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Annex A


Name of designated mentor/coach/

immediate supervisor: MYLENE V. LIZASO Position: State Auditor III /
OIC-Audit Team Leader

Name of the trainee under Position: State Auditing Examiner II/

mentoring: RAYLYN G. MANGANAN Audit Team Member
Office: DENR, Regional Office No. V

Training attended: Seminar on Cash Examination Duration: September 27-30, 2016


1. Have you found the skill/information that the trainee learned in training relevant to his day to day
working practices?
Please give example(s) of any changes made by the trainee to his working practices as a result of
skills/information learned from training? (In the course of Personality Enhancement, learning may
take the form of correct manner of answering the phone)

The trainee was able to facilitate cash count and prepare reports with minimum supervision.

2. Was the trainee given the opportunity to share the information/skills learned with his colleagues?
How was the sharing done (e.g., meeting, briefing, etc.,)
It was done through sharing/discussion with colleagues.

3. In view of the above (#2), what improvements on practices or policies were suggested by the
trainee as a result of this training? Please give details.

Seminar on Cash Examination for new recruits be immediately conducted, preferably

within six months to one year upon assumption to COA, especially for those who were
assigned in the field.

4. Please narrate into or three sentences the marked improvement in the

attitude/personality/interpersonal relationship/values (as the case maybe) of the employee as a
result of the subject training attended.

Having equipped with the necessary knowledge and techniques in conducting Cash
Examination, the trainee performed her assigned tasks with more confidence and strictly in
accord with the prescribed guidelines.

Certified by: Noted by:


State Auditor III Director IV
OIC-Audit Team Leader Regional Director