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Position Titles

Not all jobs with business analyst in the title are really BA jobs. And, likewise, not all BA roles have a
title of business analyst. Our profession is still relatively ill-defined and misunderstood. There are also
business analyst jobs in the financial industry that focus on financial analysis. This alternative use of the
title adds to the confusion.
Given this reality, its worthwhile to extend your search beyond jobs titled business analyst. Concern
yourself more with the details of the job description than the title. But when searching job boards, titles
are important, so heres a set to consider:

Business systems analyst

Computer analyst
IT business analyst
Business process engineer
Product manager
Product owner
Requirements manager or engineer
Requirements analyst
Systems analyst
Information architect
Development manager or lead
Data analyst or architect
Project manager (many PM jobs have significant BA responsibilities)
Technical project manager
Technical product manager
Implementation manager, specialist, or engineer
Project coordinator
SCRUM master

Product coordinator (these are often assistants to the product manager and occasionally involve dealing
with the product development details or liaising with the IT team)
Most positions with these titles will probably not be BA positions. But they could be or they could be
blended positions. Expanding your titles could help you find positions that others are missing.