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Trinity Lutheran Church

July & August 2017 Newsletter

54384 US Highway 12 email:
P.O. Box 438 Website:
Grove City, Minnesota 56243
(320)857-2001 To the members of Trinity Lutheran Church,
It is a great pleasure to be preparing for my new role as your
pastor. Thank you for the warm welcome and enthusiasm you have
Vol. XXVI No. VII already shown in this partnership. We are so excited to join the
community. As we begin this transition, I would like to introduce
myself and my husband Erik.
I am a recent graduate of Wartburg Theological Seminary in
Dubuque, Iowa, where I received my Master of Divinity. My husband,
Erik, joined the staff at Wartburg shortly after I began my studies and
will continue in his role remotely as Database Contractor for Wartburg, work from
Grove City. We both grew up in the Alexandria area and are looking forward to
returning to Minnesota.
I am also a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where I
received my bachelors degree in Social Work. I worked in the mental health field
for a short time in Eau Claire and then in Seattle, Washington through the Lutheran
Volunteer Corps. I maintain a strong desire to serve the most vulnerable among us
and see a deep need for the gospel to be shared with those who suffer from mental
illness. I hope to continue this work through the ministry of Trinity Lutheran
Erik is a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota where he
received degrees in physics, mathematics, and music. He also spent a year in Port
Greg Jans, President
Hadlock, Washington learning how to build wooden boats. He now uses these skills
Dennis Brown,
President: Vice President
Mike Hendrickson
for building furniture in his wood shop. He is excited to be near beautiful
Vice Pres.: Bergstrom, Secretary
Richard Larson
Minnesota lakes again so he can take out his sail boat on a regular basis. In our
Sonia Liedman,
Treasurer: Treasurer
Laural Stafford spare time we both enjoy hiking, camping, water sports, cross-country skiing, and
* * *Buer
Secretary: Ashley * * snowshoeing.
Christian Education & Youth: Erik and I both have years of experience in outdoor ministry. We were
Staff Support:
SamanthaBrian Weseman
Properties: Dean Stenberg campers at Luther Crest Bible Camp in Alexandria, MN as youth and eventually
Church Properties: Dan Cannon
Education: Pam Bagley became counselors and served on leadership staff. We also worked for Sugar Creek
Finance & Stewardship:
Youth: Willis Chase,
Sonia Liedman, Brian Weseman
Bible Camp in Ferryville, Wisconsin. We look forward to supporting the outdoor
Linda Berghuis
Missions & Outreach:
ministries in the area and encouraging youth to take part in this life changing
Outreach: Nickie Jans
Richard Larson, Dennis Brown ministry.
Worship, Music & Arts:
Organizations. & Activities: I give thanks to Pastor Greg Hall for his ministry at Trinity and for helping
Missions: Richard
Mardelle Crist, LarsonBergstrom
Melissa with a smooth transition. We are very excited to meet each of you and cannot wait
Finance: Brian Weseman
Personnel: to see where God is leading Trinity Lutheran.
Greg Jans,Wayne Crowe
Jeff Niedenthal
See pictures inside the
Rep: Cody Berghuis
Music , & Arts: In Christ, Newsletter
Randa Larsen, Sharon Smith
Pastor Megan and Erik Preston
July & August 2017
Coming up
Triennial Gathering is in Minneapolis July 13-16. There is information
available. Rustad's Bus Service has transportation available at a reason-
able cost. Let Gwen know if you have questions. *Let us keep the people
that will be traveling to Minneapolis for the Women of the Evangelical
Lutheran Church of America Triennial Convention July 13 to 16 in your

Green Lake Bible Camp quilt auction is Saturday July 22! Quilt review
begins Friday night. Please see details on the bulletin board!

