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Caroline Leaf on Faith & The Power of The Brain

Because I talk fast I have a lot to say, you'll have a lot of information literally jam-packed into you but
you are made in the image of an intelligent and brilliant and wonderful God which means that you're
totally capable of taking in everything that I tell you today. Yes or, agree? okay so turn to each other
and say you are brilliant and beautiful and handsome. So don't be intimidated by science because we
all agree that God made everything. Do you agree? So science is simply a description of the
everything so science should be in the church science is God's stuff and it is time for us to give credit
where credit is due. My life's work as a scientist has been to do this to actually understand the
science particularly related to my field of cognitive neuroscience and then to be able to bring that to
people to be able to give recognition to God. B ecause every scientific discovery is an inspiration from
God. It is not from man. So we have to acknowledge and give that glory back to God and every time
the scientists think they've found the God spot in the brain or they've now been able to create
something that they think they've actually created things change because science actually dies one
funeral at a time because God reveals and then as soon as man starts trying to take over he reveals
another level of understanding and another level of understanding and another level of
understanding. But if we look at science and we look at science to the eyes of Scripture we will see
science catching up with the Word of God and we will see God using science to help us understand
ourselves more understand the world that we live in more effectively and understand who he is more
effectively. I've been a scientist for 30 years now I still do research I do research every single day to
keep up in my field I have to spend at least two hours a day doing research. We have various projects
that we do on a regular basis I write books on a regular basis I practiced for 25 years. The point that
I'm trying to share with you is that you never stop growing God is constantly revealing and whether it
is science as the way I do it or whether it is the science of running a church yes that's also a science
everything about life is a science because science is how it works science is how we do this thing
called life science is how our brain works it's just the technical understanding of what God has given
us. So when we look at science in that way gardening botany it color ecology anything engineering
buzzes that is all science because it's all about this incredible world that God has given us. So when
we look at science like that we see things differently and as a scientist I left practice far about seven
years ago to do what I do now and we travel around the world as Mac mentioned we literally travel
around the world we are on the road for to four out of seven days every single week. That's a lot of
traveling getting this message international around the world to share this and the reason I moved
out of clinical practices because I could reach a few thousand in my practice but now we reach
millions. We have a TV show we have all ways of getting this message out but what is for me the most
important is to come to churches like this on a Sunday and most Sundays I am preaching in churches.
I preach about 44 Sundays a year in churches around the world and what's why is it so important
because it is through you that the world will come to Christ when you understand how amazing you
are when you understand what it means to be made in the image of a brilliant God you will start
operating differently you will have a different mindset and that mindset will generate a different
attitude and people will look at you and they'll say I'll have what he's having I'll have what she's
having. If people are not looking at you and saying what is different about you you're not doing this
thing that God tells us to do called life the way we should be doing it. You see as a scientist one of the
most important things that I can share with you today is that you are designed to be in a state of
worship 24 hours a day that your brain is designed for worship that your brain is specifically designed
to pray that your brain is designed to communicate with your savior and we are designed to operate

in a state of worship 24 hours a day. How can I say that? Well the Bible says pray continuously. If you
praying continuously it means that you are meditating on the word day and night. The Bible tells us
teach your children sitting up standing down lying down by lying down whatever teach in all
occasions. We are supposed to be dedicating every moment of our life to God and how do we do that
it doesn't mean that we certain raise our hands and act like ants and in church all day long that's not
doing life. Worship is leading a life where you are constantly been led by the Spirit of God that people
will look at you and say I'll have what you're having because you are rejoicing despite the
circumstances you are not whining and moaning you are not filled with mental ill-health issues to the
point where people look at your users whining and moaning and complaining and people don't want
what you've got. It is time for the church I speak a very direct message I've been called a surgeon so I
speak a very direct message directly I believe from the throne of God because this is not what I plan
to do in my life believe you me I had planned to keep my practice going plan to do my research I was
very comfortable lecturing and doing all that kind of stuff and God took me out of my comfort zone
and now I teach this message in churches around the world as I said and what I want you to
understand today is that people we are people are looking at us and if we don't step up our bar and
step up to the mark that God has set for us we are not doing life like we should. It's time for us to take
responsibility it is time for us to stop whining and moaning and complaining and blaming everyone
else and not looking at our own lives it is time to stop all of that and to grow up and be mature. God
is looking for a mature body of Christ that will stand up and take responsibility for their words they
thoughts their actions their behaviors and their deeds and do what be supposed to be doing. Now
you can't do that if you don't pray continuously you can't do that if you don't constantly set up an
internal dialogue with God so as I said the most important thing I can teach you is how to worship
constantly and that's what I'm going to teach you renewing of your mind means that you are
constantly in dialogue with God. Romans 12:2 says we must renew our minds not just now and then
not just oh you can renew on Mondays and then leave it for the rest of the year oh my one Monday
yah you know one week of the year like beginning of the year with New Year's resolutions it's not like
that renewing of the mind is a constant ongoing process and you'll see as I teach you today and I'll
show you brain slides and I'm going to touch on thirty years of researching in this hour that we have
together. You will see that this is your normal and your natural and you will see that your brain
accelerates in function when you stay in a constant state of worship. Right? We're a few moments ago
when you were singing together and worshiping together do you know that every single one of our
hearts were beating in the same rhythm when you stand and worship God together your hearts beat
as one big heartbeat right now you walk on back to your own rhythms but when we sing together
and we worship God together we raise hands our hearts beat as one. Did you know that when you
worship within seconds of raising your hands and worshiping God within seconds of just talking to
God leading the lifestyle of worship within seconds of you submitting your freewill to God your brain
changes? Your brain changes for the better your brain shifts into the highest intellectual mode that it
possibly can. Gather waves start firing through your brain at a speed beyond the speed of light your
different structures of your brain operate differently your frontal lobe of your brain which is the front
part of your brain starts firing up into this intense functioning where you can actually self analyze and
connect with your Savior more deeply the internal networks of your brain fire up and start moving in
a way and start generating a quantum energy in a way that doesn't happen when you're not
worshiping. Now it doesn't need to say that when you not worshiping and you're just living life that
that doesn't happen but it doesn't happen to that extent so as you live in life activity happens inside
your brain but nothing like when you worship. Scientists have taken have looked at spiritual things

