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CUBANG® Peet Te BASS GROOVES Lh Manny Patino EU eto lati) Understanding the Clave Derr ert cD) Lee ted Nee area restos Afro-Cuban Jazz and more. Latin Intros and Endings fear) ES RA A MA. AB B&B a ‘ Qs ee a! petode cone Stadtbchereien arrange otal Ear Cyn Dyhust HAMM rnoomn pe yd ‘Yamaha Bass courtesy of Jerry Andreas, Yamaha Corporation of America ‘Special Thanks to Cary and Abel Batista © 1997 WARNER BROS. PUBLICATIONS: All Rights Reserved ‘Any duplication, adaptation or arrangement of the compositions Contained in this collection requires the written consent ofthe Publisher. No part ofthis book may be photocopied or reproduced in any way without permission. Unauthorized uses are an infringement of the U.S. Copyright Act and are punishable by law,