Personal Care kits:

1 - light-weight bath-size towel (20 x 40 to
27 x 52) dark color recommended
Save the date:
2 or 3 bath size bars of soap (equaling 8 - 9
Fall Gathering at Peace Lutheran in Cosmos, oz, any brand, in original wrapping;
hosted by Peace Lutheran, 1st of Cosmos and no mini or hotel size bars
Trinity of Cosmos. Speaker: Gaye Lindfors 1 - adult size tooth brush in its original pack-
aging *
Theme: God, Girlfriends, and Chocolate 1 sturdy comb (no picks or fine tooth combs);
This Is Livin! Learning to Move from Messy remove packaging
Moments to Happy places 1 - metal nail clipper (attracted filed optional);
remove packaging
Date: Saturday September 30, 2017
Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. * Toothbrush multi-packs may be used by
IN KIND OFFERING: Personal Care Kits. sealing an individual toothbrush in a business
We will be putting together the personal -size envelope; no plastic bags or wrap.
care kits at a September WELCA meeting.
Wrap all items in the towel and tie securely
Date to-be-announced. with ribbon or yarn. Do not enclose the kit or
any of its content in plastic bags.

Trinity Women of the Church Thank you Days

on Wednesday, July 26 at Shores!
Reservations need to be to the church office or Gwen by
Tuesday July 18th! We will meet at the church at 8:00 am to carpool rides. If
there are any dietary needs, please let us know when you register. Schedule
will be to arrive at Shores at 9:00 am. 9:15 is Chapel. There will be an infor-
mation tour following. Lunch. Weather permitting a pontoon ride. Snack.
We should be finished about 2:00 pm and can leave when we wish. There is
no charge for this outing! The earlier you register, the better so numbers
can be reported to the camp and they will have room for everyone.
July & August 2017
There will be an Open House Bridal Shower for Nikki Larsen, bride to be of
Nathan Nelson on Sunday, July 30th at Trinity
Church in Grove City at 1:30 p.m. Parents of the bride
are Daniel (Boone) and Randa Larsen and parents of the
groom are Mary Nelson and Leo Nelson from New
London/Spicer area. All are welcome. The couple is
registered at Target, Menards, and Bed, Bath and Beyond.
Please keep the couple in your thoughts and prayers as
they start their lives together in marriage, on August 26th
at the Glacial Ridge Winery in Spicer.

You are invited to an Thanks to all of you that

Open House Bridal Shower helped and went above
for Heidi Holm and beyond to see that
bride-to-be of Thank you to everyone that our Ice Cream Social
planned, worked and was a great success.
Shayne Zuhlsdorf. You are appreciated.
participated at the Trinity
Saturday, August 19th WELCA ice cream social! The Committee:
form 1:003:00 pm. Especially our Co-chairs Lynne Gloria - Diane
Gloria Palmer, Diane Schultz
and Lynne Thompson. It WELCA received a thank
was a success! At this time you from the Green
we gross about $1,800 Lake Bible Camp for the
before expenses. After the $2,000 donation to the
final expenses have been Shores of St Andrews
paid, the profits will be Bible Camp restoration
donated to the camp fund. projects.

Another call out for a few more committee members for Christmas at
Trinity. It would be terrible to not be able to hold this successful event
due to lack of interest. Please prayerfully consider serving as a
committee member! Christmas
Contact Gwen at
320-857-2963 or at Trinity
or the Church Office.
Thank you!
July & August 2017
Regular Offerings: 5/28: $ 3,257.00; 6/4: $ 2,572.00; 6/18: $ 1881.00
Building Fund: 5/28: $ 110.00; 6/4: $ 120.00; 6/18: $ 10.00
(4/30: $1,000 parking lot)
Food Shelf : 4/30: $ 25.00; 5/14: $ 25.00; 6/18: $ 25.00; Offerings needed
Year to date: Regular Offering $ 67,216.66 per week:
Year to date: Building fund: $ 2,626.00 (4/30: $1,000 parking lot) $ 3,607.15
Year to date: Food Shelf: $ 900.00
(4/2: $200 written out to the food shelf)
Year to date: Budget: $ 89,638.75
As of Sunday, As of June 18, 2017

They are $5.50 per box.

Looking for people to help
New napkins, also, they are $3.50 per package
with Newsletter Assembly
once a month, usually the
last Wednesday of the
At 9:30 am in the Kitchen and Fellowship
Whenever youre in need of cards or napkins for almost Hall! We train as we go and we have
any occasion, stop in the church office and look over treats too! Next assembly date August 30!
our selection. Theyre the best card bargain in town!