and what happens in your brain and does God exist and though what does pray and praise and
meditation do in your brain and what they generally do is they they lump religion under one single
spirituality and they'll take Buddhism and they'll take nuns and you know they'll take Pentecostals
and they'll just kind of lump us all under one big thing and thinking well you know this is some sort of
meditation an altered state of consciousness and when they look at the brain they see meditation on
with like a Buddhist monk will an expert Buddhist monk takes 30 years to become an expert
meditator and they're very proud of the fact that they take 30 years to be able to stare at something
and literally absorb into that something. Now I'm not quite sure what the purpose of that is to
become something I mean I can save my hand and become my hand but I don't quite know what
purpose it is whereas if you meditate on the word of God it changes you and you generate God
through every pore of your being so meditation is not meant for you to meditate to become some
physical object meditation is for you to absorb the light of God so that the Holy Spirit can shine
through you and when they compare nuns to Buddhist monks what they find is within 30 seconds or
a few seconds those nuns that are focusing on the word of God that are praying and we are loud from
the Bible or praying prayers and communicating with God and talking to God. Their brains fire up into
a much higher state of intellectual activity than those Buddhist monks have been practicing for thirty
years. So we know that our brain changes according to how we use it and how we use it is very
dependent on what our mind is telling it to do you see you are spirit you are soul and your body so
let's have a look at the first slide the first slide. These are my kids by the way they're all asleep at the
moment they didn't quite get through to church with us once in London doing an internship the one
in the black and white strap and the other three as I said we intubated like four this morning what's it
with teenagers so they sling bed. Okay so we have we are a triune being we are spirit we are soul we
are body this is extremely important and I know you know this but I don't believe the church is
teaching this sufficiently I don't think we understand really what this means so let me teach this from
a scientific and spiritual perspective. First of all you are a spirit that is the highest part of man spirit is
this the spirit of man is the highest part of man, okay? Spirit is meant to dominate then your spirit has
three parts it has you as you can see there it has your intuition holy spirit lays down truth. The Holy
Spirit speaks to us through the intuition of our spirits okay then we have our conscience you know
what that is right and wrong but a better way of developing your conscience is to have an awareness
of the holiness of God. When you develop an awareness of the holiness of God which comes through
a constant internal dialogue with God you will be developing your conscience in a different way you
will listen to the Holy Spirit in a different way. So instead of it being a Bible a better set of it being a
negative thing of you have sinned it will be I have stepped out of the holiness of God I have stepped
out of his grace so getting in a revelation of his holiness is vitally important to activating your
conscience and making it work correctly. Okay the Holy Spirit tells us in our conscience when we are
right and wrong then you get your communion which is your worship which is the highest part of
man. God made us for relationship with him and a relationship with a holy God is a worship state
when you are in a relationship with God it means that you are talking to him you are praying to him
which is what talking is you are communicating you are raising your hands you are blessing him you
are thanking him you are taking the events and circumstances of life and you are saying Lord what
should i do what should I say how should I respond 24 hours a day. That is what we were designed for
and as we do that our brain responds so how do we do that? When I say that we do that let's look at
the soul realm the soul is the mind the mind is the intellect the will and the emotions your intellect
you intellectual you are deeply intellectual if anyone has ever spoken negativity over you here I stand
today as a scientist who has studied the brain for 30 years and intellectuals and the intellectual

studies has been a huge part of what I've done I'm telling you here categorically that you are
intellectual deeply intellectual highly intelligent and whatever words of negativity that was spoken
over you I break those of you now in Jesus name. Because you were made in the image of an
intellectual God you are deeply intellectual you are able to think you are not a bag of biology you are
not an automaton you are not controlled by the by the physical your mind is filled with love and
power you have a love power and a sound mind not a spirit of fear so your mind is your intellect you
are able to think things through and respond appropriately you have a will you have free will free will
is not an illusion like the scientists try and tell us they choose to tell us that we have no free will I rest
my case. They use free world to say we have no free will so that logic that argument is illogical okay
so because each and every one of us is uniquely making our own choices on a moment-by-moment
basis according to the unique design that God has given us. We have emotions God has given us
emotions in our soul so that we can feel and experience this incredible world that we live in and this
incredible love if we didn't have emotions we couldn't experience the love that we have for our God
and the love that we have for each other these are amazing things and these reside in the soul of
man which is the mind of man and then you have your physical which came from dust which will go
back to dust 14:42 of which the brain is a part and the brain and the body the physical that you see in
front of you now and your body that you live in that is your physical your brain controls your body
and not the other way around but it is third in line you are spirit you are soul your body hear what I'm
saying your soul which is your mind which is your intellect your will and your emotion is in the middle
of your spirit man and your physical man and it is your soul that has one foot in the door of the spirit
and one foot in the door of the physical it is through your mind that you will choose to follow Christ it
is to your mind that you would choose to submit your intellect to Christ it is to your mind that you will
choose to worship God all day long it is to your mind that you will choose to submit the events and
circumstances of or every day to God or you can choose to ignore him or you can choose to just come
to church on Sunday and not take it any further than that you can choose to look like a great Christian
but love like an awful one the rest of the week you can choose that because God has given you that
ability with your mind that whatever you do with your mind which is your soul is going to impact your
spiritual development and is going to impact your brain which is going to impact your body you see
your brain and your body can do nothing except what the mind tells it to do the mind is separate
from the brain the mind and the brain are not one and the same 30 years ago I asked the ridiculous
question and that ridiculous question was is the mind separate from the brain I was trained back in
the 80s I've done many degrees in this field and I was trained that the brain is everything and that
once there was brain damage that's it and it all started in your brain and the brain was worshipped
we no man has the inclination to worship the created instead of the Creator whether it's a wooden
Idol and currently today it's the brain the man worships the brain when you talk brain people go hah
and is this like are those all for the brain and yes the brain is an incredible organ yes it's made of a
hundred structures and we don't even understand maybe eight percent of how the brain actually
functions and daily new research is pouring out and it's phenomenal how those brain functions but
that brain does nothing if it is if you are dead if you were dead now and I took your brain at your head
and I put your brain on a plate in front of us over here so if your brain I took out your skull this is a
real brain just FYI that's been preserved in a skull do you believe me if you do you'll believe anything
okay but it's pretty much the but obviously a little bit bigger than what your brain is but it's pretty
much if that was a real brain there it wouldn't be doing anything it couldn't generate mind it can't do
anything a dead brain is a deep brain or we can do is study it do you agree with me but your brain in
your head is doing so much because of your mind and because of your spirit man because God has

