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Business Analyst study Material.

Business Analysis
Business Analysis is one of the most important steps in developing a software
solution. It is crucial in identifying the business needs of customers and other
stakeholders in order to determine appropriate solutions to their business problems.
Who is a Business Analyst?
A software solution needs to address the business requirements of a wide range of
stakeholders. A Business Analyst acts as a liaison between business people who
have a business problem and technology people who know how to create
automated solutions. They act as business problem solvers. A Business Analyst's
main responsibility is to gather, detail, and document requirements in a format that
is appropriate to the technical developers. They provide the process, questions, and
techniques to efficiently extract the information needed from the Business Users for
successful development of projects.
Business Analysts formulate a customized business solution, taking the
requirements into account. They understand and document business requirements
and work with clients to gather requirements and formulate business specifications,
translating them into application functionality.

A structured business analysis process will consist of the following:

Understanding the business
Analyzing competition
Analyzing the market
Defining and scoping the project
Gathering requirements
Analyzing and documenting requirements
Communicating requirements
Identifying a solution
Verifying that the solution meets the requirements