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As society develops, many issues arise regarding our lives and raise heated debate among people.
One such issue that arouses our interest is whether . People from different walks of life may
take different stances on this issue. Personally, I agree/disagree with the given statement. There are
several reasons that could validate my position, but in this essay, I will introduce two of them as

2. Body 1:

: (/ , / , ) /
. : Mass Media , TV, Video, ,

helps people to improve their relationship with others.

As a result of spending too much time indoors watching TV or playing video games, people
nowadays have no idea to properly interact with others in various social situations.

Thus such people often become increasingly self-centered and indifferent to others without realizing
that they are bleak and miserable. However, by with , they can experience the joy of
being with others and become more open-minded and well-adjusted individuals.

(Optional- )

I will use my own experience as an example to illustrate this point. ~. As a result, I became
much more sociable and outgoing.)

or Body (, / , )

3. Body 2

: , ,

In this rapidly changing society, people are often tied up with busy schedules and overwhelmed by
enormous tasks both at work and school.

They cannot get enough time to take a step back and refresh themselves and end up feeling
exhausted and frustrated.
While with , these people can take a mental break with their burdens lifted from their
shoulders and get a relief from stress.

4. Body 3 (Supporting sentence topic )

According to a survey conducted by MBC, one of the Korean public broadcasting stations, more
than 66 percent of the surveyed people responded that .

In the survey of more than a thousand people in the Seoul metropolitan area, the responders said
that all these activities greatly contributed to improving the quality of life, though the type of the
activities varied across different age and gender groups.

This clearly indicates that help to improve mood increase happy hormones for todays stress-
ridden people.

5. Body 4 ( )

A: (, , , ) help xx with useful advice and encouragement

As competition gets fiercer for places in prestigious schools/companies, B: (/

) feel ever more pressured not to fall behind.

Therefore, it is not uncommon these days to hear of B who are exhausted by heavy workloads and
feel disappointed at poor grades/performance.

In this case, A can encourage them to overcome such difficulties and achieve success.

6. Body 5 ( , , )

mass media , .

A: (, /, ) provide B: (/ ) with profound

knowledge and insights.

As society has become more complex, many of todays young people feel confused among
conflicting views and perspectives on various issues.

Information from commercialized mass media tends to be biased and makes them even more
Since they lack sufficient experience and knowledge, they often find it hard to make right decisions
based only on what they learn from textbooks.

In this case, by providing a new perspective, A can lead them to a deeper understanding of those
issues and help them have a balanced view.

5. Body 6 ( Supporting sentence)

A few weeks ago, I happened to read a tweet on twitter regarding this issue which I found interesting.

It was about the Issue .

A significant number of people replied that .

Even more surprising to me was the interest they showed in this issue.

The tweet was heavily retweeted since the message resonated with many twitterians and formed a
bond of sympathy among them.

This clearly indicates that .

6. Body 7 ( : , by Mass media, , )

In appropriate content in mass media, such as sex and violence, makes teenagers reckless and

Today, many media companies use sexual image and symbols to appeal to more consumers.

Teenagers are easy targets of this strategy because they lack a sense of morality and judgement.

When constantly exposed to such content, young children and teenagers are likely to be impulsive
in their thoughts and behavior.

7. Body 8 ( : )

Since their invention, many technology devices have dramatically changed our lives and are
considered a necessity for us.

They have allowed us to save time and be more efficient in dealing with tasks at hand.

However, on the flip side of the numerous benefits are many adverse effects that should not be
8. Body 9 ( : , , , )

(Creativity/Organizing skill/A strong network of people) is one of the most fundamental assets
that we need constantly during our daily lives.

We use it every day to handle tasks and solve problems.

Even in business settings, this quality is considered an important key to success.

Decision making, recruiting, and motivating employees are all examples of business activities that
require .

Given this, it is not surprising that people with are in high demand.


All in all, because of the reasons mentioned above, I firmly believe that .