breathed the breath of life into you it is your spirit man and your soul that innovates the physical part
of who you are that energize and give life to that part of who you are so when you die your brain goes
back to and your body goes dead back to does put your soul in your spirit had eternal value Luke 16
you know Luke 16 the rich man and the poor man and the rich man had everything and he and he
indulged everything every woman was met he had everything he wanted he ate everything he
wanted he did everything he wanted and Lazarus was the poor man who sat outside his house and he
had wounds on his arms and and body and and he was starving and you eat the crumbs from the
table and the dogs would lick his wounds you know that story and then they both died do you agree
that when you die that your body goes back to dust so they had no more brains and no more body do
you agree with that Lazarus and the rich man then we read in the Bible that it says less that the rich
man says father Abraham send Lazarus this is someone without a mouth he's speaking it without a
brain he remembers and recognizes Lazarus and Abraham he knows that there's something else out
there he says send Abraham obscene letters with water I am parched he has no tongue he has no
physical body he remembers he has no physical anything but he remembers he recognizes he can
taste he's thirsty he's in pain guys the physical went away but the soul has eternal value what are you
sowing into your soul what are you using your brain for because your brain simply does what your
mind tells it to do and your mind is designed to be led by the spirit of man and the spirit of man is
designed to be led by the Spirit of God it is holy spirit to spirit to soul to body that is the correct route
but the world teaches us that the brain is everything and at the brain and every gene expresses in the
brain and that the brain generates mind as an artifact so they say the mind is what the brain does and
they make everything about the brain which is back to front because the spirit man is ignored and
then they'll they going to the point where they're saying well if you've got this damage in your brain
that's why you are murder and if you've got this damage that's why you have this M schizophrenia
and if you've got this damage this is why you've got that so they are using the physical as an excuse
for behavior humanity is being taken away from if we tend to focus on the physical you see you are
not your biology you are not an ultimatum you are a spiritual being with a soul that changes your
brain and 30 years ago I asked the ridiculous question is the mind separate from the brain and can the
mind change the brain currently today since the mid-1960s to today it recognizes neuroplasticity
neuro meaning brain plasticity meaning to change it is accepted now that the brain can change that
the brain is not fixed but in the 80s and before it was not accepted through the world view at that
point was that the brain could not change so once there was damaged as I mentioned earlier well
that was it so I was trained in an era where the DSM 3 manual had just been released so everything
was all about biology all about this disease the brain disease model the brain was getting worshipped
it was all about it this brain damage well that's it all you can do is basically medicate and there was a
whole move moving towards the fact that we are victims of our biology can you see the hand of Satan
in this can you see that now we are in currently in our own if you're aware of this but currently we are
in the worst mental health state globally in the world has ever been in with all our advances in
technology and in medicine and in brain science and in neuroscience and applied clinical
neuroscience we know less now about the brain well we know more about the ma'am you know less
now about mental health then we did a hundred years ago 50 even 50 years ago people that were
diagnosed with schizophrenia they got over it within a year maybe two they maybe had two or three
psychotic breaks now when someone is diagnosed with schizophrenia it is considered to be a chronic
debilitating lifelong illness requiring medication that is not the truth we have been lied to we have
been misled and I have a whole TV series if you haven't already seen my TV show I have a TV show
called switch on your brain the replays play for free on our web page because I'm trying to get this