Please consider
We will be taking a break for the volunteering to help
Summer, see you in the Fall! serve cookie & coffee
on Sunday mornings or
to bring cookies for
the freezer. Please do not use peanuts or
other nuts in your baked goods. You may
check the Mission Corner for the sign-up
list, or you may call the church office. Thank
Check out Trinitys website
Trinitys Sunday services are re-
corded and show on local access
channel 8 on Tuesday evenings at
Also, if youre on Facebook, check out
6:00pm. If you dont get that chan-
Trinity Lutheran ChurchGrove City,
nel and want to see a particular Sunday, we have
MN. and Christmas at Trinity, and Trinity
Youth of Grove City (JR) and give those pages a like! the copies at the church office. You can check on
Feel free to post pictures of Trinity events there, if youd out, watch it and return it, or a copy can be made
like! for you if youd like to have one to keep.

July & August 2017

July & August 2017
Trinity Lutheran Church
PO Box 438
Grove City, MN. 56243
Address Service Requested
To the Household of:
On Saturday, July 8th, our new pastor, Trinity Women of
Megan Preston, will be ordained at 2:00 the Church
pm , in Alexandria. Carpool rides will be Thank you Days
available, see details inside.
on Wednesday,
The next day, on Sunday, July 9th, July 26 at Shores!
Pastor Megan will be formally installed as
pastor of Trinity during the 9:30 a.m.
worship service with Communion.
Followed by a potluck meal.
Trinity Lutheran Church
Grove City, MN
Mission BBQ Blood Mobile
at Trinity Monday,
Thursday, August 10, 2017 August 28th from
Watch for coming details 1:00 - 7:00 pm
July & August 2017
Celebrate these
Milestones and
at Trinity
7/1 Joe & Tina Werner 7/1 Stacy Heining 7/14 Dean Rueckert
7/10 Doug & Chellie Nelson 7/2 Mindy Nelson 7/16 Melissa Drange
7/13 Gordon & Jane Czycalla 7/3 Tony Reich 7/17 Gerald Rueckert
Katy & Peter Hemberger 7/5 Carson Wendorff 7/20 Daren Johnson
7/14 Stacy & Trudy Heining 7/6 Brian Weseman Chasity Skerik
7/17 James & Autumn Mickelson 7/7 Jessica Gilbert 7/21 Kelsy Johnson
7/22 Dayton & Karen Peterson Bruce Laabs 7/24 Tanner Berghuis
7/8 Isaac Grotto 7/26 Daylin Behrends
Kristine Marshall Lucille Pautzke
If youre not on the list and should be, Jackson Wendorff 7/27 Micah Werner
or if youre on the list and shouldnt 7/10 David Sackett 7/28 Pam Bagley
be, or if the date is wrong, let the office Tracy Denfeld Ethan Flemming
7/12 Iver Buer 7/30 Burton Larson
Brady Cannon Nick Pautzke

8/1 Bonnie Konietzko 8/19 Corey Buer

8/2 Trever Heining Owen Danielson
8/3 Dennis Brown Ali Dhanani
8/4 Kathryn Riebe Alicia Glimsdal
8/8 Nancy Boreen Cole Maahs
Diane Pautzke 8/20 Gwen Kielty
8/1 Darin & Brierly Grimsgard
Carter Ziehl 8/21 Mya Thompson
8/3 Jerry & Joan Reckdahl
8/12 Cary Schultz 8/22 Phyllis Berggren
8/13 Dayton Buer Tyler Berghuis
8/5 Philip & Romell Buer
Palmer Danielson 8/24 Leona Hanson 8/10 Brandie & Randy Bachman
Kyle Larsen 8/24 Jerolyn Weseman Mike & Christine Buer
8/14 Bonnie Martin 8/26 Michele Sackett 8/11 Dean & Brenda Rueckert
8/15 Samantha Anderson 8/27 Joan Reckdahl 8/12 Greg & Linda Berghuis
8/18 Idella Moe 8/29 Brandie Nelson 8/16 John & Sheri Bergstrom
8/30 Donald Holmgren 8/25 Jeff & Ginger Rech
Brad Bird 8/28 Kyle & Heather Ziehl
David Martin 8/30 David & Cookie Grimsgard
July & August 2017
July & August 2017
Trinity Lutheran

