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WHY: High mobile phone use was associated with sleep disturbances and symptoms of depression 1.
Poor sleep quality has emerged as a relevant public health problem in technologically advanced
societies and has numerous negative effects in long term health 2. In a study, it was reported that
problematic mobile use is associated with sleep problems, including subjective insomnia and poor
sleep quality 3. Sleep deprivation can disrupt circadian rhythms resulting in dysregulated sleeping
patterns. Inadequate sleep can affect cognitive functioning and is linked to the following:

- Poor productivity
- Negative mood states
- Depressive symptoms
- Decreased motor performance

Who: This projects aims to target UC Filipino Society members who acknowledge that they are
having difficulty of going to sleep because they use mobile phones before bedtime

How: This initiative will encourage the participants to avoid using mobile phones an hour before bed

Implementing the change

-The first step I did was to gather the participants and provided them with the overview of the
project. Those who agreed to participate in this project were asked for a verbal consent verifying
that they understood it.

- To promote awareness, I discussed the effects of using mobile phones to sleep quality as a group

- I also asked the participants to take a survey online about their mobile phone use at night

- I also handed leaflets about tips on how to have a good sleep

- The next day after I started this initiative I asked them on how they went through with the project. I
asked again 3 days after and then after one week (paki ayos r gud ni yot, akong pasabot ky gifollow
up nko s 1st day, then s next 3 days then after a week.) tapos I gathered their report.


Specific and simple

- The aim of this initiative is to promote awareness and improve sleeping habit by avoiding
the use of devices such mobile phones an hour before going to sleep


-By simply avoiding mobile phones improves sleeping pattern hence reduces the negative
effects of sleep deprivation

The stakeholders are members of UC Filipino Society. There were no ethical issues raised
since verbal consent was asked and that participants are fully aware of how the project will be


- The stakeholders reported that it helps improve their sleeping pattern, decrease fatigue and that
they are more focused in their daily activity.


Although the result is self-report, avoiding phones have some instant effects on sleeping and can be
seen right from the time they wake up. This project targets a timeline of 3 weeks.



Project: This project is cost effective and promotes awareness on how mobile phones can disrupt
sleeping pattern.

Leader: As a Defender type of personality, I am receptive to change and new ideas. I am supportive
with anyone who needs help and encouragement in this project. (Yot, pakidagdagi ko ani s strength
and weakness as a leader paki view ko ani n site


Project: This project is challenging for the participants since nowadays almost everyone are used to
having mobiles at all times. It actually needs time to gradually lessen the use at bedtime. Avoiding
screen requires self-restraint.

Leader: As an ISFJ personality type, I dont possess strong leadership skills.


This project will be more effective if it has longer time-frame for follow-ups. It also needs additional
ways on promoting awareness on mobile phone use at night. The participants can be asked for their
feedbacks and suggestions to help improve this project.


It requires ongoing leadership to sustain the change and to maintain the motivation of the