message out season one teaches you the basic brain stuff that I'm teaching a bit of today season - is
about mental health and how we've been misled by medication and how if we must lead by the
diagnosis and how many for many years or philosophies and worldviews were shaped by the Bible
and by psychology which was actually better than psychiatry and by it's basically for scientific
discovery and now it is shaped by psychiatry it is shaped by one more disorder after another and
disorders the way that the destard another dsm-5 manual as I'm sure you're all aware has come out is
a list of 300 plus different disorders and the way that they do them is like an auction certain doctors
will sit inside a room and they shout out all these symptoms and they write them down they call it
the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual and it is not even diagnostic it is not statistical it is a bunch of
ideas from man that basically all cross over there's no specific distinction between the different
disorders and they keep adding more and more and more disorders and you can fill in the suit you
can fill in various different surveys and you will find I can guarantee every single one of us in this
church will have at least three or four to thirty to forty percent of those disorders in those manuals if
we had to fill in the surveys right now none of us would be sick would be free because what they
trying to do is to tell you that you are a biological mess and that you are a victim of your biology and
that you can't help anything and that God is dead and that you have no choices and that you simply
have to submit to what psychiatry is shaping and psychiatry is starting to dominate worldviews and
I'm not on a soapbox it sounds like I am I've studied this for 30 years I'm trying to make you aware
that do not think that someone in a white coat who talks about the brain has it all they don't we have
to become much more aware of what we are listening to we need a god or miles that we need to God
our ears as well what are we allowing people to serve into our lives we need to Hosea 4 verse 6 you
know the scripture that says my people perish for lack of knowledge what I'm trying to do is to help
you and guide you and see that you need to question these things that are spoken over us you need
to question the diagnoses that are not even scientific that haven't been researched and that are
being spoken over that medications children as young as two I've been giving medications that 20
years ago were considered absolutely dangerous and we're pulled off the market that are now back
on the market and begin to two-year-old who are supposedly diagnosed with schizophrenia at two
this is what what is happening now today in this age and what I'm telling you is not to make you
frightened I'm trying to make you aware that this is not our future that is not our destiny we have a
love power and a sound mind and it doesn't matter how much psychiatry tries to shape you they will
not win because your mind is more powerful than your brain your mind changes your brain thirty
years ago when I asked that question I embarked on a body of research where I work with people
that had head injured that had damage in their brain holes in their brain and I was told just you can't
do anything for them just teach them to compensate because once your brain is damaged its
damaged there's nothing you can do for them but I have was a Christian my whole life I've been a
Christian my whole life and I didn't believe that God would say renew your mind for no reason if you
renew your mind your brain has to do something your brain has to follow because the Bible teaches I
said to a spirit told your soul what to do and your soul tells your brain what to do your brain simply
does what the soul tells it to do so whatever your mind is thinking then your brain will simply capture
that and you'll see that now in thanks I'm going to show you some slides in a moment once I'm
finished explaining this so we are designed to be led by the Spirit of God which leads a spirit which
leads our soul which leads on mind so thirty years ago I'm going on this philosophy and thinking well
if that's the case if we use our mind correctly and we can then redesign our brain we can make our
brain grow we can make our brain change and I proved that I proved that with my research people
that were written off as vegetables became students that had IQs beyond genius-level and they were

written off as vegetables and we give God all the glory we don't take any glory for ourselves but we
he used me as an instrument to start doing neuroplasticity research I give him the glory but I
acknowledge what he's done through you through me and you meet acknowledged that too when
you honor the gift God has placed within you you are honoring God don't have false humility make
sure that you giving the credit but do what you do with a spirit of excellence and do it to the full
capacity that you possibly can use all the skills and the intelligence he has given you to prove he is not
to prove but to show the world that God is who he says he is because I said in those years that the
brain can change the mind can change the brain and that the brain will regrow and I prove that in my
research and in a handful of our scientists at that time that we're opposing that worldview and now
that uh uh handful of scientists me literally were a handful of scientists what we proposed and we
were mocked and laughed at and told me was stupid and that's a ridiculous question now this is
accepted science science does one funeral at a time that funeral that scientific funeral of the brain
cannot be changed by the mind died many years ago and we now understand that your mind changes
your brain and all the research that's coming out it shows that when you do this with your mind when
you think like this when you speak like this when you use your thoughts they in this way you get
physical change inside of your brain and we also know that the law of the brain is diversity and we
also know that the brain is changing constantly you are not the same now as you were when you
walked in an hour ago you are completely different because you have been I'm sowing words into
your life we've been worshipping God your brain has responded to the environment your mind has
taken the signal in and you have built new networks inside of your brain you have changed your brain
this is the love power and sound mind that God has given us so Deuteronomy 30:19 says I lay before
you life and death blessing and cursing choose life so that you and your descendants may live you
know that scripture it is actually the definition of quantum physics because quantum physics basically
is incredibly spiritual it's an incredible science is spiritual but quantum physics really starts giving us
an understanding of the greatness of God and of the spirit of man and understanding how our words
change the environment how our thoughts change the environment how what we do changes the
world around us how pray changes things quantum physics starts to explain that and you see
quantum physics basically in terms of Judah's to tirana me 39 tene it talks about a lay before you life
and death you see we are in the events and circumstances of life whether you like it or not you're in
life when you wake up in the morning and you get out of bed you step into life you step into the
events and circumstances of life now you cannot always control those events and circumstances
because they are the result of other people's choices but you can control your reactions to those
events and circumstances I say the statements so often and it's so important you cannot control the
events and circumstances of your life which is what they're trying to tell us that you have no control
that you're a victim of your biology that you're a victim of that gene just give up and die right now
literally but I'm telling that's not what the Bible says the Bible says that you can you cannot control
the events and circumstances but you can control your reactions to what are you going to do about
that event in circumstance how are you going to use your intellect and your free will and your
emotions about the situation that is facing you right at this moment that you have to go home to you
after church that you're going to face tomorrow morning and next week and what you next year and
for the rest of your lives what are you going to do with your love power and your sound mind which
changes your brain because whatever you react to is mind action and it will physically change your
brain and you will build physical thoughts your brain is designed to capture the result of your mind
action your brain is designed to capture like a fancy photocopying machine or a fancy computer it is
designed to capture the result when you type into your computer you see evidence in front of you or