July & August 2017

TRINITY MINISTRY VOLUNTEERS Trinity Church Office: 320-857-2001
JULY AND AUGUST Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday
ALTAR GUILD: ALTAR GUILD: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Diane Schultz Jane Czycalla Staff at Trinity
Karen Peterson Pam Bagley Secretary: Becky Lothe
Melissa Bergstrom Sharon Smith Virginia Flemming 320-857-2717
Choir Director: Mary Bolek 507-828-1586
USHERS/GREETERS: USHERS/GREETERS: Custodians: Brian & Bonnie Martin
Carl & Tracy Denfeld Gordon & Jane Czycalla 320-420-5699
Mike & Christine Buer Dayton & Karen Peterson
family Pastor Hall will be on vacation beginning
ACOLYTES: tomorrow, June 26th, through July 9th.
ACOLYTES: Pastor Hall will be returning for
To Be Announced
To Be Announced his final Sunday on July 2nd.
LECTORS/READERS: Pastor Preston will officially begin her
JUL 2 Connor Dilley
AUG 6 Jeff Niedenthal pastoral duties on Tuesday, July 11th.
JUL 9 Tori Bagley
AUG 13 Sharon Gilbert During this time of transition,
JUL 16 Stacey Heining
AUG 20 AugustFest Rev. DelRoy Johnson will be "on-call"
JUL 23 Janelle Johnson
AUG 27 Melissa Bergstrom for Trinity should any situation arise
JUL 30 Kristine Marshall
requiring pastoral coverage.
From the Altar Guild: we welcome His phone # is 763-258-7771.
Garden flowers to beautify our Altar on
Sunday mornings. They may be placed Ruth Circle is no longer postage
anywhere but on the piano. stamps. Thank you for all the stamps that
were collected and we were able to pass along.

A celebration of Life was held

for our sister in Christ, Trinity Lutheran Church
Betty L. Papesh Grove City, MN

Mission BBQ
On Friday, June 23, 2017

Please keep Bettys nieces,

nephews and other loved ones
Thursday, August 10, 2017
in your thoughts and prayers
during this time of loss. BBQ Pork, Potato Salad, Sweet Corn,
Beverage and Dessert

