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20 fagitatedly descending the stwps with D.Ootavio, Den Octavio. ints bearing torches) (Raising his drawn eword.) Ah! delpadre in pe-ri-glio r cor. so xo-liam® Tut-toil san. gue An! _my’_fa- ther’ in_dan-ger, _ haste to his aid! I will de-fend him Donna Anna. ver-ke- toy te bi Sonya: withthis sword,with my life-bloo Dl shele-ra-to? In que-sto To. & But where Is the as-sas-sin? "Twashere [ left him. NO 2.“ Ma qual mai ‘offre, oh Dei.,, Rocit. and Duet. bey. Allegro assai f if ev Ma qual mai sof-freoh Dei, spet- What is this [be - hold? Can (sinks down beside the body) (6-10 ayglioe-chi mie-t! T_ believe my senses? Ah_ine_un- happy! nae? (throws hers a ‘upon the corpse) D.Octavio. Padre mi-o! mio ca-ropadret Si - gneve! si- no mel tru-«i- ‘oh my father, look but upon me! Oh terror! Ah, by th'as-sasesinart thou un= ‘Padre, Father —_—* (oxamining the corpse more carefully) fue] san-gue — quelle ple-ga— = rhb Thourt wounded — —f>—~ blood is Howing—-— uel volto— tin-toe iS pallor! Si- lent fo- per - to del co-lordi mor-te. te be and pale, thou heed-est not my cry-ing! —S (D.Octavio offers to raise her: she refuses » Ei non fe-spi-Fa pit le {cannot hearhim Breathe! Cold, cold as oho rise membrat Padre mio) ¢a- fo pad pa- dren - mato: ‘marble! Ohmy father, best of fathers! an —swerme, father! SL R (D. Ootavio eupports her. and Tends her to the vione Don Octavio.tto the servants) ‘jo mane jo moro! h! Socdor- re - tag-mi-¢l, Ppothelpmet vis wi jt diel” On, by this dire atti Maestoso. 30 - rol i te - fa- fe- ii quatche_f - tracted! me, friends, | oh eave us not,» Give me ( mentee, (A maid=servant hurries into the palace, and returns Imm with asmelling-botile, hich she offers to D.Ang Andante. dor, qual-che spirto! ah non tar- da- fe! Donw Annat sposi aid bring some wa-ter, oh bring it quickly! Donn’ Anna) | —< | dearest} PR Me a-mi- 1 duolo_e- stre- mo la meschi-nellaue-ci =, det oh hear met _—pelltretief extreme hath cfu-el-ly 0 -verwhelmaher, ‘ ig P. Dopna Anna. D Ann, Don Octavio, advep sigh) Ani G fieshe! da -fe-le uo ia ju-ti, Padre mio! Ah! She “awakens, P resvivesher Sortom, 5 Oh my fathe Den Octavia, to servants) re-fa-te, al - lon-ta-na-teaglioe - chi suo-1 quel-Iég-get-to dor- Oh hasten, and bear a-way, ere she per - ceive it, this me-mo-rial of ohsturnto me! Allegro. Donna. Anna. (spt a re fa co - re! Fug - gi, cru-de - le, Tim near thee! nea ‘ - rachemorte,6 Di-o! chia me Since he 1 most did cherish Is lost P deh oh, sen- th, ‘cor mio, list = eny to me, per Taj ca- know thou'lt not 16197 — 1g up and repulsing Don Octavio as if insane) ae che mora tneti‘o! fug- ei! Ie Cru elywhy art thou near me? Leave me alone (o perish! via die er = more! uar - da-miun s0- rn but thine eyes ter Foa-glioe-cht. fio = i, LO giu-roalno- — =stroa- by. heav'a I” will a - venge him, swear it) by our Tempo I. Donna Anna. Ta - mento, oh Dan Oct of wrath “and ra. mento, oh of wrath and De - che bar. ba-ro mo-men ter - ror! ‘Oh night of dread ta- ment che bar - Va-ro mo ‘Oh night of dread la-mentzing cen-toaffet - tie cen-to when will heay’n re -lent-ing tra Oh vamimlon-deg-gian-doil cor rants of hope a ray, Oh ire cen-toaf-fet tie cen-to Vanmioi-deg-gian-dojl con (ra Oh when heav'n re - lent-ing grantus of hope a ray, Oh one —— oho — ~~ ——~ estas cenfoat fet, tie cen. "fo Wam-mi on an doit when will “heava re - lent ing “grants of ope a cen-toat - fel, tie Vanemion=deg = gland when will “he grant us of hope a Ven-fi. car quel If thou canst) a -_venge hi Lo giu- fo al sitear iho y tia ar chi tuo = iy alo: tro.a-mor! a -venge him, I___swear___ it by our love! Che giu- ta-men-to.oh De - i ‘Oh = vow of wrath and ter- ror! Che ‘giu- ra-mmen.tooh De» 1 jow of wrath and ter < ror! on rarer —— che bar - ba-ro mo-men-to! Tra . tie Oh night ofwild 1a - menting! Oh when willheav’n re~ che bar - ba-ro mio- men-to! ‘Tra cen-toaf-fet. tie Oh night of wild ta - menting! ‘Oh when will heay'n re- —~ ~ << vam-mion-deggian-do jl grant us of hope a ‘vaii-migndeg-gian-dojl centoaf . fet- tig grant us of hope a ‘when will “heav’n re ~ Sims isi97 Yam-mion-deg - gian - dail grant us vam-mion- grant us vam > mion- deg - gian. Oh when will hea I, cor, ‘vamimron-deg = ray, ee gian oh. when will eav'n vilon- die ~ gia when Wil cor, vam - ray, when jan ope doit mion - cor, vam erant ray, when feg-gian - doit of hope mion’. deg - gian- mion - de -~ Cor, vaTanton - dee of ayy. oh when will hope a doll a cor. ray,______—__ = don - deg~gian- -doil grant” ot "Rope “a =dojl cor. vam- te = lent - ing = -mion- deggian - dil grant of hope = do,on- deg grant of dol re = cor vam = ean Tent = ing ~dojl cor, will heavin To uss grant = gian- =doiI cor, wh grant to us, 20 = mn ~ des cian = do jl cor, Yam = mion-deg-gian- ne "ope gray When will heava grant Yam-mion-deg - gian-doil cor, vam - mion- deg- gian- Gram us of hope ® ray, When will_heav'n grant mye eo pes ‘erat =doil cor, yammiondeg-giawdoil con vam ~ —to us, Grant us of hope a ray, Oh! dell cor, vammiondeg-giandoil cor, vam — to ws, a Grant as of hope a ray, On! 22) eh 2 ~ mnlon-deggian -doil cor, on “dex gian - doi ope a rayyGrant of fope & mion . deggia Sues” ate mion . deggian - doil cor, mi on-deggian-dojl cor, on - deg-gian -doil when" wilfheav—en Grant “to us. ef hope “a rayyGraat of hope a 2. BN dgN (Exeunt slowly into palace) falls rapidly) ni