when you use your mind it's like typing into the computer of your brain your brain simply captures
what your mind is doing your brain simply does what your mind tells it to do and your mind you can
choose to have it led by the Spirit of God you see you have to choose to worship you have to choose
to follow Christ as I've said earlier on God as a gentleman he doesn't just come and shove it down
your throat he knocks at the door and you have to choose to step in to grace you have to choose to
believe Jesus died for you on the cross and rose again on the third day you have to do that it's not
going to come and hit you on the head and once you are born again you have to be very careful about
how you are thinking the grace message it's just going to exclude you from every son that you've
excuse you from every son that you have done because you still choose to send guys son is voluntary
just in case you didn't know you volunteer you choose to sin I lay before you life and death blessing
and cursing choose life whatever you choose will become a reality in your life whatever you choose is
mind action that becomes physical action in your brain that impacts your body and it makes changes
in your life because your brain is neuroplastic and your brain is designed to capture the result of your
love power and sound mind so if you do not get led by the Spirit of God then you are making bad
decisions and you are wiring toxic thoughts into your brain and they look different two healthy
thoughts as I said we will see slides in a moment so you are designed to choose and in Deuteronomy
30:19 which is the definition of quantum physics says that you the observer outside the system you
the observer observing the events and circumstances you can go into what we call superposition and
superposition says I'm up here and I can see this and I can see that and I can't see the whole clear
way and I can't see that whole clear way but Lord you know the way superposition is you looking at
the events and circumstance and asking the Holy Spirit how should I react what should I say what
should I do all day long and that's worship and that's where I started my talk today that's what we are
designed to do we are designed to ask God all the time and your brain is quick it's fast your non
conscious mind operates at speeds way beyond the speed of light they predict into the twenty seven
which is so fast you can't even imagine that is how fast your non conscious mind is working which is
very much the spiritual part of you so you are very fast your non conscious mind is capable of doing
what I've got I've said that you can do that you can talk to God you're totally capable of having a
conversation with God and letting the Holy Spirit lead you and doing life at the same time you can
look at me now and you can actually look at yourself in the seat and you can be thinking of what I'm
saying and you can be observing your own thoughts you denied right at this moment as you listening
to me now you are brilliant you are beyond brilliant because you are made in the image of a brilliant
God it's so good up on the stage I put green trees and I've got this little wiry toxic tree where all these
brains are so the big tree is God and the little tree is us we are made in His image okay so we are
wired for love according to the scientists we are wired for love a Nobel prize-winning atheist scientist
says that we are wired for love we learn to fear that makes sense you are made Genesis 1:26 s that
you are made in God's image God is love do we agree so our design is in His image does it say that
there's any fear in that design your default mode now listen carefully what I'm teaching because if
you get this revelation is going to help you you are wired for love your design and your default mode
is one of perfection you are perfectly you your core of who you are is love power and soundness this
is your normal this is your natural as we go through life however we have the Deuteronomy 30:19
situation we have intellect foreign emotions and free will we can choose our reaction to the events
and circumstances of life if we choose to ignore the Holy Spirit then we make a wrong choice because
he's the only one who knows the right choices and then we basically step into this zone over here
which is the fear zone which is the opposite spiritual force that is the love zone this is the fear zone
this is the opposite spiritual force we have to learn this stuff this is not natural so when you read

studies or you read magazine articles or you read incorrect teachings that say that we are naturally
fearful it's incorrect the only naturally fearful thing is the fear of God which is not fear scary scary it is
honor and reverence of an Almighty God but the fear scary scary and soundness negativity choosing
wrong you hear people say you don't have to teach a two-year-old how to throw a tantrum you
actually do they learn by watching you your children learn by the environment that they're in they
hear what you are saying they were in your womb ladies for nine months they respond to everything
because God said I knew you before you were form in your mother's room says you're growing
physically you they spiritually so your physical body's got to catch up with a spirit man that God laid
inside of you the eternal part of you is already done it responds to the environment and the sins of
the father will reach through to the third and the fourth generation it says that in the scriptures that's
a scripture that I have just quoted the iniquity of the father's will reach through to the third and the
fourth generation when Adam and Eve sinned they changed our DNA medicine was a mental choice
they chose to listen to the lie of the enemy they chose to react incorrectly they chose to use their
mind and their free will incorrectly they wired in a toxic thought inside their brain that's what this
wiry tree over here represents this is not normal this is a learned response as a result of an incorrect
reaction this is the correct response as the result of the correct reaction this is all normal this is all
natural every time we make the wrong choice we will create physical abnormality inside of our brain
thoughts are real things that occupy mental real estate when you think and you choose as you choose
you collapse what is a probability into a reality or an actuality when you choose you turn a quantum
energy field which represents the thought which comes from God because all energy and everything
God is the source of everything okay so in terms of our limited science we understand that a brain
that's alive generates this energy so as you are thinking now there is energy in your brain and that
energy becomes a physical thought as you choose and as and we are designed and wired for love
which means you are designed to choose well we our thoughts are made of proteins proteins are
expressed by genes genes are those things that you don't wear the things inside your head okay I'm
talking about those kind of genes and those genes express and make proteins and we are designed to
express healthy folded proteins but when we make wrong choices the proteins don't express express
but they do Express and fold incorrectly so instead of building a healthy thought we wire in a toxic
salt our mind wires in our mind out our mind wires in our mind wires art we have the love power in
the sound mind God gave us the ability to choose when you choose Lord what should I say how
should I react guess what proteins fall correctly the genetic expression happens like it should you
build in a healthy thought when you are connected to the vine you have life you have sustainability
when you make the wrong choice the protein folds incorrectly you will still build a thought in your
brain but that thought is all wired and all toxic and all weird looking at inflamed and where there is
inflammation in the brain there is disease 75 to 98% let me say that again 75 to 98 percent of current
mental physical and emotional illnesses today come from our thought life daily scientific studies are
revealing that how we are thinking is affecting how we are functioning Alzheimer's dementia these
are not normal things your brain research shows gets better with age they did we have years of
incorrect choices incorrect bitterness and unforgiveness she did this to me he did that to me you can't
believe what happened here real ruminating on negative toxic things not forgiving not releasing you
are keeping these things and where these things are in the brain this unforgiveness bitterness all this
toxic stuff all the things that are the opposite of love joy peace patience kindness gentleness
faithfulness and self-control all of this opposite of that in this zone is the abnormal which causes
abnormal brain structures which causes brain damage ladies and gentlemen we create our own brain
damage through the choices that we make thank goodness for the blood of Christ thank goodness