Watch for coming details

July & August 2017

Trinity Lutheran Church Regular Council Meeting
May 11, 2017 @ 7pm
Present: Pastor Greg, Greg, Dan, Jeff, Mardelle, Sonja, Dennis, Melissa, Richard, Sam, Brian and
Devotions were given by Dennis
A motion to approve the agenda was made by Dennis and seconded by Jeff. Motion carried.
A motion to approve the minutes from April 6th were made by Brian and seconded by Jeff. Motion
A motion to approve the minutes from April 30th were made by Jeff and seconded by Mardelle.
Motion carried.
A motion to approve the Treasurers report was made by Dan and seconded by Randa. Motion
Pastors Report: There were no pastoral acts during the month. A baptism is scheduled for May
28th. Holy week and Easter went well. Pastor Greg was able to visit all of the shut-ins before Easter.
There will be eight 9th graders and two 8th graders in confirmation this fall. The Pastor will be on
vacation May 15th through the 22nd. Pastor J. David Nelson will be filling in during that week and
on-call as well. The Synod Assembly will be June 9-10th; Jeff and Pastor Greg will be attending. Tim
McCoy will be the Gideon speaker on June 11th.
Committee Reports
Education: Sunday School is done for the year. Vacation Bible School will be June 18th through the
21st. Looking for volunteers to help; Nikki Jans is in charge.
Property: Parking lot company came without notice; 80% of the cracks were filled. The rest will be
filled before sealing; waiting on ground temperatures. Jory Behrends will be mowing the parsonage.
Fellowship: Mardelle has been passing around the Tables for 8 sign-up sheet along with the coffee
and cookies sign-up sheet.
Finance: Brian offer to donate a piano which will replace the one in the basement. Church will pay
to have the old one hauled away.
Missions: Someone brought to Beckys attention that items in the donations area were not being
delivered to right place or often enough.
Personnel: Jeff has an ad for the Sunday School Coordinator position ready to go; however, he is
waiting on a response from someone who is interested in the position. He is working on writing up a
description for the accompanist/choir position.
Worship: Easter went well. Some people did not receive the flowers they ordered. The graduates
will be honored this coming Sunday; there are four. Starting Memorial Day weekend the bulletins
will be shortened. Randa spoke about planting a tree for the Anniversary Celebration. June 4th will be
Pentecost wear RED!
Updates on Anniversary Celebration: Posters are made up and we will need people to hang them
around town and the surrounding area. It was discussed to invite the other churches in town.
Larsons will do the catering. RSVPs will be needed for the Sunday meal.
July & August 2017
Trinity Lutheran Church Regular Council Meeting May 11, 2017 @ 7pm continued
Scholarship Fund: There is around $6500 in the fund. Anyone attending a Trade School or College
is eligible; this includes non-traditional students as well. Money will be paid to the school before the
second semester. Committee will work on writing up the application and scholarship policies.
Call Committee Report: Megan Preston has accepted the finance package presented to her with one
request concerning the sabbatical policy. A date for the meet and greet has been set for June 3rd from
6-8pm. Her available date would be sometime after July 1st. June 4th was set as the date for the vote.
The finance package included a sabbatical policy; she would be able to take a two month sabbatical
after a total of nine years, $100 a month towards her student debt in 2017 - $150 per month in 2018
and $200 a month starting in 2019 and on, four weeks of vacation and a moving allowance up to
$2500. Jeff made a motion to approve the finance package. Richard seconded the motion. Motion
carried. The letter drafted to send to the council was read. A motion by Jeff to approve the letter was
made and seconded by Mardelle. Motion carried.
Synod Assembly Offering: A motion was made by Dan to offer $100. Brian seconded the motion.
Motion carried.
Adjournment by Greg
Respectively submitted by,
Melissa Bergstrom, Secretary
* Minutes were approved as amended at the June 8th Council Meeting.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Trinity Lutheran Special Congregational Meeting June 4, 2017
Greg Jans called the meeting to order.
The meeting was to vote on extending a call to Megan Preston to be the new Pastor of Trinity
Lutheran Church. A quorum was present. The people selected to count the votes were: Doug
Torgeson, Sue Laabs, Mike Buer, and Joe Jans.
Pastor Greg spoke to the congregation and gave a prayer. The Call Committee was recognized and
thanked for their service. Each member of the Call Committee spoke about why they felt Megan
Preston was the right choice to be the new Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church.
Greg Jans made a motion to extend a call to Megan Preston to be the new Pastor of Trinity Lutheran
Church. The motion was seconded by Marcia Brown.
The congregation voted by ballot and these were collected and counted. There were a total of 78
votes: the vote was a unanimous vote of yes (78) to zero no votes.
A motion was made by Joan Reckdahl to thank Pastor Greg Hall for all the work he has done for the
congregation as our Interim Pastor. The motion was seconded by Jeff Niedenthal. Motion carried.
Greg Jans informed the congregation that Megans ordination would be at her home church in
Alexandria on the 8th of July and her installation would be at Trinity Lutheran Church by Linda
Pedersen on July 9th.
Greg closed the meeting with the Lords Prayer.
Respectfully submitted by,
Melissa Bergstrom, Secretary
July & August 2017
Dear Members and Friends of Trinity,
I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all
making my prayer with joy, thankful for your partnership in the gospel from the first day until
now. (Paul, to the Philippians, chapter 1:3-5 RSV)
In writing this article, I am rejoicing with all of you that on Sunday, June 4 th, you voted
unanimously to extend a Letter of Call to the Rev. Megan Preston to be your next settled
pastor. She has accepted your Call and will officially begin her pastoral duties among you on
July 11th.
[Please see the news article regarding her Ordination and Installation!]
But this means that the time has come for me to take leave of you, after serving as your
Interim pastor since October of 2015. Just as Paul wrote to the Philippians, I am truly
thankful for your partnership in the gospel during this time.
I feel very good about what we have accomplished together over these past 21 months, and
I am sure that you will be in good hands moving forward with Pastor Megan as your new
partner in ministry.
I cannot depart, however, without expressing my sincere gratitude for your friendship,
kindness, and hospitality during my time among you. You have made me feel welcome in
more ways than I can count. It has been a great joy and blessing to get to know you, and to
serve as your temporary shepherd during this time of transition.
I especially wish to thank the members of the Church Council, past and present, for their
leadership and their support to me in my ministry. I would also thank those who have served
on the Call Committee for all of their time, energy, and dedication to their tasks.
At this point I do not know where I will be serving next, but as He always does, I am sure
that the Lord has something in mind for me. In that regard, I would certainly covet your
prayers for me and my future Interim ministry, just as I will be praying for you, making my
prayer with joy.
My last Sunday with you will be July 2nd, and I already know that it will be difficult to say
Good-Bye, as I will certainly miss you. So I would close with this: May the Lord bless your
mission and ministry in every way as Gods people, and as my sisters and brothers in Christ.
In His service,
Pastor Greg Hall

