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Semester Genap Tahun Pelajaran 2016/2017
Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Hari/Tanggal : Selasa, 6 Juni 2017
Kelas : I (Satu) Waktu : 07.00 08.30 WIB
Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c or d!
(Pilihlah Jawaban yang tepat dengan menyilang (x) huruf a, b, c atau d)

1. We can walk with our ... 9. What day is today?

a. Foot a. Tuesday
b. Tooth Selasa b. Wednesday
c. Eyes c. Thursday

2. Elang : What are these? 10. This month is

Ririn : these are my.... a. March
a. Hands Maret b. May
b. Eyes c. April
c. Ears
11. There are twelve month in a year.
3. R A I H a. 7
Arrange the letters into a good word. b. 11
a. Irah c. 12
b. Raih
c. Hair 12. The first month is
a. January
4. A: Is it your nose? b. July
B: c. December
a. Yes, it is
b. No, it is not 13. A: What month is it?
c. Not, it is B; It is
a. January
5. I wear a sunglasses on my Februari b. February
a. nose c. March
b. ears
c. eyes 14. The first day is
a. Saturday
6. What is that? b. Sunday
That is your c. Wednesday
a. mouth
b. tongue 15. After Thursday is
c. head a. Tuesday
b. Wednesday
7. I like playing football. I kick the ball with c. Friday
a. mouth 16. This month is .
b. leg a. May
c. hand Juni b. July
c. June
8. What is it? 17. There are days in one week.
a. legs a. seven
b. arm b. six
c. hand c. eight

18. This is my
a. uncle
b. family five ... seven
c. grandfather
28. The correct answer is
a. eight
19. He is my
b. four
a. Father
c. six
b. Mother
c. Brother
29. My mother gives me candy this morning.
a. fifteen
b. sixteen
20. Devinza : Is he your grandfather?
c. seventeen
Vanya : .
a. No, he is not
30. There are flowers.
b. Yes, he is
a. six
c. No, he is
Kakek b. seven
c. eight
21. My mother needs eggs to make a fried
31. 10 2 =
Ten minus two is
a. five
a. seven
b. six
b. eight
c. seven
c. nine
22. Fifi : Who is she?
32. 15 + 2 =
Afi : She is my
Fifteen plus two is
a. Sister
a. seventeen
b. Brother
Perempuan b. eighteen
c. Mother
c. nineteen
23. Brother means
33. It is sixteen.
a. paman
b. Saudara perempuan
c. Saudara laki-laki a.
24. O-t-m-e-h-r
The correct arrangement is b.
a. methor
b. mother
c. other c.
34. There are books.
25. I have a her name is Tania.
a. eight
a. mother
b. seven
b. uncle
c. six
c. aunt
26. There is a picture of my in my house.
35. It is number
a. grandparent
a. seven
b. parent
b. six
c. grandfather
c. five
27. Dina has doll
a. three
b. two
c. one