that we can confess us and thank goodness that he is righteous and just to forgive us and to cleanse
us from all unrighteousness neuroplasticity is the cleansing and the washing of the blood of the word
because when you acknowledge your sin and you confess your sin you bring this out of the dark and
you bring it into the light and you lay it at the throne of grace and we're going to do an exercise and
at the end of today to help us get this process going and when you do that God forgives you and then
you can start changing your brain because your mind got you there so you not destined to live with us
you can destroy this research and science shows that over a period of sixty-three days it took at 63
days you can destroy the three cycles of 21 days this is the science research that I've been involved in
for many many many years now and what SCI and it's basically memory how do memories forms
these things are memories that's a toxic memory or toxic thought thoughts and memories are the
same thing guys thoughts and memories are the same thing God says bring all thoughts into captivity
to Christ Jesus not just bring some that you feel like bringing them didn't shove the reefs down and
choose to keep some he says bring all thoughts every thought that the Holy Spirit prompts you to
bring to captivity to Him you are supposed to bring into captivity to him so a thought is a real thing
that you can physically activate with your loved power in your sound mind and you can stand back
and you can observe that stand back in God's arms and you can observe they're talking say holy spirit
I don't want this in my head anymore thank you for revealing that to me how can I get rid of this and
as you confess it he forgives you but you have to go through a process of renewing your mind and
God gave us science as I've said many times and science is a way of understanding that they took you
time to build that thing so it's going to take you a bit of time to change that habit okay so what
happens with so many people is we come to church we confess we go to a meeting we get hands laid
on us we forgive that person and within a few days we back at square one can anyone identify with
that generally on day three and day four that's what scientific research shows generally on day three
and therefore people have lost their healing if they haven't lost already in the car park and they are
back moaning and complaining and whining within a few days you see we kind of forget that faith is
the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not yet seen so what we have to do is
recognize there is a process there is a diligence that is required in renewing of the mind there is a bit
of work that is required in changing the way that you function it's not just a Caroline lay on hands and
arms instantly fun I don't do that it's not about me it's about you and God working on your own brain
I'll work on my own minds enough thank you look after your own brain okay so it is not about other
people doing it for you it is about you and the Holy Spirit cleaning up your act and it takes time and
science shows us that you learn something new of you at school and you're learning some new
scientific fact or some new historical fact with some new mathematical thing it doesn't you don't
learn it in 24 hours it takes you a full three weeks to build a memory of that actual new concept in
your brain and it takes an additional six weeks which is another 43 days to base 42 days to basically
stabilize that information that you can apply it in your life so it takes three cycles of 21 days for
changes to happen in the protein structures in the brain to turn something from a short-term
memory into a long-term memory so by the same token you spend time building it you have to spend
time breaking it down now you're when you confess your forgiveness as instant as you can face we
know he's righteous and just to forgive us and to cleanse us so you cleansed but if you don't fix up
and rewire you're going to slip back into those bad habits and you're going to spend your life
constantly redoing the same stuff and then you are so self-involved that you've entered into me
myself an I'm only whining toxic land and you are operating out of your normal out of your perfectly
you this is your perfectly you on this side this is where we are supposed to be operating this is where
the light shines and you have to get here through constant constant Communion and that is with the

holy spirit constant communication constant dialogue and that includes when you in the shop and
you're buying something in someone's irritating you in the shop it includes saying note how should I
respond to this because people are watching your responses and when we fail on my goodness that's
so embarrassing because if the Holy Spirit has given us everything we have no excuses to behave well
let's have a look at a couple of scientific slides there is a brain on a plate okay now that brain and it
might put you off lunch okay that brain is incredible but it's doing nothing except sitting on a plate of
ice but in your head that brain is responding to your mind you have the love pound the sound mind
what you do with your mind is changing that brain as we speak right now you are not the same
person as you were when you walked in this room and over period of 63 days as you detox your brain
and for the rest of your life you don't just do 163 days I'm afraid you're going to have to fix up a
minimum of 17 things a year why do I tell you that 365 days in a year divided that by 21 you will you
basically get at least 17 so you'll fix up 17 different things in a year okay so next year another 17 next
year another 17 in other words for the rest of your life you are renewing your mind now before you
think this is impossible to do I've spent years doing this I've spent years I developed a therapy
techniques it's well this is what I did with my patients in therapy I would help them clean up the
toxicity when they came to me in my practice we would we wouldn't focus initially on what they
couldn't do we would first focus on who they were the I've got books and DVDs and
online programs called perfectly user gifting you to understand help you understand who you are in
Christ you first need to get this revelation you first need to understand who you are and then you can
start working on the who you are in detoxing your brain I took those principles of science and put
them into my programs over a 21 day brain detox online or books whatever where the stuff that I'm
telling you in the big picture now the detail of how to do this daily is in those programs it takes
science shows us it takes seven minutes a day guys that is not a lot of time I do this when I'm doing
my hair in my makeup in the morning and the guys can maybe take a look they take maybe a little
longer too I mean little shorter sorry to do to do that so I think they didn't like 30 seconds so you
need to have a look at Mackey's in-and-out that sound and everything in like three minutes and I'm
still going 3040 minutes later so anyway you can you can find a time in your day what I'm trying to say
seven minutes is nothing nothing to change your brain a regular daily seven minutes and you can
spend longer but a minimum of seven minutes a day to start changing those things that the Holy
Spirit reveals to you okay so that brain on that plate is amazing but it is part of your physical and are
your spirit man until you are born again is unregenerate it so it's limp and it's just hanging and it's not
connected to the Holy Spirit so you've got a spirit soul and body even if you're not born again but
your unregenerate it spread can't work so your soul is reliant on something because your soul is the
design to take input your soul is your mind your intellect your will and your emotion it is designed to
take input the inputs either coming from the Holy Spirit or it's coming from the world you are either
listening to God or Google and gossip okay you are listening to something and something is helping
you make decisions now the devil was defeated just to remind you in Jesus rose again from the dead
okay he said all power has been given unto me the devil is a defeated foe we give him far too much
credit in the church we are constantly The Devil's attacking me did he well I could say new thing he's
always out there to attack you but guys he is toothless he has no power he is an illusionist who has
seen an illusionist it seems like it's real but it's not you have to get a revelation of who you are in
Christ and who he is as a defeated foe he is not out there in the carpark knowing on your tires which I
sometimes like to say because we blame him for everything he can only do what you allow him to do
so he can come to you with his lies and illusions because he's the master deceiver he can only lie has
a lie happened yet has it happened yet a lie hasn't happened yet only when you take that lie and you

