, the United Nations decided to reduce
personnel by half.
A. If
B. Because
C. As a result
D. As if

88. The speaker is ________.

A. very well acquainted with the subject
B. recognized as an authority who knows a great deal in terms of the subject
C. someone who knows well enough about the subject which he has undertaken to