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PEER Evaluation


1) Is the Introduction within the word limit? (200-400 words)

2) Did they use IEEE citation style AND is the full reference somewhere on the page or on a reference

3) Is the title written correctly? (Exactly like the instructions in the book.)

4) Are the components marked correctly in order?

5) Do the sentences of each component actually match the component purpose? Explain.

6) Does the first sentence of the introduction, establish the importance of the field?

7) Does the introduction sound like 2 people wrote different parts and then just pasted them
together? (Does it flow?)

8) Describe at least 3 improvements that could be made overall:


9) Do the sentences use the recommended verb tense? (pages 4-6)

If no, highlight the verbs [in yellow] and add your recommendation in a comment box.
*Note: If the recommended verb tense is NOT used, that does NOT make the sentences wrong!
10) Identify and highlight [in green] any Recommended Vocabulary. (pages 34-40)
Name : Eugine Maghanga 20172003

Fahmi Alfa Muslimu 20172005

A cover for the SPPV (Single person pedals power vehicle)

Kenya exhibits two diverse weather conditions throughout the year, it exhibits very sunny and rainy
seasons. Bicycle riding is one of the main common mode of transport, during the rainy season it is
become very difficult to ride bicycle because of poor visibility because of the pounding rain the rider is
exposed too. This compromises the safety of the rider exposed to this situation and it has been noted to
be the major cause of accidents in Kenya 1.

Research has shown that riding a bicycle during the summer season is very safe. This phenomenon was
demonstrated by a bicycle owner in Jackson city in America who said that safety is the most important
thing to consider when riding a bicycle 2.

Previous work has focused only for designing bicycle for summertime [1] and no studies have been done
on designing a safe bicycle to be used during the rainy season, and it is for this reason single person
pedal power bicycle can be alternative for use during the rainy season. This bicycle will provide a canopy
on top of the rider to shield him from the heavy rain 3.

In this study we simulate the rain using computer simulated program to developed this vehicle, from
this simulation we can get the optimized design for the canopy to cover the rider from heavy rain 4.