believe that lie and you ruminate and you take that lie in your mind and you use your love power and
your sound mind to ignore the Holy Spirit think don't listen to that Caroline don't respond like that
don't think about that don't ruminate and you say oh keep quiet and you choose to listen okay devil
tell me more tell me more tell me more and you ruminate and you listen and you take that and you
collapse what was a lie and a nothing with your love power and sound mind you take his life you put
it in your head and you build proteins of his life we create evil this is evil this is a stronghold of the
enemy he has no ability to put this in your brain he only has the ability to tell you to put it in your
brain okay you have to take responsibility you can't blame other people for things that you do you
can't even blame the devil because he's going to do everything to convince you to believe him evil is
man creates evil and the enemy is evil he uses he lies to us to convince us to create you would you do
here the distinction don't say the enemy put a tumour on you he isn't capable of doing that he
doesn't put sickness on you sickness has come from when Adam and Eve started sinning and our DNA
changed so when we are born we are born with whatever our parents haven't confessed and had
confessed okay so we have these networks in our brain at birth so here's the and
around the is this all this wired in stuff so when you are born you are born with the DNA
of the past so before you think well there I've got an excuse to behave badly let me just tell you that
that DNA that's come through those toxic salts that have come through in the DNA that have passed
through the sperm in the over generationally those are asleep let me let me say that again they're
adornment they are doing nothing so you are born with perfection with layers of imperfection but
the impulses in perfect layers which are the iniquity of the father's are dormant this is what science
shows us which means we have to do one of two things in our superposition in the stability with our
love power no sound mind we can either activate we can say well my mother died of depression and
my grandmother I mean my mother had depression of my grandmother had depression and there's
depression in the family and I'm feeling depressed so therefore it's in our genes and and science says
it's in our genes and the doctor says I can't help it well that thinking is the thought and the life from
the enemy that you have taken in and you have now collapsed what was a lie into a protein reality
you create a toxic thought which then goes and wakes up what was asleep so you now will live from
that because as a man thinks in his heart so is he out of the abundance of the heart the mouth
speaks so whatever you say and do is first a thought inside of your head got it so you don't just
randomly say and do things it is coming from what you have built inside of your head so the stuff
from the past generations you can either live from activate wake up and I could come alive and make
it worse or you can kill those things you can eliminate them you can choose to get rid of them that is
a choice that you and I have we can eliminate or we can keep I choose to eliminate I hope that you do
too so you can destroy you have to be destined to live instead of the boss you can clear out for
intimacy the Holy Spirit Easter in order in your only game we are in plug into the Holy Spirit Oscar it
becomes regenerated and we have this Holy Spirit speaking into our intuition speaking into a
pregnancy hey that's me from the cross Caroline look on it hey that's something from now that you
dream you could actually give that time you clean up your act the Holy Spirit will bring to our
revelation yet if you're able to go with when we are able to deal with that stuff look at the next slide
the brain is recycled by the mind approximately it's 60 to 62 days look at the next slide this is inside
the brain society the brain let's go inside the brain you're going to see me Iran neurons and flood
trees your arms actually after you can see to the brain in a very material and the four types of cells
the little branches that you see over there or holding rocks those are my people talking about those
isn't growing if you do now you're here as you listen to me now your technical words with your mind
as you make choices you collect that my voice and the images into an actual physical sport inside

repeat you grow thoughts thoughts are real things that occupy mental real estate you design the
landscape of a brain you have a unique perception of cardiogenic until every one of you are hearing
this information differently so you are holding your own unique design there is a sport there is a sport
that we need to bring into captivity to Christ Jesus if you go inside of our body which is the round
artifact they we're going to go inside vain but pulsing that you see is your thinking you want to see
Satan that they break both your chromosomes inside the nucleus it'll be closer since I felt and
chromosomes like wine into the DNA and the DNA and we have the genes the genes express but they
don't just do this automatically what you see me you saw the cool room in between same suddenly
leather that's not but the DNA level it's not causing it is or thinking or aliveness or humans the breath
of life it is the signal that actually unzips the protein covering and unsub severely and energy can
express well the gear days packaged I mean that little package you use but this through again what
I'm explain is watch for a little the little thing that looks like a work policy letter a dormant gene it's
not doing anything it needs to be activated be working up then apply specific the grass is succumbing
to degeneration and it applies to us currently now source so on mind even proceed your mind is the
signal that actually activates the via then you're thinking changes geez you change your genetic
expression with how you are fitting you design the landscape of the room you have a lifetime a sound
mind to create these physical realities with radical brain when you listen to the Holy Spirit or junit
expression or occurrence your proteins or fork ready you will roll off the force you are connected to
the vine but if you listen to the lies of unity better people it's a difficulty like in the groove anything
then the pro to shift it is drawing the student I think yes it is a signal of your mind that the tree grows
and take their protein cheap and unsubstantiated especially what I'm trying to explain to you you love
power and some and the other does not say that you have and this is unsoundness this is Weinberg
length this is the Magnificent this is not who you are a few more degrees scientists that show that
this whiny moany wire for fear sectional s is limited to between 105 percent of community now what
that means is that the 95 to 99 percent of who you are stays perfect and untouched why has limited
the bad choices that we make when we don't listen to him - only damaging 1 to 5 percent of the
human genome there is Grace there is great which media this roundtable on the stage if you're all the
thoughts in my head can say whatever is virtually the limitation of all damage we can do but if you
spend your life in this phone yourself because this learn is feel sorry for myself women and on the
negative toxicity whatever you think about the most will work what were you thinking about the
most rare is one pile going to okay so what you see up on the screen is a surfer on a wave I
mentioned the words going to let go I mentioned the word superposition a few times that anyone
notice the word superposition it's a quantum term for it's an actual quantum concept where you are
actually in superposition every moment of every day as you're about to make a choice god has
designed us that we can actually see this side and that side in choice making so with your love power
and your sound mind your soul realm you are able to make those choices that we spoke about earlier
on in Deuteronomy 30:19 so to give you an analogy and help you understand this quantum principle
of superposition and how God in his soup Ernest has given us this superposition which is this
incredible ability to to actually make the right choices he gives us time before we choose the incorrect
way to actually listen to God I've got the analogy of a surfer on a wave so that surfers if you have a
look at that surf and he said world-famous surfer he is balanced on his surfboard he is in super
position in a few seconds he will tip either this way or that way depending on how he angles himself
on the board whatever decision he makes it his mind which will then take him down either the clear
side of the wave or it'll tip back into the dot into the water of the weather the bulk of the water of
the wave so that is based on a decision whatever decision he makes is going to collapse into one of

