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L&S 9.2 Space Maze

Stage Learning Standards: Lexical Sets:

1.2.2 Solar System

Word Keywords:
Earth, Mercury,
Venus, Mars, Jupiter,
Phrase Saturn, Uranus,
Neptune, Sun, Moon,
Sentence Phrases:
turn left, turn right, go
straight on, T-
Whole Text junction, crossroad
Learning Outcomes: Materials:

Able to listen to and follow the One SPACE MAZE

teachers instructions worksheet per pupil

Multiple Intelligence
Assessment: -

Task Procedures:

Classroom management: Ask pupils to clear their table and put both of their
hands on the table. Children, clear your table. Nothing on your table. Put both of
your hands on the table (move hands like wiping a table and put both hands on
the table).
1. Ask pupils to raise their left hand.
Children, raise up your left hand(raise your left hand but make sure you are NOT
facing pupils)
2. Repeat step 1 with the right hand.
Children, raise up your right hand(raise your right hand but make sure you are
NOT facing pupils)
3. Get pupils to raise their left and right hand several times until they can
differentiate left and right.
4. Ask all pupils to gather at one table. Boys and girls, gather around me (hand
gesture pointing around you)
5. Inform pupils that they are going to play Space Maze game.
6. Model task to pupils.
a. Show a worksheet to pupils that has maze on it. This is a Space Maze
b. Inform pupils that they have to listen to teachers instruction to play the
game. Show the starting point.Now listen(hand gesture) and watch(point
to eyes)
c. Asks a pupil to help. _____(Pupils name), help me
d. Say From starting point, go straight. The pupil draw line on from the
starting point to the right.____(Pupils name), draw for me
e. Say Stop at the T-junction. The pupil stop his/her pencil.
f. Say Turn left. The pupil draw line to the left from the previous stop.
g. Then,recheck instruction with pupils. What do you do first? Next?
7. Ask pupil to Distribute Space Maze worksheets to each pupils. Ready?
8. Start the task by saying the instruction three times.
No. 1: Go straight on. Stop at the crossroad(pause then repeat)
No. 2: Turn right and then turn left (pause then repeat)
No. 3: Turn right and stop at the T-junction (pause then repeat)
No.4: Turn right and go straight on. Stop at the T junction (pause then repeat)
No. 5: Turn right and go straight on until you find the Earth.
9. Move around to monitor the pupils everytime each instruction is given.
10. Check the final answer with pupils. Show the answer using powerpoint.
Classroom management: Attract pupils attention when they distracted by
saying Hello children and they will answer Yes, teacher.
Managing errors and mistakes:

a. If pupils do it wrongly, say Ding Dong. Get the pupils with the correct answers to
help their friend.

Reward and Feedback

a. Praise pupils when they answer your questions correctly, i.e. Awesome!
Excellent! and give them a star-shape stickers to collect. By the end of the
month, pupils with the most stickers will get another big rewards (i.e stationery
Appendix I
Space Maze

Listen and draw a line based on teachers instruction.