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Standard 1.1 Candidates facilitate the development and implementation of a shared vision for the use of technology in teaching, learning, and leadership. (PSC 1.1/ISTE 1a)

The attached artifact is the Shared Vision and Rationale Assignment. This assignment was completed to develop a vision that included the ideas, beliefs and goals of the implementation of technology in the school. The vision was created with the ideas considered of staff members and not just myself to truly make it a shared vision. The paper was researched based to include effective strategies in the practice. In order to write this I needed to understand roles, policies, strategies, and stay up to date with current technology.

This artifact demonstrates mastery of standard 1.1 by showing my ability to gather information from reliable resources, develop a needs assessment, formulate solutions, and develop the school’s shared vision for how to integrate technology. The shared vision addresses technology equity by looking at low socioeconomic status students, gender groups, and faculty. To form the shared vision it took data collection and thoughts from other stakeholders such as teachers, administrators, local school technology coordinator, students, and parents. The communication that took place with the stakeholders allowed me to formulate a plan for the shared vision.

By completed this assignment I learned the importance of gathering information from stakeholders. While developing the shared vision I used different approaches in order to try to gather information from the stakeholders. I learned that gathering feedback can be very difficult. To improve the quality of the artifact in the future I would try to gather more feedback from the community stake holders like parents. Gathering this information can be extremely difficult. This would give me a better idea of all the stakeholders involved and also give me a better idea of digital equity outside the school walls.

This will positively impact the school by giving a common vision to the school, staff members, students and other stakeholders. By having written roles all stakeholders with be aware of their responsibilities. This will also make teachers aware of all the possibilities of implementing technology into the classroom to engage students further with research based strategies and improving overall student learning. The impact can be assessed through observations where administrators can determine if the teachers are working towards the vision. Also, all stakeholders can be surveyed to determine the degree of technology implementations and if the stakeholders are working towards the goals.