two realities the one reality is this clear path the other reality is very murky we're not sure what's in
that murkiness so this is the same faith as the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things
not yet seen in this side over here represents the clear side of that wave now we know that God has
got our back we know that he says I have I know the plans I have for you to give you a hope and a
future we know that everything that God has for us is good we know that everything in this side in
this huge pool of probabilities over here is good stuff that God has for us we may not know the detail
but this is the faith is the substance its substance he already died on the cross he's already done
everything God is beyond space and time quantum physics operates on principles that are beyond
space and time not limited to the here and now classical physics operates in the here and the now
and time dimension present past and future God is not bound by that so here's probabilities for
everything that you need for the rest of your life and everything you have needed is already done and
achieved and good and wonderful and faith is the substance that we need to partner with God and
step into it is as evidence that we haven't yet seen but this is what faith is it's already done faith is
substance it is evidence faith is the substance of things that we hope for as we hope for those things
as we communicate with God as we really doing that we are stepping in and we may not know the
whole thing we may need to be like Peter and step off the boat but we know it's good now on that
side of the is very murky on the side of the stage the enemy also has a whole bunch of illusions and
lies and it's all for bad so whenever you listen to the enemy the end result will be a toxic negative
probability we choose that who would ever want to choose this send is voluntary Tomer is
involuntary okay but it looks the same as son because it's also toxic no one chooses to be traffic to or
abused or bettered or whatever but unfortunately it creates the same toxic pattern in the brain and
this is why God tells us to forgive because when you forgive you take this toxic issue and you take it
out of your head and you cast all your cares upon God forgiveness is a letting go it is getting it out of
you and putting it in God's hands and then you pray for your enemies because if they don't come
right we know their end God says pray for those who persecute you when you keep the bitterness
and unforgiveness in you you are destroying your brain and your body physically you will manifest
with mental ill health disorders mental ill health is not a disease it is a disorder of the mind you will
manifest with illnesses because from the time of Adam even our DNA got disrupted and the Sun of
the earth that is where disease comes from disease comes from a and a mix-up and a distortion of
the truth it creates disease okay so every time we step in this zone we increase our vulnerability to
disease now God has already healed us from all diseases you know the Scriptures it's time for us to
grow up as I said earlier on and start applying these scriptures in our lives for real because the world
is looking for signs and wonders and miracles if they looking and the church will draw them in
through signs and wonders and miracles we need to have those signs and wonders and miracles we
eat reach-in to an era again with the signs and the wonders and the miracles need to start
manifesting we need to start allowing God to be who he is so when we forgive we release the storm
into God's hands and the scriptures say I will reap 2nd Thessalonians 1:6 says I will repay with
retribution those who trouble you you see if you put it in God's hands he'll sort it out but if you keep
it in your head you will get mentally and physically sick and you will not be able to step into the liquor
the call that God has on your life so when you choose let's look back at superposition again when you
choose well you build healthy thoughts in your brain that's a healthy thought a bunch of healthy
thoughts looks like that this is an actual slide of inside the brain that's an image this is an actual slide
of inside the brain the only thing that we added on was that middle pyramidal cell which just to show
you what a cell looks like but that is a slide of inside the brain those are the thoughts that you build
you are designing the landscape of your brain that is changing constantly every time you use your

mind we Mac is pointing with the laser you'll see a second part whatever you think about the most
will grow as you grow you add branches you add dendrites you add you subtract you have dynamism
you have power every time you learn something new you are it is being represented by those protein
branches these are good decisions this falls in the zone if you make a bad choice that's what was in
the wave remember the wave in the red circle in the jaws of the enemy who volunteers to jump into
his mouth but when we do make that decision and we are all shredded up and bloody and falling
apart when we reach out of jaws Martha me say god I confess he takes you out and he rebuilds you
and Jiri conceptualizes you when you confess your sin he pulls you out and you can heal and you can
step into that zone this is the power that we have you see when you make a bad choice this is what
we build in our brain this creates neurodegeneration this is sin bitterness and unforgiveness it creates
incorrectly folded proteins this is what it looks like it creates not a hole in the brain we've taken
artistic license there but yet what it shows is it this inflamed this kind of pet and a whole bunch of
them together creates an abnormality in the electromagnetic quantum and the basically the way that
the neurons look in that area so that is the structure but we can through confession change that into
that that is the power that we have this is neuroplasticity neuro means blame prayer brain classic
means to change renewing of your mind changes the physical when you pray 30 seconds of pray
changes the atmosphere that's what research has shown 30 seconds of pray 30 seconds of pre is
another study that showed 12 minutes a day of prayer over eight weeks completely changed the
structure of the brain 30 seconds of pre will change the way a laser light moves in other words your
pray changes the physical not just your own brain not just your self spirit soul and body but those
that you are in relationship with and the environment pray change the way that a laser light focused
and operated pray when we pray we change the atmosphere we change the world