Please join us Sunday, July 2nd after

worship for a Coffee and Dessert Farewell
to Pastor Greg Hall. Pastor Hall has served
and guided us here at Trinity over the past year
and a half. Lets say our Good-byes and
Thank yous in our appreciation for his service
to all of us! He will be missed!

July & August 2017

On Saturday, July 8th, our new pastor, Megan Preston, will be ordained into the
ministry of the ELCA at a special service at her home congregation in Alexandria, First
Lutheran Church. The service is at 2:00 p.m. and we encourage members of Trinity to
attend. [See the invitation below]
The current plan is to carpool from our parking lot, departing at approximately
12:30 p.m. We suggest that you call Jeff Niedenthal (320-857-2068) who is
coordinating rides.
A Service of Ordination is a most unique event, which you would surely find meaningful.
Your presence would also serve as a Witness of Welcome to Pastor Preston.
The next day, on Sunday, July 9th, Pastor Megan will be formally installed as pastor of
Trinity during the 9:30 a.m. worship. Rev. Linda Pedersen of our SW MN Synod staff will
serve as the Installing pastor. Pastor Megan will be preaching, and then presiding in the
Holy Communion.
NOTE: A potluck meal will follow the Installation service, as yet another way of
welcoming the Prestons into our congregation and Grove City community.

July & August 2017

Above: 5 Generations:
LeRoy Johnson, Pastor DelRoy
Johnson, (DelRoys son-in-
law), (LeRoys great-great
grandson) and great-great-
great grandson.

Left: LeRoy Johnson and

great-great-great grandson.

July & August 2017

Below Left : Pastor Megan at Synod Assembly with her
Letter of Call.
Below Right: Erik and Pr Megan Preston

July & August 2017

If you were in worship on Sunday,
May 28th or since, you noticed that
we are now doing something differ-
ent in regard to our Sunday morning
bulletins. At the suggestion of the
Church Council, we have decided to
abbreviate what is included in the
paper bulletins. By so doing, we
hope to save on paper and printing
expenses, and to lighten our
secretarys workload each week.
Briefly, the paper bulletin on Sunday
morning will include an outline of
the Order of Service, with page
numbers from our red ELW hymnal.
Nearly everything related to the ser-
vice will continue to appear on the
video screens in the sanctuary, how-
ever, in the same manner as we
currently do. As always, the paper
bulletin will include the complete
listing of parish and community
The plan is to employ this different
bulletin format through the Summer
months on a trial basis. From time
to time we might experiment with
what portions of the service are in-
cluded in the bulletin. We invite
and encourage your opinions as
to whether or not this change in
the paper bulletin hinders your
participation in the worship.
The Worship, Music, and Arts
July & August 2017
The Grove City Area CARE Program Join your friends for Meals on
Wheels! The suggested price is
will be Celebrating 20 Years on: $4.00 a meal. The meals come
Sunday, August 27th in disposable containers of
individual portions. The cold
1:003:00 pm at items are put in the refrigerator
South Grove Square in a paper bag and the hot items
in the oven. Everyone has to
Everyone Welcome!!! bring their own silverware and
cup. There is no one to serve
you. You need to put your name
in the book in the dining room
the day before, so someone can
call it in. You can eat there in the
dining room, but need to clean
up after yourselves. There are
still volunteer drivers to deliver
the meals to the homebound.
You can call the Grove City Area
C.A.R.E. office at 857-2274.

July & August 2017