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Project Management Framework

KA # Question A
A group of unrelated
projects managed in
FM 1 What is a program? coordinated way
Operational work is different from project work in that A part of every project
FM 2 operational work is: activity

A project is a temporary
endeavor with a beginning
and an end, a program is a
group of related projects,
and a portfolio is a group
of projects and programs
The difference between a project, program and related to a specific
FM 3 portfolio is: strategic objetive

Applying the tools and techniques of the project A project that overruns its
4 management is MOST likely to result in: schedule

Project management offices (PMOs) can have varyng

levels of outhority within organizations. The type of
5 PMO with the highest level of control over project is: Authoritative

A frecuent complaint about matrix organizations is that

6 communications are: Complex

FM 7 Which of the following is NOT an example of a project? Construction of a bridge

A project manager is trying to complete a software

development project, but cannot get enough attention
for the project. Resources are focused on completing
process-related work and the project manager has
little authority to assign resources. What form of
8 organization must the project manager be working in? Coordinator
What type of organization are employees grouped by
FM 9 speciality Prioritized

10 In a projectized organization, the project team: Reports to many bosses

Which of the following BEST describes the major Scope, number of

11 constraints of a project? resources, and cost

Which form of organization retains many

characteristics of a funcional organization and treats
the project managers role as more coordinator or
12 expeditor than a manager? Strong matrix

New project managers in your organization are

confusing the terms project life cycle and project The project management
management process. Which of the following identifies process only applies to
FM 13 the DIFFERENCE between these two? some projects

Their role can vary from

Which of the following BEST describes the role of the and advisory capacity to
14 project management office (PMO)? full authority over projects

All of the following are typical concerns of matrixed Wondering who will handle
FM 15 team members EXCEPT: their evaluations

B C D Answer

An initiative set up by A means to gain benefits and

A government regulation management control of related projects D

Ongoing and repetitive Temporary Unique B

A project is a lengthy A project is a contracted

endeavor with a beginning endeavor with a beginning and
and an end, a program an end, a portfolio is a group of
combines two or more projects with more open-ended
unrelated projects, and a competions dates, a program
portfolio combines two or combines two or more
more programs portfolios A

A project that exceeds its A project that does not satisfy

A successful project budget its stakeholders B

Supportive Directive Dictatorial C

Closed and inaccurate Misleading Hard to automate A

Design of a new Implementation of a new

department store software program Issuing monthly invoices D

Expediter Matrix Funcional D

Strong matrix Functional Weak matrix C

Will not always have a Has no loyalty to the Reports to the functional
"home" project manager B
Scope, time, cost quality,
risk, resources, and Time, cost, and number of
customer satisfaction Scope, cost and time changes B

Weak matrix Functional Projectized B

The project life cycle the project life cycle is created

The project management describes what you need to on the top level of the work
process is longer do to complete the work breakdown structure C

They supply project They provide the project They are part of the change
managers for projects management procedures control board. A

Computing fringe benefits

when working on multiple
projects Developing commitment Serving multiple bosses B
Did you select "a group of unrelated projects managed in a coordinated
way"? If so, you missed the word "unrelated." Programs are groups of
related projects.

Operational work is that which is ongoing to sustain an organization.

A project is a temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end, a

program is a group of related projects, and a portfolio is a group of
projects and programs related to a specific strategic objective. Remember
to use the process of elimination, ruling out any answer that is not
completely correct.

Although there are inherent time and cost expenditures needed to

properly follow project management best practices and use the
appropriate tools and techniques, doing so will likely result in a project
that achieves its baselines and meets the needs of its stakeholders

Do you know the terms for the forms of PMO? The main types are
supportive, controlling, and directive. Authoritative and dictatorial PMOs
are made up terms. This question provides the definition of a directive
PMO. Such a PMO typically provides project managers for projects and is
responsible for the results of those projects. This type of PMO exercises a
high level of control over projects.

Because team members have two bosses, the communications are

complex. Communications COULD also be misleading, but if managed
well, this would not be a true statement. Thus, "complex" is the most
correct answer.

Issuing monthly invoices is an example of a business process that is

ongoing and repetitive.

In a functional organization, the project manager has the least support for
the project and has little authority to assign resources. Project expediter
and project coordinator are roles in a weak matrix organization.
In a functional organization, employees are divided into departments such
as marketing and engineering. Projects in a functional organization
generally involve only one department.
The main drawback of a projectized organization is that at the end of the
project when the team is dispersed, they do not have a functional
department ("home") to which to return.
"Scope, time, cost, quality, risk, resources, and customer satisfaction" is
the most accurate list of constraints, or competing demands, that a
project manager must deal with.

The description is one of a weak matrix organization where the project

manager does not have much power.

The project life cycle is used in the WBS, not created from the WBS. The
project management process is not longer than the project life cycle, and
it applies to all projects. Whereas the project management process
describes what you do to manage the project, the project life cycle
describes what you need to do to complete the work.

The role of the project management office is defined by its parent


In a matrix organization, each team member reports to the project

manager and the functional manager. Team members may therefore be
worried about who will handle their evaluations, serving multiple bosses,
and/or developing commitment. Since the same fringe benefits are given
to all employees no matter what work they do, that is the exception.